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Lei Garden offer Chinese cuisine, the chef's choice and seasonal dish.To meet changing time and expectations of customers, the Lei Garden Group has consistently pushed for innovation.It is to maintain standard and make improvements on the existing menu based on customer's feedbacks, and more importantly to demand each chef to create new dishes. Over the last 30 years, more than a thousand new dishes have been perfected that way. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2015)
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Pan-fried Shark-Fin with Fresh Crab Meat Crispy Roasted Pork Grilled Lobster Steak Braised Abalone with Fresh Goose Liver Double-Boiled Sea-Whelk Soup
Review (82)
Trainee Gourmet 2016-08-12
本人陪老闆來這裡午餐應酬多次的小嘍囉。客觀地講,菜式不錯,跟著老闆所以看到的服務態度也是很好,加上地點好也導致常常爆滿。因為中秋月餅這兩天開始憑券領餅,提早買券當手信,今天想著從公司出發拿了餅直接機場快線去搭飛機,11:10到的,說是要11:30才開始領。我說明了情況前台就讓我繼續等,說不是她負責。等到11:20.負責的人來了,我再說明了我的情況,明明券在我手,餅在桌上,他搖搖頭說再等等吧就進門不管而去。我明白換券有時間規矩,但是客人有特殊情況需要,情況又不複雜的,這麼沒有人情味的事情還是令人失望的。結果我還是去趕飛機了。沒有換到。今年的餅券買左,會送人。明年以後,不會再買這家,讓她專心賺遊客和常客的錢就好。 continue reading
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Rising Gourmet 2016-08-08
This Cantonese restaurant has a number of branches in different parts of HK and this time we went to the one in IFC. I booked my table through their online portal but seems that was missed as the receptionist could not find my booking. Fortunately the restaurant is not full and we were able to have a table (but need to return the table in one hour!). In the future I recommend you to just call them and don't rely on the website to avoid any unhappy incident.Since there are only two of us, we decided to go for the special set so we can have a variety of dishes of small portion. The starter is Crispy Roasted Pork and Fungus with Vinegar. The pork is roasted perfectly with the skin very crispy, pairing well with mustard. The fungus is crunchy as well. A good starter for sure.Then we have the Double Boiled Sea Whelk Soup with Shark's Fin. The soup is always Lei Garden's signature, with the clear broth very tasty, with pronounced flavours and no oil at all. However, the shark's fin has no taste and apparently are not braised sufficiently beforehand. It is also not heated up before putting in the soup so making the whole soup just barely warm. The soup would be much bigger serving without the shark's fin overall.The third dish is Braised 4 Heads Fresh Abalone in Oyster Sauce. The abalone was braised perfectly with the softness texture to allow you to cut it easily with the knife, yet also having a good chewiness. The oyster sauce is also seasoned perfectly to bring out the intense flavours of the abalone. The mini pakchoi has absorbed the sauce and is equally tasty.The fourth dish is Steamed Garoupa Fillets with Tofu and XO Sauce. An interesting pairing, the traditional thoughts would be for the Garoupa to pair with just light soy sauce to bring out the delicate taste. But having the XO sauce which is intense and spicy, the combination is quite surprisingly nice in fact. The tofu is smooth and give a contrast to the texture as well.The fifth dish is Roasted Crispy Duck, which got some salad on the side. The duck is roasted very well with the thin layer of skin crispy and there is no thick fatty layer underneath, and the meat texture is very tender also, essentially like melting when chewing. Maybe there is a bit more sauce to pair with the duck would make this even better.The sixth dish is Poached Sliced Green with Wild Mushroom. The seasonal vegetable of spinach and mushroom is poached in a nice stock to give flavours. There are also some bean curd sheet which got soaked in the stock and likewise nice.Then comes the Hand Pulled Noodles in Lobster Soup. The noodle texture is very good, with the bouncy and chewy texture, silky in the mouth. The lobster soup is not particularly tasty and frankly without telling me I won't be able to tell it is a lobster soup, being quite bland in flavour. The accompanying onion, mushroom and Chinese celery helped to bring some small bites to the noodle however to make it still enjoyable.Finally the dessert is Sweetened Bird's Nest Pumpkin Cream. It is of the proper sweetness level for me, not overly so, with the nice pumpkin taste and some purée, paired with the bird's nest it enhances the premium offering of the dish with good taste.Overall the restaurant is decently decorated though the tables are just too clamped to each other which make it very crowded and noisy. Service is fair, though again I don't like the way they keep telling customers we need to finish the meal in a hour (for dinner!). That in fact happened also during lunch with dim sum.The price is expensive at $2208 for two, with only the set for two and nothing more, and considering the quality of the food and the ingredients that is quite over-priced. My overall rating is 53/100. continue reading
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Rising Gourmet 2016-08-06
     冰烧三层肉(HKD$118):首先我喜欢它的size,切成一小块一口就可以吃掉,这样很好,不会让你觉得很heavy。外皮薄而脆,味道是咸香型。      龙虾汤泡饭(HKD$188):跟烧腩肉比起来,我会更赞这道龙虾汤泡饭。喝起来好鲜甜,而且这份鲜甜是很清新的,一点都不觉得饱腻。特别喜欢撒在上面的脆米,再加上菜粒与虾仁,吃起来十分爽口,口感倍增。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Trainee Gourmet 2016-07-26
This is always my first choice to bring my friends from overseas. Menu is super - easy to understand with images and includes most of THE chinese dishes. My all time favourite is peking duck! My 11 years old can finish a whole dish all by himself. Always comfortable dining atmosphere - relatively quiet for chinese resturant standard and seats are always comfy.A recommendation - Why not having dim sum for the menu at night? It will be nice to have a few sau mai as an appetizer  continue reading
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Novice Gourmet 2016-06-07
新搬咗屋,所以班friend都話要去慶祝下,睇完戲之後就覺得好肚餓喇,成班人又懶喔,就就近去咗利苑度食dinner喇,我地等咗一陣就有位坐喇,感謝主!首先系絕對唔會少嘅蝦餃喇,去邊都要食,大家岩岩好一人一隻,皮薄,餡料比較鹹,但系其他幾個都話味道岩岩好,可能系我問題吧。鴿肉就好好味,覺得絕對系上等,食起身嘅時候好嫩,新甜美味,果然系鴿,肉質好嫩,牛仔骨又一般般喇,價錢仲要高翻小小,入嘴之後都唔見左牛仔骨嘅原味,唔推薦。環境都好舒適嘅,不過食下食下發覺好多人,睇嚟下一次都要提前啲book位喇 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)