Exit A, Causeway Bay MTR Station; 5 minutes walking distance from Times Square continue reading
Kudos is located inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel and serves a range of international foods. Unlike most restaurants, guests must eat one of the four set menus offered. The menus rotate weekly, constantly offering guests a different dining experience. continue reading
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Kudos is a casual and contemporary all-day dining destination at Crowne Plaza Hong Kong in Causeway Bay, featuring an extensive selection of Asian and international cuisine that appeals to all palates. Located on the first floor of the hotel, guests can enjoy natural sunlight during the day through the floor-to-ceiling windows while the magnificent view of Causeway Bay glitters at night. Whether it’s a casual meal, special celebration, wedding banquet or an intimate gathering, Kudos ensures that every occasion will be a delicious and delightful success.

Kudos Festive Spices Buffets
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Our last visit was slightly less than a year ago and it seemed that there are now so much more to eat on the buffet table at a similar price for executive semi-buffet lunch! Honestly you could well have a great feast without ordering the main course from the menu but it would be your loss if you didn't order because the main courses were pretty good at an additional cost of just $50+10%!When you entered the restaurant, you were welcome by the sashimi & sushi counter! The sashimi were pretty standard with salmon, tuna, octopus and 立魚. They were nothing special but they were self service with no queue. Quality was average so I just had one round.Cold seafood was next to the sashimi and sushi counter. They were not attractive enough for me to try.There was also a noodle bar at your own service with quite a few types of balls/dumplings/noodles to choose from. I didn't try or spend much time on it. My lunch partner tried to make one and said it was delicious! The bowl looked very pleasant to the eyes!There were two types of soup. One western and one Chinese. I didn't try but my lunch partner tried to add the Chinese soup to his noodles and he said it was good! haha. There were a few types of bread next to the soup counter, including very lovely black sesame bread.There was a simple salad bar. Fruits included water melons, Hami melons, melons and pineapples and were sufficient.The Greek salad and Red Quinoa salad were quite strong in flavour but tasted quite good. The seafood salad with fun si was ok. The pumpkin was a bit too salty. The rocket and spinach in this photo were both quite fresh and went great with cheese! There were a few types of cheese and some cold cuts including smoked salmon and ham which I didn't try. Surprisingly the hot dishes at the buffet table were quite good with quite some choices.Stir fried clams with black bean sauce tasted quite good.Stir fried chicken fillet with mango and bell pepper tasted very good with tender chicken! The sweet mango was a big bonus!Baked seafood with mango cheese sauce had a great delicious taste in the rich cheese sauce with extra bonus from the sweet mango again!Seared fish fillet with mango and coconut sauce was ok. Baked escargots in garlic and herb butter on mashed potato were such a uncommon dish at buffet and were quite yummy too.Chinese cabbage was average.Confit duck leg with mango and red wine sauce was quite tender and juicy than thought!Roasted pork loin with mango and apple gravy was ok.Braised beef cheek with roots vegetables in port wine sauce was ok.Tandoori chicken was too dry.By this time I finally realized that mango should be their theme so many dishes were designed with mangoes as one ingredient.Also tried their sauteed okra and zucchini with tomato sauce. The veggies were quite fresh but the tomato sauce seemed to be absent.When we felt like it, we asked the servers to serve us the main courses.This mains was very good. We asked for medium rare beef and it was cooked perfectly with crispy crust but juicy & tender interior. It had a strong beef flavour too! The veggies including the roasted potatoes were fresh! A very good dish overallThis mains was even better! The lamb cutlet was freshly deep-fried with almost perfect crust which was not too thick. The lamb was still juicy and tender. The mango mint salsa was quite refreshing to balance the oiliness of the deep-fried cutlet. Well done! There were quite some choices of cakes on the desserts table too.There were HD strawberry, mango & raspberry, banana and vanilla ice cream in the fridge at your own service. Very very good! There was a frozen yoghurt machine at your own service with mango flavour. So bad there was no toppings and it was too sweet! It was probably the worst frozen yoghurt I had ever tried. I remembered that the frozen yoghurt last time was really good with loads of toppings. The mango sticky rice was very delicious with strong coconut flavour. I had two! I really like this iconic desserts plate! But there were not enough appealing cakes for me to fill it up. The cakes were so bad this time compared with last time, basically none of them was good The apple crumble was the best but not particularly good. It wasn't even crunchy enough. The white chocolate mousse, to the right of the apple crumble, couldn't stay intact when I took it out and it was a total failure in terms of taste and texture too.The cheese cake and pear mousse with lemon jelly cake on the bottom were also total failures. There was loads of air in them.The chocolate banana cake on the bottom left hand corner was better but still below averageThe white wine jelly was ok. The mango pudding was better too but also below average. The creme brulee, not in this photo, was very smooth but the coated sugar on top was too sweet and thick.Overall pretty disappointing. There was sweet tofu with black sesame and red bean paste. I didn't try but my lunch partner ate a few bowls so they couldn't be bad! There was one type of hot sweet soup. This one was a bit too sweet but I really liked the coconut milk and boiled mango and papaya! A standard coffee/tea was included in the lunch set. Service was below average as the servers were very busy running here and there. Finished plates/bowls were not collected timely enough and the server seemed to be in a big rush when we asked them to take a photo for us.However, given the quality of the main courses and hot dishes and the provision of HD ice-cream at such a competitive price, Kudos would definitely stay on my to-go list when I crave buffet some day again.  continue reading
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Level1 2018-12-09
同太太的週年紀念,選擇了這間自助餐,鄰近銅鑼灣,行完街之後過來很方便。入餐廳的感覺,不是太大,但座位仲算舒適。雖然座位不多。食物的款式也不多,但在於食物質素不錯。。。保持酒店的水準。。。。。。來了一個,不用太多選擇,而有質素的自助餐。他是有主菜選擇的,今天吃了羊鞍架及澳洲M5和牛肉眼扒。。。肉質及味道不錯。我們食全熟的,但肉質也好鬆軟。。。至於甜品數量不多,但勝在好味。。。如果喜歡很多選擇的你可能不足夠,對,但對我來說已經不錯。。。如果有十分,這裏有八分。算是滿足的一餐。。。 continue reading
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Level2 2018-11-27
出發前諗住上嚟睇下自助餐時間, 點知睇到另一篇 "伏" 嘅食評, 即刻個心離一離....... 但去到又唔係咁差喎 首先餐廳其實幾好坐, 坐位及通道都好寛闊, 連枱面都好大, 放低電話都唔需要左搬右搬, 坐得好舒服因為家人鍾意食生蠔海鮮, 依家已經好少有自助午餐會有生蠔, 所以一於嚟試下, 生蠔唔係好大隻, 但勝在新鮮, 不斷開; 海鮮有蝦, 青口, 長蟹腳, 螺, 雖然唔係最高級, 但全部都非常新鮮, 最重要係不斷 refill; 至於魚生/壽司款式唔多, 而且比較細件, 但都係好新鮮; 本人並非海鮮fans, 但見海鮮控嘅家人食得津津有味, 一句投訴都無, 即刻放心哂Cold cut 同冷盆比較少選擇, 不過就可以食到好好味嘅櫻花蝦温泉蛋, 正!熱食方面其實都好多選擇, 蒸魚, 羊扒, 豬扒, 叉燒, 炸子雞, 燒茄子, 蔬菜, 炸蝦球, 牛仔骨, 咖哩, 燒雞...... 全部都好味, 不過不失, 但廚師選擇菜式不錯, 非常大眾化至於甜品方面, 大部份都只係一般, 不過....... 食番2-3杯 Haagen-Dazs 雪糕都已經值回票價喇除咗食物我個人覺得算唔錯之外, 服務同禮貌都好好, 收碟加水都好快手; 重有一樣令我會再嚟嘅原因係呢度缺少咗無禮貌嘅食客, 全程兩個半鐘, 無人會搶食物, 無人會將一出嘅食物一掃而空, 無人會推你撞你, 食得好舒服, 呢樣嘢好多貴價自助餐都做唔到總括嚟講, 一個$298嘅自助午餐, 食物+服務+環境+客人質素, 我覺得值得 咁當然, 尚有進步空間, 例如乳酪機嘅雪糕筒如果改為脆筒而唔係威化筒咁就 perfect 喇 continue reading
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Level1 2018-11-05
大家千期唔好再旨意間野,伏中之伏,同佢擺上去嗰啲相係完全唔同,完全三回事,我未試過食一間自助餐酒店係咁垃圾嘅,大家可以過嚟試下,我發覺OpenRice有好多話呢間野幾好食幾好食要食幾多嘢食幾多嘢食嘅留言,完全係作大嘅,我諗求其一間自助餐廳都多嘢食過佢,D食物水平好過呢間!我係為大家好咋,如果你哋唔信可以自己上嚟試吓,影相我就唔影啦,因為好多食物啲肉質係梅嘅,例如焼雞呀,雞翼呀,全部係梅肉,我數過食物唔超過30款 大家試吓決定啦想唔想過嚟試吓。我依家都係坐喺酒店寫食評,心情難以平復 仲要係生日飯,D服務態度差到,個女經理好似當我地仇人咁,叫多兩聲就黑曬口面 ,嗰張主菜餐單除左牛柳扒仔 同埋嗰個咩煎魚五使加錢 另外嗰幾款主菜係要另外加錢的 即係唔係本身自助晚餐嘅價錢啦 🙁🙁🙁 continue reading
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Level1 2018-10-16
環境招呼很好,食物有水準,款式多樣。我們到達時已1:00pm仍不時加添食物,不會因為遲到而無選擇。另外,我們8人餐廳安排位置近窗邊,可以不讓其他人騷擾,餐廳很體貼。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)