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I had never realized that there was such a nice hotel and restaurant in such a central location. Happened to come across it on openrice and booked a table for 2 a few days in advance to try it out. It was quite a small restaurant with not many seats indoor but quite some tables outdoor. Should be a place good for happy hour drinks.There were not many choices on its Executive Lunch Menu. We decided to order something different and try their Colonial Tiffin Box.The bread was pretty crispy and thinly toasted. Yummy indeed, although very simple. No butter was served but only vinegar and olive oil.Colonial Tiffin Box"Reminiscent of classic Colonial delights with layers and layers of heartwarming surprises for you" was what was written on the menu. It had indeed built a lot of my expectation of this dish. They were served in 4 layers of tiffin boxes like this. However, I was really really disappointed when they took out the 4 layers and showed us. I really had expected more elaborate dishes by such a description on the menu and price...That said, the food itself seemed good and to be made from high quality ingredients.The salad consisted of fresh spinach and even figs! There were quite a lot of pumpkin which were quite fresh with quite some cheese on top. It was a bit too oily though.The mains was duck which were not very tender but not too rough. The sauce was quite tasty which seemed something like red curry. There were quite some onions in the dish.The fried vegetables were of good quality too. They were a bit spicy. There were quite some celery, carrots, eggplants and zucchinis. Rice was just plain rice with some coconut sauce. I didn't eat much and most was finished by my lunch partner together with the sauce of the mains. We added $48+10% for Truffle fries. The fries were not super hot but warm. They tasted alright with indeed some truffle salt on them. They went great with ketchup and mayo!A drink was included in the lunch set. The iced chocolate with skimmed milk was a bit too diluted. The presentation was nice though. A top-up of $38+10% for a dessert seemed to be quite a good deal so we couldn't miss the dessert although we had been quite full by then.Warm Fudge Brownie with dark rum creme anglaise, gingerbread crumbleHowever, this warm fudge brownie was very disappointing as it was not dense enough nor warm enough. The rum creme anglaise really tasted a bit alcoholic but not too much. The crumble was ok.Maple & Walnut Ice-cream with waffle crisps, maple syrup, bacon bitsThis one was much better. The ice-cream was ok, which didn't taste so walnut but very maple. The waffle crisp was actually a piece of cookie. Luckily there were no bacon bits. Wouldn't it have been so weird with bacon bits on an ice-cream?Environment was nice with reasonably nice interior decoration and a very quiet environment for a good chat. Service was ok. I would say the Colonial Tiffin Box was not worth a try but the normal set lunch seemed good enough from my observation of others' food. Maybe we should have just ordered a normal lunch set to make this visit a better dining experience. continue reading
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Level2 2019-04-08
原本跟友人相約另一間餐廳,但因為滿座而且環境不如預期,故臨時改變主意另找地方。臨時倉卒決定去附近的Envoy。服務很好很體貼,服務員都很親切,加上餐廳內環境精緻,讓人很舒適自在。黑松露薯條好吃,還有我超喜愛的芝士醬。Smoked Salmon with Avocado & Salmon Roe這個非常好吃。店員細心講解食法,佢都忍品住話呢個好好食。不過煙三文魚加牛油果加三文魚籽的配搭,錯不了那裡吧?會返去再食!Banoffee Pie這個甜品不錯。賣相也很精緻。店員還主動不厭其煩的為我們拍照。整體感覺非常好,無論服務、環境及食物。期待下次假期再跟朋友來享受。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2019-03-27
"You're not being shallow, pretty food does taste better" science says. Okay. I am in love with the cocktails here. "You are sooo beautifulll.......to me. "Look at this Bird glass with a little knot of its feet . How lovely it is ! "It may also be when you see that presentation you can see that someone has put effort into it and that may convey expectations and impact on the experience." Guess what , and it actually taste bloody good too! There is a touch of a mat essence and fraction of whisky taste. So very subtle. With mixture of   blueberry puree and grapefruit juice . Summery and actually kills your thirst . I love it !Dinosaur feels like chocolate sorbet with alcohol. Highly recommend to ladies . It's like having a dessert, but watch out. It Is  pretty strong , but it tastes so good that you won't notice how strong it is . LOL. by the way , the straw says " I am biodegradable . " which is cool and it's not paper so it's very durable . "Does it burn" serves in with one lid. Big smoke come out once removing the cover. Very cool. There is an unique after taste of it . The outdoor tables we were at is surrounding by greens and very tall buildings at the same time. It s nice experience evening out .  continue reading
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Level2 2019-03-08
小而美的精品酒店The Pottinger,名取自于首任港督Sir Henry Pottinger,他是將香港發展成為環球貿易港口的關鍵人物。而酒店隱藏在石板街的轉角處,上到三樓就是酒吧餐The Envoy。 這裡有全港最佳調酒師Antonio Lai坐鎮,早已名聲在外,前一陣很火的新餐廳VEA也歸屬于同一集團。 夏季的新出品,除了創意的飲品,餐廳在美食美器下了不少心思;本是隨便吃幾口就算的簡單午餐,被放進了漂亮的便當盒子,好看的移不開目光。這一回,可再也找不到不認真吃午餐的理由了。TIFFIN BOX 茶園特色便當午餐 HK$228/位,主廚 Kohli Chetan將傳統的英式菜餚分為四層疊放,天藍色的陶瓷飯盒看起來賞心悅目。第一層是脆餅Cous cous米;第二層是番茄汁蔬菜兜;第三層是香煎鯛魚,帶子;而最末則是印度香米,混合了藏紅花和一點豬油,粒粒分明的可口。 新推出的兩款雞尾酒,分別是加入了兒時記憶的大白兔奶糖Down the Rabbit Hole和以朗姆酒为Base的My Neighbour To – taro。芋頭蓉和椰奶的香甜也是濃郁討人愛,還有咖啡香緩解了甜膩,芋頭迷們請不要錯過。 continue reading
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Level3 2019-02-19
We dined here for mid week lunch. The restaurant is centrally located but feels removed from the crowds due to the intimate setting inside. It is not a large space, so if you want to dine indoors, maybe you need to reserve a table in advance. Outside looked lovely but it was raining.We all ordered from the Executive Lunch menu. I ordered:- kale caesar - steamed barramundi fillet - warm date cakeAll were delicious and portion sizes were just right - not overwhelmingly large nor too small.The service is mixed, depending on staff. Some were great, very attentive. But another just kept getting our orders wrong. Ordered fresh mint leaf tea and got a teabag; ordered black coffee (Americano) and got a latte!Price point is ok for mid week lunch - we each paid $360 inclusive of service charge and drinks. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)