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位於56樓的珀翠餐廳俯覽一望無際的著名維多利亞港海景,其出品的法國菜被公認為全香港的上乘之選,理所當然成為了港島香格里拉大酒店的代表餐廳。餐廳更榮獲備受飲食界矚目的《米芝蓮指南 香港 澳門》評為星級食府。 珀翠餐廳不單以頂尖的法國佳餚而聞名,其酒牌包羅Petrus名酒系列以及來自不同著名酒莊共超過1,900款的世界級佳釀。珀翠餐廳出色的藏酒選擇在亞洲地區堪稱數一數二,而且更連續十年獲Wine Spectator雜誌冠以Best of Award of Excellence,卓越地位無容置疑。 continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2010)
Good For
Romantic Dining
Opening Hours
Mon.-Sun.: 06:30-10:30, 12:30-14:30, 18:30-22:30
Payment Method
Visa Master AE Cash UnionPay
Number of Seats
Other Info
Alcoholic Drinks
May Bring Your Own Wine Details
Cake-cutting Details
Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
layers of chocolate mousse whole roasted foie gras roasted duck breast roasted maine lobster
Review (139)
Level2 2017-01-30
指定菜單2千大元(偏貴,因沒有珍貴食材)配 4-glass wine pairing ($980) 增加了用餐時嘅樂趣餐前小吃  芝士脆餅比較特別有煙肉包同竹炭包, 及配海藻牛油小龍蝦及生蠔他他配雪梨醋忌廉魚子醬 這配搭突顯了生蠔腥味鴨肝雲吞配鴨肉清湯黑松露皮滑餡creamy, 湯鮮甜清香有機雞蛋配西班牙辣肉腸及特色馬鈴薯水煮蛋配辣肉腸汁,恰到好處。而5件薯粒,只有2個係脆口中空薯波龍脷魚配法國洋蔥及白酒汁肉質不過不失 烤法國雞肉配復古甘筍及香橙汁雞肉皮似油炸般香脆,肉質結實但不是鞋口,冇雪味但偏咸。法國檸檬餡餅有檸檬肉㗎節日價錢偏貴是常識,但 set menu 實在太平凡。 continue reading
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Level3 2016-12-28
I think I sense a pretty obvious deterioration in this restaurant for the last 12 months in terms of both food and services. I used to like this place a lot but now I think the food is at best mediocre and the service I'd say is pretty lousy. As we were having this blind tasting wine event there and we were told that each table can only bring 2 of your own bottles and anything more than that we're not allowed to open. We brought in 3 opened wines already and it took us some time to sort that our with the sommelier. They say it's a strict policy at Shangri-la, what a silly rule but since we sorted it finally by taking away the unopened one so I will not comment further on the incident, but that really was not a very good experience for me. Let's talk about the food, they've changed the menu so that for dinner we ONLY get to choose 5 course or 7 course tasting menu and you're NOT allowed to pick anything in the menu, I find that lousy and laughable. Food was not very good the second dish, some weird cauliflower (I don't know what I should call it because it's not exactly a salad) was unbelievably lousy. Portions were not generous and everyone was still hungry by end of the evening. The best dish we had was cheese which we ordered a la carte! One thing I liked was the good selection of glasses there but that should be a standard rather than something we should give credit to in a 5 star hotel. The way they serve wine is okay I suppose as the head Sommelier is indeed quite experienced.  continue reading
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Level3 2016-12-03
今年我同Mr C 決定去Petrus慶祝我哋既結婚週年。回想返我哋結婚都係響呢間酒店擺酒,每次返黎都會諗返起當時嘅情景返嚟講返餐廳... 一嚟到個靚女就好nice咁帶我地入坐,好開心有靚景位~首先叫咗still water(一直以來我都麻麻哋有氣嘅水),然後就睇吓佢個Menu。我同Mr C 都覺得嗰Chef menu 唔係好啱我哋就決定咗嗌a la cart menu。咁首先當然同所有嘅fine dine restaurant 都係嚟咗個amuse-bouche 先啦。一個係個凍湯jello既clam,另外有macaron 加black truffle cream。macaron 嗰個好特別。我同Mr C 都話如果有多啲就好啦仲有一個mascarpone cheese foam 加魚子加蔥。我個人麻麻地蔥個味。。。呢啲咁開心嘅日子我哋梗係開一支酒啦。Sommelier 好好,好有心機咁同我地介紹,同我地傾計嘅時候都探到我哋鍾意乜嘢類型嘅紅酒同埋budget~ 好。我哋嘅前菜。Mr C 叫咗個生牛肉他他配青檸、白胡椒、蘑菇、藍妹。而我就叫咗鴨肝配百里香清湯、香草、百合。我覺得Mr C 嗰個牛肉他他配蘑菇幾好!但加藍莓就有點怪怪的~而我個鴨肝煎得啱啱好,個湯配得剛好。啲百合又做到個balance 。幾唔錯!到個主菜啦!我叫咗個法國乳鴿配栗子、珍珠洋蔥、無花果。Mr C 就叫咗法國鯛魚配小蘿蔔、聖子及迷失香汁。我個乳鴿肉質好嫩,幾彈口。加埋啲汁一齊食,好match.Mr C 個魚呢。話說我平時都會避免叫魚因為怕佢「鞋」。但係今次呢個鯛魚令我有second thought。正係好嫩。好好味。真係推介!食完主菜。就到甜品!我實在抵擋唔住芝士既誘惑。個人超鍾意Comte. 需然都只係18 months,但我唔貪心,已經好滿足。另外仲有mimolette 同埋一隻soft cheese. Mr C 叫咗mandarin pie, saffron ice cream, crumbles and burnt meringue。我就叫咗70% chocolate textures hazelnut, raw milk ice cream and oolong tea。我personally 鍾意我個多啲,好 Rich,好好味!黎到呢個位已經好飽啦!最後petit four。呢個紅色既,我真係好surprise。個server 叫我一定要成件放囉口,咁我照做啦。一合埋口,爆咗。哈哈。需然已經畀晒提示,但係都幾驚喜。不過好唔好味就見仁見智。。。心情好,環境好,service 好,食物好。好滿足既一餐。 continue reading
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Level3 2016-11-19
Petrus, we have previously been there before since Chef Ricardo Chaneton takes over. However, this time around is a bit different as Michelin 3 stars chef Frederic Anton from France being the guest chef in HK offering various tasting menu. We managed to book a lunch set for a trial out as there are 3 or 4 course choices. Right down to the verdict, maybe our expectation is way too high as we came out disappointed. Dont get me wrong as there is nothing major wrong with the food but just really nothing special at all. The scallop, the lamb are fresh and tendered, but not much of a difference compared to regular menu. My wife 's cod in seaweed is a bit blend in taste and not enough saltiness. The risotto is quite nice and rich in flavour but the portion is a bit too small. The spicy crab appetizer is also just ordinary. Lastly, the espresso dessert is the best which salvaged some scores in my opinion as the flavour is quite delicate.Service is good as usual and no complaint at all. But I have to say for 800 dollars per head lunch, which in my opinion is a bit disappointed as all dishes are a bit ordinary to 3 stars standard as we have been to many stars French restaurants before. Just didnt leave us any special memory that a 3 stars should have. Maybe the special dinner tasting menu could tell a different story. continue reading
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Level4 2016-10-29
這星期做到無停手,過著朝八晚十,一星期七日的生活。所謂吊頸都要break下,今天lunch同hubby去左shangri-la的Petrus 試下米芝蓮三星廚Frederic Anton 的手藝。是曰menu分三個course 同四個course, 620/780.我們同選三個course .The crab-spicy salad with pamelo 雖說是泰式沙律卻有這麼特別的presentation.一小杯沙律另加小杯忌廉湯。清清地的蟹肉柚子沙律再伴以南瓜忌廉蟹肉湯泡沫,這樣的沙律有少少甜味同少少蟹味,質地爽爽,味道幾ok但唔突出。The scallop- mariniere sauce 帶子十分嫩滑,配上這靑醬,味道由平淡變得濃郁,有番茜牛油的香味,鹹鹹地有D香草味,而加上表面的透明啫喱,令造型十分美觀。The sago-Risotto style with Parmesan cheese估唔到真是西米risotto! 囗感就像西米露放在磨茹忌廉湯,味道是好濃好濃的磨茹味,是好好味但煙韌口感欠奉,還是喜歡傳統的risotto 多DD。The cod-seaweed and lime zest butter個鱈魚好滑,加上牛油香草汁,味道鹹鹹地,魚味淡淡然,味道ok好,可是整體味道好淡。食過眾多星級法國菜點的魚都好一般,看來吃法國菜都是order野味或肉類比較好。The lamb-roasted with timut pepper and celery with citrus salad個羊架肉質好幼嫩,食其原味,只有少少黑胡椒吊味。這bb羊架富肉汁又有肉味又唔羶,真的非常不錯,是這餐的亮點。The espresso-en sabayon, ganache fouetté, creme glacee brûlée 這道甜點樣子平實,由泡沫質地的沙巴翁,朱古力咖啡味的碎碎,同軟綿綿旦糕組成。入口涷凍地,好香甜的咖啡 味,加上豐富的口感(又脆,又軟淋淋,同foamy 的質感),是比較出色的一道甜點。總括而言,食品水準是高的,但沒有特別令人難忘的菜式,一貫高端酒店水準。 continue reading
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