Restaurant: Giando Italian Restaurant & Bar

To promote a new salt and sugar reduction (RSS) dietary culture and living style to the people of Hong Kong, the Environment and Ecology Bureau, the Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food and the Centre for Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department have launched the "Less-Salt-and-Sugar Restaurants Scheme" ("Scheme"). Restaurants participated in the Scheme will offer less salt or sugar options to the consumer or even tailor-make less salt or sugar dishes in designated restaurants. Participating restaurants will be granted with the Scheme Labels for displaying in the premises for public identification. For details, please click here: https://www.eeb.gov.hk/food/en/committees/crss/restaurants.html

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11:30 - 22:00
Mon - Fri
12:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun
11:30 - 22:00
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10% Service Charge
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作為食家嘅我,好鍾意捐窿捐罅周圍發掘餐廳👩🏻‍🍳經過星街發現一幢住宅隔離有一間隱世意大利🇮🇹Fusion 餐廳🍽️就膽粗粗約咗個客入去試吓裏面環境氣氛好舒服,充滿歐陸式色彩,侍應好有禮貌,擺枱亦跟足歐式規矩 🍽️餐廳裏面有cheese trolley,放咗唔同種類嘅芝士,可惜我對奶類敏感與芝士無緣 🧀 今次叫咗3 Courses Set Lunch。一開始已經有三款麵包on aside🥨🥖🥐意外地+28 已經可以任飲sparkling / distill water (通常酒店或者高級小小嘅西餐廳都起碼收$50以上)第一道菜係PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA E MELONE 🍈 24 Months “Devodier” Parma Ham, Italian melon蜜瓜好爽甜,唯獨風乾火腿比較淡味第二道菜係CAVATELLI ALLO SCOGLIOCavatelli, Fresh Mixed Seafood, Tomato Sauce呢度菜要額外 +38 upgradeCavatelli 質地煙靭,細細粒易食,個蕃茄醬汁唔夠濃厚,配合海鮮一齊煮有啲腥,唯有自己加pepper,呢度有啲失色食完之後侍應會主動過嚟幫你清潔枱面,9成跟足傳統歐式餐飲程序甜品TIRAMISU 亦都要額外+38 upgrade 意外冇乜芝士味,而且質感好滑,咖啡粉好足夠味道好濃郁,呢個真係好值得試👍有驚喜人均$500 以內,食物質素、裝修及環境氣氛,大體唔失禮好適合交際應酬、商務午餐🥣情侶浪漫吓都好ok靜靜地,摸吓手仔,摸吓酒杯仔,荷包又唔赤,不亦樂乎大家去食之前可以去佢哋嘅網站望吓個Menu,同了解吓佢哋嘅背景返去睇完個介紹先知道原來呢間餐廳好勁除咗拎咗2023 年 Gambero Rosso 的「Tre Bicchieri」三杯獎;仲係50 家頂級意大利餐廳評選為“2023 年全球 50 家最佳意大利餐廳”在全球 50 家餐廳中排名第 22 名。👏🏻呢個價錢,呢個名氣質素真係冇得輸 continue reading
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Level3 2023-07-29
Went for a Friday night dinner with my friends and it was a satisfying meal.Starting with the Scallops and Red Shrimps Carpaccio, it is such a delicious and refreshing starter option.The use of scallops and red shrimps provided a sweet and delicate flavor to the dish. The addition of Mediterranean flavours, such as olive oil, lemon, and herbs added a bright and fresh flavor to the dish, making it a perfect starter to whet your appetite.The Blu Fin Tuna Tartare with Burrata was my favourite. The creamy burrata added a smooth and creamy texture. The use of tuna added a rich and meaty flavor to the dish, and overall it was a well-balanced and flavorful starter.Moving on to the Potato Gnocchi with Black Truffle, it was a decadent and flavorful combination of ingredients. The use of black truffle adds a luxurious touch to the dish, and the cheese fondue and ham provided a rich, salty flavor that complemented the delicate potato gnocchi and fava beans.The Tenderloin was also a well-balanced and satisfying main course. The use of Hollandaise sauce added a rich and buttery flavor to the dish, while the grilled beef tenderloin provided a tender and juicy texture.Finally, the Tiramisu dessert is a classic Italian dessert that is always a crowd-pleaser. It was smooth and velvety, such a delicious and satisfying way to end our meal.It was a wonderful dining experience overall and their starters were the standout dishes of the night. continue reading
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Level4 2022-10-29
I didn't have a good start of the meal as my pre dinner Aperol Spritz tasted like sugar waterWe had seafood carpaccio, cold cut, beef tartare, veal milanese and carapina gelato with condimentsThe gelato was malting in the carapina when it was just served....I'd rather get the gelato from VenchiOther dishes were just OK continue reading
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Level2 2022-10-28
Giando is located at the quiet end of Star Street, and with its glass facade, it overlooks onto a courtyard with lots of trees at the background which is quite serene, perfect for a relaxing lunch on a bright sunny day. We ordered a three course meal priced at $328 per person + 10% service charge. On being seated, one of the staff quickly served us two slices of bread each and poured olive oil in the dish. Oddly enough, nobody else served us any balsamic vinegar which we felt strange as the dish used clearly had two slots for both olive oil and vinegar. We thought maybe this restaurant only served olive oil…. Starter- Prosciutto Di Parma E Melon - the aroma of the 24 months “Devodier” Parma ham was apparent as soon as the plate was served but the two pieces of melon placed on the plate were disappointing- they just looked like unwanted off cuts from somewhere and one of them was slightly bruised 😬. Anyway, the melon was sweet and paired quite well with the umami packed fragrant ham. Whilst waiting for our main course, we noticed that the customers next to our table were served with a selection of three different kinds of bread and beside olive oil, they were served balsamic vinegar!!!! We were indeed taken aback by the apparent lack of awareness and attentiveness of such basic standard of service displayed by the staff team. Anyway, we quickly asked the waiter serving the next table if we could have the vinegar as well and he complied. Main course: Homemade Square Spaghetti, Aglio Olio Style. Clams, tomato, lemon - the square spaghetti was al dente with a bit of bite which was good, but the sauce was not that flavourful and one of the clams had a bit of grit in it. Dessert- Mixed berries sorbet- the sorbet was on the sweet side and it needed more acidity and flavour from the berries to balance out the sweetness.Summary: the dinning experience had been dented by the apparent inconsistent service by the staff team, and though there were some good elements in the dishes, there were certainly rooms for improvement. continue reading
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Level3 2022-08-10
💬 餐廳位置方便 近金鐘PP3 週末有訂位所以唔使等餐廳燈光比較暗 氣氛唔錯雖然朋友食過覺得唔錯所以今次黎試下但見到食評又唔係真係講得咁好所以本身都冇太高期望上前菜之前會另外上麵包有三款唔同嘅麵包本身怕食太多會太飽但係因為好食所以最終都食晒🧀 個人好鍾意食芝士好大舊burrata好Rich再配埋蕃茄好好食但兩個人食呢個其實都有啲大份🍝見到呢個pasta係其中一個signature海膽味好濃郁亦都唔會腥但呢隻意粉質地本身係比較un再加埋之前食咗咁大舊芝士所以好有飽肚感🥔 呢款係薯仔質地所以都係好飽肚嘅松露個味好出好香 但個人覺得個醬汁比較濃食太多會有啲漏嘅感覺🥂 今晚有叫到白酒但係個人唔係好識酒所以唔特別寫個名出嚟但一提嘅係當服務員想斟酒俾我嘅時候我又手多想幫手推一推個杯點知就倒咗落我隻手度我都唔好意思但係佢態度一路都好好又比好多乾紙巾濕紙巾我哋抹反好我個杯仲大杯過朋友個杯少少🤭其實食完個前菜已經有啲飽其他嘢都係慢慢食但係朋友話佢嘅tiramisu係正一定要試所以最終我哋都嗌咗一個share嚟食🍰 質地好滑 咖啡味濃但係不至於好苦中間個蛋糕都做到好淋身所以雖然本身已經飽但感覺上唔會話太過滯💁🏻‍♀️ 正如之前講本身自己對餐廳期望唔係太高所以反而有少少驚喜雖然燈光比較暗飲咗酒食食吓有啲眼瞓但係職員服務態度同埋餐廳環境幾好枱與枱之間分得好開唔會話好迫嘅感覺成個晚餐過程都舒適 雖然我最難忘反而係個麵包!🥖 continue reading
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