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"Lau Pa Sat" has the meaning of "market" in Malay, and this restaurant specializes in authentic Singaporean dishes, such as Oatmeal Prawns, Malay Style Cold Squid, and Hainan Chicken Rice. White Curry with Pork Chop is highly recommended. continue reading
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Review (33)
Level4 2020-06-22
I am far from being a connoisseur of South East Asian food, especially of the Singaporean and Malaysian variety, but I do know whether I enjoy a meal. Old Bazaar Kitchen was a genuine surprise, not in a spectacular and aesthetically dazzling way, but in its execution of mostly ordinary dishes with a touch of imagination. The character of the dishes are distinctively mellow, as though tempered by the chef’s maturity and experience; flavors are homely and mild, and dishes are simple with no frills. A splendid choice for family gatherings.The head chef and also partner of the restaurant, Billy Chung, is a well-known figure in Hong Kong for having run a thriving trading business before the Asian financial crisis and several F&B projects (beginning in 1999 in Shau Kei Wan) that eventually closed down due to a host of misfortunes. This time round, Lai Sun Dining, the group behind China Tang, is backing the reopening of Old Bazaar Kitchen in Wan Chai. Stories behind the rise and fall of restaurants and their owners are always stirring, and they make the dining experience all the more multifaceted and meaningful for me. Perhaps even thought-provoking.A quick glance around the dining room and you’ll see mainly returning and an ageing clientele that have a penchant for traditional flavors. I wouldn’t recommend this place for a young couple on a date or a group of post-95’s to catch up, but if you have an occasion to celebrate and love fresh seafood, this would be a pleasant option with plenty of seasonal Chef Specials to pick from (many of which would need to be pre-ordered). If there’s one complaint, it would be the service. Waiting staff are mostly in their 40s and 50s, yet they are not particularly experienced or friendly. The air conditioning is also blasting at about 15 degrees (although it was turned up upon request), so do bring along your Moncler if you tend to feel cold quite easily.Food RundownChilled Drunken Foie Gras in Chinese Yellow Wine, $150/half portion ($290/full portion)The star of the meal. The foie gras was so buttery and bursting with flavor. It’s the first time I’ve had foie gras in combination with Shaoxing wine, and I must say they’re a match made in heaven. The bittersweet taste of wine balances with the fat perfectly.Beef Tendon and Brisket Yellow Curry (part of a $250 lunch set)A simple yet umami packed dish. Tendon was super soft and melt-in-your-mouth and brisket easily pulled off into shreds. The turmeric in the yellow curry instantly powered my body up to fight against the air conditioning.Stir-Fried Prawn in Thai Tom Yum Dressing, $260Prawns were juicy and fresh. The crispy and sweet batter had a refreshing and herb-like sourness that is distinctive of a Tom Yum dressing. Quite a tasty dish.Sweet and Sour Grouper Fillet with Pineapple (part of a $250 lunch set)This was OK. A typical Hong Kong way of cooking meat.Curry Samosa, $88/8 pcsThis is good as an appetizer if you like samosa. The skin was very thin and crisp.Boneless Hainan Chicken with lemongrass rice casserole (part of a $250 lunch set)I found the chicken here to be tender and delectable, although it still wasn’t quite the standard found at Grand Hyatt or Causette (which is fine if the dish wasn’t a signature thus leading to high expectations). We were also quite intrigued about why the chicken was still boned when the name of the dish included the word “boneless”. Lemongrass rice pot was more of a gimmick, although if you like burned rice (at the bottom of the claypot) this would be a treat.Steamed Tofu with mushroom and dried shrimp, $180Superb. Tofu was silky smooth and the mushroom and dried shrimp lent it an earthy and briny tang that together turned out to be much more of a surprise for the palate than the eyes would have guessed.Poached Vegetables (part of a $250 lunch set)Sweet and fresh. It was supposed to be stir fried but I requested for it to be poached.Sabah Mango Ice Cream Sandwich, $45/slice ($450 for a 7″ whole cake)A bit hard if served immediately but otherwise incredibly milky and divine. It’s also quite special as I’ve never had something quite like it. Definitely go for it if you like to end your meal with dessert.Vietnamese Coffee, Iced, $35Although this comes with cream and sugar pre-mixed, you could still taste the boldness and bitterness typical of Vietnamese coffee. I would have preferred to have it straight to be able to better taste the coffee. continue reading
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Level4 2020-03-04
疫情下,少了出街吃飯,番開舊記錄,才發現原來還有一篇文章記錄在案,這飯局已是踏入2020年一月的事,希望大家不會介意吧!曾在灣仔工作已有一段長日子,記憶中大概十年八年前的事了,當時老巴剎開業不久,被㕑師的麵食吸引著,之後久不久都會到來午餐,漸漸地和㕑子相熟了,更多次晚飯,那裡留下了不少滋味的回憶⋯⋯直至知道他結業,當時覺得很可惜,因為少了一個飯竇。早陣子和飯腳一次傾談中,他又再東山再起,再看原來在灣仔已經有兩三年時間了,寫字樓搬離港島區後,真是很少過來灣仔飯聚,故立即相約飯腳再去尋回那份滋味。上網預訂,店員一早已whats app 為食客安排一些預留菜式。當晚七時許到達,未算太多食客, 但後來相繼加入。由於朋友付責安排點菜,筆者只是專心吃就夠了。炸春卷,脆炸豆腐,蒜泥白肉,麥皮蝦:無論春卷、炸豆腐和蒜泥白肉,作為前菜都相當出色,即點即做,脆口吸引,另外那麥皮蝦由於是時價,所以也屬單點項目,蝦相當新鮮,帶出香噴噴的牛油香味,更有那麥皮口感,牛油和麥皮就像為蝦妹穿上一件美麗的衣裳,口部咀嚼着蝦殼,太吸引了,朋友們力讚此菜式,但到結賬時細看,每隻蝦平均要$135一隻,以筆者而言,未免太海鮮價格了。酒醉鵝肝-~此菜從前已覺得很吸引,㕑師手工慢煮而成,酒香四溢,只是一直覺得應配克力架之類的餅乾會更佳,更能突顯鵝肝的酒香味道。滷水獅頭鵝腸~說明是獅頭鵝腸,當然是高檔次一點,點點肥膏,入口即溶,女朋友説: 啲膏咁肥點食呀!但筆者反問,如果膏唔肥,點會好食呀!大家笑了⋯⋯杏汁豬肺湯~很多地方都有杏汁豬肺湯,但做得出色,未算太多,這裡的真是值得一讚,杏汁香味濃厚,值得推介,回味無窮。炸大腸~大腸炸得,脆口乾身,差不多吃完才記得拍照咕嚕肉~看得出豚肉是有質素。芥蘭炒牛肉~蝦乾粉絲煲~炒得夠乾身,配白飯一流。海南雞飯~選擇新鮮雞,做得夠嫩滑,飯底香茅味香濃四起,油飯夠乾身,不算油膩。㕑子的功力,多年來仍保持水準,可以說是寶刀未老,但以價錢來說,算是富豪飯堂的一個飯竇。但服務和食物質素方面,值得一試,希望食店在這個疫情下齊心抗疫,做出真功夫,努力💪🏻 continue reading
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Level2 2020-07-26
《白咖喱牛腩飯》$88 老巴剎午餐咖喱牛腩飯真係好正!可以揀唔同口味嘅咖喱🍛 驚喜嘅係有小食,揀咗芝麻醬豆腐,真係超有日式豆腐沙律嘅感覺🥰<White curry beef with rice> $88 This curry beef rice is perfect! You can choose different types of curry depending on your preference. The appetiser, tofu, was great too! 👍🏻😋💕環境質素:8.5/10食物質素:8.5/10回頭指數:8/10抵食指數:7.5/10 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2020-02-29
呢間餐廳係喺一條巷行仔度如果唔係我同事帶我嚟食 我都唔知原來呢度係有餐廳😂😂但係我覺得佢勁好食 尤其係佢個咖喱 真係超好味 同埋佢lunch time係平過夜晚好多 大家可以黎試下🤤🤤·馬來黃咖喱雞扒飯$78我自己鍾意食豬扒多啲 我覺得佢個豬扒好嫩 一啲都唔un 而且好入味 而且真係超好食😋而且佢個咖喱係勁夾個豬扒 你係覺得每一啖都好似好享受咁😍😍·白咖喱豬扒飯$78個雞扒都係勁好食 又係好嫩 之後個皮係煎得好脆 不過我自己就鍾意食豬扒個口感多啲🤤但係我男朋友就覺得雞扒煎得更好食 不過我自己鍾意白咖喱撈飯多啲 我覺得佢惹味得黎 有少少椰汁 但係又唔會太搶 超級送飯😎係食過會係咁想翻兜既味道😋· #rbyeat#rby東南亞菜#rby灣仔·📍灣仔交加里32-38號地舖 continue reading
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Level3 2019-09-02
工作關係成日接觸新加坡人,食飯自然都想食下「老巴剎」。又咁好彩,真係比我係灣仔搵到間! 門口唔易搵,但絕對會見到佢,裝修係Tiffany blue, 坐落係後街。眼見好多食客都食撈面,點可以唔試下。我點左個清湯腩撈粗配滴漏咖啡。咖啡即滴,濃香配上煉奶,先入口微苦澀再甜滑。清湯腩每粒都正正方方,看似好un 但其實入口軟稔,有肉香,出色。撈粗好夠色但唔咸,粗面有啲鹼水味,個人唔太鍾意但麵質一流,軟硬適中。 仲有個青瓜小食,完美 continue reading
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