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Review (51)
Level1 2019-05-04
One of the most disappointing meals I've ever had in Hong Kong and definitely on my list of worst restaurants to have ever dined at. My friend and I went last night on the recommendation of two acquaintances. The two of us ordered 2 King Prawn appetizers, a ribeye (+ bone marrow add-on), tenderloin (+foie gras add-on), creamed & sauteed spinach as sides, and a bottle of Malbec. The bill totalled just over $2400hkd ($1750 without the wine). Now. Let me break this down for you, because I would never take the time to leave a negative review without proper explanation. Let's start with the King Prawn appetizers, at $250 per PIECE your expectations are being set. The, small to medium at best, prawns arrived on two plates, covered in some type of garnish. Looked appetizing enough, removed the garnish on top, the prawn was left unpeeled (an inconvenience, but not a deal breaker), but the prawn had been overcooked to the point where it was impossible to separate the shell from the meat, let me remind you that you're expected to eat and peel this with a fork and knife. Steaks: 14 oz ribeye, cooked medium rare ($320) 8oz tenderloin also cooked medium rare ($390) The steaks were cooked to the wellness we desired, however the tenderloin had been seared BURNT on both sides, not crusted as it should be on a tenderloin. You can imagine how it caused the rest of the meat to taste like nothing but charcoal and disappointment. Both pieces of meat also lacked beef flavour, the ribeye wasn't tender, and the tenderloin was somehow grainy and dry at a medium rare (truly impressive, sarcasm intended). All in all, these were low quality cuts of beef to begin with, in other words sending them back wouldn't have made a difference. Sides and add-ons: The foie gras add on was overcooked, so much so that it was almost as dense and dry as a pate. The bone marrow was actually pretty decent, nothing more to say there. The creamed spinach was over salted, and sauteed spinach (well it'd take a real genius to mess that one up). On the plus side, if you just feel like eating fries. This might be the place for you. At the end of the meal when asking for the bill our waiter asked if something was wrong as we had both left half our steaks untouched. I told them in the the most sincere way possible that it was terrible, when asked what specifically was wrong, I was kind of at a loss for words but settled on the overall flavour and quality. To which he went away and returned with the bill, nothing more to be said. Save yourself the disappointment, there are dozens of great steakhouses in Hong Kong and if you're comfortable spending at this price point, there are dozens of other restaurants that are sure to delight. Save yourself the time, money, and stomach space. continue reading
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Level4 2019-03-11
這家餐廳在口袋名單很久了,這次看到有半價優惠,就和男朋友來嚐一下吧!前菜先點了Corn Bread,十分香!有濃濃的玉米香氣,配上SYRUP 和微辣的抹醬,甜甜咸咸,很不錯~不過份量不少,吃完有小小擔心之後吃不下XD主菜呢,真的好難選,感覺全都很好吃哈哈哈XD我們最後點了Black Angus Bone-In Ribeye (28 day Dry aged), Medium入面是微粉紅,入口有點乾,感覺是有點獨熟了,不過配上焦香的表面還是很吸引~Side 選了Bone Marrow 這個男友就不太喜歡了,而且沒有多士,我們只好用無限供應的薯條沾著吃XD最後甜品選了 The Blue Alaska在蛋白霜表面澆上BOURBON 然後點火,就是經典的火焰雪山XD 味道就一般啦~~總結來說,半價十分滿意,有機會多點人來吃還可以點斧頭扒,不過原價的話是OVER PRICE了。推CORN BREAD! continue reading
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Level2 2019-02-16
是日人日,生日快樂, 約埋去Blue Butcher 食塊Tomahawk steak! Blue.Butcher x E字頭 app 推出超值優惠, 使用e 字頭app 訂坐有高至30%-50% 的優惠。 訂座時間日子選擇多, 又不限信用卡咭, 要注意的是飲品是沒有折扣優惠的噢。 開返支紅酒慶祝一下, 店員十分有心的推介, 跟所有食物都十分配搭~ 價錢又不昂貴 。 主角斧頭扒出場! 即叫即揀即煮! 選了medium rare 雖然等了15-20 分鐘, 但絕對值得, 不同部位的斧頭扒有不同口感和味道。 最頂肉味最濃。 中間最嫩最juicy 。 底部帶焦最香口。 脂肪酥香而不膩, 入口即溶。 真的十分回味。 配上了牛骨髓, 口感滑溜溜, 濃濃的牛酥香! 好像超濃味牛油般. 再值得一讚是薯條, 條條新鮮條條脆口! 甜品時間店員推薦 blue lagoon. 其實是火焰雪山, 上枱時會淋上rum 酒點火, 好有兒時回憶, 雪山裏是椰子雪糕和雜果, 山腳是脆脆 。 好味。 好滿足的一個人人生日飯 continue reading
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Blue Butcher specialises in steak so the menu is filled with different cuts from the butcher, including rib eyes, T-bones, sirloin, tenderloin and ribs.On this visit, we got the Australian pasture raised Harvey beef boneless rib eye ($320), which was 14oz and looked absolutely massive. Sauces are made homemade here at Blue Butcher but unfortunately there is additional surcharge of $20 for each sauce. We got the béarnaise sauce which went very well with the steak! On the side we got a bowl of truffle parmesan fries to share which were delicious and the bowl was huge! However it came at a slightly steeper price of $110. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2018-10-09
Absolutely lovely meal! I was hoping to go for their brunch but unfortunately, my friends and I could not find a date that suited us all before they left the country again, so we went for the set dinner offer during Dining City's restaurant week instead.I got the Grass Fed Steak Tartare to start. It was very good, but nothing unlike what you would normally expect. My main was the Australian Pasture Raised Black Angus Rig Eye and it was delicious, So much flavour and perfectly medium rare! It was served with Black Truffle Fries for the dinner set deal but I also ordered a side of mashed potatoes. Both were great, the truffle fries really tasted like truffle instead of just being sprinkled in some truffle like 'truffle fries' normally are. For dessert, I got the Fresh Mango Pudding which wasn't exactly what I expected as I thought it would be more like a normal Mango pudding, but it was lovely and really did taste very "fresh" and summery, making it the perfect thing to finish off my meal after all that meat!I also tried my friends' desserts and they were all great. The Caramelised Pineapple tasted almost like Christmas (like Apple Pie with Ice Cream!) and the Grilled Peach was in between the two other desserts, which I felt were more summery vs. wintery.The normal menu is a little pricey, but I would definitely come back! My only complaint would be that the table was rather high for how low the chairs were - but that's just nitpicking really! A+ food! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)