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手工雞尾酒 凍肉拼盤
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Level4 2017-07-25
女人開心要食好西,唔開心也要食好西,分手更要食好西!今次撇清所有MR,三個狐狸小姐過海黎鰂魚涌食牛扒。就在地鐵站撞到好朋友A: Where are you girls going?B: Mr & Mrs. Fox.A: Heard their steaks are really yum and Cocktails are nice as well.唔洗阿A講我地都知,因為雞尾酒同牛扒正正我地去拜訪既原因。今次仲用埋eatigo apps訂位,所有a la carte menu食物有六五折,不包飲品,慳左300幾蚊架!點菜無耐,店員就送上暖暖面包,全麥的特別有營養,食曬!有人話蠔壯陽呀ma,好就幫天下d哀男人食曬半打蠔。半打蠔已經夠味,什麼都唔洗加,蠔味淡淡帶海水味!整體新鮮,味道唔錯,係細隻左d遮......之後主角黎啦,叫左普通同dry aged比朋友試試分別。佢既牛扒都會跟車喱茄同燒蒜頭,薯條薯容要另加錢架。我地叫左個松露薯條,thick cut加松露沙律醬實掂(話時話,上星期在意大利番黎,個邊d truffle sauce超平,三四十蚊都有一樽)一睇其實都可以知道一分錢一分貨,dry aged當然好食好多!!!!!牛扒係風乾既過程中,會將肉內水分蒸發,,使肉味更加濃郁,令肉質更加柔軟,鮮嫩及多汁。一般會食medium rare,不過我個人鐘意medium多d!我將個dry aged切開,好似燒鴨呀!不過見到佢反曬光,就知有幾juicy,肉味又重,正,最鐘意d脂肪位!其實普通牛扒都唔差,係薄d同無咁稔遮!甜品要了個NY Cheesecake,個hazelnut 雪糕好好味芝士蛋糕又濃味,一致讚味過排長龍既工廠!叫左d cocktails但唔記得影相。STAFF有禮貌,而且主動加水呀,問d野食點,又平易近人! continue reading
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Level5 2017-06-18
I have to admit to being a little lazy of late; perhaps worse even, a total lack of imagination.You see, apart from hitting fine dining restaurants in fabulous cities across the globe, I've been living the hermit life back in Hong Kong.  Sticking close to home and eating pretty boring.So we decided to step outside of our comfort zone of Wanchai and head further afield, which is how we found ourselves at Mr & Mrs Fox on a very wet and miserable Saturday night.The Quarry Bay eatery is pretty interesting; part of the Swire group of restaurants which includes the very generic Plat de Jour and the more unique Continental (see post here).  The fact that makes Mr & Mrs Fox interesting is the background of Head Chef Cheung Cook Ho, having plied his trade at 2 Michelin Star and perennial world's 50 best restaurant, Amber.Our 7pm reservation seemed like a good idea at the time, but we were literally starving and decided to head over a bit early.  By the time we negotiated the MTR and the pouring rain, we were about half an hour early for our reservation, which proved to be no issue at all.  As we walked into the ground floor of the three story restaurant, we were hit by a wall of raucous sound from a huge group of expats, who were pissing it up in the downstairs bar.Thankfully, the noise of the boozy crowd was somewhat muted up on the 1st floor restaurant, which was actually designated the name Mr Fox (Mrs Fox, being the downstairs bar area).  We felt immediately at home in the semi industrial and rustic interior, which had been designed by Hong Kong's Charlie & Rose Ltd.  The mix of old world charm and post industrial glitz seemed to work, no small part due to the very comfortable dining chairs (we actually debated the design of the chairs for a good while!)We'd studied the menu online for quite some time prior to coming across (yep, it was no wonder we were so hungry!) and had a really good idea about what we'd be choosing; and barring a late minute change by the girl, went along with our earlier agreement.  While we waited for our meal to commence, the girl ordered a very nice ganache/tempranillo blend and we were given some very fresh and very crusty bread to munch on.  Along with the bread came some whipped and salted butter, making the spreading nice and easy; even better, that butter soaked into the fresh bread and really hit the mark for a couple of hungry foodies.The girls Hand-Cut Steak Tartare was presented in quite a traditional manner, with a huge confit egg yolk sitting on top and crusty toast served on the side.  It was a very simple rendition of the classic French dish, but all the better for it.  The rough chopped beef was super fresh and the odd shape of the hand cut steak helped provide a lovely chewy texture.  There was just the right amount of condiments mixed into the tartare, and the yolk provided a creamy bonding agent to pull the dish together.  The only thing that would have improved the dish would have been the addition of some salty capers, just to give a little extra balance.I was so impressed with my starter, I mean, it really quite surprised me, although perhaps it shouldn't have.  The Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops were served with a truffle risotto and truffle emulsion, the scallops topped with a hazelnut crumble; a squid ink tuile and oyster leaf finished off the dish.  I quite liked the presentation, it was visually appealing; which followed through with the flavour.  There was a lovely caramelisation on the scallops, which were extremely well cooked and worked beautifully with that scrumptious truffle risotto.  Combining the earthy umami flavour of the truffle and the sweet scallops was superb and I demolished the dish as quickly as I could.At its heart, Mr & Mrs Fox is a steak restaurant and there's a very good range of meats available from North America and Australia.  The menu even has a Mr Fox's signature Black Market steak; now I'm not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds good, right?Despite the great selection of beef available, the girl decided that she couldn't pass up on the Roasted Rack of Lamb, served with vanilla-braised endive and a romesco sauce.  The huge lamb rack was well cooked and plated in a very rustic, but very appropriate manner.  The expertly cooked lamb was very sweet, the fat rendered perfectly.  When paired with the slight bite of the romesco sauce, the dish came alive, squares of polenta combining well with the sweet meat.  The dish did fall away a little when combining the vanilla-braised endive, the sharpness of the endive hidden by the vanilla; we though this was an unnecessary step and the dish would have been far nicer without.Even though I was curious about the Black Market selection, I chose the good old reliable Australian fillet of beef, A grade and grass fed.  You normally can't go wrong with this cut of beef.  Presented old school style on a wooden chopping board, my medium rare filet was cooked and rested perfectly.  While the beef was tasty and very tender, it did end up being a little dry; an affliction that is common in Hong Kong due to the nature of getting fresh beef into the country (it's normally imported frozen).  Served with a roasted garlic (ignored) and a handful of cherry tomato (devoured), it was a bog standard beef dish.  However, it was really good value when considering the price, which was significantly lower than many steak joints in Honkers.  Even though it was a little dry, the tarragon béarnaise sauce went some way to helping.We intended on sharing a dessert, that was until we saw the dessert menu and simply couldn't come to an agreement about which one to share; a simple problem solved by getting two desserts Choosing the Pear Crumble with Vanilla ice cream, the girl was moderately happy with her selection.  The short bread crumble was very nice, the large chunks providing a slightly different take on a crumble, and the vanilla ice cream was outstanding, creamy and very smooth.  The key issue was with the pear, which was a little under done, and could have done with some additional stewing;  it wasn't terrible, but could have really hit the high notes if cooked just a little longer.I had no such issues with my Passion Fruit Pavlova, which looked very pretty in it's UFO shaped black bowl (c'mon, use your imagination!).  As far as pavlova goes, it wasn't super traditional, but I liked it all the more because of it; not quite a deconstructed version though....  Kind of in-between.  The toasted meringue was at the centre of the dessert and had some orange curd, pomelo and grapefruit segments, passionfruit sorbet.  I loved the mix of super sweet components and the very tart grapefruit.  It was a well balanced interpretation of a pavlova and it was again quickly devoured.By the time we were finished, we were very full, and very happy with our meal.  Barring a few minor issues with elements, our dishes were well constructed, and executed pretty well.  I mean, Mr & Mrs Fox is not Michelin standard, but then again, you're not paying Michelin prices, so that's just fine by me.I'd heard stories and read online reviews that had been pretty critical of the food and the service at Mr & Mrs Fox, but I'm really not sure if I would agree.  We found the service to be attentive and quite good by Hong Kong standards, and the dinner menu is excellent.  Even as the restaurant filled up and became very busy, there were no issues at all; there was hustle and the team looked a little stressed, but they were still professional and efficient.Visiting Mr & Mrs Fox was just the tonic I needed and showed that if I put in a little bit of effort, travel beyond my beloved and very comfortable existence in Wanchai, that I'll have some great dining experiences.I'm already planning on heading out to Kennedy Town - phew, really stretching myself @FoodMeUpScotty continue reading
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Level2 2018-04-15
補祝我姊妹生日,係銅鑼灣行完街就決定返鰂魚涌哩度搵嘢食😋之前係食評睇到d嘢食好靚好多款式咁就諗住夜晚都應該會好豐富但去到發覺晚餐嘅選擇係比lunch Set 同拒假日既brunch set 小🙈係我錯 我應該打電話去問吓先🙈訂2030, 準時到,一入去侍應安排我哋坐樓上,下面果層係for 飲酒睇波既,連餐牌都唔同架覺得咁樣幾好啊,你知有時食飯嘅想靜靜地,睇波嘅情緒高漲好hyper 分開咗就唔會互相影響到大家 haha 整體黎講野食質素都高,服務也不錯。會再黎,試拒地既brunch 😋 continue reading
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Level2 2018-03-09
Good and friendly service. The 1st floor was not packed for dinner but not bad for a thursday. Tables were kept at a distance and although there was loud music from downstairs it wasn’t bad for dining with friendsSome of us chose the rib eye and pointed out that a 10oz was priced 298$ but 12oz costed 398$: the math wasn’t quite right. They all went for a 10oz. Maybe because the steak stayed too long on the cutting board on which it was presented the meat was just warm at most. My partner’s one was actually quite gamy for a beef steak... sides were of standard portions.My chicken felt a bit raw as well but with the dim light i couldn’t see clearly enough. Maybe the chef has improvement to be made to get the meat less “natural” next time :-). The quinoa with it was too salty. Each spoon felt like one grain of quinoa for 100 grains of salt... hopefully their homemade lemonade was quite refreshingHighlight was the banana alaska something that got flamed on the table. They say for 2 but easily for 3 or 4 for someone who has no sweet tooth like me. It was very sweet, creamy and had that cointreau punch - perfect.Overall not too bad experience, but i felt the menu is quite limited. Would probably come back for the Happy Hour only instead continue reading
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Level3 2018-03-01
I was able to make reservation thru app with 50% discount, which seems to be a very good deal for lunch with more cozy setting within the area.Since the discount only applies to a la carte menu so we didn’t even check out the lunch set menu.We’ve ordered the crabmeat salad, carbonara and grilled snapper. The crabmeat salad looks like avocado salad instead but there are actually quite a lot of crabmeat covered by the avocado. The carbonara is very average so didn’t even bothered to take pic. The grilled snapper is surprisingly good. Will definitely come back. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)