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Kam's Roast Goose is a Guangdong-style restaurant that specialises in serving variations of Chinese BBQ meats. Their signature dish, roast goose, can be paired with soup noodles, rice and other food items. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2015-18)
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Opening Hours
11:30 - 21:30
Mon - Sun
11:30 - 21:30
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Alcoholic Drinks
May Bring Your Own Wine
Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Review (222)
Level4 2018-12-19
This restaurant has got the Michelin 1-star status since 2015, located in Wanchai very near to my office. But throughout the years I did not come here for lunch or dinner, not because I heard the food was not food, but simply that every time I went by the queue waiting was too long, and for an impatient person like myself it is not bearable.With the Michelin award for 2019 just published the restaurant was still on the list. And tonight I decided to try my luck. Coming very early at 6pm, the queue was just horrible but I said to myself I would wait. In the end it took 80 minutes before we got our table. Yes, it was long but at least the staff had organized the registration nicely and so it was well-managed and fair.The story of the restaurant was well documented, so I did not repeat here. Instead I would focus on the food and dining experience. When we were queuing the staff smartly asked us the portion of roast goose we prefer, and we figured out that they wanted to ensure that there were sufficient goose for the people waiting, as there are quite a lot of takeaways too. In this respect they are really thoughtful. We ordered half a Roast Goose ($280) and it was served still hot. While the skin might not be as crispy as some other restaurants in town, I found the flesh very tender, juicy and flavorful. The goose was not too fat also. In fact I honestly say this is one of the best roast goose I had in HK, and certainly better than the couple of restaurants in my neighborhood in Sham Tseng. Also, with its fame the price is still very reasonable. I give them high marks on all these and understand how they earned the Michelin status all these years. We also ordered the Marinated Goose Liver ($55). The portion was big and there are many pieces, cooked perfectly to the right softness and marinated sufficiently to impart the flavors of the sauce while not making it excessively salty. I detected some Chinese 'Rose Spirit' bringing the signature fragrance. While it might not be healthy, this is certainly tasty.To balance a bit the evilness of consuming so much cholesterol, we also had the Poached Vegetable ($33). The choi sum was tender and without fibrous remains, also nicely done not to overcook making it too soft while not undercook to make it tough to bite. Another testimony to the quality of the restaurant and attention they pay to the most common and simple dish.I saw on social media many people complained about the service of this restaurant. And here I would in fact like to provide my opinion. While the staff did have some rough edges, they are not rude or providing bad service. It was so busy that sometimes they might not be able to respond to orders promptly. We had some small talks with the staff and to me they are genuine and honest, and maybe not used to 'dress up' on how they communicate. It was not a fine dining restaurant so we should not expect that level of service. I overheard they apologized to customers who did not have what they want because it was sold out.With two bowls of rice, and rice noodle, plus two cans of soft drink, the total bill was $493. A very reasonable price indeed. Considering the quality of food and its fame, they would still be as busy if they decided to increase the price but I can feel the owner (who worked in the restaurant) was not just looking at money. I applaud him for his effort and the spirit to follow the principles and values laid down by his grandfather, and hope they could continue this for more generations to come. continue reading
Level4 2019-05-11
甘牌燒鵝🦆.曾經試過呢間既碟頭飯,覺得燒鵝好一般般,今次家庭飯外賣左半隻燒鵝,結果係意想不到地好‼️😍外層脆皮好鬆化,層皮唔會連住大量肥膏!鵝肉都超嫩滑的,咬落好林完全唔會乾同硬,可以用juicy黎形容🤤每舊肉都好啖啖肉咁,覺得好優質💯,頓時覺得賣咁貴都值得既😁 continue reading
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Level1 2019-05-08
除咗貴仲係貴,一碟燒鵝都幾舊水,擺碟都好求其,一啲都唔好睇。味道都麻麻地,主要係凍曬,唔新鮮,燒鵝好肥,皮下面全部都係肥膏,凍咗好難食,肉又幹又柴,咁貴真係唔值得咯。其次服務態度都唔好,我地覺得燒鵝唔新鮮想換唔單止唔肯換,仲話我地唔識食。就算免費都唔會再來第二次了。 continue reading
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Level1 2019-04-22
話就話係米芝蓮,但係就差得好遠,米芝蓮餐廳都唔係咁嘅水準。前菜皮蛋酸薑無味,燒鵝又肥又鞋,唔知食左啲乜。價錢仲唔便,燒鵝例牌都要幾舊水,求其一個青菜要幾十蚊,而且唔好食。 continue reading
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Level1 2019-04-16
皮蛋酸姜都算係招牌小食,十幾蚊得半隻,好細隻,如果好食我都算了,無來味道,可能係食唔慣,陣皮蛋味好奇怪,無任何口感,唔夠爽,入邊嘅流心都硬曬,紫姜好多渣,總言之,太失望。 continue reading
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