6-min walk from Exit A2, Sheung Wan MTR Station continue reading
This eatery specializes in slow cooking. The owner insists not adding too much condiments to preserve the original flavor of each ingredient. Signature dishes including slow cooked beef cheek, Spanish Iberico Pork and Salmon with Tom Yum. The homemade croissant with lobster bisque filling is also a popular item. continue reading
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慢煮肉類外賣、及到會服務 (27256000)
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11:30 - 22:00
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Review (355)
The Sous Vide SpecialistThe first thing that drew my attention was the catchy name, Fast Gourmet. I found it very nice and punny as this French restaurant brands itself as the Sous Vide (which stands for low temperature long time cooking) specialist. Moving on, we ordered the Weekend Brunch Menu, which came with 3 courses, an appetizer, a main and a dessert. For the appetizer, we had the soup of the day which was the Cream of Cauliflower. I am usually not a big fan of cauliflower soup but at Fast Gourmet, it was superb as they manage to blend the cauliflower flavour perfectly with the creamy soup body. I like it as the texture was at the right level of thickness and not too watery. For the other appetizer, we picked the Classic Lobster Bisque, where it was served with an empty bowl plate with real lobster chunks in it, and the freshly prepared Lobster Bisque poured into the ceramics in front of us. It had a strong acidic twist to its flavour, which acted as an excellent appetizing bridge to our mains next. MainsWe had the Iberico Pork Belly & Pork Neck with Pumpkin and Apple Puree. The Pork Belly and Pork Neck were amazing and didn’t taste too greasy as the Apple Puree played a key role to balance it out. And visually, this dish was very inviting too with the various colours coming together from the cherry tomato, mashed pumpkin and asparagus. The second main we had the Hanger Steak w/ Homemade Demiglaze. This steak is perfect for gym enthusiast who are on a strict high protein and low fat diet. With the low fat content, one might think the steak could end up hard and tough. To the contrary, it was tender and chewy, dipping it into the demiglaze sauce gives it another layer of flavour and complexity. And for dessert, we went with the Creme Bulee and Cheesecake. I particularly liked the Creme Bulee as it this very good texture to it, it’s different from some of the average ones that I have had which was too soft and very pudding-ish. Both items have got some berries in them and turned out to berry-deliciousssss!Overall, this lil French restaurant tucked in a cosy little corner, I would highly recommend and be sure to revisit to try out their other signature items. continue reading
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Level4 2021-06-10
We had an enjoyable lunch here. Twice the waitress offered to take photos for us when she saw us taking photos of everything excitedly - especially for the Lava Croissant which comes in two flavours/fillings - lobster bisque and Japanese crab paste. Both were delicious and it was fun cutting the croissant open and seeing the fillings flow out 😝“How’s your food?” the waitress asked when we were having the dessert - Sweet Mapo Tofu. “It’s very special.” I said, having never tried something like that. The tofu has an ice cream on top which has a special spicy taste. “It’s made for you, of course it’s special 😉” the waitress swiftly replied. “What’s in it?” I was still savouring the flavour. “Tofu, mint, and some secret ingredients 😉” I’ll also say get the special drinks if you can - we tried Sesame Latte and Storm Rider. The former is warm and the sweetness is just about right, while the latter, A signature espresso drink with orange bamboo powder and thick milk foam, gives a very silky texture. continue reading
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Afternoon tea set $258我覺得整體都好好食,但我朋友話我唔去拍美食節目嘥咗🤣 話我表示好食嘅程度係呈現晒喺面但我真係覺得佢好好食,無論係鹹點定係甜點,都係出色嘅鹹點黑松露北海道珍寶帶子:大粒而且勁足料濃味黑松露西班牙黑毛豬腩:豬腩唔會過肥,加埋個麵包一齊食味道好夾,唔會話好溜,而且面頭嘅蘋果醬好香蟹肉牛油果三文治:鍾意食蟹肉又鍾意食牛油果嘅我表示超級好食,而且仲要我係麵包控慢煮雞沙律卷:難怪咁好食,慢煮嘅嘢真係乜都好食,佢入面仲有啲沙律醬同埋西芹,因為佢啲西芹係切碎,唔鍾意食西芹浸味嘅我都覺得佢易入口,好食鹹點最鍾意排名:慢煮雞沙律卷-西班牙黑毛豬腩-蟹肉牛油果三文治-黑松露北海道帶子(但樣樣都咁鍾意食)甜點招牌真空慢煮焦糖燉蛋:燉蛋上面加上脆口嘅焦糖,食完一啖又一啖,同埋佢呢個特別之處就係我底中間有少許配料(紅豆蓉),同出邊唔同嘅地方,同埋佢係慢煮所以我都係覺得好好食白松露芝士蛋糕:呢個份量啱啱好一啖擺落口又唔會話份量多所以溜,重食到入口即溶嘅感覺,好淡香嘅白松露配上芝士蛋糕唔會話搶咗芝士蛋糕嘅味道鮮莓酥餅:佢係平時我最愛食嘅杏仁酥,但係上面就換咗唔係杏仁,係榛子醬配有士多啤梨同埋藍莓,好脆口好好食焦糖咖啡爆谷摩絲:濃味咖啡配埋焦糖爆谷冇諗過佢哋會夾到,感覺有啲似飲緊嘅焦糖爆谷咖啡然後又係加晒咁多隻流心牛角包味道 ,食幾多次都係覺得佢有趣又出色🥰🥰爆漿蟹膏流心牛角包+$48佢嘅蟹膏醬雖然唔及韓國咁濃,但係就算唔知係咩嚟日式都會食到去好香嘅蟹膏味,出色海鹽焦糖咖啡流心牛角包 +$28食到好香嘅咖啡味,食落去佢有啲似Tiramisu嘅感覺,因為佢又係浸左咖啡汁,而且唔會話好甜抹茶朱古力流心牛角包 +$28佢係甘味嘅抹茶朱古力,啱晒啲唔鍾意好甜朱古力嘅我,係我最愛嘅抹茶味道和牛面頰配南瓜蓉&薯蓉 $178真心好出色,面頰淋得黎好有口感,勁鍾意食牛嘅呢個位。而且上面配有炸過嘅芋絲,食落去脆而香。南瓜薯蓉好甜好好食,再加埋上面有啲青瓜同埋蘆筍,配搭埋一齊好夾。食飽嘅我都覺得個南瓜薯蓉好開胃食完一啖有一啖。雖然呢間餐廳小店位置唔算大,但平日去食嘅我都表示佢滿座,加上佢個下午茶唔貴,好值得去食,我依家已經好想再食 continue reading
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Level4 2021-05-23
好耐無食過tea,於是同朋友去咗呢間食港島區餐廳食afternoon tea!呢度環境幾chill坐得又舒服最啱同朋友嚟傾偈食下tea!-Tea set ($258)呢個tea set性價比好高呢!有四款鹹點、四款甜點、每人一杯飲品,仲可以加少少錢配招牌牛角包!-🥳甜品有四款▪️招牌真空慢煮焦糖燉蛋燉蛋好嫩滑,蛋香味濃,焦糖面好香脆,▪️白松露芝士蛋糕第一次食!一路以為白松露只係啱鹹食,點知原來甜食都唔錯,白松露味道濃郁,比芝士更實,食落好細滑,係一個唔會太甜嘅甜品。▪️鮮莓酥餅酥餅非常鬆脆但唔會好易散開,咬落有層次感,加埋草苺係一個幾Refresh的甜品!▪️焦糖爆谷咖啡摩絲焦糖味香濃又唔會太甜,炮谷都幾脆口,唔會因為擺咗喺甜品上面而變淋。咖啡慕絲食落都有空氣感,唔會太膩。🥳鹹食有大大隻帶子,望落好飽滿,口感爽口鮮甜!▪️蟹肉牛油果三文治蟹肉份量幾多,加埋熟度剛好嘅牛油果,係match!▪️西班牙黑毛豬腩口感軟腍,都幾鎖汁。▪️慢煮雞沙律卷比較清新嘅前菜,雞肉都幾嫩滑。-飲品篇呢度咖啡都好有特色,而且打卡able!▪️富士山下賣相相當吸睛,做咗漸層效果,又白到黑嘅層次感,黑色layer係由活性炭整成,飲落口都幾濃香,仲帶有少少橙香,整體非常match!▪️Tiramisu Chessy呢個必點!非常有層次感,上面係有少少鹹香嘅芝士奶蓋,而且仲附上一杯tiramisu 粉,可以自己加喺奶蓋上面,非常得意!下面就係濃香expresso ,整體非常有層次,一啖飲到三個唔同漸層味道!真係好有Tiramisu Concept-牛角包篇▪️龍蝦湯牛角包必試!牛角包包住個湯好新奇,龍蝦湯好濃郁,同餐湯質素一樣,但牛角包包住湯,外面仲keep到好香脆。一切落去龍蝦湯就好似流心咁溢出,點埋牛角包好match!▪️抹茶朱古力流心牛角包抹茶味好濃郁,亦都食到朱古力味,兩者味道balance! 而且一樣有流心效果。鹹甜牛角包都好出色!▪️真空慢煮西班牙黑毛豬腩穀物意大利飯呢個飯啱晒女士or on diet人士食!係無麩質㗎!採用藜麥同生熟薏仁去代替意大利飯粒,但同樣做到creamy效果,口感都唔錯!夠晒高纖高蛋白質!厚切慢煮黑毛豬腩口感軟腍,而且都幾鎖汁,呢個價食到呢個意大利飯,非常CP值高! continue reading
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Level4 2021-05-19
中上環半山一帶有唔少特色小店,碰巧探訪住呢區嘅朋友,就嚟咗主打流心牛角包&真空慢煮嘅fast gourmet!招牌龍蝦湯流心牛角包果然名不虛傳,打卡一流之餘味道都唔輸蝕!外表樸實內裏有驚喜,一切開流曬啲湯出黎。微暖嘅龍蝦湯鹹香滋味,快快脆脆打完卡即刻食的話酥皮仲微脆架!美國頂級牛腹扒配香煎鵝肝Hanger Steak係我最愛嘅部位之一,以慢煮方式烹調適合不過!牛味香濃,口感軟嫩無比又唔會啖啖油脂。除左常見嘅芥末醬, 仲有廚師自家調製濃厚嘅法式多密醬同埋香甜解膩嘅南瓜pure任君選擇,細節位盡顯心思。慢煮鮮挪威三文魚忌廉意粉低溫慢煮再煎果然唔同啲!外表微焦,內裏熟透依然保持柔滑唔鞋,肉汁充盈。麵條掛滿香滑嘅忌廉,加入鹹香嘅巴馬臣芝士,啖啖滿足!白松露雪糕配焦糖燉蛋慢煮嘅creme brulee屬水準之作,香滑富蛋香,但係口味創新嘅雪糕更勝一籌!松露常用於鹹食,甜品真係第一次~原來一啲都唔違和,甜中帶鹹,入口香氣濃厚,係會上癮嘅味道!白桃芝味特飲&檸檬薑蜜沙冰炎炎夏日,兩杯都係走清新路線嘅好選擇!前者嘅芝士奶蓋做得好挺身,濃度剛好。下面係有氣桃汁,以莓果蓉同埋玫瑰花瓣點綴。香氣陣陣,如果加埋酒精應該會係氹女仔無得輸嘅cocktail~後者薑味突出,酸酸甜甜,實屬一杯出色嘅乳酪冰飲。 continue reading
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