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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2020-2021)
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12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 22:30
Tue - Sun
12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 22:30
*Downstairs Bar/Lounge (Tue-Sun): 12:00-23:00
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餐廳坐落於鴨巴甸街元創坊,經過花園進入兩層高小屋,裝修氣氛雅緻,菜色精緻獨到,服務周到。smoke organic egg potato chorizo buckwheat inspired by Odette signature dish由Odette特色菜啟發熏制有機雞蛋 薯仔 西班牙香腸 蕎麥(Odette 是新加坡一家米芝蓮3星法國餐廳)。chestnut veloute foie gras shaving sauteed seasonal mushrooms栗子鵝肝濃湯  炒蘑菇 Challans duck glazed with cider vinegar braised endive bigarade sauceBigarade sauce: A classic French brown sauce flavoured with oranges and served with duck. Bigarade sauce combines beef stock, duck drippings, orange and lemon juice, blanched orange peel慢煮法國櫻桃鴨 加上蘋果醋燒紅燒菊苣endive(苦白菜)配經典Bigarade 醬。 Bigarade sauce 是一種經典的法國棕色調味醬,Bigarade醬結合了牛肉湯,鴨汁,橙汁和檸檬汁。Pan-seared line-caught fish braised fennel tomato and piquillos condiment reduced fish soup  (Piquillo Pepper Sauce 西班牙紅椒汁)香煎魚柳紅燒,配菜 茴香 跟(Piquillo Pepper Sauce 西班牙紅椒汁 和 番茄汁  ) 法國農夫魚湯汁Desert sampler凡套餐可以選配甜品一款:Napoleon cake 拿破侖蛋糕french madeleines 瑪德蓮蛋糕 Canelé  卡納蕾蛋糕加$190 配餐酒兩杯,侍酒師為客人選配紅酒,但別期望過高。 continue reading
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This French restaurant is located in PMQ Central, and has been awarded Michelin 1-star status this year. On the ground floor of the historic building is the reception and lounge, also having a bar. Arriving early in the evening, we were seated at the lounge while waiting for the restaurant to open, enjoying a sip of cocktail at the comfortable banquette seating. Soon the staff came to show us to the dining area on the first floor. What greeted us was a nice ambience, with warm lighting and cozy environment. The design and decor created a homey relaxation while at the same time showing elegance and neatness. Our table was on the window side, with its traditional frames commonly seen in the 60s, bringing back a lot of memories. We were served the Amuse Bouche which contained a langoustine mousse on the bottom, with a layer of gelatin with tomato extracts, then having some basil puree, small pieces of cucumber and croutons on top. I like how the acidity of the tomato in the gelatin giving a refreshing taste, integrated well with the soft creamy langoustine mousse with the sweetness. The basil puree provided not only a contrast in color but also flavor, with the cucumber and croutons further enriching with a crunchy texture. A very nice starter. We ordered two appetizers to share. The first was Hamachi Tartar, Cucumber, Citrus Dressing and Smoked Cream ($278). The presentation was very attractive, plus the dressing was only added at the table. The raw fish pieces were fresh and great, full of flavors which was further highlighted by the citrus dressing. I also liked the smoked cream which provided an integrating effect to the overall dish, combining and enriching the whole experience. The second appetizer was Sauteed Hong Kong Frog Legs, Parsley, Garlic Crisps ($268). A pleasant surprise seeing this on the menu, the frog legs were trimmed to look like a drumstick, allowing us to eat them by holding the bone. The restaurant had smartly provided us with a tray of lemon water and towel to clean our hands afterwards. The frog legs were very tasty, seasoned well, and with some nice aioli and crispy garlic slices to further add to the feast of flavors. Another good one.Coming to the main course, we had the Roasted Hong Kong Yellow Chicken, Niigata Rice 'en cocotte', Salad ($958). Certainly the highlight of the evening, this chicken is definitely a must-try in my opinion. After roasting it was first served to us to take a look, and then the chef would carefully carve and cut the chicken into pieces, before serving together with the rice and salad. The chicken was so juicy and moist, and even the breast was not rubbery at all. Another great thing was that there was no fat underneath the skin. Even the rice was fantastic, with the Japanese rice fragrant with the chicken jus, parsley and the roasted chicken skin added. The portion was also big and could easily serve 3-4 people. One of the best roasted chicken I had tasted. For dessert, I opted for Selection of Artisan French Cheese ($358) while my wife had the 'Grand Cru' Chocolate ($148). The cheese unfortunately was only mediocre in my opinion, and typically I would crave for Comte and blue cheese but both were not in particular appealing to me. The only one I found appealing was the goat cheese which together with the sultana was fairly good. Probably better to skip the cheese and order other desserts next time.The service is good, with the staff coming to check with us on things and also helpfully explained each dish so we could better understand and appreciate the ingredients and the specialty of the cooking and such. The bill was $2,424 which was reasonable and considering the total experience I would say they well deserve their Michelin star. continue reading
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Level4 2020-11-18
🌹閨蜜11月約會的午餐,我們選定去食法國菜,位於元創方《Louise》,米芝蓮一星餐廳,預訂需要近大半個月才有所想的日子。🌹我們今次是吃午餐,食店有二層高,進餐是Main Dining room位於二樓,室內環境沒什麼特別,陽台覺得不錯,但當天沒有得選擇。🍴點餐 2 courses (5🌟為滿分)🍽Appetisers Smoked organic egg,potato,chorizo,buckwheat 🌟🌟🌟賣相美麗,口感特別Chestnut veloute,foie gras shaving,sauteed seasonal mushroom 🌟🌟🌟充滿蘑菇香🍽Main courses Challans duck glazed with cider vinegar,braised endives,Bigarade sauce 🌟🌟🌟鴨肉口感偏硬,紅色的肉,不知熟唔熟😂Pan seared line caught fish,braised fennel,tomato and piquillos condiment,reduced fish soup🌟🌟魚有腥味,肉質有點霉😂法國餐口味是獨特的,但始終覺得不是我口味。但我欣賞其他....如擺盤、不同的食物配搭、環境、服務等。個人評分(5💙為滿分)食物💙💙💙服務💙💙💙環境💙💙💙💙衛生💙💙💙抵食💙💙回頭率💙 continue reading
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My friend and I made a reservation at Louise for Sunday brunch, which appeared to be one of the easiest reservation we made recently for nice restaurants.The weekend brunch menu is kinda big (literally), and we spent some time to figure out how many dishes we want to get.Our nice brunch began with a complimentary bread basket. My friend and I are huge bread lover, these delicious sourdough, croissant and pain au chocolate immediately got our hearts! The sour cream with multi-seeds and buckwheat did a great job as a supreme spread! Very lovely indeed!We ordered three dishes to share. The portion appeared to be small, but the dishes were surprisingly filling and satisfying!The dish on top was Sautéed Hong Kong frog legs with parsley and garlic crisps. The frog legs were very meaty and juicy. The parsley puree and garlic crisps made fantastic and enjoyable dressing.The bottom dish was a dish inspired by Odette signature dish of Smoked organic egg, potato, chorizo, and buckwheat. Lovely mashed potato with delicious, runny organic egg (hidden under the foam) as “dressing”, it’s definitely a must-try dish if you love potatoes. My friend actually loathes potatoes, but she enjoyed it through and through.This Louise Blue Lobster Sandwich is not your ordinary lobster sandwich. The blue lobster chunks were very fresh and delicious. Love the coleslaw in the sandwich even though I am not a salad person, it just added the right amount veggies and sauce to the sandwich. Love it!We ordered a Paris-Brest to share, and it was a great decision, as this was a very filling, delicious piece of Paris-Brest! With a rich layer of hazelnut cream in the middle wrapped by dense puff, this piece of gourmet pastry made us wanting more…We were already thinking about when to visit again for dinner. continue reading
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Level4 2020-09-16
今日有幸來到這家米芝蓮法式餐廳。但說實話無論服務與食物質素,都非常嚴重失望。不過環境還是非常漂亮的。由於來到已經是下午兩點。我問其中一個服務員還有沒有lunch menu,他說有。怎麼知道到我要點菜的時候另外一個服務員就說現在已經沒有lunch提供。說2點已經是last order。但是後來他又說不確定然後去問其他人,但一直沒有回復我最終情況。這種管理模式我真的無語。這個不是米其林餐廳嗎?怎麼可能連那麼簡單最基本的服務都達不到?我們點了sparkling water,法式煎魚槽,龍蝦三文治。和一份cheese selection的甜品。他們的chef送了一個前菜給我, 裏面有啫哩有mousse也有一些綠色不知明的脆粒。酸酸甜甜的雖然味道有點怪但還是可以接受。另外也送了一份麵包拼盤給我們。所涂的醬有一點特別,應該有黃豆和花生粒在內。味道中規中矩。但他們的主菜確實讓我失望。法式煎魚槽實在太淡味道,煎魚的鮮味完全不能發揮出來。龍蝦三文治更加不用說,完全吃不到任何龍蝦肉,祇有一些細小的小龍蝦肉。最搞笑的是點了的甜品cheese selection居然又是麵包拼盤。請問我吃那麼多麵包幹什麼呢?從前菜主菜到甜品都是麵包。我在越南經常吃法國菜。也不至於每一頓都是麵包吧。另外服務員經常十問九不應,呼叫很多次都沒有反應來。敏感度完全不足。以一家米芝蓮餐廳來說絕對不合格。 continue reading
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