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DANDAN Soul Food From Sichuan's owner is a foreigner and he has his unique presentation of Sichuan cuisines. Their dandan noodle is smooth and the soup base is not too spicy. continue reading
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16:30 - 21:00
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Review (48)
Level1 2016-08-09
Food is good, restaurant owner is nice. Since my office is nearby, I visit Dandan a lot. Jerome the owner, once even recognized me and offered me free appetizer. I would say things went smooth with Jerome, but without him it's another story. This evening I visited Dandan as usually around 6 pm. Staffs were preparing food, Jerome's Chinese wife was busy in the back-kitchen. As usually I made the order and wait at the table until a huge ugly bug on the table crawling into my sight. Since this is a RESTAURANT and I have food coming, I asked one of their Filipino waitress to take care of this. To my surprise, she's so grumpy that told me YOU CAN JUST SIT AT ANOTHER TABLE with an attitude, and I can pretty much tell I DON'T GIVE A SHXT ABOUT THIS from her face expression.I don't want to pick on her but I have to say if the waitress is spoiled like this, she's gonna dstroy Jerome's business sooner or later. All in all, I'm still going to visit Dandan because I love their food, but only when Jerome is there. continue reading
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Level4 2016-08-08
I like chili and spicy foods. Szechuan is my favorite. It is very interesting to see a French will open a spicy Dan Dan noodle shop. And with Michelin as a backup, I decided to try this one.The shop is small, 28 seats only if I counted correctly.  I tried the set lunch with dan dan noodle and cucumber.  And I choose medium for the spicy level.Honestly speaking, as a diehard fan of dan dan noodle, my experience is mostly coming from Wing Lai Yuen or similar type of restaurant.  I like the soup with thick paste of peanut sauce, with minced pork and spicy chili.Measuring with this regard, I am afraid the noodle from this shop is not what I expected.  First, it is not spicy in my standard (albeit in medium level).  Also, I find the soup is a bit plain.  About the noodle, I think it is a bit too soft.    I saw a bottle of szechuan pepper and I add almost 1/4 of the bottle into my noodle, that it can finally give some 'numb' feeling on my tongue.From my observation, 1/2 of the customers are not chinese - I can see Korean, Indian, and European on that day.  I can understand if the shop is appealing to them (or the specialist from Michelin), they may not know the true authentic szechuan or chungking style dan dan noodle.  Although I may not truly enjoy the noodle, but I admire the boss's (who I was told a French) passion for spicy food.  Conclusion - this shop is worth a try for the Michelin recommendation, but not for a diehard dan dan noodle fans. continue reading
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Level1 2016-07-29
I love spicy hot food, especially Chinese however, I normally don't order dan dan mien because it's always so nutty and not hot enough for my taste. The other day I had to come to Sheung Wan for work so I search for some new place to try out and came across this. Weather was hot and yea it was lunch hours. As I arrive I saw a line of about 7-8 people so I thought oh no but fortunately I was just by myself and walked in without waiting.Ordered the Chengdu style one (stirred) of 'hot' which is 4 chillis hot, with Sichuan pickles and iced jasmine tea. Waited for probably 5min or less and the food came. If you never had stirred noodles before, remember to really stir them well so the noodles are evenly covered in the sauce. Otherwise you'd be eating plain noodles. Noodles were amazing, they were not too nutty although it may look that way. Oh yea it was hot! I was already sweating in the sun out there and this just gave me invigorating heat (and sweat running down my face)! Ok it was not the spiciest ever but they do not tone it down for Hong Kong people. I hate it when restaurants tone down the spices for the locals, especially when it comes to Indian and Thai and of course, Sichuan (but I understand why many had to do so). Although the sauce was thick it did not feel heavy at all. Half way through my noodles I had to try their dumplings. These flat dumplings do not look like your everyday Chinese dumplings because well, they are rather flat. At first glance they were nothing exciting but in fact it was a good surprise. The skin was rather harder than usual but its texture was unique, it was very smooth. The filling was good too I could tell the meat was fresh (or not the low quality cheap 5-year old frozen meat anyway). The sauce, nothing specially to be honest. Love vingar with chilli oil, I love vinegar that I can drink it with a soup sometimes. So yea it was excellent for me.The pickles, tea were ordinary, did not expect much and you don't there for those anyway. Overall I think their dan dan noodles are above average although I only tried 2 dishes. Well if they got a sauce right I don't think they could fail at the other stuff. Definitely will go back again.Environment - can't complain, it's Hong Kong we know we have to squeece a little. Clean and tidy enough. Tables are not big I think it would be better if they served the food without the trays. If you intend to go in a group of 4-6, expect to wait in line during lunch. Service - when I wanted to order the dumplings I asked one of the waitresses but she simply told me that I had to walk up to the cashier at the door to order. I thought that was just cold. The boss was busy at the cashier and not facing my way so the waitress basically told me to leave my table, grab my bag and order it myself. Yea, cold. Couldn't she have helped in some way? Price - rather pricey but it's Sheung Wan for office people. Spent about $140.If they could offer more choices of non-vege snacks at $40 range  that would be great because I eat a little more than an average person when I have spicy food but yet I did not feel like eating 6 wings by myself after the noodles (hmm yet although I did finish 8 dumplings). I wish they could offer half portions or do something like adding extra snacks (or even just boiled vege) as an option in the combo because the stirred noodles had very little meat and vege. continue reading
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Level3 2016-06-11
雖然唔係食得好辣,但我一向都鍾意食麻辣食物。之前見到雜誌介紹左呢間鋪頭,今日星期六特登過嚟試吓。店仔細細但係乾淨整齊,'老外'老闆喺門口好熱情咁樣招呼客人,介紹食物,落單。雜誌介紹老闆娘係四川人,做大廚。雖然細細間,但仲有兩個職員。因為今日係星期六所以冇午市套餐,我哋一行二人,點左一個成都style 四川擔擔麵 (即係有麻醬),牛肉麵,涼拌豆腐皮同埋涼拌雞,當然唔少得嘅,仲有嘢飲,解辣用。先講個四川擔擔麵,我要嘅係regular 辣,初初食嘅時候覺得普普通通,唔係好辣,但越食越辣...不過都接受嘅,下次可以要再辣D。麵條唔係我哋平時系出邊食到嘅擔擔面麵條,醬汁味道唔錯,仲有我最鍾意嘅花生。如果可以再 '麻' 啲就會跟加好!唯一嘅意見係份量太大食淨一半。蝦子餅叫咗個中辣嘅牛肉麵,味道都唔錯,佢就話唔夠辣。牛肉好林,廚師仲加左筍,我就覺得味道唔錯。豆腐皮,雜誌就推介呢個,個人覺得一般,下次會試吓木耳。至於個鷄,明明係under 涼拌,但原來係炒嘅⋯⋯味道都唔錯,份量亦都值回票價!總括嚟講,食物絕對有水準,服務亦都唔錯。市面上嘅小店越來越少,剩返嘅都係連鎖食肆,老闆要多多加油!I will come again! continue reading
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Level1 2016-04-13
I used to go this restaurant a lot, because even through the taste is not Authentic ( I was born and grew up in Chengdu, Sichuan) but still acceptable, and they use good chili pepper. BUT NOT ANYMORE!Well, everything changed yesterday when my friend and I were there, I ordered the same noodle I normally order and chooses the same spicy level I always choose ( hot).Both of us realised they changed their chilli sauce immediately after we tasted the noodle. The spicy level was completely out of control and tasted exactly like Sth called 辣椒精 ( an industrial usage sauce, have nth to do with real chilli pepper). I complained to the owner immediately, he admitted that they are using a different sauce ( didn't tell me which one) and told me they can't control the spicy level!! I was quite shocked by this answer. Then I asked again how can you sell your noodles to your customers while you can't control it? This is completely unacceptable anyway, I will never go back again. My stomach felt sick for the whole night after my meal there ( despite I only had maybe 2 or 3 bites on my noodle). And I already warned all my friends never go back. No one wants fake spicy sauce continue reading
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