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Level1 2014-06-09
Terrific sichuan menu with all time Ma, La and Tang favorites.Our recommendation:Imperial Deep Fried Prawns with chilli salt. It's hot & spicy (as you'd expect), but so addictive. Slightly crispy on the outside, so juicy and firm on the inside.Sichuan beef hot pot with ... chilli! the oil makes the beef so tender that it's worth the scorching heat of the chillies floating around.Fried green beans with minced pork is amazingly tasty and not too hot as well. The charred taste makes the dish even more savory.Too bad they stopped the tasting menu. It's also missing the shredded potato salad. continue reading
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Level2 2012-11-12
Passed soho yesterday and had a late lunch there. I got there around 2:30pm and the waitress had attitude and told me we had to leave in 30 minutes because they close at 3pm. Ok fine I sat down and order two kinds of noodles and one vege.I had to say the food was just soso and really spicy. The spice actually covered all other tastes so you don't really feel other things but really spicy... I have been to many decent Sichuan restaurants and I have to say this one doesn't qualify for its reputation as 2012 TravelAdvisor recommendation which the restaurant displayed at the entry door.PS. The portion was small and the noodles were just half-bowl. Don't think I will come again... cold attitude + only one way cooking for Sichuan food + overpriced dishes, why bother? continue reading
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Level2 2012-09-13
約好了一起晚飯的當天下午還沒想到要吃什麼,朋友突然提出想試麻辣燙。聽名字的時候還以為是在重慶吃過那種麻辣燙-一串串海鮮豬牛羊等等的浸一浸麻辣湯後拿上來吃。打電話去訂位,想訂九時,店員卻說要九點半才有位,不過我們大概九點去的時候便已經有位子了,還有好幾張空檯,通通放上Reserved字樣的牌子。麻辣燙小吃,最辣的是右邊的椰菜,到上面的麻辣南瓜,還有不辣的燙荷蘭豆。問了問店員麻辣燙最有名的食物有哪些,她說是蟹和蝦,不過蟹是要預定的,所以我們只點了這道霸王蝦球。炸過的蝦球肉質爽脆鮮甜,配上乾椒來炒,雖然辣得讓人舌頭發麻,卻又更加的欲罷不能。這道是不辣的蒜子蜜汁骨,還以為在川菜店裡要點辣的菜才好吃,而這道菜卻是意想不到的好吃。肉質不會太乾,加上甜甜的蜜汁很好送飯。蜜汁的味道有點像焦糖雞翅的醬汁。乾煸四季豆,一直都很喜歡也經常會點的一道菜。而這裡的乾煸四季豆應該是我吃過最辣的四季豆了吧?四川的朋友都說辣的蕈容易吃,辣的菜才是讓人最受不了的。回鍋肉,算是沒那麼辣的一道,所以裡面的椰菜也不算太辣。本來對這道菜沒什麼期待,不過把一片切得薄薄的回鍋肉放進口裡,卻出奇的爽口,味道濃淡也恰當。不消一會我們便把以上各樣全數消滅,可是還未滿足,便拿來餐牌再選幾個菜。點了個鍋貼,店員說要等二十分鐘,好吧,等就等吧,反正聊聊天時間就過了,另外還點了個蒜拍青瓜,忘記拍照了,不過拍青瓜份量挺少的,雖然爽脆卻不是我喜歡的那種沾了黑醋的拍青瓜。大概十一點的時候便是last order,我們一早便決定了要餐牌上寫著 “it’s a must” 的拔絲香蕉,不過店員說經已售罄,只好要了次選豆沙鍋餅,也是顧著聊天忘了拍照,豆沙鍋餅比起平常吃到的油膩但香脆一點。吃罷,已經十一時半,店裡就只剩下我們這一桌了,店員拿來賬單示意讓我們結帳離開。小小的店面裡只能坐得下二十個人,大門只能往外面拉而不能往裡面推,打電話來的時候讓人覺得這家小店態度很串,不過晚飯時候店員的態度還是挺親切的。 continue reading
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(Non-member) 2012-05-27
I am a big fan of Sichuan food, and find myself going to Chili Fagara regularly. Here my take:Food:The food is nice, varied, and spicy (surprise). One finds both standard fare (Dan Dan Mian, Mapo Dofu, Kung Pao chicken), and some more unusual dishes, such as the Pearl of the Orient - deep fried chicken/lychee balls served covered in chillies (how else).Now, I am an avid eater of Sichuan food, but by no means an expert (though I have tried a couple of other Sichuan restaurants, both in HK (San Xi Lou, Mama Chau/Manchurian Candidate, the place on 393 Lockhard Road, etc), Shenzhen, and Chengdu itself). So, in my opinion Chili Fagara does get the flavor right, and if you ask them, they can turn up the heat. But: I would not call it the most authentic place, though in a good way (for me): If you get e. g. the spicy deep fried chicken in chili (1000 Chili Chicken, La Zi Ji) in a real Sichuan place, the chicken tends to be with bones, skin, dark meat, etc., as apparently preferred by the Chinese palate. At Chili Fagara, it will be somewhat westernized (i.e. white breast meat only), while still maintaining the flavor (as much as possible with that substitution).My favorite dishes are (I should say that I don't eat fish/seafood):- the shredded chicken with peanut sauce- the crispy ginger beef- the Pearl of the Orient (chicken/lychee)- the chili dumplings, but the vegetarian version- the eggplant (forgot the name/description...)- Dan Dan Mian & Mapo Dofu- the beef with cuminThey have sufficient vegetarian selection, too (they used to have a separate vegetarian menu, not sure that's still available)Ambience:The place is very small and cramped, it must be said. It is fairly dark and intimate (by virtue of the crampedness), and can get loud (because you're so close to everyone else). The chairs are somewhat small and inconvenient - you're there to eat, not to lounge. The decoration is dark and woody and chili-y - there are chilies and peppers hanging from the walls everywhere. The Qingdao beer is served in a little ceramic "Chinese" pot/cup instead of a glass - super authentic. (I'm kidding - I've never seen that in China, but it does make for a nice (if kitschy) touch.)The menu is nicely designed, though the dark red on black makes it a bit hard to read in the dim light. It explains three main flavors in some detail: má 麻 numbing, là 辣 spicy hot, and táng 糖/醣 sweet; and the dishes are mostly categorized by that.Service:As usual in China, dishes come in random order. As frequent in HK, service can be a bit brisk. Because the place is so small (I guess), they try to have at least two seatings per table (if one makes a dinner reservation, normally one is offered 7 or 9 pm). In my experience the staff is fairly good at pointing this out, but I have occasionally seen people for the late reservation waiting outside, while people long finished with their food were still blocking the table, putting the staff in a bit of a quandary. So, be prepared to finish within reasonable time.This "need for speed" aside, I found the staff quick and helpful. They have occasionally forgotten a rice order, but nothing major. They're generally happy to advise on dishes, or bring some Sichuan pepper from the kitchen (to try for newbies).One thing to note is that they will serve an hors d'oeuvre of three very small veggie dishes showcasing the three flavors mentioned above, without mentioning that there will actually a small charge for them. Could be annoying, but ok, if you know it, it's no big deal. Summary:I think it is very suitable for tourists as an introduction to Sichuanese food - because of the informative menu, the nice decoration, the varying spice levels, and the somewhat "sanitized" versions of traditional Sichuan dishes with fairly authentic flavor.But even as an "old Sichuan hand" (???) I like the food a lot, despite the steep price, and go frequently - so, all in all: recommended. continue reading
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Chili Fagara is a small restaurant furnished with dark wood in Chinese style. It has well captured the traits of Sichuan cuisine; enable the diners to rediscover the true local Sichuan cuisine in Hong Kong. If diners are looking for a dramatic challenge for your palate, Chili Fagara will offer you a remarkable experience that you will never forget. A quick word about the menu. I loved the design, Chinese style with jade as a decoration. Perhaps I am short sighted, the colour made it difficult to read.Hot & Sour SoupThis is a warming soup, which is perfect in the winter’s day. It is crunchy, full of texture and flavour, a great balance of hot and sour flavour. It was slightly sweeter than previously, not as hot as I was expecting.Beef Onion SoupThis is one of my favourite. The stew beef is exceptionally tender and the onion gave the soup a slight sweet flavour. The Sichuan pepper corns offer a numbing taste. More importantly, everything integrated well together and the beef has soaked in all the flavours. The soup is absolutely astonishing. Kung Po ChickenThis is a classic dish from Sichuan. The sweetness and tanginess were well balanced, spicier would be ideal. The chicken is well seasoned and coated with potato flour (was crispy in the outside). The flavour of Sichuan pepper corn and dried chillies were nicely infused with the chicken. For sure, this is a lovely local Sichuan dish.Baby Squid Simmers in Red Hot Chilli and Fagara BrothThis is a mouth tingling numbing dish. The spicy soup stock base is a delicious broth in which fresh ingredients are poached. It is probably one of the best dish I recently had, loved the burning taste. It felt like a sensation. Dan Dan NoodlesThis is a famous Sichuan dish originated from Chengdu. There are plenty of variation, some spicier and some drier than others. The one from Chili Fagara had a thick peanut sesame sauce; it is a sweeter and drier version of Dan dan noodles. The noodles was al dente, would love some crushed roast peanuts to go with it! Chili Fagara’s quality of food is outstanding. I have been a regular diner; it has consistently given me an unforgettable experience. The ingredients are fresh and the dishes are full of flavours. The cooking timing and techniques are faultless. But if you are looking for good dining services, you better bugger off elsewhere and start learning how to appreciate Sichuan food. continue reading
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