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A restaurant specializing in authentic Italian cuisine, the restaurant’s chef Angelo Aglianó was born in Sicily and has many years of experience. He is good at serving seafood and pasta, including the famous Uni Risotto, and will introduce a new menu with high quality seasonal ingredients. continue reading
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Level4 2022-11-06
Good to hear Locanda is doing weekend brunch. One more spot for boozy brunch on my list now! A very good deal for the brunch package. $450 for food. There are two free flow packages. $200 and $350. Both including bubbles (Prosecco/ champagne), red wine, white wine, soft drinks, beer, water and coffee/tea. How good is that? After serving bread basket, few starters were served for sharing. Burrata, Tomato Salad, Fresh Basil Panzanella, with Anchovy, Braised Red Onion, Tuna SauceThis is my first time having this dish. My Italian friends explained this dish is a classic salad, with bread and tuna. Love it! The bread was all soaked with the delicious dressing. Mixed Cold Cuts, marinated zucchini Generous amount of cold cuts serving on a wooden board. Classic! Grilled Squid Salad, Basil Pesto, Green BeansLove this salad as well! Basil pesto is so fresh and it goes really well with the squid and the potato. There’s also a hot starter grilled Toscana Salsiccia, with Roma tomato sauceThe Italian sausages were served in small hot casserole in a rich tomato sauce. My friends said the dish made them missing home Each of us can choose one dish for main course. We all pick a pasta dish. “Gentile” Tubetti, with eggplant, tomato, ricotta cheese. Tubetti is al dente! Sauce is so rich! Always a great combination with tomato, basil and ricotta. Can’t never go wrong! “Gentile” Linguine, Gambero Rosso, Spring Vegetable Sauce (+$250) This is the high light of my brunch! Red prawn from Sicily. So fresh and I was surprised it was in a pretty decent size! The sauce is so rich of seafood flavour. Pasta is al dente as usual! Feel like heaven! Homemade apple tart, Locanda Tiramisu A good tiramisu and coffee to finish lovely brunch! Locanda is always one of my favourite restaurants for some great Italian food. More people should know this place and visit them. Try out their food and you won’t regret! continue reading
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Level4 2023-03-12
📍Locanda dell’AngeloMichelin Guide Recommended RestaurantLocanda dell’Angelo’s brunch is too underrated! Not only it’s good for value, the quality is top notch too! Although they don’t do unlimited refills for their appetizers any more, it’s still a very filling menu. From the 5 appetizers we had to share amongst 3 of us, we enjoyed the burrata salad and the pesto green beans crouton salad the most. The prawns on the beetroot salad are very fresh too. The grilled zucchini and cold cut was a huge board to share. Honestly the appetizers alone already filled us up. But the mains were so good that we cleared all the plates. It’s worth every penny to add on for the red prawn linguine. Perfect al dante and the red prawn 🫶🏻 Their Pappardelle Bolognese was so good. Their pasta is faulty proof. Their chicken is an add on option but the price is fair as well. Dessert wise, a warm apple tart and tiramisu just gave the perfect end to the meal. With HK$200, you can have unlimited alcohol as well! Love that they only charge HK$20 per person for sparkling water! Seriously give their brunch a try! I left with a really satisfied 🤰🏻Price: HK$600-800 pp (brunch) Revisit: 10/10 continue reading
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Level1 2022-06-07
有次同朋友一起去食,環境比較清淨,食物質素也算不錯,畢竟係義大利菜,而且評論小有名氣。但有個瘦瘦細細粒女仔,服務極度唔夠專業,手勢,方方面面,叫都唔應。呢個價錢的服務真係唔抵,餐廳好似無負責人管理呢個女仔一樣,唔會去第二次啦。希望餐廳可以好好教育她,如果唔係私人高級餐廳咁樣D服務邊鬼個會返食?而且價錢都唔算平啦,真系不知所謂。希望下次有朋友見到自己做好心理準備,唔好比她影響到你的晚餐心情呀,盡量唔好搵她服務嘍 continue reading
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人海茫茫,尋找真正喜歡的另一半不容易,尋找一間啱心水嘅餐廳同樣說易亦難,口味要啱之餘,亦要經濟條件相符,親民的Locanda dell'Angelo 正合我意。今年已經是第三次光顧,驚喜依然,回味無窮!Amuse BoucheChef Angelo 的 Amuse Bouche 向來與別不同,喜歡先送上一道湯,上兩回是充滿西西里特色的蘭度豆湯,今晚準備了的是紅蘿蔔魚湯,三文魚及煙燻劍魚肉的組合,再加上菠蘿及脆粒,味道鮮美且有層次,溫和地唤醒味蕾。Burrata Cheese with trio of Tomatoes, baby lettuce, Anchovies and Capuliatu 水牛芝士配三款不同蕃茄、生菜及少許意大利鹹魚 Anchovies,心思細膩嘅配搭,令芝士前菜倍增層次口感。 Beef Carpaccio with Arugula and Parmigiano, light Mustard sauce生牛肉香嫩,賣相型格,芝士香濃味道很不錯。 Hakkaido Sea Urchin risotto with fresh Wasabi and Chives繼而是招牌菜-海膽意大利飯,見到個樣已經知道得,飯粒飽滿吸汁力強,硬硬地 el dente 的口感,海膽甘香新鮮,非常合拍。原來尚有一小秘訣,大廚刻意加了些日式芥末,有助帶出海膽之鮮甜。 Homemade Fettucine with Duck Ragout, aged armigiano 36 months and mix Herbs自製嘅扁身闊麵,富蛋香,質感新鮮軟熟,掛汁能力高,吸收了羊肉之精華,味道豐富,而羊肉本身,肉質鬆軟滋味,份量不少的香草,發揮功力,極有助中和羊肉獨特的肉味,因此完全唔覺得羶。Roasted Black Cod with Daikon Veloute, baby Radish and Arugula Pesto鱈魚本身已經肥美滑溜,再加上忌廉汁,相得益彰,湯頭真的好味,裏面還有一些日本蘿蔔仔。 Pan-fried Iberico Pork neck with trio of Endive in Balsamic flavor and Mashed Potato黑毛豬頸肉,肉質鮮嫩細緻至極,口感竟然似在吃牛舌,燒汁滋味,蘸一些,錦上添花。旁邊特別配了三條帶苦的菊花菜,原來甘苦之味有助減膩,與肉同吃非常匹配,Chef 真有心得。 Tiramisu served in tumbler glass with coffee ice兩款甜品,這個Tiramisu已經吃過,一口甜蜜的芝士蛋糕,一口甘香的咖啡冰,美味無窮,百吃不厭。 Today’s Special 一款是今日特色,我忘記了叫什麼名字,鬆軟嘅蛋糕質地,吸收了白酒香,雖然配料有忌廉,口感依然輕盈清新。烹調有技巧富心思,食材又靚,服務殷勤,環境舒適,我需要的就是這些。 continue reading
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Level3 2022-01-30
一早與朋友們約定了聖誕假期的星期天到跑馬地老牌意大利料理Dell Angelo聚餐,恰逢這個冬季最冷的幾天,格外有聖誕節的氣氛。倒上紅酒後,服務員也一同送上了芝士和火腿,搭配桌上的談天說地,屋裏頓時就熱鬧了起來。在前菜上桌之前,店家準備了一道小巧的開胃菜——一顆形似湯圓的南瓜蓉。南瓜本就是秋冬食物的代表,溫暖香甜的同時也無故增添了一絲氛圍感。北海道帶子兩吃,先是經典做法牛油煎香,呈現帶子的清晰纖維和酥軟多汁。二是將帶子和蝦肉剁碎混勻,以tartare的形式呈現,再點綴一簇魚子醬,將幾種質感各異的海鮮組合在一起,每一口都是鮮美。今天的主菜之一燴飯采用了日本蛤蜊,肉質飽滿汁水豐富。雖然奶油底的做法讓整道菜以綿密的口感呈現,但依然保留了蛤蜊的鮮味,平衡了燴飯的濃郁,粒粒都是幸福感。和牛裏脊煎到三分熟,略微烤焦的表層包裹著粉嫩的內裏,配上薯蓉,算是一道清爽的肉食主菜了。甜品是意式Baba,一種浸泡在酒精糖漿裏的海綿蛋糕。今天的酒底是Mojito,配上草莓瓣和椰子雪糕,甜蜜有些超載,到這裏胃裏已經沒有太多多余的空間了。值得一提的是最後店家還加送了聖誕節獨有的食物Panettone蛋糕,是特別的巧克力口味,口感柔韌,堅果味濃郁,十分令人驚喜。這家店地址較為隱秘,卻也聞名遐邇。是美食地道,也是店家創造的溫馨氛圍令人向往吧。 continue reading
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