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The Drunken Pot is a modern Guangdong-style hot pot restaurant. They have a variety of soup bases including coconut soup and SIchuan-style spicy soup. The hot pot ingredients are very fresh and of good quality. continue reading
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Level4 2021-02-21
近排天氣雖然暖返唔少,但亦無損我倆打邊爐嘅興致。最近瀏覽網頁得知新派火鍋店「酒鍋」,為慶祝開業 5 周年,推出期間限定午市火鍋放題,最平 $68 就有交易,非常化算, 所以趁今日假期,專登嚟銅鑼灣分店食個新春火鍋。餐廳的布置別樹一格,不但環境優雅、景色宜人,而且更坐擁無敵維港大海景,令人心曠神怡。今次的「吃到飽」套餐設有 2 個時限,分別為 60 分鐘及 90 分鐘,兩者均包括 9 款火鍋湯底,無限添加精選火鍋配料、台式風味地道小食、甜品及飲品。我哋揀左個每位 $178 套餐,90 分鐘可以任食 4 款主菜,湯底點左「黃金美人」,即胡椒豬肚花膠黃金鮮雞湯。湯頭味道非常鮮甜,帶淡淡胡椒香。雞件分量十足,新鮮嫩滑;花膠大大塊,既爽彈又吸滿湯汁,食落很滋味。豬肚入口又滑又腍,證明火候足。4 款主菜包括有日本黑毛豬腩肉、走地雞髀肉、USA 特上精選牛肩胛及台灣空運鴨血。豬腩肉口感唔錯,爽脆有彈性;牛肩胛油分十足,灼燙後充滿脂香,但入口卻完全不膩。鴨血質地滑溜,吸汁又惹味。秘製小食有炸雞皮、鹵肉、台式臭豆腐、鹽酥雞、關東煮、糖醋骨、台式蚵仔煎。臭豆腐麻香十足,味道相當濃郁,正宗台灣風味。蚵仔煎外形有啲似蛋餅,入口煙煙韌韌,一點也不糊口。火鍋配料方面,足足有成 30 款,另外亦有麵食和泡飯,全部都係任點任食,無限供應。要特別推介幾款台灣直送嘅配料,台灣玉米貢丸面頭黏滿粒粒粟米,用料十足,口感紮實 Q 彈。台灣蜂巢豆腐,豆香濃郁,一口咬下,比食神的爆漿瀨尿牛丸更爆漿!另外流心玉米球,味道亦唔錯,外層彈牙,中心則類似玉米濃湯,清甜綿香。飲品方面,有雪梨雪耳杞子茶、黑糖珍珠奶茶、紫貝天葵、羅漢果菊花茶、時令滋補燉湯、竹蔗茅根可供選擇。竹蔗茅根清熱潤喉、紫貝天葵甘甜微酸,打完邊爐飲就最啱,可以幫助消化。台式甜品有煉乳芋圓冰同密瓜冰,芋圓煙韌有彈性,芋頭味愈食愈出;哈密瓜甜美多汁,配上入口即溶的刨冰,口感有層次。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
著名火鍋店 酒鍋🔸五週年啦! 為慶祝這個大日子,酒鍋推出激抵優惠! 期間限定的午市 台灣吃到飽火鍋✨低至$68/位,可以在60分鐘內,仼食火鍋配料、台式小食、甜品和飲味,多達50幾款呀!機會難逢,早幾天中午一時到達,人頭湧湧,幸好有預先訂座呢🥰。由於想吃得舒服一點點,我們升級仼食套餐$148/位,90分鐘內可仼食 日本黑毛豬腩肉、精選牛肉片、走地雞髀 和 鴨血🙊,更加$80升級至4格特色湯底,包括: 台式麻辣、喇沙海鮮、馬來肉骨茶 和 酸菜白肉。當中我最愛 台式麻辣🌶 和 喇沙海鮮🦐,辣度十足的麻辣湯,非常刺激,辣到出汗啦🤣。而喇沙海鮮 濃香美味,深得我和朋友喜愛! 我還有推薦大家試試 流心玉米球、有年糕的包仔豆腐 和 台灣玉米貢丸呀~ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2020-11-26
The weather became cooler and that brought forth the itching for hotpot! Looking around, we decided to try a place we've never been to before.  酒鍋 (English name: The Drunken Pot) is located in the V Point building in Causeway Bay.The place was smaller than I expected. I guess it's the layout of the building design. But it was still enough space to place all our things. Decor was very hip with artsy drawings here and there.Menu is in English and Chinese. There is a tea charge (so ask for tea if they don't serve it to you) and sauce charge. Just like any other hot pot restaurant.  You order by checking off what you want on the menu. And they have a HUGE selection.The tray of toppings and sauces are brought to your table. You get what you want and then they take it away.Ordered a couple of drinks. Sugarcane Herbal Tea ($26, on the left) and Barley Herbal Tea ($26). They arrived in cute light bulbs. Drinks were not too sweet and felt healthy enoughWe chose the Virus Vanguard Soup ($288) as there were four choices of soup. They were 1. pepper, pig stomach, fish maw, chicken soup; 2. almond, pig lung, papaya, snow fungus soup; 3. tomato, onion, carrot and pig shin soup; 4. and Sichuan chili pepper. The soups were rich and seemed healthy. There was also a lot of the ingredients in the soup bases as well if you wish to eat them.Boyfriend must order a plate of deep fried fish skin. They had Homemade Deep Fried Fish Cracklings ($48 with bone). They had the option of adding flavor. We were curious so added Salted Egg Yolk ($20). This was in the form of a sauce on top of everything. Thus, you can eat them as is. Though dunking them into the soup for hot pot defeated the purpose of adding the topping so it is better advised to just eat it as chips. The fish cracklings were really good though. Not overly hard and very very crunchy.We ordered a Hanging Premium Sliced Angus Beef Short Ribs ($188 for small). And it really was hanging over a bed of ice. We didn't expect that they would be so literal in the word hanging. But for whatever reason it was displayed like that, the beef was delicous. Great marbling. And even when we over cooked it, it was still soft and tender with a strong beef flavor.The Vegetable Platter ($68) was very fresh. There was lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, corn and pumpkin. The Mushroom Platter ($68) included shitake, bunashimeji and eryngii. A decent variety and all were fresh.Black Truffle, Shrimp and Egg Dumplings ($60). It's nice this place offers smaller portions for small groups. So we could choose only 4 dumplings. The skin was interesting. It didn't fall apart even though we definitely over cooked it. It was also very smooth. The filing was very firm and bouncy in texture. The taste of truffle wasn't over powering at all.Frozen Bean Curd Cubes ($38) is my go to tofu of choice. I love how frozen bean curd takes on a much more spongy texture and soaks up the soup very well.Handmade Seven Color Cuttlefish Balls ($88) was actually seven balls of cuttlefish mixed with different items such as corn, spinach, taro, truffle and carrot. Definitely different. The balls were very bouncy and had a strong squid taste.Handmade Happy Penguin ($88) was super cute. They were squid balls shaped like penguins. The beaks were golgi berries.The food was good quality and interestingly presented. Everyone had a big box of tissue paper which was great. Service was fast and seating was fairly comfortably spaced. Would probably be back. continue reading
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臨近年底朋友要清假但係又冇得去旅行,留港消費,佢約我喺銅鑼灣食晏,朋友係食火鍋專家,今日佢就帶咗我嚟呢度,話要同我分享吓好嘢😁餐廳喺27樓,觀景開陽,我哋坐喺窗邊,感覺舒暢😁;朋友發辦落單,叫咗好多嘢食:- $288嘅「抗疫先鋒」,其實係火鍋湯底- $188嘅「頂級安格斯牛小排」- $88嘅「開心小企鵝」- $38嘅「蜂巢豆腐」- $88嘅「七星報喜」- $58嘅「三色鮮製生麵」- $68嘅「蔬菜拼盤」- $58嘅「什菌拼盤」- $58嘅「即炸手工紫菜響鈴卷」基本上全部食物都幾好食,其中特別美味嘅有:- 「抗疫先鋒」火鍋底,一鍋裏面分成四格,有雞湯鍋、木瓜雪耳鍋、蕃茄鍋、四川麻辣鍋,淨係呢個鍋底裏面已經有好多美味食材,我記得嘅有:豬肚、花膠、雞、豬肺、雪耳、木瓜、蕃茄、洋蔥、蔥頭、紅蘿蔔、豬展、紅辣椒、豬皮、大豆芽菜、紅棗,杞子,等等😋,淨係食個火鍋底幾乎都飽咗一半😆- 「頂級安格斯小牛排」非常好牛味,肉質好軟熟,一勺即食超級正😋- 「開心小企鵝」其實係墨魚丸,得意又好鮮味😋- 「七星報喜」係各種自家製肉丸,又睇得又好味😋- 「三色生麵」顏色好靚,麵質爽滑彈牙😋我哋仲叫咗「檸檬薏米水」同「雪梨雪耳杞子茶」,凍冰冰唔係好甜,感覺滋潤有益兼好味😋呢度坐得舒服,食得開心,朋友果然係火鍋專家真係識揀😆。仲有,我見到呢度有好多靚清酒,下次嚟可以試吓😋 continue reading
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Level4 2020-11-22
环境:維港夜景,通常高層先會睇到。加上如果餐廳在高層呢,V POINT算新商廈,附近有鼎爺餐廳,註定周圍林立的都是中高層餐廳,果然,朋友帶我試一試高樓層體驗海景火鍋。餐台靠近view景,對出去就見到維港夜景。火鍋如果只用一個湯底太無趣,餐廳貼近最近社會狀況,有個以補氣,補腎,益精健脾,驅風散寒提昇抵抗力維主的抗疫先鋒四格湯鍋。分別是胡椒豬肚花膠黃金雞湯,杏汁白肺木瓜雪耳湯,番茄洋蔥紅蘿蔔豬展湯,四川麻辣湯。四合一一次過試晒不同味道,由於四種湯底,因此我地叫餸都不同。麻辣火鍋湯底陪襯安格斯牛小排。果然靚貨,擺盤都不差呢。好似蒜泥白肉咁晾起來一塊塊都不薄,擺落麻辣湯底味道適合開胃小菜。|三色鮮制生麵^一種是菠菜,紅蘿蔔,以及墨魚汁製成的生麵,對應可以番茄湯底。加上番茄濃烈豬展湯底,養生滋補健康。|黑松露蝦蟹餃^墨魚汁麵皮的餃子黑麻麻,好似無咩款式靚,但咬落去就是一大舊蝦以及蟹肉。密密麻麻都散落不同的黑松露碎末。|黃金炸魚皮^有不同的大排檔風味,因為咸蛋黃的做法黃金炸魚皮鬆脆而惹味,好想加啤酒。四種湯底不同的食法,尤其是可以不同的蔬菜或者肉類可以在不同的湯底之下食到原有的鮮味。😊環境真系落地窗玻璃對住夜晚的維夜景,車水馬龍27樓之上的銅鑼灣某一處慢慢歎火鍋也是一種閒情。 continue reading
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