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Long renowned as one of Hong Kong’s favourite dining rooms, The Grill serves exciting adaptations of grill specialties with a dash of progressive gastronomy from the talented Executive Chef Uwe Opocensky. Mandarin Grill + Bar offers a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience. The romantic and elegant setting combined with tastefully tailored menus make the Mandarin Grill + Bar a truly spectacular restaurant. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Best Service Restaurant (2013), Best Western Restaurant (2012-13), Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2015-2017)
Good For
Romantic Dining
Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 07:30-10:00; 12:00-14:30; 18:30-22:30 Sat: 18:30-22:30 Sun:18:30-21:30<br/>Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays
Payment Method
Visa Master AE Cash JCB
Other Info
Wi-Fi Details
Alcoholic Drinks
May Bring Your Own Wine Details
Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Oyster s 魚生 澳洲和牛
Review (82)
味道好不過好濟 Featured Review
Level3 2017-01-03
興祝新一年嚟到我仲生存緊,身體狀況正常,食餐好既慶祝下,希望活到99都行得走得食得瞓得,仲有世界和平!入番正題,嚟五星酒店餐廳食當然係食服務同環境仲有食物放得靚,呢間餐廳最失敗既地方係窗口望出去個景,Amber同Caprice望出去對海,呢間望出去得大廈,劣。服務就當然唔會差,間間五星酒店入面餐廳都咁上下,呢間都唔例外,工作人員全部都好好笑容好有禮貌,無其他特別感覺,最記得一開始落單想試多幾樣野,諗緊落咩餐,侍應話叫tasting menu就最好兩個都叫呢個,但我話想試多啲一個叫tasting一個classic,佢話廚師建議一個叫tasting就最好兩個都叫;我感覺好唔貼心,佢話一個食完三樣另一個就要等,呢個理由好牽強,講咗我想試多幾樣,佢唔知係方便佢上菜定點,係要我兩個都點第一個,差啲以為一定要兩位起,點知原來又唔係,怪怪地 。食物方面建議佢麵包可以加 muffin,唔洗得個咸字幾款都一樣。咁多樣入面最特別令我印象深刻係個煙三文魚,有魚子醬同多士同蔬菜配搭,幾好,而且佢用松香煙薰之後仲有煙繼續焗住個煙三文魚,好香。順帶一提,本人好鍾意飲龍蝦湯,基本上有得叫既地方都會飲,呢度既龍蝦湯比我既感覺係夠濃但好咸,麻麻地,咁濃可以唔洗加咁多鹽,失敗。其他食物都係4466,同其他既差唔多,不過以4000幾蚊一餐嚟講,可以改善既地方都仲有。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2017-01-04
Love that the restaurant can be booked on their website . Love the little gift for my boyfriend. Love the services. Very good food indeed. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2016-11-19
Mandarin bar and grill, the legendary high end steak house in HK, this is the second time I visit for their express lunch. Service is excellent as usual and overall the experience is quite pleasant. It is funny to say any experience associated with Mandarin will be unpleasant. The highlight for this round is the pumpkin soup, which is definitely one of the best i've ever had. The creamyness, saltiness, and overall texture is definitely at the top of level. Also, it is served directly from the whole pumpkin. However, the steak is a bit blend and nothing special at all. It is definitely a bit of a let down.Overall, it is good as expected but compared to other star level restaurant towards their express lunch, I would probably rank Mandarin behind. The dishes with exception of pumpkin soup was a bit norm. Versus last time around the amazing risotto and grilled steak, this time is a bit let down.Express lunch onlys served during the weekday and restaurant is filled with Central financial businessman. I can rely towards all talks are about money and business, which in some way may lead to uneasyness for regular eater like us. Nevertheless, it is still one of the high end restuarants with top class service. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2016-10-21
It was such a headache when we needed to choose a place luxury enough to celebrate one of our good friends back from New Zealand for her new job with long term settle in HK. Well, here we finally chose Mandarin Grill, a dream place where I wanted to try since ages ago.After my booking was made through website, I was really surprised with the warmth gesture of Mandarin Grill, they replied to offer us a complimentary pastry for our celebration! (*that was really thoughtful, whilst other restaurants seldom approach to offer us a small cake but only wordings on dessert.)Such a long week with much expectation to the date of our dinner! When we arrived at the door, the receptionist greeted us nicely for pre-drink, we refused because all of us were starving (next time we would definitely come for drinking, the bar itself looks really unique and comfy!)Their servers were really helpful and patience whilst we all having difficulties to make decision of our menu choices, which we have asked such lots of questions~ xoxo!! We truly thankful for the attentive service and explaination from Jacky! We finally chose different options to share for starter & dessert, but same choice for main course - roast beef.For myself, I do really love the "Matcha", its presentation with traditional Japanese matcha culture was the most adorable fact, it was not hot green tea but a cold soup, a really nice starter! Well, there is nothing to comment about roast beef, which is always perfect! Especially for beef-lover and those who love to eat "rare", this is a must try, and should return again for this! We were so lucky that we all ordered the last three portions of roast beef as it is limited per each dining period.For desserts, we shared among the "Chocolate Fondant", "Cherry", and "Chocolate-orange Soufflé". I specially like "Cherry" which was amazing with a real alike cherry presentation, but it was actually a sugar mold filled with ice-cream, excellent for photo~ and the soufflé was so delicious too! Besides, it came the small pastry in white with rose patel, how cute with a candle and printed inscriptions of "Welcome Back to HK!". (Our friend was so touched!!)This was a great evening to welcome our good friend from overseas, and we sure will come back again soon for the roast beef! At last but not least, a real BIG THANK YOU to all servers for your wonderful hospitality! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2016-10-06
適逢weekday, 我同hubby 仲放緊假,所以我地今天去試試mandarin grill and bar 的business lunch..步入餐廳,四週坐滿executives.個個都在傾生意, 氣氛十分central. Amuse broche 是兩粒簡單的芝士波,而麵包則有全麥包同法包各二。全麥包外層脆,內裏十分鬆軟,麵包充滿氣孔,配上有鹽或無鹽牛油同樣味美。Appetiser:Veloute/whole Muscat squash, roast, crouton, sourdough. 南瓜湯:用上成個南瓜煮的南瓜湯!上枱時十分震撼!從未見過咁大個南瓜!南瓜湯的味道十分濃郁!超級creamy! 無論湯的濃度、鹹度同甜度取得非常好的平衡!正!Yabby/ Iberia ham , rocket, philibon melon and chives蜜瓜同伊比利亞火腿成絶配!蜜瓜的甜美和火腿片的咸香加上帶薄荷香的沙律菜,是十分清新的開胃菜,相對之下,小龍蝦的鮮美變得失色。Main course: steak, us prime, fillet, root vegetable, garlic ,mash, mushroom sauce個牛扒medium rare, 煮得不錯,牛扒份量足,有成隻手掌大,但由於非厚切的關係,囗感差左少少,食落無咁滿足,牛肉味濃郁,都幾juicy。個磨茹汁配牛扒是好典型扒房的食法,但是個汁無乜驚喜, 有少少磨茹紅酒味,典型gravy的味道,不是不好但結果加左法式芥茉吊下味。Dessert: Mont Blanc / chestnut, vanilla, meringue 個栗子旦糕好smooth 好滑, 旦糕底很鬆軟,裏面有粒糖栗子,加埋rum酒icecream 凍凍地之餘,又令栗子旦糕無咁甜膩。這道甜品是好吃的但吃過更令人難忘的在Joel Robuchon 同Pierre.餐後送上Madeleine 法式小旦糕作結。旦糕香脆內軟,有旦香,內有朱古力軟心或杏仁軟心,食落唔係好甜,唔會乾巴巴,是水準之作。總括而言,試過差不多同價的amber, Pierre,caprice, tosca ,8 1/2 ottoman , bo innovation 同Joel Robuchon , 感覺味道同service 最令人難忘的倒是amber , Pierre 同 8 1/2 ottoman. 這兒的服務同環境都是頂級,食味不錯,但卻欠了一個wow factor,.這兒可以一訪。但 感覺lunch 性價比高的還是Joel Robuchon 同bo innovation. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)