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Located inside The Upper House hotel, Cafe Gray Deluxe has an amazing view of the harbour. The food at this restaurant is prepared by award-winning international chef Gray Kunz. Kunz combines both traditional and modern cooking techniques to create their famous saffron pasta fiore and veal cheek. continue reading
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Level4 2017-09-06
This restaurant is located on the top floor of The Upper House, a hip luxury designer hotel in Admiralty. Arriving on the 49th floor, the first impression I got was that it was a real high-end restaurant, from the interior designs, the setup and more importantly, the amazing views looking out the window. One can see across the harbour, at ICC and the western Kowloon area, and in the evening that alone was probably worth coming over.But of course we need to have good food in order to qualify for a good restaurant. And on the night we ordered the Market Menu, which has four courses. To begin the cold appetizer is Yellowtail Crudo, Chilled Tomato Consomme, with Lavender and Basil. The fish is nice and fresh, with the tomato having good acidity to pair well with the fish to highlight its freshness and supplement well on the delicate taste. The consomme added an extra dimension with the herbs enhancing the flavors but not overpowering. A good start for our dinner. The second course is Poached Lobster Tail in XO Butter with Haricot Vert and Edamame. The hot appetizer has a rich texture, aromatic with a creamy sauce that matches perfectly with the green soybeans and green beans. The lobster tail is fleshy, cooked beautifully and having great flavors. My only comment for this dish was that it was quite salty, both in the seasoning of the edamame and the XO butter. Tuning down that a bit more would make the dish even better, but overall not a bad one.There are two choices of the main course, one being Seared Skate Wing, Saffron Emulsion, Charred Eggplant, Olives and Bergamot, and the other being Roasted Rack of Lamb, Cauliflower and Water Chestnuts, with Dried Chilies and Cumin. My wife opted for the fish while I went for the lamb. I tried a bite of the fish, and that immediately reminded me of the same type of fish I had once in a high-end Korean restaurant in Seoul, albeit less exotic, but still quite difficult to be well-liked given the strong ammonia taste. I guess that is the intention all along? My wife frankly hate that and it was a miracle she finished it, probably doesn't want to embarrass anyone. The lamb is much more 'normal' from that perspective, though I would not say it was in any way impressive. The lamb was roasted to medium level, with a bit of fat on the skin. The use of cumin in my opinion is a bit dangerous as it can easily hijack all the attention on the flavors, but I imagine the chef is trying to prepare the lamb in a fusion manner incorporating some Chinese elements, that you might find the skewers in the northern part of the country. My comments on the two main courses would be a bit disappointing however.For dessert it is Ginger Flan, with Crystallized Ginger, Longan and Lemon Madeleines. The ginger flan is quite good, of the right sweetness level, with a delicate ginger note and a bit of 'kick' on the spice. Coupled with the longan, the fruit provided a light refreshing taste to the richness, and the ginger sorbet served well to balance the dessert and clean the palate. On the side there are two pieces of lemon madeleines which are also good, spongy in texture and again of right sweetness.Service overall was quite good, though I would expect in this type of restaurant whenever the food is served the staff should explain what we are having and check in with us along the way to adjust coming dishes if necessary. With a bottle of water, a cup of double espresso, the bill on the night was $1,854 for two persons. Not exactly very good value dinner frankly.My overall rating is 58/100. continue reading
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Level3 2018-07-17
Came here with friends on a weekday for afternoon tea, we booked a table a week before and requested a window seat! They accommodated this request, although not quite the corner window seat we were expecting... The food was great, drinks were included! I ordered an iced cafe gray mango tea and my friend had a cafe gray tea which was lemongrass with some sort of berries or something. The drinks tasted good! The food was good as well, not quite the traditional English afternoon tea, but no less all of the food served was delicious! With a price of $506 for 2 persons, and this view, I would definitely come back! continue reading
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Level4 2018-06-05
enjoy the environment and the view。49樓的風景真的不錯。下午茶時二人set. 有鹹點及甜點,亦有scone。甜點方面有一些驚喜,因為不是太甜。可以另加150蚊配香檳。如果沒有特別加配的話可以點選咖啡或茶。星期二的下午不算太多人。 continue reading
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Level2 2018-06-03
通常情人節晚餐當日一間餐廳有分兩個時段食都唔方好嘢...我們吃第二輪一心諗住依間餐廳又靚景又感覺正常可以打破宿命,真係可惜沒有😅排到密密麻麻迫迫的餐桌,出入只能1人打側慢慢過窗外景觀,確係唔錯是日情人節套餐餐牌好辛苦先點到的飲品😒話說一坐下當然會睇一睇有咩飲品可以點,全本都係酒精類飲品我唔飲得有其他選擇我會盡量唔點。過一陣有位人兄過來問飲咩,我問有無非酒精類飲品餐牌,佢堅稱話無!我倆都呆一呆通常正常餐廳點都會有😑咁唯有問埋依位人兄有咩無酒精飲品可以叫!佢回答都係果d囉😠...可樂呀雪碧呀橙汁呀果汁咁囉,你哋想要咩丫!嘩😅果下我唔知點回應佢,我老公嬲到無理佢😅仲要轉個頭見到依位人兄攞本非酒精餐牌俾隔離枱睇😑係咩意思呢,不能滲透😓好硬唔熱的飽開始等上菜...等到天荒地老一樣,因為食第二輪已經有點餓😧誰知坐喺度等咗成個鐘先上第一道食物,連隔離有些遲來的枱都已經吃完第一道菜🤷🏻‍♀️唔知係咪我倆第一次光顧唔識得早一個鐘前打電話📲叫定上菜呢🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️可能人哋有咁做呢💁🏻‍♀️正常但普通的忌廉菇湯酸到盲公都開眼的無味魚,成碟嘢酸爆。下面綠色的菜葉係平時吃蒜蓉豆苗果d豆苗菜😂唔...我覺得好怪,好似食時令蔬菜咁,而且用叉又好難食到好想用筷子🥢下面綠色部分除左菜葉外其實仲有青豆!係呀!係平時雪藏雜豆果d粒粒綠色青豆😑(🤔我覺得波菜或者青色的嫩豆苗會更好)有陣熟悉的味道,丫!無錯係屋企樓下牛腩麵食到的牛腩味道!好正宗只係價錢有別🤔舊嘢太甜,餅底硬到好多枱人都食到哼哼聲響,因為支叉要好大力劈開而碰到隻碟😅以為最後小甜點會挽回分數,話哂都見大家會到來吃下午茶。馬卡龍硬到石頭一起,我先生話正確來講依件唔可以叫馬卡龍,只係個外貌似馬卡龍的東西😅朱古力甜到唔想再食落去...算吧😅洗手間都有落地大玻璃及夜景消費可媲美酒店的價錢,但食物就...可能見仁見智。不過餐廳的窗外景色的確唔錯,但我覺得有更好的選擇。 continue reading
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Level3 2018-05-27
Having a birthday dinner with good food is memorable.We ordered one appetizer to share and a main for arch of us. Appetizer: Lobster Cobb Salad with smoked bacon and avocado. 🦐🥓🥗The presentation is lovely. Lobster salad with avocado on the outside. It tastes really nice. Lobster cooked just right and went well with the green. The salad is quite refreshing.Main course: Pan roasted Patagonian toothfish, Vermouth beurre blanc.I love eating the toothfish. The creamy sauce added extra softness to the pan roasted toothfish. Dessert: chocolate soufflé The soufflé has very rich chocolate flavour. The chocolate sauce adding to the soufflé is just perfect! The berry sorbet is very well in balancing the flavour. continue reading
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