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Located in an architectural icon in Central with high ceilings to give the feeling of more space, Arbor is a relaxing space with natural and forest elements. The cuisine is French nouvelle mixed with Japanese elements and has a natural concept. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2019), Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2020)
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18:30 - 00:00
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This fine-dining French restaurant is located on 25/F H Queen's in Central. Inspired by the concept of a charming forest home of a poet and cook, the restaurant offers a cozy relaxing atmosphere for diners to enjoy bohemian leisure in a home away from home idea. Seated at a table on the window side, when I looked around I got a nice reminder of some of the winery and cellars we visited in France previously. The staff came to check with us on the aperitif, along with a champagne cart which I decided to go for a glass of Jacquesson 741 while my wife had the White Peach Nectar. Soon the staff brought some nice home-made brioche with some seaweed mixed, along with two butter, one made with mentaiko (salted cod roe) with spicy seasonings, the other of kelp with toasted seaweed. Both are innovative and tasty, where we quickly finished the one and asked for another bread. Checking on the menu I opted for the Chef Tasting Menu ($1888) while my wife had the Seasonal Tasting Menu ($1488). Both started with the same course, 'Clam'. The feature is razor clam, served in two ways, with the first being a lightly blanched razor clam on skewer. While it is already fresh and sweet in taste without any additional condiment needed, there is a sauce on the side with some lemon leaves which greatly enhanced the fragrance. The other dish served has a meaty piece of the razor clam on a cream sauce, intense on flavors while still relatively light and without feeling awkward and masking the delicate taste of the razor clam. There are pieces of mushroom which served as a nice decoration too. From the presentation one can clearly see the influence of Japanese cuisine to the chef, no matter on the use of the ingredients, serve-wares and presentation. The second course is 'Scallop', with the Hokkaido scallop seared well on both sides, with some marinated sauce to highlight some savory flavors. There is a kelp jelly sauce underneath with some lime juice to again freshen up and raise the umami taste to the next level. There is also a crunchy toasted seaweed cracker on the side which offered great complement. The wine paired is Kokuryu Daiginjo Ryu, the famous sake from Fukui which uses French maturation techniques for sake making. A nice match. The third course is 'Foie Gras', made to a creamy mousse at the bottom, then on top adding some crispy fried rice treats to give a nice contrasting texture, along with a fig jam where the sweetness balanced well with the intensity of the foie gras. This new way to prepare the foie gras significantly reduced the heavy oily sensation of the dish and making it more welcoming to diners. Really great effort by the chef and his team. The fourth course is 'Chestnut', with the seasonal produce being the highlight. Apart from a chestnut puree similar to what you would see on a cake, but not insanely sweet as many cakes would be. There are some slices of Fuji apple giving a bit of acidity and light-weight balance. The ginkgo has a nice chewy bite as well. Wine paired was Vincent Latour Meursault 1er Cru Poruzots 2016. Good acidity and I think it is a bit too light for pairing with the food. The fifth course is 'Sea Bream', with a broccoli puree, fish stock as sauce, and nice seaweed condiments, successfully highlighting the delicate and elegant taste of the fillet while at the same time intensifying the complexity of the dish through these condiments. The wine paired was an interesting choice, Freeman Vineyard & Winery Pinot Noir from Sonoma, with the strong cherry note not particularly matched with the dish but did not somehow affect the dish in any negative way. The sixth course is 'Pigeon', a piece of nice pigeon breast beautifully seared with sweet wine and berries reduction, tender and juicy on the inside, and my favorite in the evening. On the side there are a piece of root (I forgot the name) which is grilled, with some other seasonal mushroom as well. The wine paired is Tignanello 2014 which got a big tannin and gamey note to match well with the pigeon. Moving to the dessert the seventh course is 'Citrus', a yuzu and jasmine flower sorbet with a cheese meringue cracker on top of some finely chopped citrus fruit pieces. Cleansing for the palate, the dish is great to freshen up before finishing our meal with a more indulgent dessert. The wine paired was Domaine Weinbach Theo Faller Gewurztraminer VT 1989. The wine was very good on its own and appropriate in sweetness for this dish, though leaving a bitter aftertaste. The last course is 'Madeleine', served interestingly in an ice-cream cup which included a walnut ice-cream and three big pieces of sweet black beans. A few pieces of caramel crackers provided nice supplement to the texture, the dish is a nice finale for the dinner, with also a piece of spongy canele-like pastry which is great for coffee. The service throughout the dinner was great, with the staff coming to explain each dish in details, and the sommelier also providing the characters of the wine paired.The bill for the night was $5,330 including the wines ($1,300). Consider the ambiance and quality of the food it was still a bit over-priced in my opinion. I am critical here but the wine pairing can in fact be improved. continue reading
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[🇭🇰香港- 中環].好耐冇食過咁高質嘅fine dining,真係道道菜都好好食,絕對要黎試嘅米芝蓮1💫餐廳!今期嘅Autumn menu個人最鍾意汁酸酸甜甜又鮮嘅mackeral,半生熟好軟嫩嘅quail,豆腐雪糕同口感鬆軟,帶青檸同牛油香味,冇平時食到咁油嘅Madeleine;好滿足嘅一餐❤️🔻🍽 Arbor📌 地址: 中環皇后大道中80號H Queen’s 25樓.#tummysready #tummysreadytoeat #tummysreadyinhongkong #tummysreadyatcentral #tummysreadyforwestern #tummysreadyforfrench #tummysreadyforsteak #tummysreadyforfinedining #tummysreadyformichelin continue reading
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今年的週年紀念慶祝,原訂了九龍站的餐廳,不過最後都係改變計畫留守港島。於是在中環處理完俗務以後,就碰運氣walk in 到 Arbor。果然在這非常時期,有位之餘,仲只得五檯客人 ... 不過侍應們都非常有禮專業,是一個很好的序幕。餐廳室內設計舒適,雖然今天天氣晴朗,但陽光未有直射進來,燈光處理很好。菜單方面有兩款選擇,weekly tasting menu 的 pork 是豬脷,非常大膽的設計 ... 不過我們還是選了 weekly tasting 的 牛及 chef's tasting 的魚。先上麵包,是海藻白麵豉味道,配昆布牛油及七味明太子,非常日式的配搭。麵包看上去感覺厚實,但其實口感輕盈,不算十分好吃,不過還可以 ...接著就到 amuse bouche,是蟶子濃湯再配蟶子串,味道甚佳,是一道很好的開胃菜。一濃厚一清爽,體現了餐廳的contrast concept。前菜分別是 chef's tasting 的ama ebi 及 weekly tasting 的 amberjack,以淡淡的低溫處理,卻一如預期的甜美細緻,是一個不錯的開始。第二道進入到果實根莖類,味道亦轉趨沉實。chef's tasting 是我很喜歡的栗子,是栗子濃湯上配栗子蓉銀杏及蘋果片,非常秋天的選材。蘋果片微酸薄脆,平衡了栗子的豐盈,好吃! weekly tasting 的第二道是牛蒡,以為會是帶點粗燥的口感,誰不知吃落居然有點蘿蔔鬆化的感覺,實在是意想不到。來到 chef's tasting 的主菜 sea bream。坦白說,我覺得presentation 很一般,未有如其他創意法系的雕花,不過味道穩打穩紮,中間夾著的西洋菜再一次帶來秋冬感覺,有畫龍點睛的效果。weekly tasting 的 主菜和牛另配小口牛肉餅米飯。和牛面層焦香,搭配略甜醬汁,吃落有點像叉燒。旁邊橘紅色的是燈籠椒purée,少辣有甜味及麻香,好像腸粉的甜醬!第四道由 chef Eric 親自出來講解,難道是他最有信心的得意之作?chef's tasting 的甜品叫 small potato。從未想過以薯仔作甜點,這道包括有銀箔包薯仔雪糕及薯片,再配兩款口感的朱古力。配搭創新之餘,更非常匹配,我覺得是四道菜裡面最特別及好吃的一道。weekly tasting 的甜品是 citrus,當中有蛋糕,meringue,sherbet,果肉及其他,層次豐富,大狸俠話很特別!最後以微暖少脆的madeline及草餅macaron 作結。總括來說,餐廳的氛圍服務,以至食物的鋪排味道都不錯,可以說各方面都十分平均。較為特別的是二道及甜點的選材,常用作甜點的栗子是主菜,而常用作主配菜的薯仔竟然是甜點。餐廳的contrast concept 略見於menu 中,不過未算十分突出。另外可以一提的是,作為一星餐廳,其洗手間竟然完全未有刻意策劃,普通到如大狸俠所言像公廁一樣,就真的有點扣分了 ... continue reading
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My recent favourite. Went few weeks ago actually - v. Great environment and excellent ingredients. Good Japanese French fusion by a Finland (?) young chef. I'm not a Macaron person but this green tea Macaron is not too sweet, very soft and smooth. continue reading
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We had lunch at Arbor for our anniversary. The bottom line is, don't try the weekly tasting menu for the variety. The chef's omakase menu is so much better in almost every sense.We ordered one weekly menu at 588 and one chef's tasting menu at 888. My wife ordered peach nectar and I had Sancerre Cuvee Flores by Domaine Vincent Picard 2017 on top of the sparkling water. The wine was fruity and refreshing, with a crisp finish.The amuse bouche is a beef tartare on crispy Nori seaweed shell, topped with a tangy emulsion that cuts through the richness of the beef. Quite a nice start.Then the brioche -- it's just so light, soft, fluffy and tasty. The server explained that there is miso and seaweed in the bread, but the taste is very subtle. Served with mentaiko and kombu butter. We both think the kombu butter is too strong in flavour. Then for the chef's omakase, the starter is foie gras mousse with fig and prune compote, topped with some crispy fried floral buds (the server did explain it's from Japan, but it's just impossible to recall the full description...). This starter is sure a winner -- the foie gras mousse is creamy and velvety smooth with a hint of mineral taste, the fresh fig and the compote works together to cut through the richness. Then the crispy bits and the green emulsion add contrasts of texture. Everything is well balanced and the presentation also looks pleasing.For the weekly tasting menu, the starter is seared Japanese mackarel (saba) sashimi marinated in kombu, served with fruit tomato and kombu stock. This is not bad, but quite expected. The fish tastes the way it should. The tomato is sweet, but not mind blowing. The plating, ugh, needs some work really.The second course in the chef's omakase menu is sous vide Hokkaido octopus tentacles, with seared chestnut, gingko, lotus root on a bed of pearl barley, in a seafood chestnut emulsion. Again, thoughts are put into each every component -- the octopus is tender and flavoursome. The vegetables are crunchy and add a different texture. The chestnut emulsion is very rich and tasty. The whole dish works well together.For the weekly tasting menu, the second course is mirin-marinated ikura wrapped in thinly sliced radish, over diced radish and crispy fried bits, with a tart emulsion (I can't recall what they used in it, but I don't think the taste profiles of those ingredients work too well anyway). Each ikura sac is like a pop of briny and winey concoction, which is quite interesting. The radish and the crispy bits actually add more complexity in texture, yet without adding to the flavours. The emulsion honestly doesn't work IMO -- it's sour, but without depth of any kind. I think some smokiness or even a subtle bonito or eel taste in the emulsion would echo with the ikura and add more depth.  Oh, did I mention the uninspired plating?For mains, we ordered the A4 wagyu beef tenderloin with $250 extra in the chef's omakase menu. The server said more than once that this is the chef's signature dish. The beef is marinated in mirin and stock, seared to medium-rare, served with a miso emulsion, a smoked eggplant puree and a marinated eggplant. Jus of the beef is poured at the centre. Hmmm, this is not bad -- at least it's perfectly seared and rested before sliced. But my wife thinks the beef is not fatty enough by wagyu standard, definitely not melt-in-your-mouth kind. I personally don't think the texture is a problem, but it's a course that lacks culinary vision. The marinade doesn't really make the beef too different. Both the smoked eggplant puree and the miso emulsion lack oomph. They just lie there without really giving the beef any character. I don't know. Maybe I'm asking for too much because it's a michelin-starred restaurant after all?And the disaster of the whole meal -- the main course of the weekly tasting menu -- pork tongue with Sichuan pepper, Japanese cabbage, turnip mash, and tomatillos (or some berries? not sure, again, can't remember every word the server said). I was expecting some chunky slices of pork tongue. But I was so disappointed to see the skinny oblong tongue covered in foam. The plating was so bland and lacklustre that I instantly lost my appetite. I know a whole pork tongue could look disturbing. But covering it up with some beige colour sour foam doesn't make it any better. Regarding the taste, the tongue isn't chewy and springy like grilled gyutan, but very soft and mushy. The Sichuan pepper taste is there and that's probably the only thing interesting about this dish. Then the cabbage is bland and doesn't work with the tongue in anyway. The turnip mash is creamy and buttery, but again it has no chemistry with the tongue... The desserts saved the meal a little. For the weekly tasting menu, a classic combination of chocolate in different forms (creme brulee, hojicha and choco gelato, dark choco sables, and a salted caramel and chocolate sauce) are juxtaposed with crunchy freeze-dried cheese bits, grains and nuts. Every component is impeccably made. The grains add a lovely crunch. Chocolate lovers should be pleased.Dessert for chef's omakase is grapefruit sorbet on frozen grapefruit vesicles and peel, in a frozen cheese cup, over flakes of meringue. Very strong taste of grapefruit with lovely contrasts in texture. The tartness is nicely balanced by the buttery cheese cup and the sugary crispy meringue. Again, it's a perfect combination of great presentation, nice balance of palate and interesting mouthfeels.Instead of petit four, we were served freshly baked madeleines and green tea macarons. Both are awesome -- madeleines are hot with crispy edges and tender soft centres and a light lemony scent. The macarons are of perfect texture, crispy shell and chewy centres. The matcha cream is bursting with green tea flavour and is of perfect sweetness. All in all, I really don't get the pork tongue main course -- looks like boarding school canteen food with foam. As you might have noticed, the weekly tasting menu is just some kind of filler to cater to a lower price range. I believe a dignified chef won't budge on his vision. If your culinary vision can't be realized at a lower price, just stick with one menu that you're really happy with. On the up side, service was thoughtful, detailed and very friendly. The wine was excellent and of good value. The room gets quite noisy when full. I think the ambiance is somewhat lacking. And the washroom is definitely not Michelin star-worthy. Don't use it unless you really need to. continue reading
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