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Asia's 50 Best Restaurants (2017)
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18:00 - 00:00
Mon - Sat
18:00 - 00:00
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10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Fried quail Leather jacketfish tempura Smoked silverfish tempura
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Hard to find - just a blank door - modern, clean, industrial design. Small. Great for solo or couple. Menu changes often (someone said daily!) and is divided into three sections: raw (sashimi, oysters, etc.), smaller, and bigger. I went with a sashimi selection, the Kurodai black bream, and the Hotate scallops. Everything was superb. Well balanced tastes and sauces that complemented but did not overpower. Very large whisky and sake selections. Service was excellent. But none of this comes cheap. One glass of sake and those dishes were enough to hit HKD$800. That said, this is Hong Kong so good food costs money. I will be back. continue reading
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Level1 2017-08-01
I booked a table for two a week beforehand. It is more likely that you get a seat if you reserved it by email than over the phone. They also have around 10 walk in seats. We didn't order any alcohol drinks for this visit because my boyfriend is unwell so we order a bottle of still water instead. The atmosphere is very calm and comfortable with very welcoming staff. All the staff communicates with customers in english. The menu is divided into three sections: raw, small and big . Raw are mainly starters and sashimi , oysters and some light dish . Small are mainly snacks. Bigs can be shared between two. My favourite dish for the whole night is the uni with yu zi crumbles and the kagoshima beef with raw egg yolk and mushroom ! That was lit The only down side is that they don't have a dessert menu otherwise it would have been a perfect meal continue reading
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Level3 2017-06-06
I walked into Ronin with elevated expectations; reviews had been good, it’s on the top 50 restaurants in Asia list, my friend really enjoyed it the first time she went… but overall, I can’t say it was anything more than “not bad”. Food was good, liked the vibe, drinks were interesting; but to be worth it, a meal at this price point really needs to pop; good/fine/decent just isn’t enough.Over the course of the meal, only 2 dishes (Mizuna dish and Fish Tempura with Shiso) really impressed me, and they were successes of execution, not of extravagance. Not to say Ronin is wasteful per se, but given the quality/luxuriousness of ingredients used, more dishes should have been knockouts.Here are the dishes – sorry about the horrible descriptions, but it’s been 2 months. I couldn’t summon either the enthusiasm or the hatred to write this review sooner.Fresh oyster with caviar – fine but who gets excited about an oysterDish of various sushi/sashimi (4-5 varieties) – some interesting combinations e.g. with yuzu but the best piece amusingly was the unaltered piece of snapper.Crab meat with Uni – this one made me sad. I mean come on… crab (YUM) x uni (YUM) should work right? but… it just didn’t. I don’t know why. Maybe uni needs to be paired with a milder base (rice?) so that ocean-y taste really comes through. This pairing felt like both ingredients were wasted. Was very fresh though.Portabello mushrooms with Mizuna and… I’ll be honest I forgot what this was. It was excellent though – my 2nd favorite dishGrilled mollusc (forgot the name) with butter – good but nothing amazingFish Tempura rolled with shiso leaf – the most impressive dish of the night. Presentation of the fish is great (spirals are creepy!) and love how it’s served with just salt. Shiso also really works with tempura as a contrast to the heaviness – fish was perfectly cooked, flaky and soft. Wonderful.Some grilled fish – unmemorable but fine… can’t even tell you what kind of fish. Amberjack collar – the only less-than-decent dish of the night. Tasted like it was thawed poorly.Eel and Pickle Rice bowl – tasty way to end the meal, but pickles with anything is a winner for me.Final Verdict: No one could say it was bad, but I can’t recommend this meal at that price. Possible it was an off night - willing to try again. continue reading
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Hong Kong has always got a reputation as a city with a complicated dining scene. We don't need to look too far to discover all these fine dining restaurants which are places to see and to be seen in the city. Then there are these upscale but low profile places which are intentionally made to be very private and hard to find. Ronin is obviously the latter.Hidden behind the grey-colored sliding door is Ronin, a 20-seat Japanese influenced izakaya on On Wo Lane in Sheung Wan. It's yet another wonderful concept brought to us by Matt Abergel who also owns Yardbird.Ronin has slowly gained the reputation as an excellent speakeasy Japanese tapas bar over the years. Of course, a wide selection of wine and sake is crucial to the making of a speakeasy bar. Look at all these different labels here, brilliant!I really like the way they designed this tiny space. Every inch of space was used to perfection. See how I managed to find just enough space for my cola. That's beautiful.Ronin's food menu is a fish oriented one that changes daily based on what's available from the market. They also have a market tasting menu reasonably priced at $980 for anyone interested in sampling a bit more variety.Before I start placing my order, here comes a small amuse bouche of broccolini with ginger and dashi to kick off my evening. That was pretty refreshing.Shima aji (striped jack) sashimi ($70) - Pretty thick slices. Love the firm texture and rich flavor. They have ice on the bottom to keep the temperature right too. Very thoughtful.Hamachi yellowtail sashimi, shitake, mizuna, negi soy ($180) - A lot of reviews on Ronin touched on their tiny portions so I was pleasantly surprised when my plate of hamachi sashimi showed up.I thought this dish could easily accommodate two people but I was more than happy to take on it on my own. The hamachi yellowtail sashimi was nicely flavored with negi soy combining well with the shitake mushrooms, diced mizuna and garden green. Very nice.Black pilsner battered, smoked amadai tilefish, black sugar kewpie ($170) - I was really tempted to go for their Kagoshima beef with sukiyaki egg yolk, one of the few non-fish items on the menu but since it's served as a carpaccio, I decided to pass in favor of some cooked food to wrap up this meal. I ended up getting their black pilsner battered amadai tilefish instead.This was the chef's modern take on the British classic Fish and Chips. I love that tiny and crispy batter lightly flavored with black pilsner beer. Interestingly, the dish was paired with a small glass of black pilsner.The amadai tilefish was really meaty and it was exceptionally tasty under that golden brown colored, pilsner flavored batter. I thought the black sugar kewpie (Japanese style mayo) was a pretty nice touch too.I'm not sure about Ronin being the 45th best restaurant in Asia yet (according to the folks behind Asia Best 50 Restaurant, they are!) but one thing was certain, I would definitely be back for more pretty soon. continue reading
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Level3 2017-04-21
或者每位食客到餐廳前都應該想一想抱什麼態度去用餐,在這𥚃必須要互相尊重才能感受到餐廳安排的用意因我用户等級所限,不能再多放店的門面相了,門口是個黑色大門不透光,可知進入後店𥚃就是私密的另一世界餐廳是日式海鮮主題,重點是必用本地食材也説得很對,有什麼比就地取材更新鮮?座位是兩行bar枱或4位的卡座訂了8:45位,餐廳滿滿的,建議預先訂座店員先放下Drinks Menu當我們詢問食物Menu,他指是用餐的先後次序設計是先喝一杯,再點食物第一次來,還是點了一杯Cocktail食物餐牌有分Raw、Smaller、Bigger相信這是店家的自家分類名稱而餐牌上打了日期,表示每天的Menu也有更改店員建議我們由Raw吃到Bigger,如果非常肚餓可以點選Tasting Menu 有9 course 當然是omakase,留待廚師安排選了omakase,亦必須2位都選omakase 以下9 course 全部都好吃,我點選幾款介紹餐前先吃冷西蘭花餐廳主打seafood,Raw的部分很出色,但不止在新鮮或刀功層面,而是每件有種令人難忘的複雜味道,鮮味中帶點咸、又帶點酸香中和一下,也有很微小的辣,很好吃店員有指示應由那款吃到那款,亦只有一款需點醬油,所以他幫我加了幾滴在碟上,這避免了香港人吃太多醬油的習慣會破壞味道。全晚最喜歡的部分,Flower Crab with Uni花蟹海膽首先擺碟已經好型夠吸引,吃下去是一口口鮮甜,溫度很重要!第二次出現海膽,這次的著眼點是魷魚加紫菜做天婦羅,配上海膽的有趣做法又是味蕾被挑戰的一款,又香又咸又甜又酸的味道,但是各有位置不打架的一環,高手看它很明顯是Bigger,調味比較普通正常,好吃在於𥚃面很Juicy本身我不愛鰻魚的,但也吃完整碗飯了!因為飯汁有種鮮甜、也有醋酸味道,能吃完這個Bigger.想不到原來有甜品,不過是一杯咖啡或朱古力這杯咖啡酒應該是一杯espresso 加kahlua再加一種我不知是什麼的酒不知是否我喝得太多這種味道的酒,我沒有什麼感覺,這是唯一一道我認為有進步空間的款式,留到最後才出現有點可惜既然店家是日式又多酒類賣,如果能出Yuzu柚子又帶酒精的甜點就完美了(反正吃得出你們調味中也有用上柚子)🤔整體而言用餐經驗幾新鮮,埋單時店員説沒有加收10% service charge,我們喜歡可以自行選擇,我們還是另外給了service charge 在沒有加一情況下,我認為價錢的確有點高,雖然服務很好,但座位上比較難照顧到3人或以上的客人,而且食物份量有點偏少,女生可以,但男生應該不是人人能吃飽不考慮價錢的人就沒問題,不夠飽再order便好如果問我會否再去Ronin,也應該會,4人一定要book到卡位,沒有的話只在2人用餐時才再去。 continue reading
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