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the Japanese robata grill. ROKA is derived from two words: "ro" and "ka". Ro means a hearth or gathering place where people meet to socialize and enjoy food and drinks. Ka stands for a burning fire, projecting a welcoming and energetic atmosphere. continue reading
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Strawberry jasmine ice-cream with pomelo ice shavings Roast cod fish Korea roast lamb rib
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Level1 2013-11-23
今日下午同老公去咗太古廣場嘆下午茶。選擇了Roka,叫啲小食同串燒做下午茶。周圍環境非常舒服,連同播放中的音樂有點好似去咗resort嘅感覺。點了四款小食。和風沙拉:個樣超靚,味道簡單得黎幾好味。燒蕃薯:推介👍超好食。外層脆脆,甜度適中。如果唔係已經食飽,都想加多一份。燒粟米:小許燒黑了一點,但粟米好甜,幾新鮮。燒雞翼:推介👍燒得啱啱好,好好味。 continue reading
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幾個月前的一個午餐時間的大古廣場!午巿時間太多人,日本菜又冇得choose)咪試下囉~價錢ok平~order左個“魚生飯set lunch" !  快就幾快,可能冇咩客la ,anyway is better point for visit at lunch time.但個味就同“板前差唔多,個湯好鹹同腥,可能用了平價木魚做高湯,不過佢地目標客係非本港人所以口味都冇得講。到了魚生飯,俾板前好少少!!因為我唔太鐘意啲魚生太凍,呢到D魚生就暖暖地都幾合我,但唔知點解我只放豉油都辣辣地???有辣椒??我問個部長佢話問下chef先~點知一去冇回頭……算啦~最後只食沙律同蛋,但今次真係要complain 因為沙律係熱熱地==“算啦同同事吹下水過下日神!點知笑料來了,係尾段時間見到個小姐拿住個sushi set lunch係隔離枱,另外一個女仔就左影右set up,好幾個人圍繞著一團,見個local chef都出左來,已為有明星做訪問,ok 丫幾好,點知俾我聽到個女仔同個chef講:[唔好影得太專業呀,用來upload open rice寫食評,我當場忍口吾住笑地結賬!唉…香港生意難做^^哈~(最後真係見到疑似文章係下面) continue reading
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Level2 2013-05-15
當天是在公司實習的最後一天,決定和一起實習的同事吃頓比較豐富的。因為公司在pacific place,所以用餐的地方也選在公司附近。在商場逛了一圈後,大家決定一試這間在最低層,Thai basil 和 Zen旁邊的 Roka 日本菜。剛進餐廳的時候有點被嚇到,因為餐廳環境寧靜,也沒有什麼人。坐下後一看Menu,發覺lunch set的價錢也頗高,平均$200-$300一位。心想其實以這個價錢來說,應該有更好的選擇,例如旁邊的Zelo Tapas,它的lunch set以半自助餐為主,味道好,分量 appropriate,價錢也公道,也大概是$200一位。不過既然來到,就一試它們的lunch set,也許有驚喜。 我點了一個刺身飯set,忘記exactly多少錢,大概 $200左右。餐送來的時候有驚喜了一下,因為做得很精緻,很漂亮...可是...分量好像有點少...看上去應該幾口就能把它吃完了吧。刺身感覺是新鮮的,可是選材普通,只是很common的 salmon and tuna,以分量質量來說,這價錢實在不太公道合算。 continue reading
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從英國來的日本餐廳;環境優美。服務有效率。勝在夠快。午市套餐又貴又不抵食。超袖珍壽司比半隻手指更細。英式日本餐...不推介!"Japanese" restaurant from London;Authentic London style Japanese food;Expensive sets.Super mini sushi smaller than half a finger;Efficient service. Nice decor butNot recommended.Fools rush in:I've actually tried Roka ages ago when they still had yakisoba, 5-6 times more expensive than anywhere else but least likely to go wrong. My wife was in the area one day and wished to have lunch. Since I was trying to complete something urgent at work, I suggested having a quick lunch around the area. I didn't know what I was thinking at the time but I completely forgot about the Great Food Hall, L16, Grappas, Shiki or Nadaman (that's how rushed I was at work!), instead I suggested Roka...Decor and Service:Very nice decor, spacious with a pretty high ceiling. Counter seats, bar table seats, sofa seats and normal tables seats were available. The staff members were very polite and efficient. Menu:To my utter dismay, they don't serve yakisoba anymore. The lunch menu was not comprehensive, as far as I could recall, two different types of sushi/sashimi set, black cod set and possibly some wagyu sets. All have top up options at extra costs (extra miso soup or a salad...etc.)We ordered a Black Cod Saikyoyaki Set ($248) and a Sushi Set ($238).We were asked whether we'd like something to drink. We ordered two cups of tea. Those were genmaicha. Black cod:Salad: Very average quality veggies with almost no dressing, Japanese or not.Rice: Possibly Japanese rice with some black sesame. Nice presentation. The taste was fine.Eggplant: Quite good.Marinated in light soy sauce. Best part of the meal.Miso soup: Normal miso soup with I believe tofu and kelp.Cod: The cod was cut into three small chunks. You'll know most of the fish oil much have already disappeared. Indeed, the three small pieces of cod were dry and tasteless. Luckily the miso next to it was smooth and sweet. It significantly eased the task of finishing those cods. The red pickled ginger sprinkled on top of the cod is a defining feature of "Japanese" food served mostly in English speaking countries, like what I had in many disappointing meals in London. Somehow, some people felt that add pickled ginger or wasabi rendered a dish "Japanese", just like adding soy sauce and ginger turned the dish into "Chinese" cuisine.Sushi set:First came the steamed egg:A bowl of miso soup was served together with it.To be fair, the egg was not bad. It also came in a bamboo container and a wooden spoon, with spring onions, ginger and coarsely grounded soy bean with miso (the essence of "Oriental" cuisine ).The egg was quite smooth but I can't remember what was inside the steamed egg, if any.Then came the sushi:Mini me sushi:The first thing that struck us was the size of the sushis. Those were very small. It's smaller than half of my wife's index finger! Talk to the finger:The "Edomae" sushis, salmon, two white bodied fish and egg, were small and the quality of the fish was no better than any takeaway sushi you get at supermarkets. Even those at supermarkets or takeaway sushi specialists serve bigger and possibly better quality sushis.The hamachi sashimi and tuna sashimi were bad. Even Ihashi at Jordan and at NOBU served better sushi than here.The maki had avocado, salmon and fish roes, which for some reason were green instead of orange. The taste was fine though. Lieber ein Ende mit Schrecken als ein Schrecken ohne Ende:The best thing about lunch that day was that it was over really quickly. The lunch sets arrived in a flash. Because of the ultra small portion, the food was consumed in a flash as well. Very efficient service so we got the bill very shortly after we asked for it.The Black Cod Saikyoyaki Set was HK$248 and a Sushi Set HK$238.The two cups of tea cost us HK$38 per cup!The bill came down to HK$610 plus service. Way too expensive for the quality. Better an end in horror than a horror without end:This meal we had quite a while ago but I'd really like to get it out of my system, in all sense of the word. As I checked the introduction to this restaurant, I realized that ROKA came from London. No wonder it reminded me of the Japanese restaurants there 10-15 years ago...Not recommended. continue reading
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Level1 2012-08-22
今日約左個朋友食lunch, 先上黎check下有乜comments, 見好壞參半. 但又想食日本野, 所以都膽粗粗走入去試下. Lee到都好多唔同既set, 因為都係想食壽司為主, 所以叫左個sushi set, 都有驚起喎, 唔係之前所寫既咁唔得. 魚生,壽司都夠生鮮, 壽司好似細件d, 無諗果睇落賣相普通都好味, 我問過waiter點解d壽司飯咁唔同. 有少少酸, 同埋好似每粒飯都好分明, 又好有黏性, 佢話係用日本米既. 唔怪得.另外面豉湯, 原來都有兩款. 有白又有紅. 相信平時出去飲開既就係白, 而個waiter又話紅特別點, 所以又試下. 味道就比較濃身d. 裡面仲有菇菇. 唔錯. 值得試下. 前菜就無乜特別, 勝在夠開胃, 仲有一盅凍豆腐, 有唔同既配料撈埋一齊食. 記得好似係薑, 葱, wasabi, 同面豉粒, 另外橙色果隻唔記得係乜. 我就鐘意食面豉粒, 因為豆腐有好重既豆味, 比較淡味, 所以配番面豉粒就岩晒, 仲有喎, 原來係用豆漿整. 總括唔錯. 0係金鐘黎講價錢都算合理. 二百幾蚊一個set. service 都算幾好, 下次可以再去試下另外果d. continue reading
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