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Level1 2017-10-27
Just went, the Manager is very ill mannered. I walked up and down on Elgin & Hollywood Road and lost on Staution Street. I called the restaurant and the Manager said just walk up on Elgin Street! I walked up to Peel Street and thought I miss 23 Elgin Street so I walked down on Elgin Street.He should have told us to take the automated walk to Eglin Street and turn right!When I finally arrived at the restaurant. The Manager gave us a stern face. And literally threw dishes on the table.No wonder there are no patrons on Friday night. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2017-10-11
Wondering why this restaurant is nearly always empty? What I was served was an onion soup with a puff pastry lid and the lid was burnt a little bit too much, basically it was bitter. Honestly, the food was so so, it just doesn’t worth the price. Won’t ever go back, hope you won’t either.Customers tire of predictability. Quality and consistency are the reasons that customers return. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2017-04-01
It was 4pm and I was replying a message,  a sudden eerie aura that tells you that you missed something, not something that might cause you to lose your job, but at least it is something that will nag you inside your brain. Oh! I really yelled it out loud in the room. I missed the Gout de France 2017, a event that aims to spread the spread French Cuisine around the world. Well, I guess that is not the only day that you can try a French Cuisine, so I searched. I was searching for new restaurant through Openrice, but I realised that most of them don't even have menu or food photo and this really stopped me from choosing those. Petit Paris was definitely not the top search and I was going through several pages before I can see this name, but the Onion soup and Confit de Canard caught my attention, they looked nice, reasonable-ish price and I can almost imagine the taste, so Petit Paris it is.Definitely not the most convenient location but the atmosphere was not bad.This restaurant has its own style, checkered black and white floor tiles, woodened wall and train like rack, together with those vintage paris photos and posters, kind of have a retro feel bring you back to the 90s. Table wasn't spacious but suited the theme and the mirrored wall defo opened up your visual space.I was browsing this restaurant's menu earlier through Openrice and it was pretty accurate. Wine list weren't extended but matched with all the food the restaurant provided. Price of the wine per glass were also approachable ranging from $70 - $90.This restaurant dropped the "sparkling or still" act and their "tap water" has a hint of lemon. Since I studied their menu, it didn't take long to decide what to eat. I also added a glass of Riesling from Germany which only cost $78 for a glass.Bread basket was nice! It was hot, it was bready and it was yeasty. From the photo, you can also see the table size and setting as mentioned. First to arrive is the website's 5 star recommendation - the onion soup. This onion soup was gratinated and the cheese was nicely melted and browned. After removing the crust, you can see the french toast sitting on top of the soup. The caramelised onions weren't too strong and the soup wasn't overwhelmed by onions as well and indeed, a 5 star onion soup. I liked this bite size appetizer next, the foir gras with mini bun. Foir gras was generously seasoned with salt and pepper, a rather interesting marination, was seared to perfection and seated on top of the bun and sided with red wine braised apple with apricot sauce. Most of the time, I tried foir gras with balsamic sauce, but the apricot alternative was also eye opening. You can either consume it like a mini burger or enjoy each ingredient individually. Foir gras was succulent, the moment i slice it, the goose oil oozed the bun beneath and the aromas float to your nostril. However, the red wine braised apple were too citrusy. The Riesling also arrived just on time and the typical sweetness and green matched with this dish super well. An interesting point here is that I paralleled my cutlery to signal that I finished the dish, the waiter just collect the dish and placed my used cutlery back on the table for the next dish.I liked every duck dish in a French cusine and Confit de canard is one of my favourite.  This juicy duck leg was resting on top of potato slice which was well seasoned with rosemary. The skin was crisp and the meat was soft enough that you can "pulled" the duck meat, but I'd rather like the duck to be poached for longer so that the meat can be more tender and the duck oil can be more intensive. Overall a very enjoyable dish and I really liked the touch of rosemary. The final course was grilled iberico pork and staff suggested for medium well. Busy looking dish with colourful presentation. Pumkin puree, zucchini, tomato and pineapple, interesting combination and even, some degree of exotic sensation.  Cutting in the middle, I would say the "medium well" was well controlled.But as an Iberico, the meat was not as tender as I thought and the juiciness was also suboptimal. Normally, I would say a dijon mustard would match well, but may be the sweetness from the potato, sweetness from the pumpkin or the sweetness from the pineapple, they just didn't match. Taste of pumpkin puree was nice but it wasn't that "puree" and had many fibre that you can chew.Overall a decent restaurant, the food, the service and the manner was nice. It was a full house tonight and none of them cracked under pressure and definitely didn't have the "new" restaurant feel. All their staff know what they were doing and can manage well in any acute situation. Only interesting point left is the presence of the Iberico pork in the menu and the taste wasn't that French, but perhaps, it was really a train from Paris to Spain.pine cone shaped candle holderInterior settings facing Elgin street continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)