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Located inside the Island Shangri-La hotel in Hong Kong, Restaurant Petrus is a fine dining French restaurant. The signature dishes here include the whole roasted foie gras, roasted duck breast, layered chocolate mousse and chocolate souffle. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2010)
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Romantic Dining
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06:30 - 10:30
12:30 - 14:30
18:30 - 22:30
Mon - Sun
06:30 - 10:30
12:30 - 14:30
18:30 - 22:30
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Signature Dishes
layers of chocolate mousse whole roasted foie gras roasted duck breast roasted maine lobster
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Level4 2019-01-22
It was our second visit to Petrus. Our first visit was slightly over a year ago (https://www.openrice.com/zh/hongkong/review/fine-dining-petrus-e2925968). Actually I had struggled for quite a while whether I should come again because the menu hadn't changed much even after a year! Eventually decided to come again anyway.We managed to get a windows-side table despite making reservations only about a week ago and was told that we couldn't secure windows seats at reservation.  It was quite a bit of a surprise that we were brought to a table besides the window when we checked in. I remembered the same happened to us for our first visit. Like last time, we each ordered a lunch set of 4 courses at a cost of $618+10%. Coffee/tea was not included in this price.Even before our orders were taken, we were served this Amuse bouche, which was some cheese puff. I remembered that the Amuse bouche last time was not particularly pleasing. But this time it seemed even worse: it was super similar to the Amuse bouche served at Mandarin Grill + Bar. Both were not so pleasing. There was nothing special. Just some cold cheese paste inside. Although it was free of charge, I had to admit that it was quite disappointing. After our orders were taken, we were served this basket of 法國古法麵包. I was quite disappointed that there was no bread basket to choose from and there was just one type of bread. I remembered that there were quite some choices of really delicious bread last time! Luckily this 法國古法麵包 was also delicious with super crispy crusts and soft interior. I could tell they were really freshly baked and served pretty hot. Flavour-wise there was nothing too special though so I really had to eat with the butter. The slightly spicy butter on the right tasted quite good. Last year, only salt and normal butter were offered. This time, both butters were not too greasy. Then our Entrees Froides came. Hokkaido scallop carpaccio, Granny Smith textures, shallot cream, horseradishThe scallops were pretty fresh! Other ingredients were not so outstanding taste-wise. Overall it was a very refreshing entree. But to pick bones from an egg, I wish the flavour could be slightly stronger to make it more appetising. Duck foie gras terrine Vendee-France, navel orange, three-spice powder, briocheWe had almost exactly the same dish a year ago. The duck foie gras terrine was quite thick but not greasy at all. It was good to go with the sweet and sour orange. The accompanying brioche was not so crispy and was a bit too soft. Overall, it was also a refreshing and appetising entree. The high quality seemed to be maintained well.Then our Entrees Chaudes came.Spanish carabineros ravioli, puffed buckwheat, bisque emulsion, Kristal caviarI think we had the same dish a year ago which was "Red prawn ravioli, spinach and bisque sauce".  I think it was much better this time. Although Kristal caviar was not strong at all, the dish smelt very good of bisque emulsion! The Spanish carabineros were very huge and had a great crispy texture and was so delicious, meaty and fresh. Even the wrapping of the ravioli was so al dente, actually sticky to the teeth! Delicious & special dish indeed.Butternut veloute, Grenoble walnuts, 36-month Comte cheeseIt was a very rich pumpkin soup with a few small walnuts and quite some pumpkin cubes. The cheese flavour was not too rich but was ok because it might have overwhelmed the whole thing if otherwise. Overall, it was quite a good soup despite lack of surprises. A good soup for the winter season by making me so warm after drinking. Last time we tried their signature lobster mains and lamb rack, so this time we decided to order something else to try something new. Pan-seared meagre Corse-France, chickpea ragout, calamari strips, cod tripe, Spanish chorizoIt was a very good dish. The portion looked so huge when served to us. The fish was so juicy yet tender! It was done really well. The chickenpea ragout tasted good and there were so many! So healthy as it was free of carbohydrates!The sauce was very good and was a little bit spicy. It looked oily but in fact it wasn't. It was so interesting to have some calamari strips and cod tripe which I couldn't really tell by eating. There were also some slight additions of Spanish chorizo on top to enhance the flavours, although I didn't find them necessary.Free-range yellow chicken breast Landes-France, paccheri stuffed with chicken thigh in ragout, Albufera sauceThis one was very disappointing comparatively. The chicken breast was quite rough, especially towards the tip as you can see at the bottom left-hand corner. The paccheri stuffed with chicken thigh was not tender either and was quite salty. I had some expectation of the chicken but it was actually quite free of the flavour of chicken. There was nothing special with the paccheri either. Don't try!There were not many choices of desserts. I didn't fancy poached pear much so we went for the chocolate dessert and the cheese.Bitter orange blancmange, variations of 72% Araguani Venezuelan Valrhona chocolateThis one was quite disappointing. I didn't find the cocoa particularly strong, nor the orange particularly bitter. I couldn't really associate this dessert much with its name. The chocolate ice-cream was ok but was melting when served. The small chocolate cakes were just so-so without much texture but just like some soft chocolate cake. Same for the small white blancmange which were tasteless. Selection of cheese from Maitres Bernard and Jean-Francois AntonyWe were told the cheeses were Camembert, Blue cheese and something I couldn't recall for the hard cheese sticks. The blue cheese was very salty, as expected! Blue cheese lovers must love them a lot! The Camembert cheese was soft and I liked it although I found it more salty than usual. The hard cheese sticks were quite salty too. Maybe I am just not really a cheese lover. The dried fruits, red grapes, walnuts and seeds were so fresh and tasty - you could tell that they were of really high quality! The berry paste in the middle was very important to balance the saltiness of the cheese too and I wish there were more! Last but not the least, the plate was so so pretty!Petit Four The server did introduce each of them to us. The matcha chocolate balls contained some ginger liquid inside which was not too strong. The server kindly reminded to finish them in one sip. They were quite refreshing!The raspberry macaron was quite a failure though as it was too soft!The dark chocolate tasted quite good, and there seemed to be a layer inside rather than just pure chocolate. Interestingly, there were quite a lot of bitter cocoa pieces (?) at the bottom of the bowl for the macaron and chocolates! The overall food quality was quite good despite some disappointments; service was attentive; environment and view of the restaurant were top-notch.  However, after this meal, we felt that we had tried almost all of their dishes. I wish that the menu could be changed with more varieties regularly so that we got to try something new next time. continue reading
Level1 2019-03-10
Had dinner at Petrus during Restaurant Week. The food, the service, the ambience are all excellent. Since my preference is cocktails over wine our waitstaff pointed out to me it may take a little longer since the drink will need to come from the Lobster Bar downstairs; I didn’t have a problem with it and the drink arrived fairly quickly. To me it’s very professional for them to serve drinks from another restaurant and also point out the potential long wait time. Regarding food, every course was prepared without a flaw even with the complimentary homemade sourdough bread. The plate presentations are on point and the staff explained each course in details.The restaurant decorations may be slightly outdated but it still feels rich and welcoming.Overall, an excellent meal! No complaints whatsoever. continue reading
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Level2 2019-02-17
一家5口去食生日飯, 訂咗港島香格里拉酒店的法國餐廳 Petrus, 有個私人的房間, 對住無敵海景, 正到暈! 叫咗一枝sparkling water $85Menu 基本上只有2版, a la carte 的選擇唔係好多, 也有 set dinner. 我們有小朋友, 大家都選了a la carte. 發現他的wine menu 就有50多版😳, 好多靚酒, 難怪多年得到獎🏆 Sommelier 我好有經驗地俾我們建議👍🏻點完餐上嘅麵包 sesame sour dough bread, 有普通牛油及紫菜牛油, 麵包好熱, 無敵好食, 不像平時吃的sour dough bread, 紫菜牛油好香👍🏻 小朋友吃了再添!送了2份餐前小吃, 一個像一片葉的, 有caviar 及魚子, 好脆好好味👍🏻 另一款南瓜蓉, 我們一家都不喜歡吃南瓜, 但本身做得不錯. Appertizer 點了西班牙紅蝦tartare, 煙燻牛油果 $360, presentation 好美, 味道好新鮮好清新👍🏻A la carte 主菜有四款選擇, 我哋叫晒四款😆龍蝦兩食 (2位用) $1680 - 龍蝦味再加龍蝦汁蒸蛋配魚子醬, 好新鮮美味!法國野生海鱸魚 $660- 好滑肉眼扒 $720- 高質素牛扒法國小羊架 $720- 係食過最淋的羊架甜品朱古力疏乎厘$220 及朱古力心太軟$220 - 份量不大, 但十分出色!因為是我生日, 餐廳送了一個梨做的mouse cake, 好靚好清新! 飯後送來 petite fours, 已經太飽, 打包拿回家 😆服務無懈可擊, Carmen & Calvin 要讚揚👍🏻整體來說, $1200/位 (未計酒)大家都覺得值得! continue reading
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Level3 2019-01-21
香格里拉酒店十分之有名, 響世界各地都有分店。 諗住一定唔會失望啦, 點知佢哋嘅食材唔新鮮, 嘢食又唔好味, 今次真係白交咗一次學費, 讓我知道貴都唔一定好食, 勸籲大家 慎重考慮。 continue reading
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Level3 2019-01-04
香格里拉酒店裡的西餐廳,位於港島香格里拉56樓,對於遊客和商務人士來說風景是極好的,天晴時候能夠比較無遮擋的看到維港風景,但作為看維港看到吐的人來說有點不感冒。餐廳環境不錯,服務也是很貼心的,他們家的法國菜名氣很大,消費不低,常年都能評上米其林二星,比較加分的是他家的藏酒比較豐富,但一般還是自己帶酒的多吧。味道麼沒有想象中好,一道道菜上來賞心悅目,可以說像藝術品的盛宴一樣,但說實話味道也就那樣,難道五星大廚都靠藝術吃飯了?個人覺得純粹為了口味星街的Maison ES,船街的akrame都要好一些,商務餐當然這裡還是不錯的。總體來講不差錢想拔草還是可以的,不然的話灣仔有更好的選擇, continue reading
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