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Level2 2017-03-10
I just want to quickly recommend this place. Sometimes, generally the day after a night of partying, my wife and I just want a burrito. The Little Burro, our previous go-to burrito place at the foot of my building closed up shop a few months ago, and we've been burrito-less ever since. While it was open, though, I made up my mind to never eat at Cali-Mex and betray my "brand," but today I learned how  mistaken I was. This place is very good and I will return. The first thing to notice is that this place has Jarritas soda. I almost never drink soda, but when I noticed the Jarritas I had to buy a bottle of the mandarin orange flavor to share with my wife. The big selling point of this soda in the US anyway is that because it's bottled in Mexico, they use real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, as they do in most conventional sodas. It was as good as I remember, so give it a try if you haven't. I probably won't get it again because the price is insane, around $40 I think. Oh well. Still a nice surprise.I ordered a fish burrito and I highly recommend it. I was a bit turned off by the price at first, as the fish is a $20 upgrade, but then I saw how they prepared it and I didn't feel ripped off. At the Little Burro, I'm pretty sure they used fish slices cooked earlier in the day when you ordered fish, which is probably why it was only an $8 upgrade. Here, they pulled the raw, seasoned fish out of the fridge and fried it in the pan right in front of me, which was a nice surprise. It was tender and juicy---not dried out and overdone---and well-seasoned. The fish they used seemed fairly high quality too, with big flakes and a decent texture. My wife got the chipotle pulled pork and it was quite impressive. It's not much to look at obviously but it is what it says it is is full of that nice smokey chipotle flavor. The flavor of the other ingredients was really impressive, inside and out. The tortilla wraps they used struck me as being of quite high quality. When I was back in the US and got some proper Mexican food I ordered a burrito and the tortilla here reminded me of the one I had back in the states, which is a really good thing. I didn't get that feeling at Little Burro. I only wish they had different flavored tortillas, like a spinach or a sun-dried tomato flavor. I'm sure it's not "authentic" to flavor your tortillas but that's one nice thing to change up once in a while. The sauce that flavored the good stuff inside was really impressive. It struck me as proper "chipotles in adobo" sauce with a nice smokey flavor, like the stuff you get from a can at more international supermarkets here. It's also *very* spicy. Hong Kong spice ratings are hardly ever reliable but they are here: the "hot" rating is definitely accurate so be warned. If you're into that though like my wife and I are then you won't be disappointed.I'm glad to have finally tried this place and will definitely return. continue reading
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Level2 2015-12-25
3 girls ordered an original chicken nachos with spicy salsa and venice beach vegan quesadilla with mild salsa. Total HKD234. We ordered through the Cali-Mex mobile apps, it is highly user friendly, you can choose to add all kinds of ingredients or make a note to each item. It will show you the approximate arrival time and you can choose as well.The order arrived on time. All the food delivered with very well packings.Cali-mex is very considerate that packing the original chicken seperately with the nachos. Food is still hot. The cheese is so rich. Under the cheese there are smashed white beans as well, and without adding HKD40 for extra the portion is already sufficient and reasonable to the price. Nachos are still very crispy. Spicy salsa is really hot but it would be fine if you mix it with the sour cream.The venice beach vegan quesidilla (half), there are 4 large pieces. Unlike most of the vegan choice, this is tasting amazing that you would not believe this is a vegetarian dish. Crispy, cheese, stuffed with ingredients, with mild salsa, adding sour cream and avocado on top when you eat, you should be able to imagine how lovely it is!The portion is absolutely more than enough to share with 3 girls. Despite of feeling satisfactory and full, you would not have the feeling of heavy nor oily. continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-26
我是好喜歡吃脆口東西,如薯片,而墨西哥粟米片更厚身也很討好。放工口癮起就去了買份外帶chips and dips原來都幾沺4,油份被紙袋吸了,安慰自己沒有吸走部份油更唔健康。一包份量如圖,我回去邊看電影邊吃。附有三款蘸醬,綠色是牛油果,其餘兩款是辣醬,酸辣共存幾惹味。咬一口沒因時間受潮影響口感,依舊脆身,而蘸醬可提升食應風味,令到普通的粟米片沒那麼單調,不經意就別光光了。 continue reading
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Level2 2015-04-08
Pretty sure you must have passed by one of their shops if you live/work on the island side cos they're literally everywhere! They opened their first 3 shops lastNovember, in total there are 7 shops now and one more coming in Sai Ying Pun in April, impressive huh!Let's talk about Mexican food. The first picture that came to our mind was the scene in Bridesmaids when they got food poisoning after going to a Mexican restaurant and the bride pooped in an expensive designer gown on a busy road. Okay, let's forget about it! That's not gonna happen in Cali-Mex cus they use the top quality ingredients and you can always go for the mild flavours if you can't take the spice, so don't worry and wear your Dolce & Gabanna jeans!Soft Fish Taco $98; Spinach Quesadillas $118; Angus Steak with Nachos $138Soft Fish Taco We love fish tacos and whenever it's available on the menu, we order it. Obviously they have used some good quality fish for these tacos because the fish was really tender. The lettuce was very fresh and there's plenty of sour cream and salsa on it. Just the way we like it! By the way, those colourful bottles behind are soda all the way from Mexico, our favourite flavour is the pineapple one!Spinach QuesadillasThis is a must-order if you come here with a few mates. We have never had quesadillas with spinach but now we are in love! Two reasons, first, the tortillas was freshly baked and the spinach inside was moist and so cheesy, simply delicious; second, since it's veggie, we felt less guilt. But we still prefer chicken quesadilla more tehee!Angus Steak with Nachos Because we just cannot stop snacking on nachos, together with the guac and salsa, I mean what's better than that!? To be honest, we were surprised with the amount of beef they gave us (those dark cubes, sorry they looked better in real). Yes it's quite expensive but hey it's Australian Angus rump steak and it's really tender! One thing, extra $18 for a scoop of guac, really? But considering it's freshly made with high quality Aussie avocado every day, it's fair after all. continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-04
要說到墨西哥美食,一般會想起Taco和Tortilla。炸脆的版本夠惹味,烘軟的一款夠親和。一般會加入酸忌廉、牛油果醬或蕃茄莎莎。酸甜清新,就算是重澱粉質都會教人忍不住食不停口。  先前跟朋友去上環的Jacomax之後,看到對面有一家賣墨西哥菜的。最近在灣仔那頭走著,一督之下想到原來是這家不斷開分店的Calimex。記得早前我們看過餐牌,老實說價位是中上的。要不是這次幾位朋友定了Calimex作聚會地點,我也未必會花錢去試了。畢竟想要物超所值,需要細心格價,單看餐店規模不能反映質素。  環境就是快餐店這樣,主調用上橙色,感覺十分陽光。用到的配色及設計都很有活力,確是能讓人聯想起美國加州的夏日海灘。看到有吧枱高櫈,我當然是雙眼發光了。只是一行數人,還是轉回低座方便聊天及分享美食。  餐牌選擇就是大路數款,然後自選配料及依其定價。Burrito捲餅、Quesadilla薄餅、Taco烤玉米餅、Salada沙律及Nacho玉米薄脆。配料就有牛、雞、豬、海鮮及素菜,照顧客人需要。捲餅用的豆類也可以自選黑豆或白豆。辣度就更不例外,小、中、大辣各適其適。  開放式廚房可以看到部分食物製作過程,我們這些好奇拎當然圍過去看了。當看到這樣的設計,大抵會想到這是半自助式的。自行到櫃檯點餐付錢,然後職員做好送上餐桌。因此說到服務,就沒有什麼可以評價,也是中中挺挺。Jarritos(Guava) 墨西哥汽水(番石榴) $38  天氣開始暖熱起來,到達的時候已經身水身汗,想喝點什麼來涼快一下。雖然早早已戒掉可樂及汽水,但朋友說這個是只在Calimex餐廳有賣的。一支不便宜,一起分來喝,分擔食費的話還是可接受的。  說是番石榴口味,顏色卻仍是橙橙的,有如葡萄適。番石榴味算是突出,用上了蔗糖,甜度屬中上。不過乸口的刺激感就沒有平常飲到的重,這是有汽但較溫和。Chipotle Pulled Pork Nachos 辣手撕豬肉玉米薄脆 $128  這裏竟然有手撕豬肉可以選擇,二話不說一定要點這個。上桌到來是滿滿的一盤,牛油果醬、酸忌廉及蕃茄莎莎之下是堆滿起來的豬肉絲。整個就如小山一般,足料得很。加上底下是大量濃郁牽絲的芝士及薄脆香口的玉米片。莫講話兩人分食,我們五人一起享受也足夠。  從最底拉出一片玉米片,附著的芝士隨即牽起絲來。香脆不油膩,帶微微玉米香氣,芝士不是鹹濃的,但少許奶香很潤口。  辣手撕豬肉當然是全場焦點,我們是搶著吃的。醃過一天廿四小時的美國豬肩肉以蘋果木燻熟,撕開細絲後混入辣燒烤汁。烹調時間長,當然是會老身少許。但勝在稔軟易嚼,且肉香濃郁,沒有腥臊味,更有點點燻香。辣燒烤汁其實不算太辣,是香辣的程度,入口是惹味帶勁。配上細滑奶密的酸忌廉,以及清香獨特的牛油果醬,別忘了酸甜清新的蕃茄莎莎。一口吃盡,豐盛得尤如在開墨西哥嘉年華似的。Angus Steak Burrito 安格斯牛排捲餅 $116  一份捲餅是大堆頭得讓我們驚訝,比平常吃的卡巴卷還要盛大。每份捲餅都是用上十二吋的自家製玉米餅皮。重點是裏頭包了多款多樣的食材,更有米飯,填肚一流。  安格斯牛排是從澳洲遠道而來的,但用的是牛臀肉。餐單上註明了所用的牛肉是經由澳洲安格斯牛肉協會認證的。比手撕豬肉需時更長,醃製兩日共四十八小時。香料十分入味,牛肉原有的微腥消失不見。用炭爐烤熟,肉味更濃縮,且有淡淡焦香。  肉質偏瘦,沒有太多脂肪帶,不受油脂干擾之下的肉香重濃出眾。油份不多,厚薄剛好,稔香帶嚼感。蕃茄、芝士、酸忌廉及牛油果醬當然是捲餅良伴啦。我們選了黑豆,與白豆相較下,是實身帶粉,沒有那麼稔散。另外盛有墨西哥大米,濕潤頗軟但未至水爛,帶有淡淡黃薑香氣。多層次的味道質感交集,莫名有種食緊印度食物既感覺。Spinach Quesadilla 菠菜墨西哥薄餅 $128  吃過一大堆又肉又澱粉的重負擔,不如來點健康的吧?友人提議選個素菜的來嚐嚐,看到有菠菜又中哂我心水。人多,而且比較薄身,十二吋的全份比較適合我們。  菠菜加上大蒜及洋蔥,以橄欖油炒過,贊白酒添香。細碎濕潤的餡料輕輕夾在餅皮之內,不會太水至浸爛餅皮。就算是純蔬果,也是味香清新,毫不單調。此時就可以嚐出餅皮的玉米麵香,稍有的甜度令整體更加可口。只是邊緣位置沒有餡料,有點乾涸無味,頗頗失色。Churros 西班牙炸油條 $38  睇餐牌時我地一見到有Churros就已經想即刻嗌。但無奈正餐未食,上桌置久了又會沒那麼好吃,還是先忍耐。最後,我們就來兩盤各三條,配朱古力醬及焦糖漿的過過口癮吧!  Churros原本已經沾上肉桂糖增添香氣。只是對於我這個肉桂怪來說,仍是淡了點。不過對肉桂感冒的朋友可能要先考慮一下了,我也不知道能否請他們減去肉桂粉。原味來嚐一下,新鮮製起,熱度十足。外層是帶點香脆,金黃的外表非常得人歡心。裏頭是比較稔軟濕綿的,不是富韌度帶嚼勁的一款。  焦糖漿是偏稀身的,尚算可以黏上油條。甜度適中,不會太過膩口。只是個人喜歡焦糖配點鹽份,愈是香甜。  朱古力醬有點奇怪,表面浮了一層厚厚的油。而朱古力醬是稠身粗糙的,有如泥狀。大概是自家刨碎朱古力再溶出來的吧,也就想加一層油份去滋潤。朱古力香氣濃郁稠密,亦不會甜膩,可惜太過油了。  難得有一堆朋友會食這類菜式。老實講要搵到有共同喜好的真心不易。當身邊不少友人只會嚷著要吃全日早餐要吃鬆餅什麼的。只能在心中暗唸:「嗯……其實我一般啦……」 continue reading
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