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A concept of coffee shop is combining the art and food. The dishes are beautiful garnishing, and an art print coffee machine is introduced. Any painting or pattern can be printed on the cream of the drink. The coffee shop features artworks by many well-known artists, such as Yayoi Kusama's "Pumpkins" and Murakami's "Dokodemo Door". continue reading
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11:00 - 21:00
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Review (135)
It was our first time to visit K11. I remembered having come across this cafe earlier on openrice so decided to give it a try over lunch as we were looking for somewhere for lunch.It was a very nicely renovated cafe with comfortable seating.There were a few choices of mains from their lunch sets at different prices. All lunch sets included a side salad and a drink. You could top it up at $35+10% for a dessert or for some special drinks at different prices. As it was our first visit, we decided to pick different items of their lunch sets to try more dishes.The Caesar Salad smelt so good of cheese. The greens were super fresh with loads of bacon pieces and three bread pieces. The Seared Shrimp & Avocado Salad had a seared shrimp with black pepper and a few thin slices of avocado. The greens were well dressed by dressing. First of all, the Pan Seared Salmon Fillet was so well presented. The skin was so crispy and the salmon was well cooked which was so tender being still a little bit rosy inside. There were three big slices of yellow zucchini and some baby spinach underneath the salmon. The milky sauce on top was garlic mash. Linguine Primavera with Parma Ham had three slices of parma ham folded decently which were pretty fresh and salty to the right degree. The linguine was well covered by tomato sauce with sweet peppers, sprouts and garlic slices. Latte was served on a set of pretty cup with a very pleasant latte art! I found it easy to drink and not bitter at all given the amount of milk!The other drink we ordered was one of their signature drinks. We chose hot rather than cold given the slightly cool weather. It was no wonder a signature. First of all, it really looked so snowy and dreamy. I really liked the thin caramelised crackling of probably sea salt ? on top together with the four pieces of marsh mallow. The chocolate drink underneath was not sweet at all. The whole thing tasted more like milk with some banana chocolate at the bottom. Quite a special drink indeed and not as heavy as you might have expected. Of course we also topped up to get the desserts at $35+10% each! This was the Vanilla Ice Cream with Macarons & Berries. The macaron was the most eye-catching. Look at how pretty it was! It was fruity and not overly sweet at all. There were loads of strawberry pieces which were so fresh! Even the bowl was cold when served. So professional. The cheesecake was super nicely presented on a plague. To our surprise there was some cranberry sauce to go along with the cheesecake in addition to blueberry sauce. Art to Life: is it the motto of this cafe? Having spent our lunch here has really brought a little bit of art and brightened up our day with the very nice renovation and interior decoration down to the super pleasantly presented food. It was just like how they added a small piece of edible flower to almost all of your dishes. It was really appreciated. In short, it was a very pleasant dining experience indeed.  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2020-03-18
CURATOR BY LEX ART CAFÉ 係位於尖沙咀新落成既K11 Musea,成個環境充滿香味,好似引誘人入去食野咁,而咁有藝術細胞既我當然要入去欣賞下~-✨ Curator Style Pizza (⭐⭐⭐⭐✨/5🌟)Pizza係人類既一大發明,只係將餡料放上去pizza餅底到,就可以有一種咁奇妙既效果~而呢一個pizza既特別之處係有四大塊辣肉腸,配合埋脆卜卜既pizza餅底,味道唔錯~-✨ Chicken Lollipops Buffalo Cheese Chicken (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5🌟)最有驚喜既一道菜式,水牛芝士配炸雞簡直係一大絕配,加上水牛城雞翼果種酸辣醬汁,極度惹味同開胃。個人認為係餐廳既必點食物,高汁~~-✨ Prawn Linguine In tomato sauce (⭐⭐⭐⭐/5🌟)係一份香煎鮮蝦意大利麵,蕃茄醬酸得黎又有少許甜甜既感覺,非常醒胃。大蝦應該都幾新鮮,肉質好彈牙同多汁,而醬汁既調校亦都正正恰到好處~-✨ Flat White Mocha (⭐⭐⭐✨/5🌟)黎到Art café當然最唔少得既就係飲返杯咖啡啦,呢到咖啡拉花簡直係水準之作~ 配合埋餐廳既環境同音樂,成個感覺好舒服、好chill、好放鬆~ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2020-03-13
早兩三個月前同朋友黎過呢度食晚飯,既飲左呢度既招牌打印朱古力!!同時好有印象可以係度食到好好味既tiramisuuuuu!!!所以今日同好朋友行完街之後就決定再黎呢度休息下兼醫醫肚先~~原來中午時段有lunch set提供,我地每人揀左其中一款:)本身朋友仔想加錢order佢地杯打印飲品打下卡,可惜佢地今日部機壞左,所以就無緣要等下次嚕./\.每份set lunch都包埋沙律同飲品,我揀既牛油果大蝦沙律帶有微辣,食落幾開胃!!主菜方面,我地要左一份巴馬火腿扁意粉$108同三文魚扒$128 share食~~~扁意粉以新鮮茄醬為主要調味,三文魚肉質都幾嫩滑,整体味道都唔錯!!以我今日既主要目標其实係甜品xpp所以我地除左跟餐加左35蚊要左一份藍莓芝士餅之外,仲另外order左一份提拉米蘇$68添~~好欣賞呢度既提拉米蘇既層次分明,咖啡同酒香平衡得宜,一食再食都依舊回味:)揀左杯熱青檸蜜做餐飲~~食完蛋糕再飲返啖熱茶,感覺就是棒棒derrr :) continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2020-03-12
每星期都會抽一兩日同男友出去行下同食飯,見面之餘出去走走抖下氣,早兩日去左依間Cafe食晚飯,之前都經過過但好多人排隊,見到入面有我好喜愛既村上龍花花,充滿藝術氣息既裝修擺設,今次終於有機會黎食飯,依度感覺放鬆自在,除左有野食,亦有草間彌生同KAWS其他產品售賣,真係大開眼界,仲係好好既打卡點我地唔係太餓,所以叫左兩杯飲品,一個小食同一個主菜share,落左單一陣就先送上我地杯飲品我男友叫左熱海鹽朱古力香蕉冰雪世界,賣相好吸引,面頭有棉花糖配海鹽焦糖, 離遠已聞到陣陣焦香味道,底層有粒粒香蕉肉,朱古力香滑味道唔太濃,香蕉味比較清新突出,第一啖既咸味慢慢飲到甜香,整體味道好夾好好飲,飲完唔會覺得有滯膩感,感覺好暖身我就叫左Latte,面層拉花圖案好溫暖,飄出陣陣咖啡香,飲落奶味比較重,但同樣咖啡既苦澀味都相當強烈,有少少一飲完會醒過來既感覺小食就叫左酥脆雞錘配水牛芝士醬,雞錘外層炸粉唔會太厚,食落帶脆,好惹味,好似真係食緊韓式炸雞既味道口感,雞肉帶肉汁,咬落實在得黎又唔會粘牙主菜係波隆那肉醬通心粉,賣相份量好似幾少,但估唔到兩個人都夠食,蕃茄味好濃郁,酸味強烈得黎愈食愈醒胃,通心粉比起一般食到既粗身,質感實在,食少少已經好飽肚最後貪食既我再叫左個甜品Tiramisu,賣相非常吸睛,多數平時食到既Tiramisu都係比較重酒味,食得太多啖就覺得個酒味蓋過左咖啡香,但依個係十分推介同勁好食微微咖啡香,頂層同中層夾住軟滑既忌廉,食落完全無負擔,有少少似食緊雪糕同吉士咁,而中間既手指餅依然保持到脆脆口感,中間淋左冧酒香得黎又唔會太烈,真係好好食,好有驚喜,依個甜品真係必叫必食 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2020-03-09
之前經過見到呢間CAFE覺得好特別, 裏面有好多獨特既展品, 充滿藝術氣氛!可以一邊欣賞藝術一邊用餐藝術品多的是, 仲可以買走添呢~~好靚既佈置~~佈滿藝術品既廚窗....食物種類唔算多...有意粉, 麵包, 小食, 沙律, 甜品等等...Latte $41黎到一定要叫返杯野飲啦~呢杯Latte拉左朵花出黎好靚好吸晴!!Seasalt Banana Snow $68個面係一塊脆脆既焦糖, 甜甜的卜卜脆巧正!!香蕉同朱古力味唔太濃, 好岩鍾意清清地既朋友Chicken Lollipops Buffalo Cheese Chicken $58賣相非常吸引!!雞肉起左骨, 整到好似一朵花咁而且外脆內軟, 好好味Linguine Aglio I olio $158頗清淡既意粉~料都幾多下, 但意粉味道就淡少少喇Tiramisu $68Tiramisu味濃, 酒味香, cream軟滑~~值得推介!! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)