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Located on the 25th floor, the Cantonese restaurant serves exquisite local and regional specialities. Man Wah’s décor and panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline provide the perfect setting. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Best Service Restaurant (2014), Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2015-18)
Opening Hours
11:30 - 14:30
18:30 - 22:00
Mon - Fri
12:00 - 14:30
18:30 - 22:00
Sat - Sun
11:30 - 14:30
18:30 - 22:00
*Open as usual during CNY
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10% Service Charge
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Signature Dishes
Japanese pork neck, kuei hua flavoured pear, chin kiang vinegar Stir fried lobster, egg white, scallop mousse Beef tenderloin puff, black pepper sauce
Review (83)
Outstanding Cantonese fare Featured Review
Level4 2017-10-06
Man Wah, named after the Mandarin Oriental hotel itself in Cantonese Chinese, has remained competitive over the years with splendid food and services. The menu is extensive and combines the best of modern culinary approaches and traditional flavors. Décor exudes subtle classiness and grandeur, while the small floor space and dim lighting make for a warm and intimate dining experience in the evenings. Wait staff are friendly, professional and sincere, providing each diner with attention to detail matched only by the very best of the city's restaurants. We were four, seated in the private room walled by dark wooden panels in the middle of the restaurant, away from the large windows and with a separate set of pink-red lantern ceiling lights. The private room is essentially "private" only by a visual barrier with minimal soundproofing and privacy. The traditional foldings doors, too, are barely functional as staff constantly going in and out of the room would not find it practical to close and re-open them all the time. If anything, it's the experience of dining in a Chinese pavilion-like architecture that makes the room interesting. Food, on the other hand, was fresh, well-seasoned and light. The most pleasing meals, in my opinion, exemplifies the art of serving satisfying meals that are near perfect in taste, appearance, and freshness using only in moderation spices, salt, butter, oil, and other additives. For authentic Cantonese, Man Wah definitely remains on the list of to-go places in Hong Kong for those looking to treat family or clients to an excellent meal in a memorable setting.Food Rundown Roasted suckling pig, $348Tender pieces of pork topped by shards of crunchy, chewy pork skin. That, with a brownish sweet sauce sauce, is a great start to the meal. If this dish was served earlier before it cooled down, we might appreciate it even more.Braised bird's nest with bamboo pith, $568 per personOur second amuse-bouche was a light, gelatinous delicacy. The bamboo piths add a bit of heft and are satisfying when eaten together with the rest of the dish. I like the lightness of the dish, but this was not close to being the best I have had.Peking duck (half), $518Next up came Peking duck, served as two courses. For the first course, a member of staff hand-cuts the duck's skin and carefully lay them on top of a very light crackers. This helps the skin stay crisp as it cools down. Then, following the traditional ritual, we were given steamed paper rolls, fresh-cut scallion, cucumbers, and a brown, sweet BBQ-sauce to wrap up these crispy delights. Serving peking duck skin-only is an authentic way of enjoying the dish, but it is less commonly seen in restaurants in Hong Kong.The rest of our peking duck was brought back to the kitchen for stir-fry with straw mushroom and oyster sauce, to be served near the end of the meal, as many consider the duck meat itself to be much less prized. Overall I would recommend this to larger parties.Stewed abalone with conpoy and turnip, $328 per personDespite being the smallest and least expensive on the menu, the abalone was as flavorful, sweet and delicate as many further up the range. The dried scallop enclosed in a round-cut turnip was similarly tender and tasty. Highly recommended.Braised fish maw, abalone sauce, $1888 per personThe fish maw was sizable and well-cooked with no odor, accompanied by an abalone sauce that was much denser than I had expected. Highly recommended.Baked green crabmeat with cheese in a crab shell, $218 per person This was a luscious dish. Every forkful was filled with sweet crab meat that went perfectly with crispy crumbs, deep-fried vermicelli and subtle hints of dairy. Highly recommended.Poached seasonal vegetables with conpoy in supreme broth, $268A simple dish prepared to a high standard. Fried rice vermicelli with crabmeat and egg, $288This was a slight let-down, as everyone complained that it was too salty. continue reading
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乳豬:(5/5)(以我所知乳豬並非由文華厨房內的出品):脆皮下是薄薄一層脂肪,下層則是肉質纖維幼細的豬肉。色澤燒得均勻,入口香脆鬆化,肉質嫩滑,肥瘦度適中,肉汁豐盈,醃料調味又剛好不會搶去肉的風頭。 點心:仁棯燒鵝酥 (3/5)賣相和以往吃的不太一樣,今次是啞色的,是否忘記再掃上一層油清?仁棯醬酸甜適中,但外皮太厚,可能是要放多些麵粉才能捏出動物的形狀,但完嚐不到鵝肉的油香,我吃了一口便放下。 蜂巢鮑魚盒 (5/5)外型精緻,上層的鮑魚仔口感軟嫩,味道濃郁,底層的芋頭餡熱辣辣,又有冬菇粒粒的口感,是水準之作。 黑椒牛柳酥 (3/5)非常鬆化的酥皮,但入口只有濃郁的黑椒香,完全掩蓋牛肉味,吃了一口便放下,味道和兩年前相比的確是退步了。如果黑椒味淡一點,整體味道會比較平衡。 雪棗螺頭燉雞湯:(4/5)賣相完全不討好,但湯水清澈少油,湯料清晰可見,入口非常鮮甜美味。 崧子蘭度炒蝦球:(3.5/5)賣相討好能引起食慾,崧子油香味濃郁,和爽口彈牙的蝦球非常配合,可惜芥蘭有輕微苦澀味。 清蒸東星班:(0/5)紅皮東星這條貴價魚竟然火候控制得非常差,肉質十分鞋口,老得沒有辦法咬開,很多客人直接吐出來,非常失望,也是浪費食物,原來米芝連中菜廳連蒸魚也不懂控制火侯! 海參雞粒炆飯:(0/5)飯粒非常硬,是生米,有親友問我這道菜是否用了糯米,因為囗感太硬咬不開,完全是浪費食物,我見到枱面有超過一大半飯是吃剩的! 雪蓮子杞子燉海帶:(2/5)賣相十分精緻討好,可惜味道太甜,只能品嚐到糖的味道,完全吃不到蓮子和杞子的味道。有幾位親友表示海帶有腥味,另外又有幾位親友表示糖水未吃完(還有八成),侍應生完全在沒有過問之下就把食物收起來。食物質素: (2/5)環境: (4/5)服務: (3/5)最美味的竟然是乳豬,竟然不是文華出品, 令我很驚訝。 continue reading
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Level2 2017-12-09
一年一度友人生日飯,期望與水準一樣高。提前與友人慶祝生日飯,一早已訂枱,餐廳很好,還送了3 個壽包給我們,別以為送的就不好吃,壽包是蛋黃連容包,咸香味混入清香的連蓉,倍感滋味。點心價錢合理,畢竟不能與一般酒樓相比~ 推介片皮鴨,鮑魚酥,黑毛豬叉燒,灌湯餃,很有驚喜 continue reading
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Level4 2017-05-25
Everything about Man Wah felt elegant, even simple dim sum which were served beautifully. I would say the taste for the 'steamed' dim sum were quite standard; basically we were not blown away but it was more than edible. More special were the pastry dimsum. The texture were smooth and crispy in the right way. Also, kudos to the service as they made us feel very comfortable with the surrounding. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2017-04-21
澳門美食如雲,其實曾考慮留宿多一晚;不過心裡開始記掛兩兄妹了,加上晚間一場特別的約會,所以又提早趕回香港。而約會地點,是心儀已久的 文華廳! 多少個週末與友人相約茶聚,都因這裡的 no child policy 未能成行;這晚隻身由澳門回來,前來赴約實在剛好。年獲米芝蓮一星的 文華廳,位於香港文華東方酒店25樓,進入暗紅富中國風情的門面後,美麗的維港夜景盡收眼底,實在來得太動人! 以美味小巧的腐皮卷及海苔腰果開一開胃後,飽滿誘人的 北京片皮鴨 Peking duck ($498半隻/$968全隻) 也上檯了;年紀輕輕但專業有禮、笑容可掬的侍者先向我們展示鴨隻後,又搬回工作檯開始片皮儀式。 第一下手起刀落之後,沒有出現預期中的清脆利落、神速片鴨的情況;不是因為技術不純熟,而是侍者每片下一件 (純) 鴨皮,都會幫忙去掉多餘的油脂! 所以當食客享用烤鴨時,只有鴨皮的香脆,絕沒噴油的脂肪,連墊底的蝦片也維持乾爽,是繼鴨皮後的另一可口美食! 如此出色的鴨片,加上薄身軟熟的餅皮、清爽青瓜蔥絲,以及好吃的烤鴨醬後,那份滋味你能想像嗎?明明由澳門吃撐了回來,甜魔媽媽都不客氣連吃三大件,美味之處不言而喻了! 吃完烤鴨,又有 松茸花菇竹笙燉菜膽素湯 Double boiled, vegetable soup, matsutake mushroom, shiitake mushroom, bamboo pith ($168) 來清一清胃口,安排太貼心了!全素燉湯清鮮不寡,配料清甜,而且以文火持續返熱保溫,喝到最後一口都是熨熱的,很讚~ 這晚胃納實在不多,但這味 瑤柱蟹肉炒桂花 Stir fried crabmeat, conpoy, Kam Wah ham, bean sprout, egg ($328) 結集了清爽、香口、鮮甜於一身,同時丁點不油不膩,我無法抗拒它的魅力連吃兩大碗啊! 接著是推介菜式的 豉汁骨香龍利球 Wok fried Dover sole, black bean sauce ($708),賣相奪人、未吃先興奮!龍脷魚外層微脆、濃惹入味,中間卻保持嫩滑,果然好吃;酥脆可入口的魚骨,以及青嫩的菜芯,也一樣的精彩,大家當然沒有錯過。 然後又有 黑蒜牛肝菌炒牛肉 Wok fried beef, porcini mushroom, black garlic ($298),選用嫩滑有牛味的美國牛肉片,加上奇香腍滑牛肝菌、清爽脆嫩露筍,以及酸酸甜甜的健康黑蒜,也是一再 encore 的菜式。 肚子已經飽到不行,但還有 生菜片鴨崧 二食 Wok fried minced duck, bamboo shoots served with lettuce 呢!吃這味,除了要求炒鴨崧的鑊氣,選用飽滿脆嫩的生菜片也非常重要,這樣才能帶來美好的對比感,而文華廳絕對做足要求。又忍不住連吞兩件了! 菜式終於吃完,壓軸的甜品是不可能吃剩的 楊枝甘露 Chilled mango cream, sago, pomelo ($88);原因除了口味清新動人,也由於當中大大粒的椰果太帶有咬口了!甜魔媽媽超喜歡的! 最後還有以銀籠呈上的精緻 Petit Fours,太飽關係只選了桂花糕及蓮蓉酥來吃,撞鬼!兩款都是精品,看來不久後又要撇下兩兄妹來飲茶,品嚐更多點心了! 由烤鴨、湯品、小菜以至甜品,無不精緻美味,加上醉人環境及貼心到位的服務,米芝蓮一星受之有理。更高興是認識了健談爽朗的新朋友,期待在南方小島再聚再聊! continue reading
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