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This hamburger restaurant comes from Japan. They put different sauce and ingredients together, and doing mix and match, many new trials are created. continue reading
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Review (129)
Level2 2018-02-09
Greeted with a faux fireplace(nice!) as my family went up the stairs. The restaurant was very spacious, with a view of the kitchen at the very end. Very attentive service, had the menu and high chair for my son immediately as we got to the table. Ordering was a little confusing at first but we eventually found out that if one person orders a meal with the salad bar, the other diner has to do the same. Salad bar had a selection of salad leaves, vegetables, condiments, soup, dessert, fruit, fresh juice, tea, I can't remember if they had coffee? and ice cream(Dreyers). It felt like there wasn't much of a selection but when you go through it, you feel it's more than enough. All the salad was crisp and very fresh. The main came and the presentation on the plate was nice, but a little disappointed with the size of the hamburger. It was very juicy and had a nice flavour but the accompanying sauce was too salty. Overall I really enjoyed my dining experience here as a family. continue reading
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Level4 2018-02-07
今日去咗Meat King度食lunch樓下負責叫枱的店員提醒我們限時兩小時所以齊人先入座會比較好由於我哋十個人食飯,所以都等到八至九個人到齊先入座!我哋十二點入咗嘅時候仲未有好多客人!由於我哋有十個人,所以店員都好好咁俾咗一張好鬆動嘅長枱我哋坐!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼一入到去已經見到一個長長既沙律吧,未黎過呢個食飯嘅我,完全畀佢感動到💕💕一坐低嘅時候,店員就提醒我哋,如果要食沙律吧既話,就要全檯嘅客人叫沙律種類有好多,有幾款沙律菜,唔同嘅配料, 例如菠蘿,紅腰豆,青椒,粟米,西蘭花,青瓜,菇等等,仲有凍既通粉,意粉,同埋好多唔同嘅沙律醬汁,可以自行配搭,講真食沙律都真係食到飽呀貪心嘅我哋梗係叫曬啦 🙊🙊🙊叫沙律吧嘅話,又有嘢飲,又有沙律食,又有甜品食,又有湯飲,唔係唔叫吖嘛😏😏😏貪心既我, 聽到朋友嘅推薦,我仲另外再追加咗個自家烘焙麵包添 onside 仲有一舊花花形狀嘅牛油 非常好食呀😉我見到個個同事都叫漢堡扒,openrice 上面嘅食評,又係個個都叫漢堡扒, 唔聽話又想報告其他食物畀大家聽嘅我,梗係叫其他嘢食試下啦 😀所以最後我就叫咗一個牛肉蛋包飯啦 !個牛肉蛋包飯上到枱嘅時候,個個同事都嘩嘩聲,因為佢個賣相實在太靚喇!唔單止個蛋整得非常之好, 食落仲非常之滑,一啲都唔會老!汁又夠多,牛肉都唔會hea 你 畀少少入面嘅飯仲加咗茄汁落去炒,完全係日本食法嘅蛋包飯啦👍🏼👍🏼呢個份量係一個女仔會食唔曬嘅份量🙊更何況佢仲有沙律,甜品,餐湯,麵包,同埋飲品,今日我真係食到飽到行唔到呀其實我偷食咗同事一啖漢堡扒🙊 我覺得漢堡扒嘅肉汁好多,好夠味,而且配搭上佢嘅醬汁👍🏼👍🏼 果然冇介紹錯飲品方面,佢有好多款唔同嘅果汁,例如橙汁蘋果汁!茶就有烏龍茶,綠茶!仲有好多唔同嘅汽水,咖啡,熱朱古力餐湯方面: 我哋去嗰日有麵豉湯同埋蕃茄蔬菜湯! 我淨係試咗個麵豉湯, 味道一般,冇咩特別!食到最後梗係要食埋甜品喇 ,我食咗兩球雪糕,一隻係石板街味,另一隻係士多啤梨味!兩隻味都唔錯,唔會好假好似藥水味咁!旁邊仲有啲棉花糖同埋彩虹糖碎放喺側邊,畀你加落啲雪糕到食,非常貼心!小朋友嚟到一定好開心💕😉另外我仲食咗一杯啫喱,一舊朱古力批,一舊咖啡蛋糕,同埋綠茶紅豆果凍!同事話覺得幾好食!但我個人認為一般,可能因為佢嘅味道唔算太重,係比較淡嘅口味啦, 所以唔會太甜!唔鍾意太甜嘅朋友就啱曬喇!最後因為太飽啦,我食唔哂其他甜品!淨係食咗一碗水果!水果有火龍果,橙,西瓜,雪梨,奇異果, 士多啤梨 全部大雜匯咁撈埋一碟,非常方便😉🙊總括而言,呢間餐廳可以再encore如果鍾意同朋友慢慢坐,慢慢食嘅話就一定要嚟試下啦!不過其實嗌飯既話,份量係會有啲多嘅!因為如果你再追加埋沙律,甜品,餐湯,飲品嘅話,係一定食唔曬!所以其實叫漢堡扒都係一個唔錯嘅選擇,因為漢堡扒嘅份量少啲,變相你就可以食多啲出面嘅食物啦!但假如你淨係會食lunch menu入面嘅嘢嘅話,咁我就建議你食飯或者面類,因為漢堡扒嘅份量真係唔多,如果你淨係食漢堡扒嘅話, 不論男生還是女生,都係唔會飽嘅 continue reading
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Level1 2018-02-03
We booked in advanced that we have 3 kids but when we went in the kids high chair were not set up as we requested n the young waiter banged the high chair on the table to slide through! Wow we were shocked! V poor service!Ok fine, the menu has main dishes and for $18 we get unlimited rice. After debating all adults will get unlimited rice. Then my grandma called and joined in the party, and the waiter insisted that we order additional dish. But elders cant eat much, can we share? They said no! So i asked whether we could change our order to smaller portion? They said it's already cooked, sorry we can't change it. Are there any soup or bread dishes that grandma could have. They said no! So the cheapest in the menu is the salad bar, and they said if grandma would sit at the next table she could, because either the entire table of people have full buffet or none can have! They wouldn't even let grandma sit close to us! Or just sit there watch us eat! They also kept on checking whether we were trading foods! Seriously there is nothing on the menu that says none or all can have buffet or unlimited rice. It's only we sat down the told us these rules.Then one of my kids insisted that he has grandma's dessert. He was going to make a scene out of it! I gave him the dessert. Then a waiter who kept spying on us said sorry he will have to charge all our kids $58 each (ie $178) for one dessert my grandma didn't want anyway! Wow!!!! We asked for the manager. We said how much is one jelly is costing? Speaking of the food, it's not great either. They were v v salty! Mabbe because it's not fresh. I just hope i'm not going to have a Diaherra tonight. Actually thinking back the thick pork was not fully cooked-it was still red inside.They have no service, no flexibility, not good food.Only good thing is it's v spacious and not many tables. Actually I should have taken that as a clue why no one is waiting outside at this location of CWB.Their competitors in CWB can be UXX Cafe and why do they always have line up? Let's think about why.I am confident this Meat King will be out of business v soon. If you want to try out the opposite of good then you should go soon! continue reading
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Level1 2018-01-22
I found this restaurant from upper deck of bus from Hong King library to Causeway bay incidentally. Looks nice and tasty. I got off bus and run forward to restaurant and see menu prepared in front of restaurant. OMG it’s like Japanese family restaurant. System is quiet similar but I’m not so naive to trust Hong Kong Japanese restaurant. Come in And surprisingly it looks as if in Japan. Main items are sort of Hamburgs. I have ordered standard one and come on the heated iron plate and people can grill more as one’s preference. Moreover salad bar is a lot of choices. All fresh and sweets as well. Here is good for family and fit for beer for young generation as well. continue reading
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Level3 2017-12-31
銅鑼灣食野一向都唔平, 隨便一個set lunch都要成舊水, 更何況係食buffet?呢度既semi buffet真係窮人恩物, 最平$88 有個main dish, 出面仲有意粉、沙律、甜品、雪糕、果汁同其他飲品任飲任食。main dish試左漢堡扒, 見晚市好多漢堡扒好評, 所以滿懷期待的, 不過黎到真係幾令人失望, 肉有點鞋, 肉香亦不足, 整體唔多肉汁, 調味亦普普通通, 反而配既燒汁幾好味。 相反個烤雞扒就真係要俾💯分, 首先佢唔係煎既而係烤既, 外皮香脆一啲都唔油! 雞扒肉質非常嫩滑, 切開雞油慢慢滲出, 質素奇高!雞扒用香草調味, 唔淋汁食都夠味, 大推!橙汁同蔬菜汁雖然唔係鮮榨, 但都好好味唔會太甜,飲多2杯都回本。 沙律好新鮮, 款式又多, 仲有水果添呀!唔飽既可以拿辣意粉同吞拿魚通粉食, 超好味!最後一定要食埋雪糕,我條舌頭話係D記雪糕,除非唔係。 今日有石板街同芒果味,岩晒我口味! 仲有toppings 加, 真係食得好開心。 食semi buffet都飽到捧住個肚走,埋單每位約$100 多啲啲, 真心抵! continue reading
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