Restaurant: Garden Cafe
Offer: Have you thought of earning Miles through dining? Book table and earn Miles now!
Mon: HKD1 = 1 Mile, Tues – Sun: HKD2 = 1 Mile! (Remember to say “Miles, please” when you pay the bill!) T&C apply.
Terms & Details:
  • Asia Miles can be earned on eligible transactions of between HKD300 and HKD10,000.
  • On Tuesdays to Sundays (except Mondays), members can earn HKD2 = 1 Mile for each dine-in transaction.
  • Asia Miles earned are based on the total amount spent, including service charges and taxes, but excluding tips.
  • Asia Miles cannot be earned on certain promotional menus during festive seasons. Please check with staff in Partner Restaurants in advance.
  • Bonus Miles will be credited to the members' account within 7 working days after dine-in date.
Other Asia Miles terms & conditions apply
Restaurant: Garden Cafe

To encourage eatery outlets to reduce food waste at source together with customers through offering portioned meals and adopting food waste reduction measures, the Environmental Protection Department has launched the “Food Wise Eateries” Scheme. Participants will be awarded with a Food Wise Eateries (FWE) accreditation status if they comply with the assessment criteria and will be granted with the FWE Logo and Stickers for displaying in the premises and their promotion for public identification. Applications are accepted all year round and are FREE of charge.

For details, please click here, http://www.foodwisehk.gov.hk/en/food-wise-Eateries.php

綠茵閣 綠茵閣位於北角城市花園酒店1樓,於舒適優雅的環境下全日供應琳琅滿目的餐飲選擇,包括精選亞洲佳餚、西式美食、休閒下午茶及 精緻甜點等,多年來備受饕客愛戴。綠茵閣由即日起逢星期四至日、公眾假期及前夕,呈獻任點任食「吃喝無限點」環球美饌盛宴,以無限任點任吃環球美饌打動食客的味蕾。 查詢及訂座請致電 (852) 2806 4922。
綠茵閣由即日起至6月30日逢星期四至日、公眾假期及前夕,推出任點任食「吃喝無限點」環球美饌午餐及晚餐,讓饕客無限品嚐環球美食和特式飲品。 不容錯過之精選美食包括精選海鮮、潮式風味、泰式燒豬頸肉沙律、香草羊架 、星洲香辣炒大蝦、香草燒肉眼、北京片皮鴨及風沙德國豬手等,並可源源不絕享用Mövenpick雪糕及甜品。


- 精選海鮮 (紐西蘭青口、海蝦、翡翠螺、琵琶蝦*) - 潮式風味 (鹵水鴨片拼掌翼豆腐、胡椒豬肚湯、潮式生腸) - 北京片皮鴨* - 香草燒肉眼 - 泰式燒豬頸肉沙律 - 各款新鮮刺身及壽司 - 香草羊架* - 星洲香辣炒大蝦 - 風沙德國豬手 - 中式燉湯 - 蒸海鮮* (大蝦、帶子及魚) - Mövenpick雪糕及各式甜品


以港幣$88享用指定紅酒或白酒乙支,或另加港幣$20品嚐紅酒或白酒乙杯 另收加一服務費 任點任食「吃喝無限點」環球美饌午餐 (星期四至日、公眾假期及前夕,上午11時30分至下午3時30分) 成人淨價港幣$275; 長者淨價港幣$225; 小童淨價港幣$185 [午餐時段每位用餐時間最多為90分鐘] 任點任食「吃喝無限點」環球美饌晚餐 (星期四至日、公眾假期及前夕,晚上6時至9時30分) 成人淨價港幣$388; 小童淨價港幣$288 [晚餐時段每位用餐時間最多為105分鐘]



Available Time
星期四至日、公眾假期及前夕:11:30-15:30 供應「吃喝無限點」環球美饌午餐 星期一至日全天候供應自選餐牌
「吃喝無限點」環球美饌午餐:成人淨價港幣$275; 長者淨價港幣$225*; 小童淨價港幣$185* *長者價目適用於60歲或以上,小童價錢適用於3歲至11歲
Available Time
星期四至日、公眾假期及前夕:18:00 – 21:30 供應「吃喝無限點」環球美饌晚餐 星期一至日全天候供應自選餐牌
「吃喝無限點」晚餐:成人淨價港幣$388 / 小童淨價港幣$288* *小童價錢適用於3歲至11歲
* Above information is for reference only. Please check details with the restaurant.