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Review (2)
Level4 2011-06-14
Le Boudoir reminds me of the Pastis & Absinthe bars in France, with a swanky but retro fit-out which is almost an exact replica of the same in Paris, although there is nothing unscrupulous about this. Afterall it is probably the only one of its kind over here. A pair of twin, possibly over-the-top corny chandeliers hang above the bar top - scattering its light all over the room and painting it with a little French Romanticist vibe. It is owned by the Pastis and St Germain French guys - ok, knowing that it all somehow explains itself !! I mean, I like this place a lot, I'll take someone out on a date here. And to be frank, they could really do with a few more of those designer armchairs, which we never really got a chance to try....High Thyme - Made with Thyme, Sagatiba Velha Cachaça Rum, Grand Marnier, fresh Lime Juice & Pear Puree. This was a refreshing summer cocktail, the flavour was quite balanced between the Brazilian rum and the bitter orange cognac flavours from the Grand Marnier. The Pear puree added a cloudy texture to the drink. Not enough fresh thyme in it for my personal liking. Nice concept - but could have been made with a little more contrasting layering of flavours. .Spicy - Absolut Vanilla, Fresh Lime Juice, Honey Syrup, Elderflower Syrup and Thai Red Chili - Recommended by the Bar Tender, a dining friend from Openrice ordered this slightly hot drink. The Elderflower syrup wasn't so apparent as I'd hoped, but the lime juice and the Thai red chili worked wonders together to give this an additional layer and kick! The heat doesn't give you warning, it's not really detectable during each sip but subsequently it crawls its way through to the tongue - enough to give you a little scare and think whether it's going to come on a lot stronger over time. It doesn't - pretty well balanced drink! .Bakery - Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Fresh Lemon and Apple Juice and Gingerbread Syrup -Initially this was too weak in the bourbon as it was like a mocktail. Surprisingly this was a little sweet when reading literally off the menu, and there wasn't much gingerbread's sweet-spice influence.... Needs a bit of work, despite a good concept! .Green Chartreuse -After a few promising Cocktails with some ambitious recipes, but only slightly missing in its final executional taste, I bit the bullet and ordered another drink but this time a green herbal liqueur served on rocks. I normally don't drink this straight but I do miss the chlorophyll filled and slightly anise and tarragon character of this. Made by monks with 132 types of herbs, apparently. Carries slightly similar characters to an Ouzo, Raki or a Pastis. If you want a milder version that is sweet, I think it's better to order the Yellow version... continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2011-03-08
Ill just get this off my chest,Heard there was a great new French style bar serving great cocktails to rival that of feather boa,wrong!!!there were 6 of us and we tried a selection,i tried the saffron infused one myself,anyway ill just concentrate on my cocktail even though i tried all the awful others,when using saffron in anything from sauce to drink (less is best)over use of saffron will give anything an unedible/drinkable bitter taste,just like this cocktail,when i first tried it the waitress noticed i didnt like it,i said it was incredible bitter,her reply was bar reputation destroying gold,ill quote "well your a guy so you can drink it",fantastic what a nice thing to say to someone who is a customer,i would however say that the design of the bar itself was very nice and alot better than feather boa,but service and cocktails are not hitting the mark for me,also i went to get a leffe blond as i needed something to drink that i could trust,the bold barman(i assume owner)seemed reluctant to serve me saying last order no more drinks being served,this i wouldnt have a problem with and i dont blame him(i even asked him all the closing times)but at no point were we informed of last orders from the usless watress who was spending more time just chatting than actual serving.good luck. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)