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Level1 2014-10-13
I have been to the restuarant for brunch before.  Food & environment were very good and I always wanted to go again.  There was recently a Groupon offer of dinner set for 2.  I bought and went with 2 other friends.  For sure, we will order more dishes in addition to the Groupon set.When we arrived, we were assigned to the table by the street.  I have requested for a table not by the street and the waitresses have unfriendly refused.  I asked if they could lower the temperature of the aircon or if they have a fan.   I was told that the aircon closest to my table is not working; and no fan can be offered.  With outside temperature of 30-degree, patio door wide open, very little aircon and unhelpful waitresses, the dinner was already not pleasant before the meal starts.In terms of the food, it is very disappointing.  We have ordered salad & steak from the Groupon menu.  Both were done without heart.  The greens were not fresh which topped with balsamic vinegar.  A non-professional cook can do better than that.  For the steak, the quality is like those you get from fast food restaurant esp the black pepper sauce that goes with it.  I understand Groupon offer is at discount price.  It does not mean the food quality should be discounted.  I guess the restuarant only care for the cash but not their reputation.A small piece of sharp plastic was found in the sauce that came with the a la carte dish we ordered.  We told the waitress and she did not do or say anything.  Until we asked her to change another one, she exchange the sauce for us. continue reading
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Level1 2014-07-15
My wife and I was there for Sunday brunch but came away distinctly disappointed. Their Classic Breakfast was the standard fair but priced at 130, it is not that reasonably when you consider you have to pay extra for tea or coffee. I ordered a Nourish fruit smoothie which can be best described as a large glass of yellow tasteless ice. I guess the bright side is that it had low calorie content. My Chilli con Carne came with brown rice which was lukewarm and hard, probably underheated in the microwave oven from overnite preparation. The Chilli itself was not bad. There were 4 or 5 waitress but efficiency was on the low side and towards 2 pm only two were left working. The final annoying thing was that when I gave them an AE card for the bill I was given a terse reply "VISA only", as if I have managed to annoyed the waitress. They could have at least been slightly apologetic ! continue reading
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Level1 2014-05-29
A group of us were doing a coffee crawl of Hong Kong, looking for the best bistro's in which to enjoy a top notch caffinated beverage and "Eat Right" came to our attention. At First I was skeptical about getting good coffee in a restaurant but after I emailed the company and got a warm and accomodating response I thought we should try it out.We arrived at 10 on a Saturday morning to a table already waiting for us (I should mention that there were 8 of us), the staff were welcoming and seated us straight away with menus to hand. We were given an appropriate amount of time before they came back to ask for orders, we ordered the coffee first and some breakfasts.We had:6 piccolo lates - The late art was excellent and each coffee looked very similar. Each one was smooth with a good strong, rich coffee flavour coming through. Some had too much foam but others were good. A great morning drink - We gave these 8/101 Long Black - Smooth not bitter with a strong flavor and no bad aftertaste - 8.5/101 Ristretto - This was sweet and rich, not bitter - a good extraction - I would give this 8/10As for the food we all enjoyed everything that we had which was:Bacon and egg ciabata Poached eggs with spinach and baconEggs benedictOne other stand out moment was when the staff took my young son and played with him (it was a quiet morning) they didnt find him a nuisance but were interested in him and our baby. This kind of service and attentiveness from staff is rare and a real blessing when experienced.I would go back to Eat Right in a heartbeat and would happily drink their coffee and eat their food and relax in the little Oasis they have created there in the Mid Levels.Thank you Eat Right! continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-11
一月慶生飯第二彈,又動用老弟的 The Entertainer 優惠券,來到士丹頓街上的 Eat Right。周六中午,裡面已幾乎已滿座,由於我們沒有訂位,我們剛到的時候,先要到樓下稍等,等到上面這裡有位才能入座。在這裡當然光猛得多了。優惠是主餐牌上的菜式買一送一。餐牌上每項菜式都有列出營養價值,方便食客選擇。Baked Salmon Fillet w Beetroot and Organic Quinoa Salad ($170)這是我「一見鍾情」的菜式。充滿營養的三文魚配有多種超級食物如紅菜頭和藜麥的沙律,未吃已覺得健康。健康又不代表難吃的,起碼三文魚焗熟了也不乾韌,蔬菜也爽脆甜美。Whole Wheat Lasagne w Mushrooms, Spinach and Pumpkin ($110)這個素菜千層麵是沒有奶類成份的,所以比較清爽不膩。上面有很多茄醬,烤過的蔬菜甜度更突出,也好吃。Green Curry Chicken w Organic Brown Rice ($148)咖喱味偏向溫和,可能是為配合外國人的口味。配合大量蔬菜和糙米飯,纖維豐富又飽肚。Pan-Fried Baby Lamb Fillet w Tzatziki Sauce ($160)Tzatziki 是希臘式乳酪醬,隱約有點薄荷味,配羊柳是好的配搭。羊肉沒有太羶。Low Fat Chocolate Cake ($75) 甜品雖然沒有優惠,但生日總要切個蛋糕才圓滿。簡單一個朱古力蛋糕,不管它是否低脂,夠濕潤香濃就是好。這個也做到了。正價好像是七百多,蘇豪區餐廳來說差不多了,但有優惠券忽然又覺得好抵。 continue reading
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Level2 2014-03-08
Three Breakfast set, one is pancake. Pancake is good for someone like wholemeal!My order is scrambled egg, spinach, mushroom, tomato and  rye. I should say scrambled egg is over, dry, not my taste.... Spinach is quite hard... Maybe I'm not familiar with it's eating habit, but the whole breakfast served had got no salt. There's salt on table, maybe it's better for customer to serve themselves, but eggs and spinach are to dry to obsorb salt.... Btw, their service might still have some space to improve.. We waited for more than half hour for our breakfast, even table next to us who ordered ten minutes later than us got their breakfast finished, we still waited.  lus, my friend got her set served wrongly for the first time, finally got changed. But the waiter's attitude can be better. Anyway, we were attracted by its interesting name, and stepped in. But to be honest, dissoppointed by the food and service, maybe won't choose it for brunch again. I still hold a chance for it to try lunch or dinner. Hope it would be better.  continue reading
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