La Cantoche

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The French “Canteen” in Hong Kong
Just a few steps away from Hollywood Road 227, when you enter the small alley Wa Lane, you will discover a special restaurant, it is a two-storey French restaurant that is like the firefly in the darkness.

This restaurant is called “La Cantoche”. The owner David Sung explained the name of “La Cantoche” means “The Canteen” in French, illustrating a relaxing and casual atmosphere. Not to sell the usually-familiar French fine dining food and wine, but to provide you the best French homey style dishes that you have never tried before in Hong Kong. Even for the French, they are also amazed by the traditional casual French dishes that makes them feel home.

David is the French-born owner whom parents are Hong Kong people. His parents had opened Chinese restaurants in France. In his childhood, he gained the most memorable dining experience in the college of France. Since then, he missed the food so much, and when he moved to Hong Kong, he had conceived the idea of opening a relaxed and friendly dining place, decorated in playful design with graffiti-dotted bricks walls and colorful chairs, offering delicious French homemade food with a friendly price. Having meals here is just like having a trip of your taste sensory traveling to a hometown / to a friend’s home in France.
The menu provides full set of meal with appetizers, main course, side dishes and desserts. In La Cantoche, each main comes with the wonderful sides dishes.
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Level1 2018-04-15
老闆的每一道餸都很用心。甜品好出色,真心推介。空間雖然唔太大,但佈置都很別出心裁。一進門也有一部足球機,有個小閣樓,氣氛不錯。估唔到都幾多法國人幫襯😊我最鍾意個Hanger steak,個蘑菇汁配啲小通粉,好味。另外個米通肉碎生菜包都好特别,那種味道並不是普通泰國餐廳吃到的。焗芝士薯波唔使五分鐘全部KO哂佢地係原個芝士焗,中間流心配薯波真係好好味。甜品唔記得影相個 homemade M&M雪糕都值得一試 continue reading
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🍽食完一次會想再去嘅一間餐廳 。法國人煮理但適合香港人口味嘅法國餐 😋 好中意呢間餐廳。雖然吾係行浪漫氣氛。但比人感覺casual 🙂今晚平日去人流吾係太多。靜靜地嘅環境一路進食感覺好悠閒舒服 👧 收工過黎一流 👍👍📌Roasted Camembert CheeseOMG 😲😲 呢個中意食芝士嘅你地一定要嗌 。 💯💯💯 焗到半溶嘅芝士 成個芝士焗真心正 咸度岩岩好 👍 吾會太濃又吾太膩 配上薯波 沾黎食 😋簡直perfect match 呀 😍😍😍 超級推薦🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️📌Goat Cheese Spring Rolls 呢個羊芝士春卷沙律🐏。岩哂中意蘇味嘅你。 如果怕羊蘇味嘅。千祈吾好嗌😂 我食左一舊就怕了 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Main Courses 方面呢 🙄 樣樣都好食喔。📌Hanger Steak in Creamy Mustard Sauce 首先係呢個牛橫隔膜 (實在好正。忍吾住走左去問老闆係牛嘅邊一個部位) 🙊🙊個牛煮到勁入味。好juicy . 🐮重點係肉質超嫩。後面配左法國通粉 好mini 幾特別🙄📌Lamp Shank📌 Halibut 檸檬汁煎比目魚 🐟 。個魚皮先係精粹 😂魚勁滑好好食 。但mix埋個皮一齊食先係正😛😛 。 吾會好厚粉。食落勁脆 😚 當呢個煎到脆嘅魚皮配上滑lulu嘅魚肉。不得了 😋 (真係勁中意食魚 😶😶)📌M&M's Nougat 甜品 。個M&M 雪糕幾特別。但偏甜 😝見到隔離枱嗌啲野食都好似好好食。留待下次 😋 continue reading
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Level1 2018-04-08
久違的享受!老友飯聚就係要無時限一邊食一邊傾回味當年評論今天!plateau de charcuterie “classique”:有幾款cold cut,最正係仲有一款雞鵝肝醬,無視膽固醇超標都要食!Carpaccio de boeuf :生牛肉配沙律,加咗醋做dressing,正好平衡返個雞鵝肝醬!Lapin a la Moutarde & Tagliatelle: 兔腿肉pasta,記得細個時食兔肉都好普通,但而家好少餐廳賣兔肉,諗起隋棠vs周迅!Creme brûlée maison,甜品是必須的!見到其他枱叫的魚、雞、牛、甜品都好吸引,但我地已經零戰鬥力,下次下次同下次! continue reading
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Level1 2018-04-07
尋晚係上環收工同女朋友搵地方食飯,行過一條小巷見到燈光火著,好奇之下就發現原來係一間裝修幾特別嘅法國bar and restaurant。食完之後真心覺得喜岀望外!原來老闆David係一個法國FBC,自小在法國長大,父母在法國開餐館時已經得到他們的真傳,並於數年前開了這家La Cantoche 。La Cantoche 打破傳統嘅French formal dining,以casual laidback 型式把法國home food帶給客人。David 仲好有心機,上每道菜時會為你介紹,令我對法國菜嘅知識增加不少! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2018-01-29
Summary: Fun, quirky place with great casual French food. Try the awesome Raclette platter! (Warning: unless you’re French or Swiss, one serving feeds 3 people)Cantoche is pretty cool. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but also serves up classic casual French food dishes in a young, fun setting. Cantoche apparently means canteen in informal French, and they embrace the theme. A Super Nintendo (what’s the Euro version called? Super Famicom?) hangs on the wall along with a bunch of games, opposite a giant projection screen, which they welcome you to play at any time (they said they have a hard time finding people to play!).  It is equal parts bar and restaurant on the ground floor, though most people were there for food. Drinks are reasonably priced, though I was surprised how small their wine list is – just a page! In that vein, I loved that when I asked for the cheapest wine on the menu (a test!) they didn’t blink an eye, and recommended it whole-heartedly. An utter lack of pretension radiates throughout La Cantoche, and that might appeal to people who find French food in HK a bit... uninviting.The food is the star though – full disclaimer, we actually didn’t try much besides the Raclette because the cheese platters were HUGE. We had four people but we barely finished two Raclettes, and wouldn’t even have been close without my friend’s individual above-and-beyond effort. Don’t listen when they say it feeds one person holy cow… so much cheese. Here’s what we tried:Anchovy Tart I insisted on this because anchovies are life. Was actually really delicious – light flaky phyllo (I think?) pastry tart with anchovies, tomatoes and a bit of cheese on top. Looks a bit like a pizza but it’s much lighter. A great appetizer.Merguez Sausages I’ve yet to try a bad Merguez in my life and these were delicious as expected. Spicy and bit denser than other sausages, these really pop with a bit of mustard. We ordered Ratatouille as a side, which was excellent too. Not overly oily and overcooked like many versions of this, la Cantoche manages to keep the texture of each vegetable intact while still marrying the flavors together – just like my non-existent French mom used to make. Potato Noisettes Basically the best tater tots you’ve ever had, fluffy potato balls gently deep-fried to crunchy but not till CRUNCHY. If you like deep-fried potatoes, these are killer.RacletteAaaah my Raclette. This can only be a once-a-winter thing for me, but man is it delicious. La Cantoche serves a giant platter of cured meats along with a large serving of bubbling, gooey Raclette, and even throws in a glass of house wine for HKD 268. Besides being pretty serious value, they do it right, even reheating the Raclette to bubbling as many times as you like over the course of the meal. Raclette and bread / meat / pickles / anything is delicious, so you like cheese, give this a shot while it’s still available (I think it’s Winter-only).Giant BrownieMassive homemade brownie with ice-cream. Obscene but the others loved it. Sadly we didn’t get to try much besides the Raclette, but what did try we had was great. We only had a glass of wine each, so the price per person topped out at HKD 300-350. which is a pretty great value for excellent food and service. Try La Cantoche for a fun casual dinner with friends, and it may just be the perfect HK Western-restaurant-first-date-spot – unpretentious, tasty and fun. Get that Raclette before it’s gone, but for God’s sake, don’t try to finish it alone. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)