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Steve Lee Ka Ting’s second outlet specializing in traditional Cantonese cuisine. All dishes are his family recipe and cooked to perfection. There is an array of banquet dishes and family dishes for sharing, lunch and dinner set menus. Flame-grilled char-siu, stir-fried rice noodles with beef and sauna chicken are must-try items. continue reading
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Level4 2019-01-26
今日朋友帶我黎會一會鼎爺,好期待呀 !!! 朋友話唔係好難 BOOK,可能呢道新店啦 !! 我靠痴實佢 ~~ 佢訂位我冇理由唔跟架 !! 開心仔 ~~我地叫左 4位既 鼎級午市套餐,對於選擇困難症既我,哈哈 ~~ 有朋友幫手選就最好啦 !! 首先黎左個前菜,有醉蝦 / 鮑魚 ~ 個蝦勁正呀!酒味好重!勁爽,帶甜!反而鮑魚正常野 🤣🤣 都入味既,淋身!唔會好難咬開!呢兩個好開胃 ~花膠螺頭燉竹絲雞,一入口甜到呢 ~ 個花膠好厚,完全會痴住個咀 !!! 入面仲有幾粒螺頭同埋幾件雞,我仲同朋友講,可唔可以俾多少少湯我 ~ 哈哈 !! 呢壺湯我地連湯料都食哂 ~~ 確係一流 !!上湯焗開邊龍蝦,我地仲諗...唔會俾波士頓我呀 !! 睇 OP 人客食既相我好期待架 ~~ 好在係本地龍蝦仔,呢個 SIZE 既龍蝦好鮮甜,又爽口 !! 同上湯好夾 ~~ 我仲好冇儀態 ... 差唔多食哂成個龍蝦頭 !! 我呢D平民要冇儀態下 ~~ 哈哈 !! 係好味既表現 !!四十五頭吉品伴花菇,坦白講...呢個有少少失望,係咪我期望過高,覺得佢會糖心 ? 哈哈 ~~ 鮑魚味道唔係唔好 !! 但我覺得乾鮑既味,應該會比鮮鮑味濃 ... 但我竟然覺得頭盤個鮮鮑好食D !! 冬菇味道好表面 ... 阿爺黃金琵琶蝦,嘩 ~~~~ 呢個極度邪惡 !!! 但又大愛喎 !! 個蝦爽甜到爆燈 ~~~ 夾個咸蛋王 ... 完全唔捨得快食 !! 個金沙掛得剛剛好,唔會多 !! 食得口又唔會成口油 !! 又係大愛呀 ~~春梅紫薑炒雞球,呢個驚喜度好高呀 !! 我地冇諗過一個家常小菜咁正 ~~ 我地諗左好耐 ... 春梅就咩黎 !! 哈哈 ~~ 係平時係街都買到既脆梅 (我地估),係圖好細粒綠色果個就係喇 !! 春梅夾紫薑好開胃呀 ~~ 好似幫我地洗走頭先食既野咁 !! 又開番個胃,但當然啦 ... 黎到呢道都好飽下 !! 雞球好有雞味 ~~ 唔似雪雞 !! 實淨既 ~ 配料春梅同紫薑酸酸甜甜好好味 !! 我地 ... 好似餓鬼咁 ... 連人地既配料都食鬼哂 !! 一D都冇浪費大廚既心機 ~~川媽子炒飯,呢個炒飯好得意呀 !! 有四川麻辣既味道 !! 炒得好乾身,好在唔會過濃 !! 如果唔係怕辣既我就食唔到喇 !! 份量亦岩岩好 ~~ 適合我既D眼闊肚窄既為食精 !! 入面有欖菜 / 菜心 / 蛋同埋好似辣肉既野,仲炒得好乾身,唔會油 !! 唔錯 ~~ 懷舊蕃薯湯水作結尾,朋友勁講話冇薑既冇薑既 ~~ 哈哈 !! 我地即刻話人地都冇講有薑 !! 冇錯呀 ~~ 不過我覺得得一舊蕃薯唔係好夠 !! 哈哈 ~~ 糖水唔會過甜,黑糖既味道好夠 !! 配蕃薯好好 ~~ 蕃薯糖水梗係唔會在意個水啦 !! 舊蕃薯好好味 ~~ 所以我地話一舊唔夠 !! 但其實已經飽到咩咁 !! 呵 ~~ continue reading
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Level4 2019-01-23
I had wanted to try Ding Ye for a long long time given his fame. Finally saw this place on news which was conveniently located in Central and was much cheaper to try. I had booked a table about weeks in advance via openrice. The interior decoration of the restaurant was quite pleasing. I could tell that they did spend some money on it. It was very bright with loads of windows. We managed to get a table near the windows but the tables were actually quite close to each other so there was little privacy. The tablewares were well-designed to match his name "Ding" and were quite pretty.We decided to order the more expensive 鼎級午市套餐 at a price of $698+10%. Tea surcharge was $25+10% per head. I had just plain water while my lunch partner had 菊花 which was better than average out there but not top-notch.Double-boiled Superior Shark's Fin Soup, Sliced Yunnan Ham, Heart of GreenFirst of all, this soup was served. It was a good and clear soup. There were quite a lot of shark fin and a whole slice of Yunnan ham. It was quite good indeed. I felt so hot after drinking. Great for such a cold day.涼菜孖寶(凍鮑魚&話梅凍蝦)First of all, there was no introduction of the food. I gave the names myself. This dish was very so-so. The small cold abalone had nothing special. It was a fresh abalone seasoned by sesame oil, with a small slice of cucumber underneath. The cold shrimp was just like one of those served at buffet restaurant, with the shell removed. However, the 話梅 indeed made the cold shrimp taste much better by its pickled salty flavour. Such a good idea to put them together.Wok-fried Prawns, Celery, Olive SeedThere seemed to be some problems with the order of serving of the dishes. This dish wasn't hot enough when served. The plate was cold. The prawns were just so-so with nothing special. I had definitely expected more! A side note was that it was quite interesting to find that a paper butterfly was put on some mashed potato to decorate the plate but unfortunately the position of the butterfly was not always so proper. Maybe the chef was too busy? The mashed potato was totally tasteless.上湯焗開邊龍蝦The lobster was not fresh enough. I found the lobster meat a bit 霉....This dish was also served too soon after serving of the prawns, so we didn't have time to enjoy the food at its topmost quality. By the way, please note the paper butterfly...Stewed Wagyu Short Rib, Trio of OnionThis Wagyu was really good. The Wagyu was stewed very well so that it was really tender. The sauce was quite tasty and not oily at all. It was quite a good dish, except that my piece of short rib was too fatty! The trio of onions reminded me of Shanghainese-style of fried beef with onions.Again this dish was served together with the beef so we had to eat this dish first before the fish turned cold. This dish was very good. They were served really hot. The garoupa fillets were really fresh. I liked how there were Sichuan Chili to enhance the flavour. The transparent noodles underneath were quite delicious eating with the Sichuan Chili too. While they had served all the mains together at a time, it took us a long long while to be served the udon, maybe because they had been waiting for another table next door to finish their mains to cook ours altogether. They didn't let us order 1 fried rice and 1 udon to share, which I actually didn't see much inconvenience for them to do so because they were offering two choices only anyway. Soup Inaniwa Udon, Bean Curd Sheet, Fish BrothAnyway, the fish broth was really rich in fish with quite some pepper. The bean curd sheets were fresh and plentiful. The udon was smooth. I preferred this one to fried rice because this one was obviously more healthy and less oily.It was dessert of the day and we didn't have a choice. I was never a fan of 蕃薯糖水 but it was ok. The sweet soup was rich in ginger and was of the right degree of sweetness. The sweet potato was ok, although the one for my lunch partner didn't seem so. Great for such a cold day.  It made me so warm after drinking. Overall, most of the food was good despite some failed dishes. But given the price of the food at a per-head cost of $800 for such a meal, it was definitely too expensive. It was very obvious that they would like to offer good service with servers in general being polite and attentive helping you to refill your water/tea from time to time. There were a lot of room for improvement in the order of serving and decoration of the plates, especially if they are targeting at achieving Michelin stars or charging Michelin prices for their food. At such a price, there are a lot more better choices in the same district. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2018-12-10
踏入十二月,又是接近一年的終結。做冬、聖誕、生日、除夕,各式各樣的聚會,令年尾的飯局分外熱鬧。今次友好邀約做冬,並安排廚神鼎爺於中環新開的鼎。會館晚飯,提早做節。裝修雅致,尤其喜歡這盞巨型花花水晶燈😍。麻香口水竹絲雞 - 麻醬味濃,香中帶辣,竹絲雞雞味濃且不肥有驚喜,粉皮煙韌,拌上切成幼絲的青瓜和大蔥,多重味道和口感集一身👍。順德拆魚羹 - 冬星斑拆肉後啖啖肉,拌以鮮甜的魚湯和大小長闊相若的木耳絲,紅蘿蔔絲,唐芹絲和粉絲而成。當見到魚羹裡的紅蘿蔔絲比粉絲更幼細時,可見廚師的手藝。竹笙醸花竹蝦扒蟹肉 - 清新清淡但味鮮的一道菜,鮮味來自食材花竹蝦和蟹肉本身的原味,竹笙帶來清新清爽的感覺。紅燒妙齡乳鴿 - 乳鴿帶點甜調味合宜,如果乳鴿一開二代替一開四的話,相信效果會更好。豉香欖角骨 - 磨碎的豆鼓為㰖角骨帶來畫龍點睛的香口惹味,骨肥瘦均勻,口感熱、軟、糯。花旗參湯浸汕頭白 - 大白菜嫩,花旗參湯清。順德姑娘炒米粉 - 炒米粉幼身,滑而不油膩,配上蛋絲、冬菇絲、青紅椒絲、肉絲,白蘿蔔片等同炒,非常入味,轉眼掃光。阿爺芝麻卷 - 據聞此芝麻卷的芝麻漿經五次過濾才拿去蒸,所以會特別幼滑。芝麻卷微暖,芝麻味濃郁。 continue reading
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Level4 2018-12-02
今天很開心相約好友們一起到鼎爺開的鼎會館朝聖。 相信鼎爺精美的廚藝眾所皆知吧, 平時響電視上看見鼎爺的飲食節目,他憑著一雙巧手製造出美味又創新的菜式。前排還有一間鼎爺私房菜,希望遲些有機會可以跟朋友去試下。 今次 首先到鼎會館,與好友們享受一個美味的星期日午餐。 鼎會館室內環境裝修中式化,亭台樓閣的四合院設計,充滿著古色古香的風格,還有巨型蓮花水晶燈,令環境更加氣派十足!窗外更有摩天大廈景觀,令中環區的高級粵菜加入全新優質氣象!今次我們點了鼎級午市套餐,每位$698,菜式包括: 涼拌孖寶有香麻口水雞& 梅子蝦,花膠螺頭燉竹絲雞,上湯焗開邊龍蝦,四十五頭吉品伴花菇,之後自選小菜兩款,我們選了金菇粉絲蒜蓉蒸貴妃蚌 ( 加$45一位 ) 和春梅紫薑炒雞球,鮮魚湯腐竹稻庭麵,薑汁蕃薯糖水。花膠螺頭燉竹絲雞 ~ 燉湯味濃郁,螺頭鮮甜, 用竹絲雞做食料,入冬之選!涼拌孖寶有香麻口水雞& 梅子蝦 ~ 香麻口水雞 味道麻香,帶有微辣,開胃又惹味!梅子蝦 ~ 酸酸甜甜的梅子配新鮮嫩口的蝦肉, 不得不提貼心的菜式,蝦肉已被剝殼!上湯焗開邊龍蝦 ~ 一碟本身是半隻龍蝦的,因為我想影得靚啲,所以借了朋友半隻龍蝦來拍照。 龍蝦入口多汁鮮甜,每一啖都彈牙爽口, 好味!四十五頭吉品伴花菇 ~ 鮑魚炆得好林又入味, 花菇大大粒,吸入鮑魚汁,更加鮮甜美味!金菇粉絲蒜蓉蒸貴妃蚌 ~ 超大隻的貴妃蚌,一啖入口已經知很新鮮,配上蒜蓉金菇粉絲做伴菜,好味到連貴妃蚌汁都飲埋, 真係好鮮甜。春梅紫薑炒雞球 ~ 竟然可以將這一碟簡單的菜式做得相當之美味, 酸甜的紫薑味,完全滲入雞球裏, 平時不太喜歡吃薑的我, 今次都吃了很多啊。鮮魚湯腐竹稻庭麵 ~ 開頭吃到腐竹的香味,再飲多一啖已經嚐到鮮甜的魚湯,有層次的感覺。 稻庭麵有口感彈牙煙韌,讚!薑汁蕃薯糖水 ~ 食到最後一樣就是糖水了, 薑汁香濃夠辣,溏心蕃薯好好味!對於這間名人會館真是很滿意,雖然價錢不算便宜,但完全是高質的食物,食得出用心製造食材的感覺,室內環境坐得舒適,喜歡窗口滲入暖暖的陽光, 還有店員服務態度親切,遲些我會再約朋友們一起來試鼎會館的晚市菜式。 continue reading
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約左好耐,今日終於約到人同我黎食鼎爺既餐廳見識下!餐廳風格上似現代既中菜館,有少少中西合璧既感覺主色調都係黑白為主橫樑既設計,瓦礫既屋頂,中間放左一盞大大既蓮花燈! 造型非常特別同朋友點左份酒香話梅蝦遠遠都聞到一陣酸酸既香甜蝦幫你拆左殼挑左腸,非常貼心。最特別係酒香話梅,食落甘甜,有淡淡花鵰酒香,配上沙律菜食令沙律份外清新甜甜👍秘製火焰叉燒叉燒切好,灑上酒就可以燒啦! 叉燒隔住網,店員好熟手咁左右移動,令每舊叉燒都燒得均勻。燒完出黎色水都唔同左,油脂燒哂出黎,又有少少燶邊,聞落非常香!叉燒肥瘦好均勻,入口香軟又夠腍,肉味香之餘油脂十足,再肥少少真係入口即溶而佢落既蜜汁唔多,食落只係微微有甜,用黎送飯一流紫晶生炒骨係電視見過鼎爺煮,黎到一定要試下!!配料有紅肉火龍果,菠蘿同青紅椒生炒骨用既部位同平時食既唔同,亦無好似一般食店咁沾滿粉漿去炸。走一走油就放入去炒,而且唔會太厚身,同平時屋企食既排骨差唔多size。微甜唔太酸,肉味幾重,食落幾開胃。乾炒牛河超香鑊氣,可惜無加蛋絲!總覺得加蛋絲好食啲店員仲會幫我地分好,唔洗自己郁手。牛肉幾大塊,但肉味一般。仲有韮黃同芽菜,食落夠香夠爽口。河粉質地較薄身同幼,醬油完全上色入味,正今日有幸見到鼎爺仲同佢個照,聞說鼎爺差不多每日都會巡鋪,大家想見到鼎爺真係要睇下運氣 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)