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A one-Michelin-star restaurant, ÉPURE is a fine-dining French restaurant that aims to serve contemporary dishes made from the finest ingredients. Apart from scrumptious food, ÉPURE also has an extensive vintage wine collection. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2017-20)
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Romantic Dining
Special Occasion Dining
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12:00 - 14:30
18:30 - 22:30
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12:00 - 14:30
18:30 - 22:30
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Review (173)
I always wanted to try their lunch and finally got to try it today. Their bread was amazing especially their black pepper croissant. Their butter was also seasoned with spices, making it much more special than most places.Their Amuse Bouche was a lovely tomato sorbet with tomatoes beneath. The tomatoes were sweet and it acts as a really great start.Their Mushroom Soup was superb and their signature dish. It was extremely concentrated(in a good way). Every sip was almost like eating mushrooms. Their server explained that no water was added to the soup, allowing it to be this concentrated.I ordered their lobster and again it was amazing. The sauce was fragrant and the lobster was springy and perfectly cooked. The sauce was so good I regretted not asking them for a spoon to try it more.I got to try one piece of their steak from my friends plate. It was cooked beautifully but I have to say it paled a bit compared to the lobster. It was tender all the same and I wonder how tender would it have been if we ordered the wagyu instead.The raspberry decoration was a little too sweet for me as I expected it to be more tart to match the sweetness of the chocolate). However, it was beautifully made. Moreover, I guess most people prefer it sweeter(I guess I am one of the few who likes the tartness of the fruit)The souffle was perfectly risen. Although I only tried a spoon, it was just the right sweetness and very airy.The macrons were the best out of the petit four and was a lovely conclusion to the brunch. Definitely look forward to try their dinner as well. continue reading
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Level4 2020-03-01
My pick in Restaurant Week this season is Épure which has long been on my to-eat list, a 4-course lunch at just $398 at this michelin-star restaurant is certainly a bargain.Passing through the lounge to enter the classy dining hall, we were seated at one of those circular tables with a little semi-private setting.Starting off with a refreshing amuse bouche featuring a cauliflower gel tops with promegranate mousse and some crisps. Never really tried such combination before but the flavor is balanced wonderfully. Their complimentary mini-baguette and black pepper cheese danish were warm and really nice. The french does know how to make good bread.The beef tartare was elegantly presented and the little seaweed addition and crispy chicken skin were nice touches. But was a bit heavy handed on vinegar resulted in overwhelming acidity (exacerbated with the mustard as well) I may be a traditionalist here but would prefer having a creamy egg yolk for more richness and balance out the acidity.The main course was a choice between pork and amadai. Of course we sampled both. The pork dish featured tender pork loin and cheek with an incredibly delicious caramelized sticky sauce. Also love the crispy veg on side.Comparatively, the amadai, though it’s well cooked with extremely crispy fish scale, it fell short on flavor. The beetroot sauce didn’t give much and the cabbages was slightly bitter that wasn’t very appealing.Finally it’s the showstopping pistachio souffle with a strawberry sorbet. Beautifully risen with lovely melt-in-your-mouth texture, yet the best part the pistachio flavor! It may not be the best souffle I’ve ever tasted but the prominent pistachio flavor did earn bonus points.Ending the meal with a nice cup of flat white and a little petit four (only three tho) - passionfruit candy, earl grey macaroon and coffee caramel chocolate.I’m fairly satisfied with the meal but lacking the wow factor. The service was slightly pushy at the beginning which was not expected from a michelin restaurant. It’s forgivable at this price but I’m not sure I would return for their regular full price menu. continue reading
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Level3 2020-06-19
星期三晚有人問我聽晚得唔得閒,叫我星期四晚去尖沙咀「EPURE」食飯,並叫我記得著靚啲;原來「著靚啲」是指我們今次要去「米芝蓮一星🌟」法國高級餐廳;朋友一早訂咗一個特別嘅Menu,包括:A. 兩款 Baguette 麵包B. 4-course Fine Dining1️⃣ Amuse Bouche 餐前小食2️⃣ Appetiser 前菜 1:龍蝦🦞3️⃣ Appetiser 前菜 2:魚4️⃣ Main Course 主菜:珍珠雞 (烹調方法 慢煮) C. 甜品、Petit four、Coffee️️️1️⃣ 甜品🍮:朱古力·紅桑子2️⃣ Petit four - 芒果熱情果啫喱- 低糖伯爵茶馬卡龍- 椰絲咖啡朱古力3️⃣Coffee☕️:Cappuccino總括來說:一餐非常滿足及好味道嘅法國大餐😋 continue reading
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Level4 2020-04-30
今次要介紹嘅餐廳係位於尖沙咀嘅 Épure,自2017起連續幾年取得米芝連一星殊榮,可見其實力同服務都得到認可,但我哋嘅體驗就覺得服務較進取,令人感覺唔自在Épure is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, and it has awarded as a one-star Michelin restaurant for four years consecutively. It is a recognition of its quality and services, but from our experience, the service is quite aggressive which makes us feel uncomfortable.◾RW 午餐餐單 (RW Lunch Menu) $398◽鯖魚 (Mackerel)小小嘅開胃菜,將鯖魚切成一口嘅大細,魚本身嘅味道幾腥,但配上底下帶甜嘅紅蘿蔔蓉,能夠將腥味減少,味道唔錯。The meal is started with slices of mackerel as the amuse-bouche. The mackerel tastes quite fishy, but with the sweet carrot sauce underneath, it can reduce the fishy smell and it tastes delightful.◾生牛肉他他 (Beef Tartare)生牛肉他他用上日本和牛,質感上的確比其他牛肉他他更柔軟,但差別唔算好明顯。而且牛肉嘅佔比相對較少,醋落得較重,令整體味道偏酸。用上雞皮令層次更豐富,值得一讚。The beef tartare has made use of wagyu, which gives it a softer texture. But the difference is not that obvious. Moreover, the proportion of beef is less than the ordinary one, while marinated with more vinegar, which makes it tastes quite sour. The use of crispy chicken skin enriches the layering, which worth merit.◽燉法國豬肉 (Pork)好有驚喜嘅一道主菜。法國豬柳看似油膩,但係品嘗落又冇依個感覺,可能係香橙焦糖醬發揮好好嘅解膩作用。豬肉質感極度柔軟,程度猶如和牛,完全改變對豬嘅概念。The main course is full of surprise. The French pork tenderloin may seem greasy, but it doesn't taste greasy as the use of orange caramel sauce has completely neutralized the greasiness. The texture of the tenderloin is extremely soft, just like a slice of wagyu. This dish has changed my conventional view of how soft a slice of pork can be.◾梳乎厘 (Soufflè)梳乎厘味道帶有淡淡嘅杏仁香,同雲呢拿雪糕嘅味道好襯。依到嘅梳乎厘係食過之中最鬆軟,空氣感十足,入口即化,絕對稱得上係招牌。The Soufflè is slightly almond-flavoured, which matches well if the taste of the vanilla ice cream. This is the fluffiest Soufflè we have ever had. It is light and just simply melt when you placed it into your mouth.◽法式美點 (Petite Four)三款法式美點分別係芒果熱情果啫喱、伯爵茶馬卡龍、椰絲咖啡朱古力,可能係我哋唔識欣賞,三款美點嘅味道都一般,當中伯爵茶馬卡龍更係太甜,伯爵茶味道欠奉,其實以梳乎厘作結便可,略顯畫蛇添足。The Petite Four consists of a passionfruit candy, earl grey macaroon and coffee caramel chocolate. We barely appreciate the Petite Four as it is lack of uniqueness. For the earl grey macaroon, it is simply too sweet that we cannot taste any earl grey. It is gilding the lily to add the petite four beyond the Soufflè.◾Épure📍尖沙咀廣東道3-27號海港城海洋中心4樓403號舖📍Shop 403, 4/F, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui continue reading
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Épure has been on our bucket list for quite some time, so when we discovered their restaurant week menu, which includes 4-courses plus coffee/tea at just $398, we knew we had to give it a try! (I mean, that’s a pretty good deal for a one-star michelin resto!)_Highlights of the meal include the:👉🏼𝐏𝐨𝐫𝐤:both the pork tenderloin & pork cheek were sososo succulent and tender with an almost melt-in-your-mouth texture🤤 Complimented by some leeks and a beautiful sweet n savoury jus, this pork dish is probs one of the best we’ve ever had🤤👉🏼𝐀𝐥𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐨𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐥é:fluffy and light, yet incredibly moist and creamy, this soufflé is to-die-for‼️ not to mention how it’s not overly sweet, with a fragrant almond flavour that stands out but doesn’t overwhelm. We usually aren’t big fans of almonds, but this - we could get every day👌🏼_There were some hit and misses for the other dishes, but overall, the whole meal proved to be a pleasant experience. For this price, I’d say it’s reasonable and worth a try😉 continue reading
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