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Review (229)
Level5 2019-06-05
This restaurant is located in LKF Tower, with a huge bar on one side offering a nice hang-out space for customers to enjoy themselves with a few of their signature cocktail, while on the window side a series of table giving diners the proper setting to enjoy their meal in a dim lighting.We were seated at one end of that dining section, and with not that many customers on the night, able to have a nice quiet ambiance throughout our meal. The leather sofa is comfortable, but one panel got a large slash and was torn. Even though we was not exactly sitting on that it was not a nice sign and kind of indicating the lack of upkeep for this restaurant. I ordered a mocktail while perusing the menu. The Passion Cooler ($70) is concocted from passion fruit, lime, coconut and plum, with lots of shaved ice on top. The taste is quite good with the lime giving the acidity to balance the sweetness of the fruit juice and syrups, but there are so much ice that either you have to wait for the ice to melt, or the mocktail would finish in two big suck, making you wonder it is a bit of ripe-off...For starter we had the Mussels Meuniere ($185). The mussels are large in size, cooked nicely to allow a nice tender texture without making the mussels rubbery. The sauce is made from white wine, butter, shallot and garlic, with a brioche toast on the side for dipping. I like the brioche better than the mussels honestly, freshly toasted and very soft, great together with the sauce. A nice start. Then we had the Razor Clam Linguini ($235). This is my favorite in the evening, with the creamy white wine sauce appealing, the pasta great on texture with a nice bite. The sun-dried tomato and garlic gave a nice mixture of sweetness and fragrance to the linguini. The razor clams are a bit of a let down though and from the bite I feel it was the frozen ones. However the overall experience was still good and delicious.At the same serving time came one of the two main courses we ordered: Slow Cooked French Turbot Fillet ($360), with watercress puree, endives, grated Parma Ham. Not sure because we finished the pasta before starting this dish, or because of the cooking method, the fillet was only lukewarm. I am not sure I resonate with the rationale of using this technique to cook fish. The watercress puree was to me too bitter, and that might match with the taste of endives, that sort of mask the other tastes for me. The plating is very beautiful but still it could not change my overall disappointment for this dish. Having told the waitress not to serve our other main course until we finished the last course, we ended up having to wait a while for this dish: Slow Cooked French Pigeon Breast ($380). It was interestingly prepared by combining a piece of foie gras with the pigeon breast, giving a layer effect, and offering a contrast of the creamy and soft texture from the two components. The poached figs is put on top of a white daikon, and helped to balance the fatty sensations as a traditional good complement to the foie gras. The pigeon breast is tender and for this one I could relate to the slow cook method. But overall it did not provide me a wow factor.Going for dessert my wife had the Classic Creme Brulee ($85) with Madagascar vanilla and a caramelized sugar crust, while I had the Banana Ice-Cream ($35). The ice-cream is nice, with rich banana flavors but the restaurant could add a bit of flair by having a few slices of banana or other garnish in my opinion.The service is decent with the staff attentive and not intrusive to diners for them to enjoy their conversation. Like I mentioned many times I would really like them to introduce each dish, not just calling out the name of the dish, but a bit more on the ingredients or way it is prepared. That I found always made the dish more enjoyable but not that many restaurant spent the effort.The bill was $1562 and it was fairly expensive considering this is more a bar/restaurant, I found it not too surprising that they did not have many customers. I think there are many areas they could tidy up to make this restaurant better, and I hope they could review and took the effort to change. continue reading
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Level3 2019-06-02
長大後要面對工作壓力💆🏻‍♀️,放工後就會想放鬆一下,見下鍾意嘅朋友,暢所欲言。而家搵happy hour🥂既地方,都盡量希望搵啲靚啲,坐得舒適啲嘅餐廳,上網見到呢間餐廳好靚,就提議黎呢度。呢間餐廳嘅happy hour時間,平日係下午五點至八點,星期六係下午六點至八點。可能時間尚早,一開始又獨霸左二樓全層。差不多到七點嘅時候,呢度就開始聚集左好多外國人。點左杯Cocktails( $80 ),同埋Parmesan and truffle fries( $75 ),美酒脆薯,加埋西式優雅既環境,輕輕鬆鬆渡過左個歡樂時光。💃🏼👯‍♀️ continue reading
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Level2 2019-05-24
成日係中環唔知食咩既時間都會黎呢度食lunch!貪佢夠chill 同埋d oyster 好新鮮同鮮甜好正😍我系一個腸胃好敏感的人,如果d生蠔唔夠新鮮就好易會柯嘔肚痛😢食過好多間酒店buffet d生蠔都出事都唔感再試!但依間係小數香港既餐廳我食完都冇事🙏以前佢地個 lunch有個buffet嫁 其實我都掛住佢地個lunch buffet! 依家就變左set menu! 有時想食得健康啲,就叫個沙律!有時想食牛扒就會叫佢個rib eye, 雖然 冇buffet咁吸引,不過以咁既價錢,咁嘅質素,係中環蘭桂芳真係算CP值好高嫁喇!同埋我覺得呢度好啱feel黎happy hour! 樓上鋪又唔會太嘈靜靜地啱晒三五知己開返支酒傾吓計。 continue reading
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Level3 2019-04-18
係中環食lunch諗唔到食咩又想坐得舒服d 的話通常都去lily & bloom 以前佢既lunch menu有個semi buffet 幾吸引前排去無左,淨返set lunch, 有點傷心,無得瘋狂食佢個mac&cheese 除左lunch 之下,Happy Hour都係唔錯既選擇Mon-Fri: 5-8pm; Sat: 6-8pm House Wine, 啤酒🍻, whisky, rum, gin, vodka都係$40杯其他cocktail就$80 Bar snacks 都幾惹味友人同我叫左一份Nam Nam Wings, truffle & parmesan fries 當晚餐個Nam Nam Wings 好有東南亞風味,一份8隻都唔細份Truffle & parmesan fries 脆脆的,但有一半炸得過左龍,好似食緊油渣咁整體上Weekday happy hour 靜靜地傾下計,抵玩之選 continue reading
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Level4 2019-03-20
My colleagues and me went to the restaurant because the promotion of the Restaurant Week, my friend told me that Lily and Bloom is good and the lunch menu included Oyster.Staffs are super nice and the environment was good, not too many people and not very crowded.This is Semi buffet, the salad bar provides cherry tomato, watermelon & feta, sweet corn & pomegranate farro & roasted butternut squash etc. All these salad tasted good.Sea Bass Fillet - Baked Sea Bass Fillet, shrimp sauce & garlic mash potatoes - The fillet was good but a little bit salty.Pork Ribs - Roasted Iberico pork ribs glazed with barbecue sauce and roasted potatoes - the pork ribs was delicious. The meat was cooked perfectly, the texture was juicy. Spring Chicken - Pan seared spring chicken, tomatoes, black olives, parsley & chilli sauce - The texture of the chicken was good as it wasnt too soft and too hard.At the end, we ordered a cup of coffee and freshly baked cookies was provided outside the salad bar. The coffee was rich and the cookies was crispy. continue reading
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