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One of the famous restaurants that made Xiao Long Bao become popular around the world, the golden proportion of 8-fold is the secret of its success. continue reading
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Best Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai Restaurant (2011), Best Restaurant in Causeway Bay (2011), MICHELIN Bib Gourmand (2023)
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11:30 - 22:00
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Rarely seeing Din Tai Fung requires no wait with quite number of empty seats, we decided to walk in. Staff were efficient and friendly. Guiding us to the seat while other staff welcomed. Hot tea and fresh ginger were immediately served once seated.We ordered Tossed wild vegetable and beancurd with sesame oil, Pan-fried shrimp and pork dumplings, Steamed mushroom vegetarian dumplings, Xiao Long Bao, Noodle with mustard greens and shredded pork, Double- boiled mixed mushroom soup. Toss wild vegetables and beancurd with sesame oil was a fresh start of this dining experience. It was served in room temperature. Diced vegetables gave a hint of sesame oil whereas the diced bean curds gave a crunch. Sesame oil didn't overpower the whole dish that the earthiness from the vegetables remained. Not bad.Xiao Long Bao was served steamy hot. The wrapping was so thin that the stuffed meat and soup could clearly been seen. I placed few soaked ginger slices on the tip of the xiao long bao and served. Steam ran out from the small bite from the xiao long bao. I waited few second before consuming the whole. It was quite an experience when enjoying their xiao long bao because the rarely very savoury juicy soup would ooze out pairing with the moist meat stuffed. What a delicious food.! And this is why it was so famous. I did serve with vinegar and ginger but I believe may not be everyone's preference. Overall, very good as expected.Another of my favourite was the steamed mushroom vegetarian dumplings. Wrapping was again thin but slight sticky. It was loaded with mushrooms, diced vegetables, beancurd and glass noodle. It was very tasty especially consuming after the xiao long bao, a more meaty side of a dish. It cleared your palate for the next course. Again, a good one.Noodle with mustard greens and shredded pork was alright, nothing special. Savoury as it was with the sauce. Noodle was cooked as just right. Not mushy but not chewy. Double- boiled mixed mushroom soup was served incredibly hot. Pretty much need to wait for 5mins so that it could be consumed. Mixed mushrooms gave a strong umami flavour but in a very savoury side. Not salty not oily at all. A very cozy hearty soup. Lastly which took the longest wait was the Pan-fried shrimp and pork dumplings. It was kind of disappointed because apart from the crispy bottom flipped over, it was pretty much a normal dumpling. The bottom was crispy as it should be while the middle part was slight burnt which tasted burnt. Dumplings were nothing special, stuffed with meat and a whole shrimp. Even it was pan fried, it wasn't oily. Anyway, most food kept their quality but menu indeed changed and served less options. continue reading
Level2 2023-06-01
鼎泰豐係我間唔中就想食嘅餐廳,每次都必點幾款食物。銅鑼灣店通常都唔使等位,今次晚餐時間都係直入。食過咁多間小籠包,偏好皮薄多汁,始終最鍾意都係鼎泰豐嘅,一籠六粒,一貫水準穩定,必食。第二樣必點嘅就係蔥油拌麵,係我嘅最愛,蔥油好香亦唔會太鹹,面爽口彈牙。暫時未搵到另外一間好食嘅蔥油拌麵。另一個係我男友必點嘅-就係肉排炒飯,蛋炒飯非常出色粒粒分明,而肉排我就覺得普通。今次試埋紅油抄手,正常水準,比較柔和嘅辣,冇太大驚喜。鼎泰豐嘅服務好似冇以前咁好或者細心,但整體餐飲體驗仍然唔錯。不過今次價錢有調整,食物質素雖然好,確實小貴。 continue reading
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Level4 2023-05-18
A place for fixing your craving for Taiwanese or Shanghainese food. We enjoyed the dumplings, Xiao long bao -steam meat buns, double boiled chicken or beef shank soup and other Taiwanese beef noodles etc.米芝蓮 米其林肯定過的台灣美食品牌「鼎泰豐銅鑼灣店」環境:很寬敞、很舒服🥢食物:對自己的胃好一點,這裡一大堆給你挑選:有開胃涼菜、水餃、雲吞、燒買、點心、包與麵食、蔬菜、小菜、炒飯一大堆的。選擇很多、很多。口味也不錯! 我特別喜歡他們的絲瓜蝦仁小籠包,就跟一般的小籠包不同饀料,都好吃。其他有特色的還有雞肉小籠包。他們的湯類-清燉雞湯清燉牛腩或清燉雞湯也非常好。其他的台式的炸醬拌麵、紅燒牛肉麵等都深得我喜愛。服務:太多客戶了,所以你需要什麼就叫什麼,服務人員也會過來幫忙的。 continue reading
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Level3 2022-12-25
成日聽人講呢到小龍包好食好出名終於可以試到 滿懷期望地去食小龍包皮薄 肉汁多 係好食嘅肉燥(?)拌麵好普通一個拌麵😑紅油抄手裡面好似韭菜餃醬汁係好食嘅 但係唔夠辣但係個餃就麻麻地 口感似蛋餃啲frd四季豆正常發揮醉雞酒味唔會好重雞唔"鞋"口推薦度 5分5分係俾小龍包 因為我鍾意食樣樣餸都勁細碟又貴3個人叫咗5樣餸都唔夠飽 仲叫多咗2樣 之後去咗食甜品🙄我真係唔會再encore continue reading
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