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Gambas Pil Pil (Sizzling Prawns) Grilled Rib-Eye with Chimichurri Patatas Bravas (Fried Potatoes w/ Bravas Sauce) Lamb Skewer with Mojo Verde Crispy Pork Belly w/ Quince Aioli
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Level4 2018-11-28
So in wanchai there’s a street full of bars, if you blink quickly you’re likely to walk pass this lovely little Spanish place call El Cerdo. When I used to work in wanchai, I haven’t had a chance to try here. Today is such a sunny day to share tapas and chit-chat with friends. So today was the day! Once again I’m back to wanchai to meet a friend for lunch here 😊🍴Though being a Saturday, I thought it would be very busy so I booked online by Openrice in advance. On the day it was quiet and there was only one table with customers when I arrived around noon. I reckon people don’t usually get up early during weekends 🤪The restaurant had a vibrant colour approach to its decorations. The chairs and tables are all high so if you’re scared of heights beware 😝The paper mat was the a la carte menu and the chopping board had the set lunch menus and drinks. I ordered 2 a la carte tapas first while I wait for my friend. Then order one lunch set that comes with a salad, 2 tapas and 2 desserts to share between us. The most great thing is that all tapas are freshly prepared and cooked. You could tell from the smell coming from the open kitchen / bar area. I love the Spanish omelette the best as I’m a big fan of cheese and I also love the pork belly! The meat was very soft and juicy 🐷 My friend loved the mini burger the most but finds it hard to eat it elegantly as there have thick layers! The meat was very juicy and you could taste the strong beef flavour. We didn’t order sangria but would have done if we were dining at night!! The price is quite expensive for lunch but weighing out with the good food, service and environment, I guess it’s worth 🍹🍴 continue reading
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Level3 2018-10-28
同同事去試新嘢食好少會食嘅西班牙菜 呢間都有set lunch可以自己配搭 頭盤係湯或者沙律 我揀咗沙律,汁同埋沙律菜嘅比例啱啱好,超好味 個主菜未上之前見到隔離枱啲嘢食好細份然後大家都驚會唔會食唔飽 嗌咗辣肉腸芝士鵪鶉蛋迷離漢堡同埋脆皮豬腩肉配蜂蜜蛋黃醬 都真係好細份豬腩肉係兩舊 而個迷你漢堡亦都係兩個 個脆皮豬腩肉超級好味,其實真係好似燒腩仔個皮超級脆 肥膏同埋肉嘅比例亦都好好 至於個迷你漢堡 如果個口大啲係可以成嚿塞曬落個口度一啖咁樣食曬 一次過食曬所有嘅材料,又係好有好滿足嘅感覺,而且係好好味㗎 食完個主菜已經好飽,完全估唔到個份量咁細竟然都會飽仲要嗌咗個甜品,西班牙油炸鬼 churros每人兩條點nutella成個lunch真係好肥好唔健康但係又好好味呀唯一唔好既係,明明寫明唔收加一然後最尾夾硬話因為我哋七個人要收加5% continue reading
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Level3 2018-10-25
The lunchtime menu hasn't changed much in the last year or so but that doesn't stop me coming back every month or so. Lunchtime menus come with four options - The Executive set which includes Paella - the only menu that has this item as the a la carte does not even have Paella and three other lunch menu options where you can choose two tapas from a set of 5 options in each menu. Price ranges from HK108, HK128 and HK148 and you can check the photos already posted by other reviewers of the items on offer. I have also been here during the night and it's somewhat pricier. The lunch menu offers exceptional value as the portion sizes are exactly the same for a snippet of the price you would have to pay at night. The set lunch always comes with a soup and i always go for it. I've had Cauliflower, Mushroom etc soups from there and its always been absolutely flavourful. It's actually a shame they don't offer more soup options on the a la carte menu... Even some of the tortillas like the mushroom and the chorizo tortilla is only available during lunch time and they are tastier than the normal tortilla that is available a la carte. The tortillas are juicy, filling, just extremely tasty, one of the bigger dishes on the menu... One of my personal favourites here is the Crispy Pork Belly. The skin is divine and the meat succulent. I always order this but it is a heavy item - a must for any pork lovers! The sizzling prawn with lots of chili garlic infused olive oil comes out literally sizzling. Order bread as you'll want to polish that chili garlic olive oil off and leave nothing to waste... Other standout items for me during the lunch would be the grilled sardines, the croquettas (some of the best in Hong Kong in my opinion)the quail legs which are simply great and the Lamb Skewers. In fact many of the items are tasty and you won't be let down. During Lunch for an extra HK10 you can add a drink or a dessert. Go for the Churros - always freshly fried with a chocolate dipping sauce on the side. The only thing I don't like about this is place is the high chairs. It's not that comfortable sitting too long on a high chair for more than an hour but for lunch its okay, for Dinner it starts to become a bit uncomfortable. The service is attentive and not intrusive. Food comes extremely quickly.  Whilst the food is heavy you won't end up feeling too bloated for lunch. The portion size is just about right. Best to go with 2 to 4 people so you can try a bit of everything. Lunch menus don't have vegetarian options listed but you can try asking them to swap out some options.  continue reading
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Level3 2018-10-22
響灣仔地鐵站C出口,會見到唔少酒吧佢地多數都有做午市,而響地鐵站口隔離既呢間就令我印象特別深刻呢到既裝修好精致,燈光都好光,有別於一般酒吧既風格,有啲似去左外國既感覺我地叫左個Set Lunch ($138),可以揀兩款main course我揀左脆皮豬腩肉同西班牙臘腸奄列,再加左$10要甜品Churros!首先黎既係甘荀湯,之前飲過甘薈汁唔係幾鐘意,估唔到呢個湯又幾好飲佢質地唔係幼滑個種,反而仲飲到有甘荀既顆粒蓉,味道有點似南瓜湯,但無咁濃呢個就係脆皮豬腩肉,其實同港式燒腩仔差不多,不過味道唔會咸我最欣賞個sauce,係蜂蜜蛋黃醬,食落甜甜地帶微酸,有少少似酸酪配堆個豬腩食,令到個豬腩無咁重油膩感,好正,推介!唔好以為得兩舊豬會唔飽,因為食完都會覺有少少漏再食埋個奄列係超級飽,因為個奄到用左薯仔同粉整,好似一個蛋餅咁切開會有一啲西班牙臘腸粒粒,同埋薯仔粒,混左少少香草同洋蔥,都係好好味到最後既甜品,新鮮炸起既西班牙油炸鬼!拎上手係超熱,點埋nutella食,好邪惡但真係停唔到口 P.S. 呢到食野係唔洗加一既,不過我地同事一行七個人,店員話七個以上要收番5%服務費,咁怪既規矩都係第一之聽 continue reading
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Level3 2018-08-24
以往喺灣仔做嘢,好多餐廳d氣氛都好凝重,上菜好快、d位近到聽到隔離嘅打工一族傾返工煩惱事,一個lunch hour 就算60分鐘都會覺得叉唔夠電...—今日機緣巧合,朋友約咗我去el cerdo時間長嘅可以食Executive Lunch,又或者另外3個set lunch,基本上包湯或者沙律/ 兩個小食,咖啡或茶,加$10有個甜品(鬼佬油炸鬼Churros),全部$150內—我試左Executive Lunch,先飮蘿蔔湯、接住有蕃茄包、一個全素海鮮飯(paella)- 本來含有豬肉、侍應好細心咁幫我走肉叫咗個凍檸檬茶(原來好大杯)雖則西班牙人嘅tapas 好似香港嘅點心咁,細細件,但係咁多個細細件加埋就好飽所以物超所值—另外朋友嘅lunch 揀嘅tapas都有啲推介:1) 秘製鵪鶉配西班牙杏仁醬 (Rosemary, mustard marinated quail with romesco, almonds) - 好入味,好特有西班牙風格2)西班牙吞拿魚奄列 (tuna Tortilla)呢個地道菜唔係唔食呀嘛🤪3)mini burgers因為唔食豬肉,咁menu大部份都係豬肉之下,了解到burger 係牛肉已賣相非常得意—最後我食完即刻要openrice. 寫個靚評,嘢食好味、環境好靚、氣氛開心、感覺睇出嚟嘅嘢全部都係彩色嘅💖我終於喺灣仔搵到個抖到氣嘅地方-回頭率:100%鋪頭叫El Cerdo ( the pig) ,名正言順係食豬肉嘅,所以我都想試埋其他野,而選擇真係有限不過放心我一定會返嚟!因為啲嘢好好味 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)