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A concept of coffee shop is combining the art and food. The dishes are beautiful garnishing, and an art print coffee machine is introduced. Any painting or pattern can be printed on the cream of the drink. The coffee shop features artworks by many well-known artists, such as Yayoi Kusama's "Pumpkins" and Murakami's "Dokodemo Door". continue reading
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10:00 - 22:00
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Review (391)
Level4 2020-10-11
位於尖沙咀梳士巴利道18號 Victoria Dockside K11 Musea B1樓 B113C 號舖的 CURATOR by LEX ART CAFÉ ,主打西式菜。餐廳的裝潢相當有格調,而且還在櫥窗內展示了不少有名藝術家設計的用品。今次和朋友試了小王子套餐,包一客前菜、主菜和甜品,價錢約三百多元一位。整體來說,菜式的賣相也十分精緻,充滿心思。火箭菜沙律配鮮柳橙、西柚和合桃Rocket Salad with Orange, Grapefruit and Toasted Walnut廚師在沙律頂部放了兩朵可食用鮮花,頓時令賣相變得更加美艷。爽脆清甜的合桃令沙律的口感更加豐富。鮮柳橙和西柚也細心地去掉核子,白色的衣,留下多汁的果肉。香煎三文魚扒配提子莎莎醬Pan Seared Salmon with Grapes Salsa三文魚扒的外皮煎得相當脆口,而裡面的魚肉也頗為嫩滑。提子莎莎醬的感覺夠清新,而且醬汁的味道不會過分濃烈,完全蓋過了三文魚扒的味道。自家製樹莓特濃朱古力慕絲蛋糕Homemade Raspberry Espresso Chocolate Mousse Cake小王子故事中,有一朵漂亮的玫瑰。這款甜品也有呼應小王子的故事,蛋糕上方,用草莓薄片砌成了一朵玫瑰花,還加上了少許金箔,感覺矜貴。樹莓慕絲質感滑溜充足,配上鬆軟的法式窩夫,口感十分豐富。。最後,店員端來兩杯暖暖的熱飲,左面的是熱巧克力,右邊的是Latte。朋友則覺得熱巧克力的味道略為淡了少許,巧克力的味道再濃少許會更好。 continue reading
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Friday lunch! It was a great idea to have something different. We decided to go back to somewhere more artistic to add flavour to our Friday! And it was CURATOR BY LEX ART CAFÉ at K11 Musea. It was a very nicely renovated cafe with comfortable seating. Interior decorations were very pleasant and artistic.There were a few choices of mains from their lunch sets at different prices. All lunch sets included a side salad and a drink. You could top it up at $35+10% for a dessert or for some special drinks at different prices. We decided to order a set lunch plus a pasta from their All Day Menu to share. I upgraded my drink to Artsy Print Coffee while my lunch partner ordered Seasalt Banana Snow.Garden Salad with Parma Ham (included in set lunch)The garden salad had 1 slice of fresh parma ham nicely rolled like a flower. There were quite a lot of fresh greens. There were some cucumber cubes and cherry tomato slices as well as some red seeds which I had never seen before. I guessed they could be pomegranate seeds. The whole salad was quite sour as it was super rich in vinegar. Tomato & Mozzarella Multigrain Baguette at $98+10%We chose this veggie set lunch amongst all others. The baguette had obviously been toasted that the crust was so crispy yet the interior was so soft. The addition of multigrains to the baguette also enhanced the texture of the bread. There were three slices of fresh tomato and mozzarella each inside. There were some Tortilla chips which had been sprinkled by some flavouring, as well as two pieces of pickles, on the side. It was a very healthy dish. Prawn Linguine in Tomato Sauce at $178+10%Presentation was so nice with the 5 butter seared prawns nicely laid out. Some cheese powder and fresh basil were sprinkled and placed on top of the linguine respectively. The 5 butter seared prawns were quite fresh and meaty. Even the shells were edible. The tomato sauce with fresh basil was quite tasty. It was sufficient to dress up every linguine. Artsy Print Coffee +$38+10%An Americano, honey lime, latte cappuccino or flat white was included in the set lunch. We decided to add $38+10% to upgrade it to Artsy Print Coffee. It could be served with either coffee or chocolate base. So flexible. We chose cold chocolate! It was served on a set of pretty cup with a very pleasant print! It was starry night. It really looked so magical, especially when the light was dimmed to blue. It was very very delicious too as it was so smooth with either full cream or fresh milk. The coffee print really brightened up my day a lot!Seasalt Banana Snow at $68+10%The other drink we ordered was one of their signature drinks. We chose hot rather than cold given the slightly cool weather. It was no wonder a signature. First of all, it really looked so snowy and dreamy. I really liked the thin caramelised crackling of sea salt on top together with the three pieces of marsh mallow. The chocolate drink underneath was not sweet at all. The banana flavour was just right. Although this lunch was light, I did feel full afterwards. My heart was also touched by the coffee print and the nice environment. Happy Friday. continue reading
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K11 Museum is a shopping mall but also seem like an art museum. All luxury band here are found. Furthermore, I am interested in the little prince of tea set. However, the cafe has changed its topic. The theme of this month is Art to life. Actually, I like the drawer, Van Gogh. Although I am alone, I still can have individual tea set, which cost $184.Artsy Print Chocolate 藝術打印巧克力I love it so much. I think they completely copied the drawing on the top of cream chocolate. The chocolate is so creamy and smooth.British Scone with clotted cream and jam英式鬆餅配忌廉和草莓醬The scone is to heat to keep it warm. The scone is crumbly and light. The size is smaller than I tasted before but the texture is fluffy and moist.Mini burger迷你安格斯牛漢堡The burger is so cute and delectable. The beef meat is juicy and rich beef aroma.Strawberry Rose Tart with gold leaves士多啤梨金箔玫瑰撻I love it too because the chef made strawberries in a rose shape. It is an exquisite dessert. Inside the tart is strawberry cream and tastes so creamy and smooth.Parma Ham with Guacamole Mini Cones帕爾瑪火腿、迷你脆筒配牛油果醬I don’t think Parma ham and guacamole is perfect match. It’s a bit strange taste.Caramelised Golden Kiwi Tart焦糖金奇異果撻The golden kiwi is lightly burnt. The tart is cold and the cream inside is watery and melting in my mouth.Assorted Macarons馬卡龍One macaron is caramel favour and another one is berry favour. Both of them are too sweet, especially the caramel one. continue reading
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Level4 2020-09-30
非常fancy的cafe,k11有一家以小王子為主題的餐廳。充滿著店長自慢的collections,我最喜歡的就是中間圓柱形的玻璃櫥窗,一層一層的陳列着小王子的各式精品。來到cafe,當然要光顧他們的咖啡,看見專業的咖啡沖調機,我點了一杯以意大利酒命名的名物:Piccolo $39少奶多咖啡,細細的杯身包含適中的啡香,易入口的甘香加上少量奶的幼滑,不錯Mocha $49朱古力的澀香加上咖啡跟奶的調和,喝去很舒適Chicken lollipops $58三件以日式手法炸出的雞鎚,軟滑幼細,加上水牛芝士的點綴,不俗Carbonara Reimagined$158以辣肉腸跟蘑菇,蒜片調味的卡邦尼意粉,不會趨於creamy反而比較惹味,通粉帶點煙韌,有趣!麵包類斯人若彩虹 遇見方知有$98其實是朱古力榛子醬,士多啤梨,棉花糖,杏仁片,食用鮮花,薄荷組成的組合,甜得來又會被士多啤梨的酸中和,七彩的彩虹色澤分明,色香味俱全就此簡單。少女心滿滿,侍應態度良好,落於幫忙,值得一讚 continue reading
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Level4 2020-09-29
K11 Musea 開咗間好靚又有藝術氣息嘅CAFE,入面有草間彌生、村上隆、KAWS等等嘅展品!除咗展品之外仲有Cafe食!(成件事好有藝術氣息!)Artsy Print Coffee藝術打印咖啡 $88難得嚟到藝術Cafe梗係要叫番杯打印飲品喇!我就揀咗Van Gogh 梵谷嘅 The Starry Night!原來係將顏色打印上一層厚厚嘅忌廉上面,超超超好飲!忌廉下面就係凍朱古力,濃濃朱古力加埋忌廉飲落香滑𝚌𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚖𝚢,奶蓋好正啊!Rigantoni Bolognese 波隆那肉醬通心粉 $158本身我自己好鐘意食Bolognese,通心粉比較粗身食落特別有口感,而且配合肉醬,可以令啲肉醬入埋通心粉中間,每一啖都有通心粉又有肉醬,食落煙韌又入味!Curator Style Pizza 招牌莎樂美腸薄餅 $78薄脆餅底,烘焗到脆卜卜好食!而每塊薄餅都有一片莎樂美腸,再配合啲芝士,有少少拉絲感覺!Chicken Lollipops With Baked Buffalo Cheese 酥脆雞鎚配水牛芝士醬 $58造型好得意,一碟用四隻雞鎚!炸雞鎚好嫩滑,加上水牛芝士醬都好吸引!Green Tea Latte 抹茶拿鐵 $79 continue reading
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