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水牛芝士薄餅 四季薄餅 Parma Pizza 松露菌薄餅
Review (121)
Level3 2016-05-23
Pizza express, 幫襯多次都真係未失手過。是晚點了北京田鴨pizza, 鴨是剛好的,醬汁比較重味,但個人喜歡,真的很北京田鴨feel😁. 套餐價$99 二個沙律 或 小吃,份量還要是不細的,沙律菜當然超新鮮啦。還有什麼可投訴😁 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2015-09-18
以前經常經過中環擺花街這間Pizza express,但就從未吃過,今次知道它要搬遷,而且用懷舊的餐單,所以就跟絲打去品嚐。我們又是沒BOOK 就走上去,幸好因為怕多人,在晚上六時左右就到,經理很好,很快給我們入坐,而且在2樓近窗位置,太好了,可以有很好的街景。好懷念這個環境呀懷舊的菜單來到當然要叫pizza 啦,亦是我的至愛,這個 Parma Pizza 帕爾馬薄餅 $98, 我們選了classic 餅底,薄得來有咬口,他不是用 Parma Ham, 是用另一種意大利風乾火腿,都不錯的!加上 ricotta 軟芝士、rosemary 等材料,味道不錯,推介!這個seafood Lasanga 海鮮千層寬麵 $90, 味道很好,雖然用芝士做的白汁,但不會感到肥膩,因為配了箭菜和檸檬拌食,更清新。加上食材有煙三文魚、蝦肉、露筍、波菜等,這些清淡的食材,吃了更加沒有罪惡感,哈哈!對於我們來說,這兩碟當然不夠食啦,經過商議後,再來.......一個,哈哈!因為看到有另一種餅底 Romana Pizza 羅馬薄餅,原來這款餅底的份量是與Classic 一樣,只不過搓得更薄,那就試下吧!人是貪心的,所以選了 Four Seasons 四季薄餅 $93,有四種材料,分四角,包括1.磨菇;2.Mozzarella cheese; 3.橄欖、酸菜、銀魚柳;4.辣腸。其實可以加食材,但要加錢,所以我們沒加。說真的,我不太喜歡這個餅底,因為像很簿很脆的餅乾,雖然有四款食材品嚐,但食材的份量太少,味道亦偏鹹,可能有銀魚柳的關係,但我覺得未夠滋味,可能因為太少芝士,因為我是芝士怪,我反而喜歡 Parma Pizza 多些!我們沒有叫飲品,只喝提供的水,待應亦很好,每枱都給一大樽水。雖然我們沒訂位,經理之前亦說只能夠坐個多小時要還枱,但最後我們吃了兩個多小時,沒有人趕我們走。整體來說,今晚很滿意,食物和服務都很好,這頓晚餐吃得好舒服,而且不太貴,每人約$155!雖然這店舖已搬遷,但我會到另一分店再品嚐! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2015-03-25
I cane here at lunch time in central to grab a bit to eat. We were seated quickly (once we had gone up in the lift to the second floor) and had ordered quickly too, as the floor was quite small so the waiters could easily see when we wanted to order. The atmosphere was nice as it was less busy and not too loud. I had an Alba pizza and my friend had lasagne- it looked creamy and she said that it tasted very nice and was very filling. My pizza was fresh and hot too, and they both came quite quickly- about 10 or 15mins after ordering- especially considering it was central lunch time rush hour! My pizza was nice and crispy, and the flavours were just right. It was not too oily which was nice, but I would have preferred if the mozarella on it was not just placed in small lumps on the pizza but maybe spread out a bit more so the flavour was more balanced instead of just biting into a bit of mozzarella. But apart from that it was great- they also had little wet wipes so that you could clean your fingers after eating your pizza which was useful! Overall great lunch, but quite expensive as my pizza was $139- but worth it. This is not my first time going to pizza express but it has always been good whenever I have gone. Wifi: yesTakeaway: yesAir conditioning: yes continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-01-10
踏入新一年,第一個工作天撞正星期五,好一個藉口吃得好一點。老遠走到扶手電梯附近,卻被一條長長的人龍大潑冷水,只好另覓地方。同事提議Pizza Express,雖然是連鎖店,但質素向來有保證,算是穩陣之選。原來中環店沒有那個抵食的lunch set。Cicheti - Smoked Salmon & Cucumber, Parmesan & Mushroom每款dip配dough balls,可以2-3人分享。還記得中學年代第一次到Pizza Express,印象最深刻的,正是充滿蒜香的麵包球。軟熟的麵包球這次成了配角,只因三文魚和蘑菇醬實在太出色。三文魚醬很滑,加上爽口的青瓜感覺清新。蘑菇醬菌味相當香濃,一吃再吃。Bianco Frutti di Mare - Prawns, mussels, squid, clams, white wine, lemon oil, parsley, more lemon白酒海鮮意粉,味道較淡,酒味也不突出。很足料,啖啖海鮮,意粉的硬度都不錯。Lava - Burrata mozzarella torn over a parmesan, rosemary & polenta encrusted base, leccino olives, cherry tomatoes, basil看到Lava的圖片裡大量的mozzarella,心想不試一定會後悔。水牛芝士都幾新鮮,淡淡的奶香很清新。Basil香味很出,跟新鮮的蕃茄味很夾。餅底外脆而有質感,不錯。不好重味的朋友可以一試。Alba - Salami Napoli, mascarpone, fennel seeds, parmesan, parsleyRomana Pizza比classic大,較脆的薄底沒classic飽肚。Alba是magherita加上mascarpone和salami。Salami咸度剛好,跟其他配料的味道融為一體,有調味的效果。Mascarpone又香又滑,很rich的滿足感覺。雖然沒有驚喜,但有一如以往的水準,為新的一年帶來個好開始。祝大家步步高陞,工作得心應手。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2014-07-20
first of all this is a chain from england not italy. using that world is misleading and degrading the standard expected, i reserve the right to take legal action related to this subject matter. positives:staff attentive location reasonableatmosphere acceptablehygienic negativesrder a cesar salad side order. and it was beyond disappointment. had to pay 15 dollars extra for an HARD  boiled ORGANIC egg and few slices of avocado and i was not informed with the charge. found out because i asked. the portion of avocado and egg and the way they handle it was not acceptable. worse of all there was the salad was barried under a layer of dressing and the green didn't taste fresh feels like it has been sitting around. they didn't grate any cheese on top. you call the italian??? come on! best description would be american canteen but charging italian prices. however the portion was appropriate only if you not health conscious enough to eat it.ordered the truffel pizza. the foundation was acceptable although i reckon pizza hut does better. but the thing is: IT DIDNT TASYE ANYTHING! except a slap of tomato sauce and few bits of truffle. worse thing was costed 15 dollars to add some tiny bits of red onion and i wasn't informed. wasn't even a whole onion! paisino across the street does better in terms of price and quality. Don't invent something and call it pizza. looks like some naplese at the back made the pizza was in a rush to meet his girlfriend in chung king mansion during the rest time. There was absolutely no thought care and attention towards the pizza. tragic. you can forget roma and think dhaka.i couldn't finish the pizza after eating the layer of dressing. so i decided to take away the other half of the pizza and i didn't even get a proper pizza box for that they simply folded up the pizza and chuck it in a tin foil box with no bag to hold it until i ask. honestly my stomach is upset the whole afternoon after eating a layer dressing and some card board with  tomato sauce. Never again! I normally don't comment but the experience was beyond disappointment and i think other people should have an understanding of what to expect for what they are paying.do your self a favor avoid this restaurant if you want a proper pizza experience. or go to paisino across the street or nicolini if you want to feel anywhere near satisfaction. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)