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Indian curries Kebabs
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Level3 2017-04-13
今日好想食印度烤餅,因為我好鬼鐘意煙煙un un嘅食物,又鐘情放澱粉質~之前lunch黎过架啦,所以一諗起印度野就會諗到呢間~平日lunch如果無訂位一定無位因為佢只能容纳大約15至20個客人,而且上菜需時。今晚我大約七點到,入面有10個人到,一半係印度人~我地坐低,老闆就立即俾餐牌我地。晚上都有set,包湯,前菜,主菜同飲品。而飯或plain naan 係無限供應~我唔太餓,諗住同我朋友share一個set (chicken tikka $112)。點知叫野時,我地話叫一個set, 老闆好似有微言,又叫我地再叫。我地話一陣先再叫。佢話我地一陣要記得要叫…乜印度唔興share一個餐??同我朋友討論左一陣,廢事老闆不满,最後決定叫多款naan, 最貴嗰款coconut naan ($32)。大約5分鐘,個湯黎左。個樣似稀嘅白湯加菜湯,灰灰白白咁,飲落乜都唔似,入面有三粒青豆,errr, 真係飲唔岀咩湯。因為其实都幾怪,所以我地放棄左。點知老闆行过黎,望下我地個湯,同我地講再唔飲會凍……最後我朋友格硬飲左佢。过多一陣黎左印度炸角仔(其实唔知叫咩名,只知道係炸,三角形,同有啲似我地中式角仔)。角仔上面有啲辣醬,好鬼辣!中間有啲薯仔,菜,一Pat pat嘅野。幾好味架~角仔旁邊有兩片青瓜,一片蕃茄同一片生菜。过多陣,我地個chicken tikka同plain naan, coconut naan 到啦~chicken tikka係鐵板上咋咋聲,好吸引呢~而naan係放係籃入面,好得意~plain naan係白色,有三塊 (其实姐係一大塊切三份), coconut naan係橙橙地色, 有四塊 (姐係一大塊切四份)。點解椰子係橙色?唔知呢我立即食左一啖plain naan…正!正正就係我鐘意嗰個質地!煙煙un un, 熱啦啦~好comforting!我朋友另左塊椰子naan, 我問佢點,佢話正常。既然正常,我又試左一啖………咩話,呢啲叫正常?!好好好大陣椰子味加糖好奇怪!naan本身係咸咸地,而定加左甜椰子……我接受唔到到雞,係橙色嘅~明顯係用左印度香料~雞好嫩滑,好有印度風味~雞加埋plain naan,好夾~~但我想象唔到椰子naan加雞會係咩味。不过我朋友又好似食到好開心咁~哈哈埋單$165總括而言,餓先好去,因為唔可以share.... continue reading
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This restaurant offers a variety of choices from starter, chicken, lamb and seafood.I can't tell whether it is an authenticated Indian restaurant, I am sure that I will visit here again if I am looking for an Indian cuisine at Central.Nann is a must order; the first order is too crispy, the second order has more texture and just took from the oven that tastes fresh. I will suggest them to make the Nann just ready to serve, not too early to stand by.I picked few choices that I have never seen from other restaurants.The first one is Masala Papadum, it looks like Mediterranean style, chopped tomatoes and onions serve with the Papadum. It is a good choice as a starter to get ready for the Indian curry.The second one is Lamb Saagwalla. The source mixed with spinach and gingers, just little bit spicy. The lamb is very yummy.The third one is Chicken Madras, the source with coconuts. I thought this is the taste I missed but it seems like it is another curry style. The coconut flavour is not so strong.The forth is Mango Kulfi, an Indian style ice-cream. It is very hard with strong mango flavour in milky style. My recommendation is Lamp Chop. It is very juicy without its distinctive smell, not too much spices, just tastes good. continue reading
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This place was suggested by a friend for set lunch. Its in the heart of Central and Sheung Wan. Since there is a small place, so do make prior reservations first if you are planning to drop in at peak hours. We ordered a five course meal set lunch which comprised of soup of the day, salad, pakodi, choice of bread or rice and a maincourse dish. The portions served were quite generous and were not just for one person. Each set lunch is under almost under 75$. We ordered a butter paneer, chicken tikka masala and chicken butter masala and loved all of the dishes. I am sure I will be visiting the place again as i am a big indian food fan. continue reading
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Level3 2016-07-11
星期五陪屋企人到上環辦文件,順便試一些新餐廳。吃厭了韓國野同連鎖壽司店,所以選了非常就腳又很少食嘅一間印度餐廳。港鐵站出大概走3分鐘就到達世瑛大廈,唔太熟路亦無難度。站在餐廳門口店員已經主動開門招呼我們,由於是打工仔午飯時間,所以搭枱是少不免。店內燈光比較暗,空間不算大,但牆身有幾塊大玻璃,營造了餐廳很闊落的感覺。店員是印度人,食客7成也是印度人,讓人有種身處異地的感覺。午餐的MENU上全都是已包括了前菜和湯的Set Lunch,當然還有自選配飯或Naan。這份前菜是整餐最驚喜的,咖哩角外脆但不會太硬,上枱後被杷我們相機食先了幾分鐘仍然沒有影響口感。裡面的什菜配醬汁非常開胃,沙律沒有擺滿碟但份量剛好,味道酸甜。比較辣的咖哩雞,聞起來很香,味道很一般。咖哩雞配的飯形狀非常長,質感很怪,沒有飯味。份量對女生來說非常足夠。完全只有淡淡菠菜味的菠菜芝士咖哩,裡面有很多四四方方大粒的芝士粒,但芝士粒沒有融化在咖哩裡,而且一粒粒咬開也沒有芝士味,比較像豆腐味。餐廳老闆跟員工也是很有禮貌餐廳,雖然食物味道只屬一般,但價錢以上環的樓上餐廳來說是非常公道,也沒有加一。 continue reading
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Level1 2016-04-10
One day we stumbled upon Central Indian while walking around Sheung Wan, and from then on we go there about once a month! We always leave feeling very satisfied--sometimes too satisfied, because the food is so good that we want to keep eating even if we are full...I almost always get the set dinner, which for me includes a mango lassi, a peppery soup with peas to whet your appetite, a hot samosa with tamarind sauce, fresh steaming naan, and rich "Butter Paneer" stew as the main dish, all for $99. The Butter Paneer is creamy and smooth, with just a hint of spiciness. My boyfriend gets the set dinner too but with their fragrant long-grain rice instead of naan, and a sizzling BBQ Chicken Tikka for the main. All the set dinner options are around $80-130, depending on the main dish.We also get an order of two big crispy, spicy papadum crackers with mint and tamarind sauces. Overall, the menu has a huge variety of options.Beyond the food:The restaurant is fairly small, but clean and decorated tastefully. It's not fancy, but it's also a step above a deli or typical cha can ting or whatever.We usually end up with the same waitress and she is always smiling and polite. I can't stand chatty waiters, so I like her quiet demeanor. The food is served in a timely manner, and while we are waiting we find the Bollywood music videos that they play quite amusing. The last reviewer said the music was loud, but we don't find it loud at all. Perhaps it used to be loud and they have lowered the volume since then.Anyway, check it out! continue reading
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