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Located inside the Island Shangri-La hotel in Hong Kong, Restaurant Petrus is a fine dining French restaurant. The signature dishes here include the whole roasted foie gras, roasted duck breast, layered chocolate mousse and chocolate souffle. continue reading
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Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2010)
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Romantic Dining
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layers of chocolate mousse whole roasted foie gras roasted duck breast roasted maine lobster
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Level6 2017-04-08
As a long-time modern French food faithful, it's the light of VEA Dining and Tate Dining Room & Bar that gets me all excited and pumped up. Do I still love some good old traditional French fine dining occasionally? You bet I do but time doesn't seem to be on its side. At least not here in Hong Kong.Over the past few months, Hong Kong's fine dining scene has already suffered a couple of setbacks. First, there was the abrupt closure of Spoon, a fine dining stalwart who has been around forever. French celebrity chef, restauranteur and mastermind Alain Ducasse decided to close it down in January and rebranded it under the more casual Rech by Alain Ducasse. Then, just when we were all set to welcome S.T.A.Y., French masterchef Yannick Alleno's fine dining concept with open arms, he decided to throw in a curveball by introducing his casual French bistro concept, Terrior Parisien instead. So is traditional French fine-dining really a thing of the past in Hong Kong?Not so fast.When I first moved back in Hong Kong more than a decade ago, Gaddi's, Petrus and Vong (which was eventually replaced by Pierre) were the fine dining temples where we normally went for our celebrations. But time has caught up to them in a big way. Not only has their once-luxurious décor turned dated and tired, their old-school French cuisine also seemed to wear out its welcome too. So, am I ready to close the books on these heavyweights (Gaddi's and Petrus in particular)?Not so fast.Things have been brewing at Gaddi's and Petrus since they made a change at the helm last year. The idea is obviously to get young (I mean its cuisine) and a little more innovative without going over the top. Taking over at Gaddi's was chef Xavier Boyer, a Joel Robuchon alumnus who has spent over a decade working at different L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon from around the world. He's serving up a culinary style which he describes as “modern classic". Almost at the same time (actually 2 months earlier) came Chef Ricardo Chaneton, a Venezuela native who took over as the new chef de cuisine of Petrus. What really excited me about chef Chaneton's experience was his time spent working under the visionary Mauro Colagreco at Mirazur in Menton. We're talking about the sixth ranked restaurant in the world according to World's Best 50 Restaurants and one that I had the pleasure of visiting last summer so I was really curious to see how he puts his stamp on Petrus's revamped menu.It's been nearly a decade since I last sat here in this dining room. Looks like nothing has ever changed since my last visit.They still have one of the better views of any fine dining restaurants in the city.But like Gaddi's, the décor could use a bit of a facelift for sure.Just the one little nibble to start the meal, a small cracker topped with savory Iberian ham and cheese powder. Pretty decent.There were plenty of choices from the "Cold Starters" section of the menu and I went with their foie gras terrine which was served with clementine in four ways and three spice powder. This turned out to be a pretty flawless interpretation of the classic French dish. The silk smooth terrine was rich in flavor and I love the acidity from the different textures of clementine meshing well with the richness of the foie gras while the three-spice powder provided the extra kick.Next up was something from the "Hot Starters" portion of the menu. While the signature red prawn ravioli looked amazingly attractive, I decided to go with my instincts and went with the pan seared Hokkaido scallops instead.I had pretty much the same Hokkaido scallops from Plat du Jour last week and the results couldn't be more different. These were perfectly seared on both sides for the wonderful golden color and crispy crust. Purée made with cauliflower and Mediterranean blood orange were very good matches with the sweetness of the scallops. Very nicely done.Fairly quickly, I was already down to my last dish. This time I did go with one of their signature main dishes, poached lobster tail which was beautifully plated next to a pool of spiced green sauce, with a baked Cevennes onion on the side.This boasted very fresh and clean flavors from the lobster meat, perfectly complemented by the earthy flavors of the green sauce.Inside the Cevennes onion were diced lobster meat and mushrooms smothered in a rich and creamy Béarnaise-like sauce. That was a very enjoyable dish.One last look at the amazing harbour view from up high before I go. (Surprisingly, there was no petite four.)At $600 per head, there was obviously a good number of options available in the city for an enjoyable lunch but I was glad that I have picked Petrus over places like Caprice to satisfy my curiosity. I thought chef Chaneton's cuisine is contemporary and exciting without crossing the line. Pacing was clinical and that efficiency got me out of there in just a little over an hour. But if there's an area for improvement, it's probably with their service which was slightly under par for a restaurant of its caliber.Looks like they have finally turned the corner since the departure of Frédéric Chabbert. I'm now working on finding myself an excuse to visit this place again for dinner.PS. Traditional French fine-dining is still very much alive in Hong Kong. Just that it has evolved into something more modern and less pretentious. continue reading
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Frederic Anton的午餐 Featured Review
Level4 2016-10-29
這星期做到無停手,過著朝八晚十,一星期七日的生活。所謂吊頸都要break下,今天lunch同hubby去左shangri-la的Petrus 試下米芝蓮三星廚Frederic Anton 的手藝。是曰menu分三個course 同四個course, 620/780.我們同選三個course .The crab-spicy salad with pamelo 雖說是泰式沙律卻有這麼特別的presentation.一小杯沙律另加小杯忌廉湯。清清地的蟹肉柚子沙律再伴以南瓜忌廉蟹肉湯泡沫,這樣的沙律有少少甜味同少少蟹味,質地爽爽,味道幾ok但唔突出。The scallop- mariniere sauce 帶子十分嫩滑,配上這靑醬,味道由平淡變得濃郁,有番茜牛油的香味,鹹鹹地有D香草味,而加上表面的透明啫喱,令造型十分美觀。The sago-Risotto style with Parmesan cheese估唔到真是西米risotto! 囗感就像西米露放在磨茹忌廉湯,味道是好濃好濃的磨茹味,是好好味但煙韌口感欠奉,還是喜歡傳統的risotto 多DD。The cod-seaweed and lime zest butter個鱈魚好滑,加上牛油香草汁,味道鹹鹹地,魚味淡淡然,味道ok好,可是整體味道好淡。食過眾多星級法國菜點的魚都好一般,看來吃法國菜都是order野味或肉類比較好。The lamb-roasted with timut pepper and celery with citrus salad個羊架肉質好幼嫩,食其原味,只有少少黑胡椒吊味。這bb羊架富肉汁又有肉味又唔羶,真的非常不錯,是這餐的亮點。The espresso-en sabayon, ganache fouetté, creme glacee brûlée 這道甜點樣子平實,由泡沫質地的沙巴翁,朱古力咖啡味的碎碎,同軟綿綿旦糕組成。入口涷凍地,好香甜的咖啡 味,加上豐富的口感(又脆,又軟淋淋,同foamy 的質感),是比較出色的一道甜點。總括而言,食品水準是高的,但沒有特別令人難忘的菜式,一貫高端酒店水準。 continue reading
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Level4 2016-10-25
第二屆 香格里拉國際美食節 International Festival of Gastronomy 今天開幕了!繼上週二的九龍香格里拉 香宮美食節菜單,今天分享米芝蓮三星客廚 Frédéric Anton,為港島香格里拉 Petrus 創作的四道菜驚艷菜式。風暴過後,天氣晴朗明媚,令到原本就優美典雅、氣派不凡的 Petrus 環境更加迷人。如此環境下,可以享用來自法國 Chef Frédéric Anton 炮製的米芝蓮美饌,自然是賞心樂事! 要知道,在歐洲 Chef Frédéric Anton 可是非常知名的大人物!他除了是米芝蓮三星餐廳 Le Pré Catelan 總廚,也是法國炙手可熱的食評家,更受到 Chevalier (Knight之法文) 的尊稱,身分及地位可見一斑。 乘著 香格里拉國際美食節 這盛事,他特別來港數天,與 Petrus 主廚 Ricardo Chaneton 一起炮製拿手好菜。昨天甜魔媽媽很榮幸出席傳媒午宴,預先品嚐由不同午/晚市餐單抽選出來的四道菜美饌~ 美好的一頓,以香脆出色的麵包開始:我選了法包,配上餐廳又香又滑的牛油,簡直就是天仙配,結果一條法包下來,牛油剛好清了一半!之後有再添包的時間,我可是用了極大意志力,才控制住自己不要再取的! 精緻的法國佳餚離不開法國佳釀。這天的菜式以海鮮為主,故品酒師選了 2014 Domaine Guiberteau Saumur 給我們佐餐;剛吃完麵包飲這酒,感覺有點少酸,但當配搭海鮮進食,那份清麗芳香立時散發出來,大大提昇了用餐經歷! 首道菜式是 The Crab - light dill cream and caviar from France,如果你以為這單是魚子醬,就徹底錯了:其實鹹鮮的魚子醬只是配角,真正主角是鮮甜的蟹肉,還有底下的刁草輕忌廉。整個組合既鮮又甜、輕香滑溜,美味非筆墨所能形容,太太太讚了! 接著的 The Langoustine - ravioli, foie gras cream and gold leaf jelly 也異常精彩:像小鬼的啫哩狀雲吞皮下,是超巨鮮甜的螯蝦,吃時趁上味道香馥而質感輕柔的鵝肝泡沫,好吃得舌頭也想吞掉啊!特別一提,大廚刻意在雲吞皮上加上少量黑椒,令出品更惹味且難忘。 主菜是 The Cod - Genevoise sauce and bottarga:鮮嫩結實的大平洋鱈魚添上烏魚子片,再澆以由紅燒紅酒及魚原汁製作的 genevoise 醬,絕對是鮮上加鮮的組合,不過單吃起來感覺較鹹,原來要再配上清爽沙律吃,才會平衡美妙啊! 最後甜品是賣相極其可愛、令人不忍破壞的 The Apple - crispy puff, caramel ice cream, cider and sparkling sugar。敲破清脆外殼,中間是香甜柔滑的焦糖慕絲及雪糕,綴以爆炸糖及餅乾片,味道香甜、口感豐富多變,好吃得來玩味十足。 最後還有 Chef Frédéric Anton 安排的 Petit Fours,棉花糖及果味啫喱皆輕甜不膩,最後再來一杯香醇的 Caffe Latte,徹底滿足了~ 以上菜式主要在 $1,980 晚市八道菜餐單內供應,另外也設尊貴 Bordeaux 1982 晚宴,以及$620三道菜 / $780四道菜午餐,供應日期只由今天至10月29日,想吃一定要趁快了~ continue reading
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Level3 2017-08-20
I used to like this restaurant a lot a few years ago. Unfortunately I feel that the standard has dropped a lot during these 2-3 years. This time I thought the food had improvements but it's still nothing like a few years ago. In all fairness it was a decent meal, just that I don't think the quality matches the price tag. I had a salmon tartare and a blue lobster in three services, it's tasty but not very outstanding. continue reading
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Level4 2017-07-16
今晚老公為小妹慶生,他特別揀選了這裡,進店內已經感受到那種法國的宮廷氣派,我倆被安排坐在窗前,遠眺維多利亞港的醉人夜景。 小妹其實最愛吃西餐的餐包,左面兩款是脆法包,外皮極為香脆,但一點也不靭,內裡鬆軟無比;右面三款是軟包,分別是竹炭橙皮包,牛油包及烟肉包,小妹最愛這個烟肉包,牛油味香濃之餘還有烟肉的惹味。 我們點了五道菜的餐($1,680/位),這個餐前小吃,大根和紅菜頭汁,置於鮮帶子上,口感爽脆,帶子鮮嫩,味道滿分! 蕃茄配法國龍蝦及白桃,單是賣相已經色彩豔麗,店員於這道菜淋上新鮮蕃茄水,滋潤了口感之餘還令這道菜的味道變得更清新,龍蝦的肉質彈牙非常,十分鮮味,和白桃的味道出奇地夾,加上魚子醬及蕃茄,令這道菜式的味道及層次更豐富。 烤小龍蝦配茴香、魚子醬及黃酒汁,小龍蝦的肉質相對法國龍蝦則比較腍,但鮮味依然,豐富的魚子醬鮮味無比,加上這個黃酒泡泡汁,口感Creamy,酒香撲鼻,很能帶出小龍蝦的味道。 香煎鵝肝配車厘子及鮮杏仁,鵝肝份量足,大廚把其煎得外脆內軟,肉質很creamy,旁邊的車厘子能中和鵝肝的油膩感,鮮杏仁粒粒香脆。 燒安康魚配烤韮葱及蛋黃醬,安康魚的肉質很特別,很有彈性,不像其他魚般切下去就變得鬆散,口感有點像雞肉,配以酸酸的蛋黃醬,更能帶出魚的鮮美。 未到主菜,我倆已經飽了一半,幸好,主菜的份量不算很大。老公點了烤法國羊架配牛肝菌及紅酒汁,羊架的肉質腍,帶少許羶,旁邊的牛肝菌汁充滿了香濃的野菌味,和藜麥很夾。 小妹則點了黑毛豬柳配芥茉及法邊豆,黑毛豬柳Medium Well,肉質嫩滑,以帶點甜的醬汁烘焗,更能引出肉味,再配以芥茉醬,小妹覺得可媲美我們粵菜的小腩仔。 士多啤梨乳酪配雲呢嗱,口感有點像沙巴翁,這個底層有士多啤梨的乳酪餅,新鮮開胃。 開心果蛋糕,有點像車軚的造型,外面是開心果Mousse ,內裡是開心果蛋糕,份量剛好,甜度適中,好好味呢! 店員跟我們說,還未吃完呢!左起分別是綿花糖、軟心朱古力、熱情果焦糖軟心朱古力及藍苺撻,小妹覺得熱情果焦糖軟心朱古力味道非常出色,熱情果的酸和焦糖的味道很有化學作用;右邊紅色那顆是注入了新鮮紅苺汁的朱古力,一定要整顆放入口中,要不然必會爆汁。 臨行前店員為我們送上雲呢嗱味馬卡龍帶回家品嚐,個人覺得有點甜,但味道有別於一般的,這個是加入了香草,增添了一份清新感。 整體上這裡的服務及食物質素絶對是星級的,小妹和老公都很滿意,我倆必定會再來! continue reading
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