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Level1 2020-02-15
I have tried their takeaway several times in friend's home gathering in Tuen Mun. I like the spinach with cheese and the samosa. This Sat I visited the restaurant for the first time when I was in Kowloon for an event. It has not been open to the public for dine in business due to the corona virus outbreak but they still have the kitchen in business for takeaway. I luckily could get in for dine in lunch and it was delicious. One can call before to check their opening schedule. They also have a newer restaurant in Hung Hum. continue reading
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Level2 2017-06-23
We went here as an alternative to all the seemingly similar restaurants in the same building. Nice Sikh run business. We had mild curries (mushroom and mixed veg) as well as some bread based sides. The food was tasty and I would come back. continue reading
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地點: 尖沙咀彌敦道36-44號重慶大廈B座5樓B5室Shop B5, 5/F, Block B Chung King Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui交通指引: 港鐵尖沙咀站 D1/ L1/ N5 出口電話: 2369 5762 這家店也是從OPENRICE上找到的店。我站在尖沙咀找附近的素食餐廳,這個名字就跑出來了,想說恐怖的重慶大樓,都去過另一家印度餐廳探險過了,那就來試試看這家吧。 我們快十二點到這家店外面,看到門還沒開,就自己敲敲門,問是否營業。看來印度廚師們都還在休息,還互相問了對方要不要開業。我們也聽不懂他們說了甚麼,咕嚕咕嚕之後對我們點點頭,我們就蹦蹦跳跳地走進去四處觀望、找位子研究菜單了。 前菜部分 新鮮切片小黃瓜 + 免費美乃滋醬 (不知多少錢?!) 我們沒有點,店家自己送上來的。小黃瓜很新鮮囉,醬就奶奶的囉,一直不知道這個醬的內容物是甚麼。 薯仔千層酥餅 Allu Prantha (HKD 18) 這個餅很好吃,裡面還有裹一層馬鈴薯泥和辣辣粉狀的香料,很入味,一下就吃掉了。 牛油麥飽 ButterChapati (HKD 10) 這個餅也很好吃,但是很油。麵粉很新鮮,吃起來應該是現做的,有聞到新鮮的麵粉烤香的味道。 主菜 芝士洋蔥辣燴 Kaju Paneer Kadai (HKD88) 這是店家印度老闆推薦的主菜,也是菜單最貴的菜。我們抱持著嘗試探險的心情,當然說好囉。沒想到上菜後。。。。。。發現這盤菜非常非常小碗,只有亞洲女生的手掌般大小吧,但料看起來挺豐富的,有青椒、番茄、洋蔥、小黃瓜等蔬果,還有很好吃的起司塊,配上香香濃濃的香料,非常好吃。就味道來說,還蠻推薦嘗試的。 飲料 印度乳酸飲料 Mithi Lassi (HKD25) 朋友點的,我沒喝過。她說喝起來像可爾必思。 印式奶茶 Tea (HKD15) 我個人超愛印度香料奶茶,是每次吃印度餐廳必點的飲料。飲料很慢才上,加點的菜都上完之後,飲料還沒來,我們還提醒店家上印度奶茶。奶茶上桌之後,我滿心期待地喝了一小口,差點沒吐出來。 這茶有一種味道,很像是小強爬過的味道。有點像是樟腦丸加上一種辛嗆味,只要食物放久之後,就容易有的味道。我自己家裡的食材放太久拿來煮,也會有類似的味道。 我猜這個香料還是茶包可能放太久了,實在喝不下去,退還給店家。 後來結帳時,兩個人吃了約一百三十塊。 整體來說,店家裝潢很有特色,價位便宜,可以嘗試,但我自己不會再去吃第二次。 continue reading
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Level3 2016-06-05
This is the second time I've stopped by the ground floor take-away branch of this vegetarian curry house in Ching King Mansions. I've been to the 5th floor restaurant quite a few times but failed to review it so far...I guess that means I'll have to go back soon. It took me about two years to work up the courage to go into Chung King Mansions. I'm normally a solo diner and facing the barrage of hawkers and general loiterers alone when I'm hungry is really stressful but I'm glad I've overcome the fear. (I found that talking into my phone mic really helped provide a bit of a conversation deterrent for the first couple of times when I wasn't so comfortable going in but now I know where I'm going it's a lot easier.)The food (and service) offered at the ground floor branch is a bit more 'cheap and cheerful' than the upstairs restaurant, large vats of pre-cooked basic vegetarian curries, (dahl, sag aloo, paneer muttor), are displayed alongside samosas, bhajis and sweet snacks in the cabinet outside the shop. For a big meal you can choose two types of curry with rice/roti and you get a very reasonable portion for $50. Once you've made your selection, one of the waiters will chuck it in the microwave for a couple of minutes to warm it up. The guy today forgot my food for about a minute and was really apologetic when he realised. Today I ordered dahl makhani and sag aloo with rice. Dahl makhani is a lovely, comforting and creamy dish made of black lentils and maybe beans depending on the recipe. Here it was filling and wholesome tasting and I loved the texture of the individual lentils/beans, it felt very satisfying to eat (both in my mouth and my belly). The sag aloo (potatoes and spinach), is almost impossible to do badly, here the curry had a really great tangy flavour, the whole meal I felt like it reminded me of something but I couldn't remember what. The rice I had with it was nothing special but served well to soak up the curries and fill me. If you prefer fresher food (cooked to order I think), in a calm and comfortable environment then head straight up to the fifth floor, the restaurant there is great. But if you want tasty curry at an extremely reasonable price and you're able to ignore the noise and bustle of ground floor Chung King Mansions then head to the ground floor. Either way I think you won't be disappointed. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-02
We came here on a recommendation from an Indian friend and were very happy with our meal.  We love Branto and we love Woodland, but we now have a third option - Smrat.After taking the lift to the 5th floor of Chungking, we arrived at a non-descript door and were let in.  The place looks like it is someone's home and is a hive of take-away activity.  We were the only eat in customers, as the place primarily delivers.  We ordered Kashmiri pallau, paneer masala, vegetable makhni, a gobi prantha and two mithi lassis.  The paneer and the makhni came first and were great.  The paneer was covered in a nice rich masala and was a great mouthful.  The makhni was a thinner curry than the masala, but tatsed great.  The pallau was really good.  The cashew and sultana flavours along with the vegetables flavoured the rice wonderfully and it was more than just an absorbing dish for the curries.  The prantha was pretty good.  The cauliflower was a nice eaven layer through the bread and it did well to pick up the curry and rice.  Next time we will opt for something simpler though.  The lassis were good - sweet, but with the sourness you get from real lassis, not bottled ones.  They came last, but were a welcome palate cleanser at the end of a meal.We did notice that the ticket said less chili, even though when asked we told them we liked chili.  Another thing to remember for our next visit. The service was a little gruff, but polite.  While we were not welcomed with open arms, the food did all of the talking.  We will return more than once. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)