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2613 2909
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Mon.-Fri. 12:00-23:00 Sat.-Sun. 11:00-23:00
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10% Service Charge
Outdoor Seating
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A small restaurant in the popular SOHO area, which serves vegetarian Italian cuisine. Sounds unique ! Well, the dishes and tastes are also unique, which you cannot repeat anywhere in Hong Kong.Its a very small restaurant, with one big center dining table enough for a big family of 10 or 12 back home, but here you have to share this table with other customers. Its a unique dining experience and not an uncomfortable one.There is a big menu on one wall , with drinks menu on edge of the ceiling.The menu is constantly changing which makes it worth going again and again. The portions are average , enough to share between 2-3 people.Have tried many dishes here, and none of them are bad. Some of them are little rebellious if the Italians came to know about it.1. Japanese Plum PastaA fusion of Japanese and Italian, as the name suggests it combines Japanese sour plum with an olive oil based pasta with seaweed. Maybe not a cup of tea for everyone, but its worth trying if you love Japanese cuisine. And a thumbs up to Herbivores for thinking out of the box.2. Pesto Sauce PastaIts literally an evergreen pasta , and if you are in no mood to experiment then go ahead with this. Its a nice creamy in rich pesto sauce, which would melt away in your mouth.3. Avocado RollNow comes a Mexican-Italian fusion. This appetizer may have European combination of ingredients but its presented like a sushi. But its a nice appetizer to warm up your appetite.And there are other pastas, vegetarian mushroom steak, tofu main courses, caprese, bruschetta, soup of the day.In all there is a wide range in the menu, and its upto your mood of the day to choose your dishes.The staff is friendly and with 1 or 2 servers catering to you.The male restroom is worth a visit , to see how Hong Kong utilizes each and every inch in this space crunch city !Never tried their brunch, but have heard good reviews from those who have had their brunch there.Definitely not a place for group dining, but a different experience for a couple or two. continue reading
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Level1 2015-12-10
環境舒適素材特別傾計之選沿電動電梯上半山,遇到很多西方人仕,相信是香港最多西方人居住的地方。餐廳很易找到。環境舒適,女服務員有很多笑容,細心介紹,這點我會加分。炸芝士條,外脆內軟,喜歡吃芝士人士,必選。TOFU BOX ($188) 在這餐廳來說價格較高,特別不過沒有特別好味的感覺,造型好特別但係豆腐味不強。紫菜意粉,不錯,但沒有好食感, continue reading
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Level1 2015-10-13
朋友請食生日飯,帶我食清啲,原來係全素食,第一次試全素嘅西餐。朋友預先book咗枱,其實weekday無咩人,但book咗就有個corner位自己一張枱,否則就係店中間嘅大長枱,或者門口outside table。食物嘅份量其實好小,所以我地2個人都叫咗4款野食。味道唔錯,仲叫咗2杯cocktail飲,好refresh! continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-07
It was a day of crazy shopping at Central. After “fighting” for several hours, we realised that it was the time to eat something. We knew that there are lots of restaurants around Staunton Street and we finally chose one we had not been.It was very quiet during the afternoon with just several foreigners sitting in. Thus it seems a perfect moment to undertake my photo shooting again.It is a slide of a vegetarian mushroom pizza without sufficient ingredients added on it. Taste is too light with just a little bit of something like tomato sauce, and I do not recommend this anyway.Avocado dip was a very little crispy appetizer for me to get prepared for the main courses, while the taste is nonsense however. Generally speaking, risotto is simply creamy rice or porridge which its creaminess mainly comes from the starch contained in the rice itself, hence the texture is very much different from the rice we usually eat.When comparing mango risotto and truffle risotto, I would prefer the latter because, firstly, the former tastes like being nothing special at all. The second point I wanna make is that the truffle smells really cool where it indeed has a very rich truffle smell, though a bit lighten when I actually ate it. I would say it is needed to add a little more of seasoning to make it even richer in taste. Both were creamy enough and I am satisfied with the texture.This is called “fried corn sticks” which has not yet been sold to customers. The waiter told us that they had worked out a piece of new dish that wanted some customers to feedback on it. 12 pieces of fried corn sticks are used to constitute a building block with 6 levels. The presentation is quite good though not an innovative attempt. These were deep-fried generating a relatively crispy texture, yet cooled down a bit when delivering to us. I thought it was a new try of special French fries or something made by potato. Nevertheless when I got a bit closer to it, there was a quite strong corn flavour coming to me, and the taste is sweet, yet not as special as I thought. continue reading
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Level1 2015-07-21
Herbivores 草食性動物Carnivores 肉食性動物Omnivores 雜食性動物小學時代已學過草食、肉食和雜食這個概念,中學時代在生物課學到了這幾個詞彙的英文單字,對這個概念又有了不同的詮釋。人類是雜食性動物,既可以吃肉,也可以吃素。隨著人類的發展,城市的人越來越富有,對肉類的需求不斷上升。為了滿足人對肉食的渴求,樹林裡的樹木都被砍伐,土地開發成農場。本來人類可以直接食用的農作物成為了畜牧的養份,令到生態失衡。來到Herbivores不禁叫人概嘆一番,還好尚有人在努力推廣素食,為這個地球出一分力。Herbivores提供純素及蛋奶素菜式。決心成為純素食主義者後,一直都避免碰到蛋和奶。不過當和朋友小聚時,為免朋友有太多顧慮,我通常都不會太堅持的不讓他們點蛋奶類食物,反正自己不吃就是了。剛進餐廳時有點錯愕,小小的店裡有一張大餐桌,另外還有一張較小的餐桌自成一個。我們三人被安排與另外幾組食客同坐在大餐桌,有點像在茶樓裡搭枱的感覺,但卻沒有那種吵吵鬧鬧的場景,大家都在各自的小角落裡享用晚餐。Herbivores的自家餐具餐牌上註明了純素和蛋奶素的款式,讓大家按自己飲食習慣點菜。由於小店的負荷能力有限,所以上菜需要較多時間,不過美食是值得等待的。等候期間先喝喝酒精飲料,與友人一起聊聊天,欣賞一下店裡的環境,也是一番樂事。芒果意大利飯先送上的是芒果意大利飯。本來是想要點黑松露意大利飯,不過看到這從沒聽說過的芒果意大利飯,當然要來點新意思。芒果十分清新,並未因烹調過而變酸,依然維持那份香甜。配合松子仁和香草,整個意大利飯都洋溢著夏天的味道。與芒果糯米飯是完全不同的味道,甜度剛好讓這個飯變成了主菜而非甜品,清淡之選。大啡菇扒點菜時偷瞄了其他食客的食物一下,看到一個很吸引的大啡菇,馬上就點了這道菜。剛送上桌就嗅到陣陣烤菇的香味,令人垂涎三尺,待相機吃飽後就迫不及待把這大大的菇分吃了。烤過的菇十分香,外面乾身內裡卻juicy得不得了,每一口都是享受。除了大啡菇這個主角外,一眾配角都很出色,差點還蓋過了主角的風頭,不得不提的就是壓在大啡菇下的那堆薯蓉。吃了一口後覺得美味得不得了,害羞的我也終於忍不住問了店家這薯蓉有甚麼秘密。原來薯蓉裡混有薏米,沒想到西餐也會用上這種中式材料。薏米有去水腫和美白的功效,實在是女人恩物。黃金芋條除了主菜外,小食也是每頓飯不可或缺的一員。餐牌上一個黃金芋條吸引了我們的眼球,薯條吃很多了,芋條還是第一次吃。本來店家說已經完賣,還好後來再三確認後原來還有一客,不用空歡喜一場。剛炸好的芋條賣相不俗,因為芋頭比薯仔飽肚,所以不適合做得太粗,而這個芋條的粗幼度就來得剛剛好。這種香脆可口的小食吃人停不了嘴,一條又一條的往嘴裡送,有夠邪惡的。女生的飯局總是會以甜品作為終結。因為沒有仔細看餐牌,不清楚哪道甜品是有蛋奶的,果然吃飯也不能太鬆懈。一道黃金卷的賣相像捲起來烤過的pancake,再伴以吉士醬和新鮮雜莓。吉士醬的味道比較淡,嚐不出那種牛奶的味道,希望是沒有加牛奶的。這道甜品的味道並沒有特別出色,如果是有蛋奶的話就不需要點了。Herbivores的整個環境都令人非常舒適,不知不覺就在這裡坐上兩個多小時。不同的食客不斷進進出出,每個都帶著笑容,或者這是Herbivores的功力,又或者是素食的魔力。 continue reading
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