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Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2017-18)
Opening Hours
12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 22:30
Mon - Sun
12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 22:30
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10% Service Charge
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再訪極緻鐵板燒午餐 Featured Review
Level4 2018-01-14
上次到訪,有著不錯的體驗,今次encore 一下回味一番。這家店子位於大坑,是獲米芝蓮一星的鐵板燒餐廳。Lunch set 有四款,$280-$680,定價比晚餐親民。廚師精選午餐$380有牛肉又有海鮮,六道菜包飲品或雪糕。前菜:crab meat salad用上不同的蔬菜,口感清爽,配合魚子、蟹肉,加上甜甜的黑醋醬同olive oil,味道簡單而清新。甘鯛魚:魚的肉質非常嫩滑,金黃色的 脆脆魚鱗配橙色的香草南瓜忌廉汁,甘鯛魚的口感外脆內軟,感覺特別,魚肉香滑又juicy,真的十分美味!大蝦:大蝦囗感彈牙又爽口,十分新鮮,富牛油香同香蒜味道,不錯!薄燒牛肉:可以自選幾成熟。牛肉大大片,有兩片。牛肉的肉質有水準,雖然不是和牛,但入口鮮嫩而滿有肉味,薄焼牛肉中間夾有香蔥,沾上海鹽,突出了牛肉的肉味,滿有肉汁。炒蔬菜:炒得夠火喉,唔油膩,蔬菜很淸爽。麵豉湯:湯唔會太咸,有麵鼓香,還有香茹等。炒飯:炒得粒粒分明,而且很香口,材料還有小魚、旦、蔥粒等,顏色豐富。咖啡:是即磨,配上忌廉奶倍感香醇滑溜柚子雪芭:酸酸甜甜的滿有柚子氣息,口感幼滑不錯!整個Set 由頭到尾都咁好吃,仲可以一看師傅手藝,同上一次一樣咁正,值得一訪! continue reading
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Level4 2017-10-14
I don't think many teppanyaki restaurants in Hong Kong can make it into the Michelin Star list, IM is one of them, and what's even better about this is that it's not a Japanese chef. Friend of mine is a personal friend of the chef Mok San so needless to say we need to try their best stuff here thus we went for the omakase. It really is a pleasure seeing the chef preparing the raw material. Yes it does look very fresh and appetizing. Like other teppanyaki restaurant, we start with sashimi. The Uni was very nice and their fresh wasabi is amazing. First dish was scallops and they were huge. Believe it was cooked with sake. I thought this was probably the least special dish I had here. Second dish was the abalone, a kind of buttery sauce with some seaweed in it. The abalone was soft and cooked just right. Third dish was a cooked oyster, again with Sake and some yuzu peel as garnish. I think the yuzu peel was such a great idea because the oyster became so refreshing. Fourth dish was a fish (forgot what type) cooked with uni cream sauce. Personally not a big fish fan but even so I liked it. The sauce was absolutely amazing. Fifth dish was the sea eel. I personally think this is the best dish of the night, so crispy, juicy and aromatic. It's very easy to make eel very dry, certainly the chef avoided such situation. I think the most amazing thing about this dish is the fact that the chef suggested us to try putting a bit of wasabi on the eel and it was magical. Sixth dish was a new dish they plan to include in the menu, a teppanyaki cooked red prawn linguine. Yes, Italian food. Chef cooks the sauce with head of the red prawn. Although not exactly a teppanyaki dish but certainly the taste was very good. However I do think that linguine plus fried rice is a little too heavy on carbs so I'm not sure if having such dish is a good idea or not. Seventh dish was the wagyu beef from Kagoshima. Back to basics for the chef, I guess beef perhaps it's the easiest and also most difficult task in culinary, everyone can make good steak, but it takes a master to make amazing steak. Chef choose tenderloin for us and it was just right, not too rich and has the right amount of juiciness. And then the miso soup, fried rice and Japanese honey melon. Personally didn't like the fried rice too much. Soup was fine. This makes the dinner a 10 course menu including the miso, fruit and sashimi. Without a doubt this is very good quality food and the chef is very experienced in handling different types of food and knows exactly what ingredients and condiments to use to bring out the key taste of each dish. $2000 I personally think is a little overpriced even given the Michelin status but understandable as there were a lot of food and ingredients were pretty good. nevertheless I don't think the portion here is too generous. Will definitely come back here if I want some fancy teppanyaki. continue reading
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Simple yet elegant cooking Featured Review
Level4 2017-05-01
There is nothing complicated about the cooking style here. No overly complicated plating or smoke coming out of jars in gastronomic fashion. Here, it is just simply great ingredients cooked by skilled chefs.Look for this at the entrance. There is no board sign sticking out so we actually walked past it.Lunch set and a la carte menu. We chose seafood and chef's special set lunch. The great thing is we asked to share EVERYTHING so the chefs had to serve everything in half portion. There was no problem at all though, and the plating still looked pretty.Mandatory salad - tangy and crispy quite enjoyable.Where the rest of the magic happens. As the chefs can see you eat, they will cook at a pace comfortable to you.Half-portion abalone - from the seafood set. Yum!Very simple looking prawn.Amadai fish - the most special dish of the meal. The fish was cooked to perfection. We still have not figured out what is the rise crispy thing on top of the skin. Finish the meat course with beef.Fried rice and soup on top.There was a choice of coffee or ice cream for dessert but I did not take any pictures. continue reading
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Level1 2018-02-08
食晚餐, 龍蝦未煮夠拆肉拆到爛哂 / 燒牛肉個心係凍既 / 食緊甜品時個師傅帶對膠手套係度洗野 / 師傅對答話全世界啲米芝連三星都係呃人同冇功架一流師傅,做得唔好就賴依樣賴個樣。六個食成萬銀真係倒錢落海 continue reading
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Level1 2017-10-29
The tasting menu will have you reminiscing your meal at IM Restaurant and Wine for months... Well worth the price for such a tasting experience. Our neighbours, fine gourmets who had travelled across Japan, said they still haven't found a teppanyaki as good as IM. continue reading
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