10-min walk from Exit A, Causeway Bay MTR Station; 集成中心旁邊 continue reading
A family owned restaurant, Kin's Kitchen first opened in 2011 and has since been serving Guangdong-style food. The speciality dishes here include drunken abalone, steamed ocean garoupa and Kin's smoked chicken. The menu also has a special order section that required advance order. continue reading
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Deep-fried Custard of Chicken BrothI was so excited to try this dish as I haven’t even though of broth being deep-fried. Prepared by supreme chicken broth, eggs and flour with high level skill, this is a dish nearly forgotten by most Chinese. The deep-fried mixture had a crispy texture outside and a soft & fine texture inside. The chicken broth was melted in mouth gently.Signature smoked chickenUnlike Western-style smoked chicken, Chinese style smoked chicken isn’t cooked by grill. It kept the juiciness of chicken with a whiff of smoked aroma. The aftertaste was still lingered for a while. Soup dumplings with crabmeatSimilar to Xiaolongbao, they are steamed dumplings consisting a paper thin wrapper enveloping a seasoned pork and crabmeat filling and hot broth. What a deluxe dish you should try.Steamed rice roll with spring rollIt was very flaky inside and wrapped by a soft steamed wrapper. It was so interesting to have 2 different textures in one dish.Baked fish intestine with eggI don’t normally like eating organs, except this dish. Baked with some dried orange peel, the fishy smell of the fish intestine completely disappeared.  It tasted like Chinese steamed egg but with a much more sophisticated taste.  continue reading
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二訪呢間良心中餐,今次一篇過介紹。第一次午市黎有啲菜式試唔到,趁娘親生日就預早留定餸,今次老闆仲喺度監場呢。呢度有唔少功夫多,所以市面上鮮有嘅菜式,例如太史戈渣,而且以私房菜黎講價錢算係幾實惠,同長輩慶祝可以考慮下。🍽留家叉燒叉燒即叫即燒,呢個部位嘅肉特別鬆化,燶邊加蜜汁無得輸,留意只有晚市供應。🍽慢煮牛肋肉腐乳芝士汁一款中西合璧嘅菜式,低溫慢煮24小時嘅嘅加拿大牛肋配廖媽記腐乳同藍芝士醬,牛肋肉入口即化,腐乳芝士汁重口味得黎又幾夾,配埋煮到淋又無渣嘅蘆筍非常好食,唯一要挑剔嘅係有一兩客膏嘅比例較多。🍽太史戈渣原材料只有雞蛋、粟米粉、上湯,但聽講控制火候好考功夫,食落似炸玉子豆腐,但個上湯雞蛋餡當然香滑得多,點砂糖食梗有風味。🍽留家煙燻雞呢度嘅招牌菜之一,用玫瑰花蕾、片糖同甘蔗煙燻而成,滷汁甜甜地,雞肉嫩滑入味,必點。🍽薑蔥廣島蠔雖然蠔仔當然比唔上海鮮檔嘅大蠔咁嫩滑,但做到邊脆多汁已經好難得,薑蔥爆香可蓋過腥味,唔錯。🍽鮮拆蟹肉菜茸羹用大大隻碟上好似飲西湯咁,但其實份量唔多,個湯都幾濃稠,蟹肉鮮甜,食到蔬菜嘅原味。🍽艇曬蝦醬蒸玻璃肉半肥瘦豬肉切薄片後落蝦醬蒸,我唔鍾意肥膏所以難以評價,只能講蝦醬無太鹹同埋好入味。🍽瑤柱扒時蔬白菜仔每棵都煮到好淋,瑤柱汁唔太杰,好食。🍽豬膶燒賣蝦餃肉丸上鋪左兩大件嘅豬潤,醬汁帶點酒味,朋友幾欣賞,我少食嗰舊就韌左啲。🍽芝麻卷芝麻卷好有彈性,唔會一團粉咁,芝麻味都夠濃,仲有啲芝麻碎沙沙地嘅口感,非常出眾嘅飯後甜品。 continue reading
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Level2 2020-11-08
隔左一段長時間冇黎食,記得呢間餐館唔錯, 所以再次訂枱食飯尋晚7點黎到已經見到好多枱都坐晒客枱與枱之間都算密anyway, 我地總共叫左5個小菜 + 4個飯呀姐問我地想要邊隻米, 有日本, 泰國同越南, 最後我地要泰國既1) 金黃肉鬆炒涼瓜味道甘, 唔係平時怕怕果隻苦味, 估唔到加埋鹹蛋黃係咁夾連我平時唔多中意食涼瓜既都食多2舊, 哈哈2) 艇曬蝦醬蒸玻璃肉玻璃肉係指薄切既豬肉胸部, 用上半肥瘦部位肉係夠薄既, 肥瘦都適中可能係因為蝦醬, 稍為鹹左少少我覺得, 用黎送飯都可以接受3) 留家叉燒果然係其中一個招牌菜式, 即叫即燒真係好食好多肉味夠, 嫩滑唔會霉最正係唔肥膩, 啖啖肉又唔痴牙, 有濃邊4) 蒜炒菜心呢個都有啲驚喜, 因為個菜一上枱已經好香菜心炒得好爽,蒜片大粒唔辣,美中不足係有啲太油5) 蝦子百花釀豆腐黎到最後呢個豆腐, 豆腐香滑每磚上面都有大大舊蝦膠, 可能其他菜式較濃味, 呢個清淡既就岩岩好喇成餐飯大家都讚不絕口, 價錢可能俾一般餐館貴少少但間中食1次好西都值得既~~~ continue reading
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Level5 2020-10-16
This restaurant is located in Wanchai, renowned for the focus on food quality, with the owner Mr. Lau being a food fanatic and always trying to find good food and recipe to share with his customers. We used to come here quite often as it is near my office, but after relocating to Kwun Tong early this year this is the first time I returned.The decor is quite modern, with some design elements like the circles of different sizes on the ceiling showing the artistic background of the owner himself. And despite the COVID situation in town, it is still drawing a lot of customers, with all the tables occupied, as if they are not affected by the coronavirus at all.We ordered the signature Deep-fried Custard of Chicken Broth 太史戈渣 ($100 for 4 pieces). Prepared by mixing the a supreme broth with egg and corn starch, the mixture is cooked until forming a paste, before putting to fridge to form a pudding. Then coated with a thin layer of corn starch, it is then deep-fried at a high-heat pot of oil until golden. Eaten with a bit of sugar, this is very good, with the texture so soft it was like eating the broth. A must-try in my opinion.Next we had the pre-ordered Kin's Smoked Chicken ($408). The whole chicken has been marinated perfectly and then smoked, so the skin and meat has been seeped with a nice fragrance, really delicious, with the chicken flesh also very tender, apparently also because the chicken is fresh, not chilled nor frozen. I like the restaurant also served the marinated liver and kidney which is another great addition. Another dish I highly recommend.The next dish is Pan-fried Fish Paste with Clam Sauce ($128). Looks simple, but doing it well is not a guarantee. The restaurant certainly did this with flying colors, with the fish cake bouncy and seasoned appropriately. The chef had made pan-fried these without any feeling of oiliness, and paired with the clam sauce which added a nice salty and savory component to the fish cake. Great value for money.We nearly forgot we had ordered some soups as they were only served after all the above dishes. I had the Soup of Vegetable and Fresh Crab Meat ($78). Came from a large western bowl, the portion was however pitiful, and I finished in three or four spoons. The taste is good though, with the tiny bit of crab meat fresh and delicate. But overall this is so small in size I almost feel I am being cheated, especially seeing the sizes for the other two soups my wife and mother had picked.The last dish was another 'simple' dish, Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetable ($108). Opted for Chinese Kale with Ginger, this dish is a great example of how the attention to details the chef had placed on even the most common dish, with the kale crunchy and tender, sweet and not any hint of bitterness. The small ginger cubes added the aroma and flavors to the vegetable and removed any green notes too. Very good indeed.Overall the food is very good, with everything delicious and carefully prepared. The bill was $1,256 which is reasonable and considering the quality of the food I would also say good value. No wonder the restaurant is full-house on the night and I am happy to return again to see everything is still as good as it used to be. continue reading
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Level3 2020-10-03
聽身邊嘅人講咗呢間中菜好耐,主要係食傳統考功夫嘅中菜。始終中菜都係多啲人先嗌得多啲試得多啲,今次就約埋另外三個朋友過嚟試。果然冇失望,絕對可以encore! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️▫️涼拌醉鮑魚 - 鮑魚柔軟爽口,滲透著玫瑰香同酒香,夠晒入味☺️▫️太史戈渣 - 留家廚房出名嘅一道菜,玉子豆腐嘅質感,不過味道係鹹的。要知道真正嘅食材同煮法,當然要問google達人啦。其實佢係用金華火腿同老雞熬成上湯,將上湯混入雞蛋、生粉、加少少豬油,再加雞子蒸熟,蒸熟後揉爛煮成漿。然後冷藏凝固,切成菱形,沾上生粉再炸。就咁睇已經知步驟唔少,再諗下當中嘅過程例如混成嘅漿液要過篩隔渣、生粉炸漿嘅厚薄調節、火候嘅控制,太史戈渣絕對係一道考功夫嘅心機菜🙇🏻‍♀️▫️蝦子柚皮 - 另一道考功夫菜,自己一定煮唔到,當然要試吓。柚皮一啲苦澀味都無,炆得夠入味,上湯茨汁厚薄適中,蝦子帶出鮮味,食落甘甜👍🏻▫️留家义燒 - 半肥瘦嘅豬肉,肉質軟熟,邊位燒到有啲燶夠晒脆口,再加埋個醬汁,送飯一流👍🏻▫️留家煙燻雞 - 另一道招牌菜,雞肉嫩滑不油膩,好有煙燻香味,仲有少少雞汁,送飯又係一流👍🏻▫️鳳凰焗魚腸 - 魚腸粗身肥美,雞蛋係焗至全熟乾身,但唔會鞋口☺️ continue reading
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