4-min walk from Exit C, Hong Kong MTR Station; Hotel Main Entrance: 21 Stanley Street continue reading
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outdoor smoking area
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12:00 - 00:00
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10% Service Charge
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Sustainable Seafood
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Review (84)
Level4 2023-06-20
I didn’t take pictures but I love the style of the interior design of the hotel. And for The Envoy, the size is not big, and i’d say it’s rather narrow and compact. But they have quite an alfresco dining area, but too bad, not for this hot and rainy summer day. Wouldn’t it be a bit risky to put the bottle of sanitiser next to the vinegar? Love this tuna salad. The tuna is really tasteful as an appetiser. But the bread bucket is not very satisfactory. The baguette is rather stringy and doesnt taste fresh. We ordered snapper, pork tenderloin and steak. Well, we’d say they are all just so-so… the snapper was not tender and my friends said the tenderloin and steak were rather bland themselves though the mango sauce was good and the presentation of these three dishes was lovely. The velvet cake and Nee York cheesecake were not surprising. The service was good and very attentive. But I’m afraid they need to improve a bit on the food continue reading
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Level1 2023-07-23
本身星期日已經好多bar唔開 佢唔單止開,仲要開咁早環境安靜,裝修都靚隱藏係puttinger hotel嘅三樓入面,要搭lift先可以入去成間bar嘅感覺都好神奇d cocktail全部都好得意 個dinossaur好似恐龍蛋咁 中間係香濃朱古力酒,仲有雪糕另外一杯就有tofu foam,同下面嘅cocktail一齊飲有種奇妙嘅對比而且仲有snack menu,雖然我地冇試係好適合姐妹聚腳傾計飲酒嘅好地方ps 有興趣可以試埋隔離 room 309,可以係the envoy到囉房卡進入,位置就係隔離房,不過兩間試完我私心更加鍾意the envoy呢 continue reading
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Level1 2023-06-08
We booked weekend brunch for 5 people to celebrate a friends birthday. Just after we finished main course, waitress told us brunch time was up. Without other option, we got offer to sit outdoor. It's 34'C, not many would want to sit outside honestly. We asked if there's other choices? Waitress suggested outdoor. 30 minutes later, we found that tables at the restaurant were completely empty. We spoke to the manager - why can't they offer us those table indoor? Manager said - it's reserved at 16:30 (another 30 mins from now on).We haven't had the birthday cake that we ordered and sent to outdoor table. Without any apologies, the restaurant manager insisted - we didn't order cake and there's no table available indoor. We complained and spoke to the waitress who took birthday cake order upon arrival. Cake was served eventually but it was really bad dining experience. As customers, we don't see the reason of not being treated fairly and politely, especially at a restaurant that costs you HKD800+. Same letter sent to the restaurant. continue reading
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Level3 2023-05-15
今次嚟到石板街酒店英式餐廳,價錢唔係好貴,所以不妨一試。餐廳係酒店入面,都幾隱秘,入到去好似另一個世界咁,菜式係英國🇬🇧殖民地s的Fusion 😗🍞麵包籃有幾種麵包,橄欖油同埋黑醋,一般般 。🥣Appetiser - 忌廉薯仔湯 Creamy Potato Soup,creamy~ 🥗同事揀咗個 Cajun Prawn Caesar,佢上碟好靚,係放喺啲好似米脆脆整成嘅兜入面。🍚Main - 野菌松露意大利飯 Wild Mushroom Risotto with Black Autumn Truffle,芝士同松露同埋忌廉都恰到好處,食落去唔會太膩,但係蘑菇我覺得有啲少。🍽️同事揀咗 烤鹿兒島豬配黑松露薯蓉 Pan Roasted Kagoshima Pork, 烤得好嫩,肉汁鎖住,一啖豬肉配上薯蓉/菜,中和咗肉的油膩。🍰加配甜品揀咗lemon tart, 配上一球雲呢拿雪糕,酸酸甜甜作結。 continue reading
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It’s pretty cool playing chilling jazz music on air, though the environment is a bit dark at the corner side,i wanna reemphasize i love the pop jazz music hereee, making us wanna dance haa, lovely environment and so chilling, tranquil place giving us a private space yaya. The staffs mostly active here, keep helping to take back the plates once we just finished lol, and asking us whether need to add foods, the service generally nice. The whole restaurant is mainly in two areas, one is indoor and another is outdoor, indoor area isn’t bad, guess ten tables in total, cute to have rhino painting at the entry Small Plates Platter disappointed me a bit, i expect the taste would be outstanding though i can say it’s only in average standard, just soso, the look is better than the taste lollButter Chicken Lollipop having good texture soft  chicken insides with nice skin though the taste is a bit light, dipping into kinda like tomatoes saucesMarbled Herbal Tea Deviled Eggs taste special and not badTuna Wonton Cup is my favorite of all, lovely tuna with fresh feelingPopcorn Shrimps looks so attractive but the taste is a bit light but i like crispy layer which is not dryPulled Pork Mini Burger is yummy onee haa, having a bit spiciness, sweet pork mixture is yum yum, so appetizing, and you won’t feel full with this haai don’t quite know what did i eat for this Auntie's Netted Spring Rolls, like no ingredients insides, one small piece is enoughChicken Skewers are nice but still the flavor not enough Pan-seared Organic Chicken Breast is quite new to me, having kimchi on top, and steamed spinaches on the bottom, spinaches are well cooked and soft, chicken breast is quite firm, overall this one not matching my stomach sadlyNutella Brownie bringing my memories back, i eating too much brownies in europe laaa, i know this is typical sweeties in usa, lollll, i like the smooth texture of rectangle brownie, and the taste won’t be too sweet which is good good haa, it’s hard to be not delicious with two evil foods haa, such a good sweetiesBanoffee Pie 2.0 with burnt banana, toffee sauce and chocolate dust is yummy one, i love fluffy cream topping on banana tart, won’t be too sweet, burnt banana is sweet and well cooked, so good having toffee sauce as side, enriching the pie and the flavor is even complex, the outlook is so appetizing and cute, like having two cow ears haaoutsides:insides:menu:The dessert is much outstanding than the main dishes here, main dishes aren’t bad but a bit below my expectation except the looking lol, dark environment with jazz music is cool, having a enjoyable night yaya continue reading
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