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Level2 2017-04-21
放假走去星街月街 睇下有咩食行行下 見到呢度有西班牙飯😋入到去 😚😚有即切48個月🐷🐷$380 份量足 好抵食我們一行四人食到Lam Lam 脷老闆推介一個蕃茄蒜蓉多士 叫我地放🐷🐷上去食Oh😋😋😋😋好得好得👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻我會再來 等我😎 continue reading
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Level1 2016-03-04
I have dined in Plaza Mayor for a few times. Like before, the overall dining experience was pleasant. The restaurant is decorated in a Spanish style. There are many pictures on the wall which can show how friendly the restaurant is. The lights are not too bright so it is a cozy place for gatheirng. I heard the boss dines in the restaurant almost every day, which can show that the food quality is guranteed.They offer spanish wine. If you are lightweight like me, its Sangria will be a good try. It is added with chopped fruits like orange and green apple. Nice.Iberico ham is a must-order dish here. The ham is very premium. The meat is tender. The taste is very good. Not like other hams, it is not over-salty. The slices are done very well too. The thickness of each slice is almost the same. Each slice is placed on the plate orderly and nicely.Bread with garlic and tomato is a typical dish in Spain. Simple but delight. Croquette is another traditional Spanish dish. Each is rolled and fried nicely. Outer layer is crispy and inside very soft. Fillings are spinach and mushroom. A very watermouthing dish.This is a new and delicious dish. Oxtail with cubed potatoes. The oxtail meat is marianted very well. Meat is tender. The cubed potatoes are not too deep fried so the taste is perversed well. This is a very palatable dish. When the dish comes, you have to mix all the ingredients together: eggs, potatoes and shrimps. The eggs make the potatoes very tasty and soft. I like this dessert very much. It is rice pudding with cinnamon. Milk makes the rice pudding very smooth. If you don't like cinnamon, maybe you should tell the waitress to add less cinnamon. But personally I like the cinnamon taste. Ths is classic churros. It is traditionally dipped with chocolate. The berries are not only for decoration, you can dip them in chocolate too. The churros are fried just right. My all-time favourate Spanish dessert. Chatting, eating and drinking. It was a lovely and delightful night. Will come back for some more dishes. continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-22
西班牙美食節將於10月19日至29日舉行,本港六間西班牙餐廳都會參與,當中包括了Catalunya、FoFo by El Willy、La Paloma、Quemo、Timon Seafood Bar & Kitchen 及 Plaza Mayor。Plaza Mayor作為其中一間餐廳,位處灣仔月街,寧靜而自成一國,晚上微風吹過,原以感覺良好,只可惜門前有人吸煙,二手煙味傳入室內,令人討厭。以100% Ibérico Ham Acorn Fed and Manchego Cheese Platter打頭陣,入口一陣咸香而有嚼口,再切少許Manchego Cheese,讓奶香在口腔徘徊,消磨時間的最佳良伴。Grilled Chorizo Sausage in Wine Sauce不知道是否homemade,但感受不到酒香,略為炙過令油份逼出,確實會更香口,如果此刻有一杯Sangria相信會更好。很普通的一碟Fried Potatoes with Spicy Sauce,紅白兩種sauce,既有微酸,亦有芳香。Clams in White wine and Parsley Sauce一向是在下欣賞的菜色,用的是本地沙蜆,size偏細,份量又少,但白酒很香,肉質亦鮮甜,但食落有不少幼沙,或許換上藍貝會更好。Homemade Meat Balls with Tomato Sauce以自家製肉丸加入松子及香草,質感鬆軟,但醬汁太大路,吃起來不過不失。Dough fritters with Chocolate其實處理得不錯,外層微脆的口感,甜度適中,基本上蘸上朱古力漿更見豐腴,但朱古力漿卻是出奇地水汪汪,未有預期的濃稠質感,可說是美中不足。沒有吃到主菜,亦沒有品嚐過Sangria,單憑幾款Tapas,只能當作聊天消閒,打發時間用,但這六道小食要$294/位,兩位起,味道還可以,但同類選擇還有很多吧! continue reading
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Level2 2015-09-05
去到PP唔知食乜,所以就去星街附近搵嘢食....行行下就看到這間店好像不錯就入去試了,這間店好似比較受外國人歡迎....頭盤送了small bite的ham with mozzarella cheese 及一件好似蛋卷的東東....朋友說ham很香,很好食....我地叫咗bread with olive oil, warm and crispy bread....good...而個mushroom with garlic is also delicious, 有好香的菇味....再嚟個白酒黑椒煮硯,啲硯有少少沙,但新鮮同個白酒幾香....最尾個small lamb chop就一般,因為咸咗啲,cover咗羊本身既味道....飲品方面朋友叫了杯sherry,我就叫了杯organic red wine...都幾好飲....以呢個價錢紅酒算唔錯,不會太酸, full body,唔澀  continue reading
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I have eaten here several times.  And the food (when they are not out of a dish) has almost always been good and enjoyable.  However this last time there was a mild problem with the food: the potatas bravas, about half on our dish, were undercooked.  As a hospitality professional myself, I always want to let the owner know if there is a problem so they can make it better under the theory that I would want to know if I were them.  However instead of getting sympathy and a fix (properly cooked potatoes would have been sufficient), we were instead given a lecture on the differences in the cooking style of potatoes between Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid, where the owner is clearly from, and, according to the man, they apparently prefer their potatoes pretty much raw in the middle.  Even after assuring the owner that we have been to Madrid and eaten plenty of potatoes there, he still wanted to keep going, to let us know that we were wrong.  I wish I could let this slide as a Hospitality 101 mistake but unfortunately, it appears that is just the way thing are done at this place.  As such, he has lost my business forever.  And I will tell people the story here and really anywhere friends are telling stories of restaurant disasters.  And in case you were wondering, no, he did not comp our potatoes (not that we wanted that) nor did he come to see us goodbye even though we were one of only two tables at the restaurant eating at that time.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)