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This restaurant is located in Tai Hang, on the ground floor of an old building, and from the exterior there was a hip casual dining ambiance. Arriving early tonight we already saw a few tables occupied, and by 7:00 pm all the tables were full. Even though the restaurant is quite small, still this showed how popular it is. We were seated at a table just outside the kitchen, and allowing us to see the activities inside.We ordered Clams ($138) to start. The clams were fresh and sweet, cooked together with fennel, tarragon cream and vermouth, with the herbs bringing a nice fragrance to the clams. I also liked the two pieces of toast which we could use to soak up the sauce to enjoy. But one issue was that the fennel was a bit 'cold', which seemed to just come out from the fridge and making the feeling a bit weird.Next we were served the Chili Crab Pasta ($158), and together with one of the main dishes of Seabass Fillet ($198). Given that we were sharing I did not like the restaurant serving both at the same time, as inevitably the dish got cold in the process. Something the restaurant could pay more attention in future. The angel hair pasta was for me a bit too soft and overcooked. The taste however was quite good, with a nice rich taste from the sauce prepared with the crab shell, and appropriate in spiciness to make the dish quite appetizing. The seabass had a tamarind and squid ink aioli, plus some edamame, mint and fennel. The fennel still was not of the right temperature in my opinion, but was better than the clams as they had properly warmed up a bit more after being taken out from the fridge. The seabass was also a bit disappointing, rather mild in taste and without much noteworthy elements to highlight.The other main course we had was Grilled Pork Chop ($188). The chef had helped to cut the pork chop into pieces to make it easier for us to share, but this resulted in the jus seeping out too much, making the meat drier than ideal. Still the searing on the surface was done properly with good caramelization, and the apple mostarda prepared was a good pair with the meat. The chef also had put a leek ash to further enhance the complexity of flavors of the well-seasoned pork chop.For dessert we had the Peach Panna Cotta ($98) to share. Quite beautifully plated, there were lots of seasonal fruit surrounding the panna cotta, which were further added with granola, honeycomb and some berry yogurt. Decent but I found it strange why calling it peach panna cotta, as I did not find the peach...Another thing to note was the tables were fairly small and the seating was not the most comfortable dining experience but for a more casual setting that would serve the purpose. Service was fairly good, with the staff attentive and friendly. The bill on the night was $922 which was fairly reasonable as well. But in the end there was no specific reason to prompt me for returning. continue reading
遊走大坑新發現, 大坑這個地方,真的有不少Cafe,但大多數都比較細小店內亦比較擠迫。疫情下,都比較想找一些空曠的地方。Elementary 這間店+符合我的需要。Chill得黎,又唔會太迫!而且看到也是pet friendly,室外有一排櫈,可以帶寵物一同進食。Smashed avocado $128 + salmon $35選取的食材新鮮,牛油果,芝士,南瓜子,以及當中的調味,能夠適當地帶出各項食材的味道,提升一個層次。另一甜品充滿滿滿的驚喜咁!首先食物的外型真的很美,裝飾擺設也10分有心思外層是烘過的toast,非常香脆,以及加了一層薄薄的糖霜~內層更是更意想不到,竟然有一個西柚味雪芭😍非常surprise!好味:♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥抵食:♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♡回頭:♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2020-09-06
Pulled chicken drumstick $88同我想像中既drumstick有啲出入😅仲以為係一碟幾隻drumstick 有啲醬咁,可能食得太多buffalo/bbq drumstick...所以哩個比廚師重新re-engineer過既,真係好特別,價錢亦都反映左廚師準備功夫既多少。佢係用雞肉加芝士加薯仔再加唔知咩香料混合而成,再人手搓番個雞脾型狀,再成舊痴番落條骨度落鑊炸既。真係好特別同好好食。不過$88得一舊,真係幾貴架。Spicy Crab Pasta我都叫食得辣,但係哩個麵真係辣得好緊要。蟹肉夠多,不過就唔係舊舊大到蟹鉗肉咁既,都唔錯,真鮮味。LambShrank夠曬巨型成隻豬手咁😂好淋呀再加紅酒汁一流,唔好睇少個薯蓉,又滑又多cream,成碟食完飽到加零一。Panna Cotta講真中間果粒panna cotta真係極之普通,不過加埋周邊既生果咁色彩繽紛,真係令人好想食。食完咁大舊肉,食啲生果都好既,仲要夠曬多種類。菜式係夠特色,不過真係有啲貴,試過一次就okay la~ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2020-09-06
It’s always been on the top on my list to try, finally got a chance that I woke up early enough to get a brunch on a Saturday!!The food was nice, and the staff was nice too, it’s a great place for brunch and a great place for chillax. Let’s talk about the food: I ordered this avocado on toast with poached egg, the egg was perfectly cooked, the sourdough was on point and avocado was ripe,have to highlight that the sauce was super matchy with the whole thing which combines everything tgt!!The second dish was the cheese & ham toast, I didn’t take a close up to it as I’m not a cheese fan but turned out this dish tasted better than it looks!! If you are a fan of cheese, TRY IT! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)