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Review (10)
Level4 2020-03-24
Today we arrived earlier so we manage to order the lunch set before it was gone. Surf and Turf lol.The beef steak taste good but its a little too cooked. I have never heard of a German Cheesecake before. So I text my German friend and he told me he have never heard of it neither. I believe they use a different type of cheese to make this cheesecake. Because the filling is firmer than  aNew York Cheesecake. The taste is lighter as well. It also less sweet.  On top of the cake, its raisin that was soaked in rum. and a custard whip. The top of the cake is Lightly burned by a culinary torch. It was yummy but I however, prefer a newyork cheesecake. continue reading
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I went there with 7 others (including one holding the membership). It was Monday evening and the restaurant was almost empty.We stayed outside as the temperatures were fine and they even had some fan heaters. The staff speaks proper English (all of them, around 4 people took care of us).We ordered dishes to share, basically Chinese and Indian food, but the menu is enorme! The restaurant offers (a lot of) vegan and vegetarian stuff, gluten-free, Indian, Western (Burgers), Italian, Chinese... I literally have never seen such a big selection of food in only one restaurant! As I was the only vegetarian, I ordered some veggie dishes for me only and ate some of the vegetarian ingredients of the other dishes.The table was actually far too small for all the food we ordered, so the staff put things together on the plates. Normally a very huge and more or less cheap menu indicates that the food itself is not like ... a "wow". But in this case it's totally different! The food was really tasty! The Indian food tasted like from an Indiana place, the pizza (they even asked me whether I wanna have it cross/thin or not) became one of my favourites here in HK and the Chinese food is of high-quality. Expecting that it will take a while for the kitchen preparing all the food...we learned back - surprisingly the food arrived after some minutes already! Normally you get around 4 spring rolls...here they serve 8!!! Price performance is awesome! The portions are fair and some are just huge! And the taste is good anyway. On their menu, they often offer a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option, like the Samosa. The fish sizzler arrived like a sizzler should - still sizzling. They even managed this one! I was so surprised that the were not overwhelmed by our order.All the Indian siders put on one plate as we didn't have enough space. The rice and the papadum tasted great! The vegetables were realllly fresh!The Pizza (also gluten-free options available! ) was really thin/cross as I ordered it. It tasted great! The pancakes come by two so we ordered 4 portions (8 people). They were still really warm, butter and cream is coming out of it when opening. Really, really tasty! All in all I was really surprised by this restaurant in a positive way! The prices are reasonable (actually cheap): around 100 for a dish, the pizza for 77$ (you barely find a cosy place in HK selling a pizza for less than 100$), beer and wine around 50$, the curries around 80$ (coming with rice already)...Apart from service and food...the place is really beautiful, nice view (Repulse Bay, if it's daytime), big harden, not noisy,... Short summary:tasty foodhigh-qualitygreat selection of different kinds of food good, attentive servicenice ambiance (interior, garden, house, toilets) suitable for vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerance people, all kinds of religious reasonwell connected with public transport (bus, minibus, MTR, taxis)you can only enter the place/restaurant with someone holding a membership, which, itself, is really expensive (it's really sad that this place is not open for public) continue reading
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Level1 2017-11-15
The restaurant here is only accessible by members, so a family friend of mine brought us here. The restaurant overlooks the sea and has a very nice interior. You are greeted by the cake display and the food is really good! Especially the char siew, before we even glanced through the menu. My dad's friend had already ordered the char siew.  The peking duck that you wrap in a tortilla wrap is also really good. Everything was delicious and the staff are so attentive. They keep refilling our cups with hot tea! I loved this place, would definitely be back if I can get access to this restaurant! continue reading
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Level4 2017-04-29
今次有幸得到同事既邀請 有機會到深水灣鄉村俱樂部食晏!呢個地方平時只係聽得多 但無諗過有日都可以踏足!個景靚到嘩一聲 成個地方好寫意 望住個靚景發呆都可以嘆半日呢到食多國菜 menu設計得好user friendly 有一頁頁既index方便你睇 我地要望靚景所以坐戶外 但怕凍既都唔驚 因為有毛氊可提供!呢到既中餐都多外國人黎食四個人叫左3道菜:炸子雞咬落個皮脆肉juicy! lunch食炸子雞感覺好豪華!好耐無見過炸子雞伴大蝦片了 唯一係蝦片淋左乳鴿鬆生菜包乳鴿鬆 食個陣可以點醬 除左乳鴿 其他材料好似有西芹粒 馬蹄粒咁 咕嚕肉茶餐廳都有既一道菜 咬落粉漿唔厚 肉炸得好乾身唔油膩 味道夠曬酸! continue reading
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肥肥家族週日喺「花園廳」等緊位食晚飯時,發現俱樂部現正以半價售賣西餅!優惠只供外賣,而且有時間限制,週一至五為傍晚六點半後,週末及紅日則為晚上八時後。估計此舉乃惜食計劃也;廚房每天為會所內各餐廳新鮮焗製糕點,可能晚上剩餘甜點數量不少,故為減低浪費,晚市繁忙時間過後便以半價推廣。小肥同哥哥同屬甜牙滿腔及珍惜食物之人,眼見雪櫃內o既蛋糕極為吸引,當然係要鎖定目標,八點後外賣幾件返屋企食啦!原來我地八點三去買已經遲咗,因為XO仔想買嗰件Bitter Chocolate Cognac Square已賣清,幸好其餘兩款朱古力味甜品仲有貨。Banana Chocolate Mousse Cake(原價$30,半價優惠$15):糕點以朱古力薄脆製成外殼,香甜脆口,入內o既香蕉味朱古力慕絲幼滑軟熟,暗藏清香,很是甜美!Chocolate Brownie(原價$16,半價優惠$8):鄉村俱樂部個朱古力布朗尼軟硬適中,甜而不溜,早餐加配一杯凍鮮奶,個口同個心一樣咁甜,爽呀!「花園廳」晚上新推「Cake Time」,於限定時間外賣西餅一律半價,就連唔嗜甜品o既舅父同大肥爸爸都大讚超抵;哈,結果仲一人要咗件第日做早餐添! continue reading
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