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CIAK - In The Kitchen is a One Michelin Star Italian restaurant. The restaurant brings authentic Italian food to its customers. A few of the restaurant's signature dishes include the prosciutto and formaggi pizza, prime sirloin steak and tiramisu. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2015-2017)
Opening Hours
11:30 - 22:30
Mon - Sun
11:30 - 22:30
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Visa Master Cash Octopus AE UnionPay
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Hadn't come here for a long time and thought maybe it was time to eat their great pizzas again!Walked in for lunch on a weekday. It was not so full although reservation was no longer allowed for same day booking.Ordered two lunch sets to share. Price seemed to have inflated quite a bit from our last visit. Now for 2 courses you need to pay $308+10% with $80+10% top-up for a dessert/cheese.However, our major target was their very delicious pizza!Bread basketIt was very bad. All the bread was so cold with hard crust....I remembered the bread was better last time...Pesto Pizza (Mozzarella, pesto sauce, semi-dried cherry tomato, sun-dried tomato and shaved parmesan cheese)We ate this flavour last time and encored again. We ate immediately after serving. The pizza had super thin and crispy crust. There were loads of toppings but not over. Despite the presence of so much cheese, the flavour was great, not too salty at all. The cheese was so ductile while eating. Really quite a good pizza indeed. Highly recommended. And please note the price of $190+10% which was really not too pricey given the quality and location.Then let's talk about the lunch sets. Here you go the appetizers:White Asparagus with Culatello Ham and Orange DressingVery fresh ingredients. The asparagus were ok although they could have been even more tender. They were warm, to my surprise. The Culatello Ham, one of the most prized salumi in Italy, was super fresh and good. The dressing wasn't very orange. Quite a good appetizer after all.Black Rice Salad with Tomato Emulsion and Smoked Stracciatella CheeseInteresting black rice which were not so starchy and a little bit chewy. The tomato emulsion was very refreshing, a bit sour and sweet. The smoked cheese was not so strong. Overall pretty appetizing.Here you go the mains:Homemade Fettuccine with Sausage, Mushroom and Pecorino CheeseThe Fettuccine itself was ok. Quite al dente although I had expected even more al dente texture. The sauce was ok too, quite creamy but not so cheesy! The minced sausages were really bad! Tasteless like frozen pork and so rough. The mushrooms couldn't help. Very Very bad minced sausages which had ruined the whole dish. Even Chinese-style steamed minced pork was better. Pasta wise it was really not so good as those at 8 1/2.Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Flap Steak with Mashed Potato and French BeanThis mains was better! Quite a big portion of Wagyu with 5 slices! Could tell that the quality was high but I found them too rare so it was not so easy to chew. FYI they hadn't asked how well done we would like it to be cooked. I think it could have been more cooked in my humble opinion. The crust was good though. The French beans and the mashed potato were both tasty! We only ordered 1 dessert to share:Vanilla Custard and Black Cherry Tart with Coconut Ice CreamIt was served pretty fast. The coconut ice cream was super rich in coconut. The tart itself was not too crunchy nor warm although it was ok with vanilla custard and little black cherry. It really could have been better with the tart, although it was not bad.Overall food quality was pretty good despite the pretty disappointing sausages for the pasta dish. Service was ok, not particularly good or bad. Environment was ok because the tables were quite close to each other so not much privacy indeed. Lunch sets were quite pricey but pizzas were definitely a great deal! If you come, please don't forget to try their pizzas. continue reading
Level1 2019-09-05
在landmark午餐沒有太多選擇,CIAK算是很不錯的business lunch之選。午餐有lunch set,但聽聞pizza和pasta都很出名,最後決定捨棄set lunch,從manu中選菜再share。Hand made pizza非常出名,看食評每款都非常吸引,最後選了Norcina,有sassage,mushroom and cheese意粉選了carbonara店員推介了一款prime steak,不在manu上,大概800元,但非常物有所值,牛味非常重還是點海鹽最簡單好味! continue reading
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呢日喺中環食完晚餐,但晚餐間餐廳嘅甜品竟然一樣都唔啱😧,所以要再搵甜品食,但喺中環真係無咩幾多甜品選擇,一係窩夫一係就雪糕,再唔係就要過西營盤或銅鑼灣果邊。尋尋覓覓,醒起不如喺openrice直接search甜品,由於我係提拉米蘇嘅粉絲,所以用佢嚟搜尋就俾我哋搵到下站去邊喇😛。置地就經過得多,但真係好少入嚟食嘢🙈,我哋有清晰目標嚟到CIAK就係食甜品,所以佢比咗籃麵包🥖我哋都不了哈哈。入到去先發現原來餐廳好大,環境幾好,有好多大檯好啱一大班人聚會,不過就比較應聲同嘈。睇完menu後,我哋決定要Semifreddo($100)同Tiramisu($140),其實有好多其他嘢都想食👉🏻👈🏻。首先嚟嘅係Semifreddo,其實即係乜嚟嘅呢🤔,我哋google完都唔係好知,見幾特別先叫佢嚟試下。原來個字意大利文指半冷凍狀態...(冰糕?),但見啲材料係正常大路嘢嚟嘅(wild berries, apricot emulsion(主角) & raspberry sorbetto)。到上碟喇,嘩好靚啊😍,即刻覺得果然係十分錢十分貨哈哈。中間半圓形果球就係個主角,外層有啲焦糖燒咗脆脆嘅感覺,口感似燉蛋同mousse中間,但唔係燉蛋嚟因為無蛋味,而係淡淡杏霜嘅味道,唔會好甜,好好味好正😋😋😋❗️中間會混合咗啲紅莓藍莓,有唔同口感,但我覺得放返出碟可能仲好。而個🍓紅莓雪葩放埋一齊都好夾好清新,本身驚好酸但唔會。上面就有啲糖膠,而下低就係🍫朱古力餅碎,而橙色嘅伴碟就真係有橙味😂。一個甜品有咁多唔同元素得嚟又毫無違和感,又特別又靚又好食,💯💯💯滿分推介。另一甜品就係Tiramisu,材料有lady finger sponge, coffee jelly & coffee icecream☕️。呢個造型都靚啊,但就係行沉色路線哈哈。裝住Tiramisu個杯勁肥勁大個勁深👍🏻,上面有啲圓形脆粒點綴,又帶嚟啲唔同口感。呢到食到嘅同出面最大嘅分別係有coffee jelly,估唔到加咗啲啫喱落去又幾正,多一層滑滑的。至於個味道係好味嘅,隻芝士無欺場,又滑又香;可惜嘅係我始終鍾意酒味濃啲嘅tiramisu,而呢到嘅就無咩酒味。但都無問題啦,到到有唔同特色嘛,而呢個甜品另一特色係佢個咖啡雪糕,唔係特別好味,而係特別苦😳😳😳😳😳😂。雪糕直頭有espresso咁濃,第一啖真係係完全估唔到,建議食咗啖tiramisu先食雪糕會好啲,如果唔係會太苦食唔到味😂,不過飲返啖水就解決到👍🏻。總括嚟講,我除咗用高質同特別嚟形容啲甜品之外,都無咩其他形容詞更加貼切😍。雖然以甜品嚟講真係幾貴下,最平都要$100,而且仲要加一,但佢嘅質素絕對對得住個價錢😋,所以間唔中或者過時過節食下都ok嘅,有機會都會嚟試埋佢嘅咸食🤤。 continue reading
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Level3 2019-08-02
呢到幾啱一大班朋友聚餐,氣氛幾好👌🏻Japanese blue fin tuna tartare 🐟用香橙蕃茄整嘅汁整呑拿魚他他酸酸甜甜好開胃👌🏻.Eggplant Parmigiana 🍆用巴馬臣芝士加水牛芝士double cheese🧀加上蕃茄醬焗茄子,好濃好好味!.Norcina 🍕自家制腸+蘑菇+大量芝士,好足料😆.Pesto 🍕呢個就係無肉pizza,主要係番茄乾,芝士同pesto醬,個人唔太鍾意草青味😂.Mezze Maniche🍝自家制香腸同🍄🍄好足料😆不過個pasta有啲過硬。.Classic Carbonara 🍝算係香港食到比較正宗嘅carbonara👌🏻好rich又cheesy又eggy嘅sauce,我自己就嫌佢太杰。prefer香港版嘅carbonara🤣 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)