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Level4 2016-04-22
When I saw Juhu Beach club listed, I thought it was an American bar but it was far more exciting than just a chillaxing restaurant.What surprised me was that they have branches in the US and the food has an Indian touch to it.In the US, they have these popular waffles made of Indian dosa batter, which has a different taste and texture.By just looking at the food pictures you would never have guessed that it was Indian.I went for brunch and there were so many things to try that I went three times.Most of the dishes are the same as the US Juhu but some vegetables and fruit may vary because of sourcing issues.The décor is the same as the US restaurants but I would like to see more of the pretty wallpaper at the far back near the toilets to dominate the whole restaurant.As for the food, it was quite spicy which is interesting because I didn’t think it would be that spicy.Anyway, here was what I had over three visits:++++++Bhel salad:Basically it was puffed rice with purple potatoes and local vegetables which is slightly different to the US version.You pour it in the bowl and mix the sauce together.I found the sauce quite spicy so I didn't mix it all.It was a nice spicy crunchy mix with vegetables, pickles and grapes.++++++fruit chaat:This was fruits and yoghurts, a nice refreshing starter.++++++classic doswaffle:I love the doswaffles here because it has a sour taste and the taste is just different.It was topped with spicy roasted potatoes, coconut chutney and lentil soup.++++++The hangover cure:I thought this was wicked, bacon fried rice but I wish there was more bacon.Again, this is quite spicy!++++++Bombay sandwich:This is a must because it is such a delicious vegetarian cheese sandwich with beetroot, chaat masala and tomato soup.++++++Preeti’s seasonal doswaffle:This is similar to the classic waffle but it is not spicy with delicious veggies.++++++nutella banana doswaffle:The banana doswaffle that I had was good because it didn't have mango as shown on Instagram and the nutella was hidden beneath the waffle.++++++Nimbu pani:For drinks had the nimbu which is cilantro lemonade and cumin.An exotic taste I would say. ++++++Sassy lassi:The sassy lassi was sweet and savoury with lime yoghurt and mango, great for soothing a hot palette.++++++ continue reading
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在中環蘇豪伊利近街 近年不斷轉手 一雞死一雞鳴 最近又有一間新的印度菜開張 挑戰大家的味蕾一入餐廳就感覺身處印度 在少少的空間裏 充滿了印度香料的味道和七彩繽紛印式裝修 就連餐巾台布都是精心挑選 餐單選擇不多 只有2頁 有一半都是素食 侍應們非常細心和熱情地介紹和推薦菜色 我們全部都點了 甜酸西蘭花: 一看一聞還以為是中色咕嚕肉 甜蜜滋味 痴住了舌頭 以為是炸的 但裹面的西蘭花還是充滿水份 爽囗多汁 非常好味 印式沙律在一隻精美的碟子上 放了香噴噴熱辣辣的青瓜茄子等蔬菜 細細碟 但好好味 令人有衝動再叫多一客 去再三回味 豬肉餃有點兒像中式水餃 不是太特別 蔬菜咖哩最好味的一道菜 始終咖哩都是印度的天下 用了很多不同的香料 色香味俱全 蔬菜注滿了咖哩汁 但又沒有淹到變形 和特製金黃色的油飯一起吃 令人停不到手 豬/牛/雞漢堡包比較英式的做法 簡單細細個 倆3口都吃完 只有3層 沒有太多配料 肉汁是有的 不過沒有什麼特別 印度曲奇餅印度人喜歡重口味 連甜品都是甜好多 香港人未必會鐘意 但加了石榴粒又幾特別 同曲奇餅又配合到 臨走時 用了裏面的洗手間 嚇了一跳 同行的女性朋友 忍不住說要一起影一張selfie 因為這是她見過最靚最得意的一個洗手間 我亦忍不住笑了 continue reading
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