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Located inside the Island Shangri-La hotel in Hong Kong, Restaurant Petrus is a fine dining French restaurant. The signature dishes here include the whole roasted foie gras, roasted duck breast, layered chocolate mousse and chocolate souffle. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2020)
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Romantic Dining
Opening Hours
12:00 - 14:30
18:30 - 22:30
Mon - Sun
12:00 - 14:30
18:30 - 22:30
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Visa Master Cash AE UnionPay JCB
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Reward Dining Points
10% Service Charge
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Signature Dishes
layers of chocolate mousse whole roasted foie gras roasted duck breast roasted maine lobster
Review (193)
Level4 2020-11-24
生日生日, 去左petrus, 其實未入到餐廳, 已經比shangri la 的裝修驚豔到, 無他啦, 其實我覺得最classic/ standard/ basic 的水晶燈就可以了, 有種古典味就會靚的了, 懷舊D, 復古D, 好老土但帶點樸實的宮廷式裝修就好靚, 唔洗太金壁輝煌或融入現代化, 總之唔好搞咁多野就係我杯茶每日換的地毯呀~~~~仲未入到餐廳, 仲陶醉緊出面呢到好靚~心心眼因為得閒得滯, 又唔洗deposit的, 我咪早成個月book, 網上有好方便的system嫁喇所以餐廳安排左呢個窗邊位, 而且係自成一角個個角落, 好開心~個包同薯波仔送的, 值得一提牛油係室溫牛油, 而餐包又係熱的, 一拍即合的好味咁簡單的事好多餐廳唔會做嫁, 所以加分而個薯波入面係流心芝士醬, 又熱辣辣, 真係好感動-諗落, 維港望得多, 但未試過係係會展斜後面望, 勁多樓唔太靚哈哈-我地叫左4個course, 咁熱同凍頭盤得4款, 就叫哂佢地呢個beef tartare冇咩驚喜/驚嚇, 就係新鮮生牛肉, 上面有D紅菜頭咁, 其實紅菜頭冇咩味的麻, 伴下碟OK GE媽的蟹肉牛油果沙律好好味, 蟹肉勁豐富, 一絲絲絕不孤寒我另一個熱頭盤係八爪魚多士, 冇咩的, 唔難食但唔驚喜反而呢個雞湯超好味, 勁creamy又多料, 雖然只不過係雞, 煙肉片, 菇咁, 但好味同大眾化比起亂咁fusion的野, 黎得自然-我的主菜係牛同鵝肝, 好好味的鵝肝話說而家上士但一個凍肉鋪網, 百四蚊左右都會買到4舊裝匈牙利鵝肝, 只不過係解凍, 落salt and pepper, 再煎就有酒店水準, 老實講呢個年代食材已經好易搵, 廚藝亦絕大部份人都唔差, 所以餐廳的價值已不限於食材同味道咁簡單, 係裝修, 景觀, 服務要取勝呢到服務好好, 因為menu全英但網上有中文版, 而侍應都係正宗廣東話的年輕人, 亦會有法國口音的外籍侍應介紹每道菜色, 感覺係, 呢到唔會令人有距離感, 唔離地, 實實在在的禮貌同尊重, 親切法國餐廳黎講, 呢D親切感絕對係半島間gaddi's冇的, 個到有種冰冷; 而四季間caprice又做多左, 不停每道菜問你一次好唔好食, 又不停抹枱, 仲要又真係每道菜都太前衛味道好唔岩食, 裝修又唔係我中意個種靚所以, 個人認為 petrus真係唔錯 - 媽的主菜係龍蝦pasta, 個pasta係手做的, 一大塊冇切面條個龍蝦超好食, 成碟菜根本係一碗濃濃的龍蝦湯-甜品我地都叫左同一個朱古力tart, 冇咩特別嫁喇, 其實有時冇咩特別係最好的事黎而下面呢個, 算係petit four掛, 我已經冇特登食喇, 好飽值得一提的係, 我request左係甜品放生日牌, 佢比甜品時冇我就諗唔會唔記得的, 人地個朝仲打比我confirm, 而且佢地的水準絕對唔會遺留咁好啦竟然係成個半磅蛋糕咁比我仲要精緻過menu個甜品, 係朱古力香蕉蛋糕, 面層的朱古力醬勁香滑, 呀呀呀呀好食, 但好飽, 只食到1/3好了, 忐忑緊呢個蛋糕會唔會好貴時, 埋單發現係送嫁~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~開心開心-走的時候搭lift前, 又影下相又去多次廁所咁, 但到真係等Lift時 serve開我地的侍應出番黎陪我地等lift, 同我講生日快樂, 又介紹下petrus格離個lounge咁, 呢D細節令人溫暖而唔造作, 令人印象深刻可能好簡單的事, 9成餐廳唔會做, 做左都可能好行貨一間令職員會用心做的酒店, 唔係例行公事的感覺, 唔排除係內部人事管理做得唔錯-唔知啦, 但整體黎講, customer experience好好  continue reading
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Petrus係Island Shangrila既頂樓,張張枱都對住個維港靚景,加上餐廳入面法左宮廷風裝修,係到食飯真係一大享受😍————————❦ 3 courses $628/person ❧ Cheese puff餐前小食係一個cheese puff (我估),一食落去超級香濃既芝士味,但一d都唔膩😍餐前小食都已經咁驚艷!評分:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌖- ❧ Beef Tartare好清爽既他他,牛肉上面加左紅菜頭粒,酸酸地好開胃。評分:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌘- ❧ Sea Bream呢個鯛魚質感好厚實,中間包住左龍蝦,上面淋上魚子醬,味道更加濃郁!評分:🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑- ❧ Beef其實係朋友叫既main,不過試左一啖,牛肉嫩滑,味道濃郁,仲有鵝肝香口唔油膩😍外面仲圍左一圈蔬菜打成嘅蓉,超好食!評分:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌘-❦ Soufflé呢個梳乎厘喺Menu上面係冇嘅,但係侍應推介我哋食。原來呢度嘅梳乎厘係好出名!佢嘅size都算大,送到黎擺左一陣再影埋相都塔到!!好勁!-榛子味嘅疏乎厘上面有d果仁碎,口感超超超超超鬆軟🤩但又有果仁同焦糖脆脆地嘅口感,口感好豐富。入面中間仲有 dark chocolate,最下面又鋪左少少砂糖,真係平衡得好好,好好食!評分:💯💯💯💯💯-❦ Figs無花果cheesecake相比之下就比較失色,老實講芝士味真係冇乜,不過無花果好fresh,同埋個雪糕好滑,同平時出面食開個d好唔同。評分:🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑-呢間餐廳既食物、服務、環境都非常之好,對得住個米芝蓮一星!不過我呢d窮L下次再黎應該係發左達之後😂😂 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level5 2020-09-27
This Michelin 1-star restaurant is located in Island Shangri-La Hotel at Admiralty, offering French fine-dining with also a prized collection of wines, in particular a wide vintage of Petrus, the famous and most expensive wine in Bordeaux. Seated comfortably at the table facing the window, we can enjoy a great view of Victoria Harbour and the city during our dinner. The ambiance is one of grand luxury, with a dim lighting providing a relaxing and cozy mood while the chandelier, abundance of arts, all emphasized the French heritage and grandeur. Coming here of course I need to enjoy the wines, starting with Krug Grande Cuvee 167th Edition ($468). The restaurant offers two menu, one wine pairing menu with selected choices of dishes and wine pairing, and the other a 3/4/5 course with various choices. We decided to go for the 5-course ($1588 each) so each of us can pick something we want. Before the first course it is the Amuse Bouche, with the chef making three of them: the first is a Cheese Puff made to reminiscent of a wine cork. Interesting in the look and great in taste, the puff has rich Comte cheese flavors and a great starter. The second is a Hamachi Sashimi, or Yellowtail, slightly torched on the surface to liven the fish oil and aromas, and sprinkled with white sesame and some finely chopped herbs. Similar to what you would experience in Japanese on the texture, the flavors are richer and more intense. Very good as well. The third one is a Tart with Beetroot and Goat Cheese. While many people don't like the herbaceous notes of beetroot, this one has not got any of it. The presentation is also amazing, with the sliced beetroot made to resemble rose petals. And with the unique goat cheese flavors it is surprisingly harmonious and all in all, the three amuse bouche are very good.Beginning with the first course, I have chosen Cherry. Presented beautifully, it is shaped to look like a cross-section of a big cherry, complete with stem, skin and pip. The flesh, which is made from foie gras made by the famous French brand Georges Bruck, is prepared with miso and sake, which helps to break down the fat to make the texture even more creamy. The chef also creatively cut and wrap the sweet jelly often found to pair with foie gras to resemble the skin of the cherry. Even the pip, which is a real cherry, has been meticulously prepared. The true pip of the cherry is removed and then the foie gras is stuffed inside with some pistachio. A piece of Brioche is provided to enjoy together with the foei gras too in the traditional manner. A true amazing dish in both taste and appearance. The wine paired is Egon Muller Scharzhof 2018, a slight off-dry Riesling which is a good match with the foie gras.The first course my wife has chosen is Young Potato, which is a Swiss Rosti made from potato, and on top are some Japanese Sardines, with some pickles and vegetable on top to give a great impression of summer garden. A Hollandaise sauce is provided, along with a salad to enjoy afterwards to balance. Even though I did not taste it, from my wife's good comments it is definitely worth trying out too.Both of us have chosen our second course for Red Prawn ($188 supplement). The Spanish red prawn is huge, the largest I have ever seen, nearly the full length of my forearm. Cooked perfectly too, the prawn highlights the true and original wonder of its flavors, with a sweet note. There is also a Garum sauce which is kind of fermented fish sauce to add to the savory but honestly I don't think it is necessary. Cracking open the head there are lots of essence which the chef has provided a grilled bread for us to scoop up all the essences. Definitely worth paying the additional surcharge to try it out.Coming to the third course, I ordered Japanese Rice ($248 supplement). It is served in Donabe, a Japanese clay rice pot, reminding us of how the rice in a premium kaiseki dinner. The staff helps to put the rice in a bowl for me, with two large pieces of the king crab leg, having delicate sweet notes and a buttery taste. The rice is cooked with broth prepared from the prawn and crab shells, rich in flavors of the sea. There are also two slices of pickled Kohlrabi, giving good acidity which freshen the whole dish and enhanced the complexity of the taste to another level. Another great dish. There is also a side dish which is a gelatin prepared with the broth from the king crab, with a number of kohlrabi pearls, smartly using the same ingredients in the dish to create a small palate cleanser for the next course. The wine paired is Ghislaine Barthod Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru Les Fuees 2008. Even though a red wine, it matches well with the rice and king crab. My wife had Summer Cabbage, which is a lobster tail with the fragrant Girolles mushroom sauce and bone marrow puree. There is also a side dish with the cabbage wrapping the lobster meat. A nice two-way to enjoy the lobster.For the next course we both had chosen Zucchini. There are three dishes in this course, with the first have a quail breast perfectly grilled on the outside, still pink on the interior, seasoned beautifully and paired with quail jus and zucchini puree. Very good in taste. The second dish is a zucchini tart, made from thinly sliced zucchini of green and yellow color, arranged to look like petals of a flower, with some goat cheese to add flavors and richness. The chef prepared the quail leg by deep-frying after sprinkling with salt, with some Koji to add to the flavors. Again I feel amazed how the chef has used the same ingredients but through different means to present his cooking skills and featuring the food in various fashion. Another great dish I like very much. I also like the sommelier having two wines paired for me blind, and then asking me which one I prefer. Even though on the nose I like Alter Ego de Palmer 2001, I voted Cain Five 2006 better with the quail. For dessert I have picked Black Forest, with the cake made to resemble a log, complete with chocolate bark on the outside, a spongy chocolate cake on the inside with raspberry puree in the middle. On its own it is already fantastic, but the chef also added a vanilla ice-cream with cherries soaked in kirsch liqueur, and two cream, one traditional with vanilla seeds and the other having a raspberry puree. One of the best desserts I had for a while indeed.My wife had Pistachio, which is a souffle with raspberry jam, topped with pistachio. There is also prosecco granita with cranberries underneath. This option apparently is more refreshing with the featuring of the red fruit and would be a good alternative than the heavy Black Forest.The services are very good, with the staff welcoming and attentive, providing good advice and recommendation when choosing the courses in the menu, as well as coming to explain in details when each course is served. The bill on the night was $5,646 with $1,488 coming from the wines. Considering the food and the choice of wines, I do think the price is acceptable. And hope that in near future I can come and enjoy the food, and maybe with a glass of Petrus as well? continue reading
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Level2 2020-11-27
喺呢度慶祝週年紀念, 啲嘢食除咗有酒店水準之外, 個紅蝦真係特別推介 👍 初時waiter 介紹話好多人叫, 甘就試下啦. 嚟到個賣相都真係平平無奇, 一隻蝦 😅 食落就知不得了 😏 d 蝦頭膏漏曬出嚟, 用麵包索嚟食, 好鮮 好味. 🦐 另外一個頭盤幾得意嘅係 oyster & scallop, 整到一張風景畫甘, 好靚啊. 又新鮮好味. 今次主菜有個鹿肉, 就試下. 都幾淋, 配埋個甜甜地嘅薯蓉味道都好夾. 另外第二個主菜牛扒都唔錯啊.甜品其實都做得好好, cheese cake 好有芝士味得嚟唔太'漏'. 梳芙厘都做得好出色. 連送嗰個 anniversary 蛋糕都好得 😂 (ok, 我係比較鍾意食甜品嘅).酒店嚟講, 千幾文一個餐, 有甘嘅靚景, 甘嘅食物質素及服務. 其實值回票價 👍 continue reading
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Level3 2020-11-04
米芝蓮一星睇返米芝蓮指南的觀點餐廳環境璀璨奪目的水晶吊燈、高貴的絨布簾幕與一絲不苟的餐桌佈置,讓餐廳披上了奢華的巴黎沙龍外觀,窗外美不勝收的海景更是錦上添花。餐單上供應的是經典法國菜,廚師團隊繼續搜羅來自法國及全球各地的名貴材料,並以出色的技巧演繹。酒窖內的佳釀多不勝數,包括自1928年起產自珀翠酒莊的多個年份葡萄酒。我會講如以上所講有華麗水晶燈 高貴絨布 像極維多亞時期既餐椅 56樓高度環抱維多利亞海景我地坐window sit 身後仲有休息sofa簡單講餐廳主理主廚係Uwe Opocensky 2004年他在 5,000 名候選人中脫穎而出,獲邀往世界知名的米芝蓮三星餐廳 El Bulli 任職半年,成為其八名客席主廚之一。 今日為慶祝閨密生日而黎 我book 左 lunch 因為覺得日照時間個景比較靚一開始就有一藍新鮮焗既麵包同一個小食 但係我地掛住傾偈 miss 左唔記得左食 😅之後Staff 有禮介紹menu 而且點餐完畢 wine 會另有品酒師介紹有三種set 我既選擇3個course1)冷盤2)main3)甜品原本我屬意4course 被阻止⋯⋯我叫左咩呢冷盤 如職員講日本空運到港既蟹😂.......蟹肉牛油果上面珊瑚造型嘅芝士配凍蕃茄濃湯 蟹肉好新鮮配上濃湯更fresh Main牛扒牛肝菌蘑菇 牛肝菌墊底 法式做法炸薯伴邊 再配左個牛肉牛骨紅酒煮成既汁 閨蜜同我都好欣嘗個牛扒middle 好juicy 好霖 牛肝菌醬真係好好味Desserts 我地揀左 無花果檸檬芝士凍餅 配腰果雪糕呢個係staff極力推介 無花果酸酸甜甜 配呢個凍餅 非常清新黑朱古力撻配 自家制villa 雪糕個雪糕淨係視覺已經滿滿雲利拿籽 好滑好重牛奶味每度菜 staff 都會細細說明我地因為唔red wine所叫想叫支white wine 個wine menu 好似本字典甘厚 隨意打開既第一頁就見到一支1966年既酒 要價120000+😱但係呢度又唔係支支都甘貴 $460up最後決定vintage 2006 Isabel Riesling 葡萄香味十足 dry 同偏酸 不過就見識左距地既Melchior 真係好少見餐後亦order左black teasurprise 時間 係個蛋糕 首先我並無order多一個蛋糕 訂位就只係講左birthday celebrate 慣常餐廳只會上甜品果陣寫happy birthday .我預期當中都會係甘而餐廳係另外送左一個蛋糕比壽星女 staff仲細心幫忙影相 入返正題蛋糕係咩呢?係呢度signature 朱古力香蕉蛋糕 聽落無咩特別 我形容下先 個蛋糕係鏡面 裡面新鮮香蕉做餡再配一個cookie底 size差不多半磅 足夠4-6個人share 朱古力同香蕉原本就係絕配 口感係入口即熔既感覺最後再咬碎曲奇🍪餅底真係一個wow moment , 壽星女故然wow左一下,但係事實wow 到既係我 整個set飽足感十足最後 我地支酒最終只係飲左一半 staff 主動話pack好邀請我地攞走 話可以作為留念 真係第一次去高級餐廳食飯 而staff 會主動有呢種提意 我個人係appreciate 另外埋單staff 仲主動講比你知咩信用卡有discount 👍🏻👍🏻非常好既體驗 我係推介大家去試 continue reading
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