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AMMO is a bar and restaurant that combines history, culture and architecture. Interstingly, its name is an acronym for Asia, Modern, Museum and Original. Some signature dishes are the beetroot salad, oysters and pork paella. continue reading
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Beetroot Salad with Orange and Walnuts Oyster with Lime Coconut Soup and Watercress Jelly Prawn & Sea Urchin on Crustacean Mayonnaise Sea Bed Pork Paella Lime Cloud with Pistachio Sponge and Coconut Ice Cream Sangria
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可愛miffy Featured Review
Level4 2017-08-13
朋友愛miffy,知道ammo 搞了嗰miffy tea,立即打電話去book,不過打左好多次都無人接聽,所以決定walk in 去我地一早就去,侍應生話無book, 唔知有無,要問一問,好彩有, 並帶我地去左一個門口旁邊的兩人枱,因為近門口,經常有人出出入入,坐得好不舒服整間餐廳以金屬設計為主,可能因為它的前身是英軍軍火庫,所以整間充滿金屬味,有一張大bar 枱,跟著高檯櫈,分隔出食用區,同卡位侍應生放下miffy tea menu, 連menu 板都用金屬片做,menu 設計以miffy high tea 公仔為主,非常得意接著,侍應生就托出一盤盛滿三角形茶包的木盤,讓我地自行選擇,款式都不少, 茶包設計特別,茶包牌形狀如葉,當加水後, 茶包如嫰芽般從杯裡長出,又用印有miffy嘅水杯,朋友最後選了茶包,我則選了iced mocha。不過個斟水瓶很有問題,倒得快會倒至周圍都係水iced mocha 味道一般tea set 上枱,賣相一流,非常吸睛,除了tea set 架外,還有一碟miffy樣嘅朱古力慕絲蛋糕和焦糖香蕉蛋糕。層架上分別有(由下以上):最低嗰層: 燉蛋、macaron、miffy 形狀軟糖、白朱古力miffy頭同草莓慕絲球燉蛋:質地偏散、蛋味唔出,不過滑macaron:印有miffy樣子,雖然唔太甜,不過一咬落去立即骨肉分離(即是外面同裡面分別碎開)miffy 形狀軟糖:彈牙,不過嚐唔出是什麼味道白朱古力miffy頭同草莓慕絲球:賣相得意, 白朱古力甜同草莓慕絲球的酸,非常夾中間嗰層是:蕃茄甘筍凍湯、甘筍香蕉合桃cupcake、印有miffy坐係月光上嘅曲奇蕃茄甘筍凍湯: 蕃茄味濃、每口都有甘筍蓉,材料足,不過蓉沉澱左一層鹹鹹的液體,味道同口感很怪,不是人人喜歡甘筍香蕉合桃cupcake:賣相吸睛、有朱古力做成的紅蘿蔔,唔甜,香蕉合桃cupcake香蕉味濃,多合桃碎粒,蛋糕鬆軟印有miffy坐係月光上嘅曲奇:鬆脆,牛油味一般最高嗰層:迷你芝士牛扒漢堡包、BB 甘荀伴鷹嘴豆茸迷你芝士牛扒漢堡包:一口一件,牛扒做成的漢堡肉汁juicy配上芝士鹹香,口感一流BB 甘荀伴鷹嘴豆蓉: BB 甘筍爽脆,不過鷹嘴豆蓉,不是人人喜歡,我嗰朋友就即時話似食肥皂咁嘅味同感覺,嚐一口立即吐出,我就無咁差感覺,就是覺得很重咖喱味、鹹的蓉後記:還有為切合主題,餐廳外還有大型miffy 公仔同填色貼圖玩,景色同裝修一流,不過服務一般。 continue reading
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Level6 2017-07-31
I thought I have given up on Restaurant Week after years of disappointment (the now-defunct Azure, Whisk etc.) but this week, I was in the mood to give it another chance. This summer round of Restaurant Week was said to be one of the largest one in recent memory with around 100 participating restaurants. Some of the intriguing names include Michelin starred Akrame, Aqua group's Armani/Aqua, Aqua and Hutong, CE LA VI and Cassio who are all newcomers to the event (if my memory serves me correctly).With so many interesting options, I decided to get my feet wet this weekend starting with a booking at AMMO, a place I haven't had the chance to check out since 2012. About a month or so ago, I received a newsletter from Drawing Room Group (AMMO's parent company) about AMMO's impending transformation into a modern Spanish tapas bar. I have been a little curious of their revamped menu so this opportunity arose from Restaurant Week was perfect.Crab tartare with mushrooms and basil jelly - Lunch started off brightly with a refreshing appetizer of crab tartare. Underneath the pile of fresh crab meat was a thin layer of basil jelly followed by some diced mushrooms. The crab meat was really nice and fresh but what really surprised me the most was the basil jelly offering some nice acidity and earthy flavors to the dish.Well, not a bad start. One out of one  (Grade: 3.5/5)!Beetroot 4-ways with orange and walnut - I thought they have something interesting on paper with the 4-ways beetroot. The last dish with different textures of beetroot that managed to impress me was chef Julien Royer's "The Beetroot Collection" (at Jaan Singapore before he strikes out on his own with Odette.). Still remembered how well the beetroot ice-cream, beetroot meringue, poached betroot and beetroot confit all worked together as a whole. This one, however, failed to live up to my lofty expectation (yeah, I set the bar a bit high here). The beetroot chip, beetroot tartare, beetroot purée and beetroot confit (kind of sticky) did very little to mesh with one another (Grade: 3/5).Risotto with morel mushrooms, asparagus and parmesan - Five years since my last visit but I still remembered AMMO as a restaurant with some of the best pasta and risotto in town. The risotto with chopped morel mushrooms and asparagus was really good with a textbook creamy texture. The parmesan was spot on (Grade: 4.5/5).Fettuccine with braised short-rib ragout - Same goes for the fetticcine which was al dente with the perfect bite. A very nice dish which had us longing for more (Grade: 4.5/5).Crispy suckling pig with mango and pineapple salsa - I was pretty curious with AMMO's transformation into a Spanish tapas bar so on top of our Restaurant Week menu, I went with something from their a la carte menu.The crispy suckling pig was beautifully done with a crispy skin while the meat was nice and juicy inside. Look at the proportion of fat and meat there. Just beautiful (Grade: 4/5)!Blueberry mousse with mixed berry compote - This tasted like one of those sliced cakes you picked up from Aroma. It did offer some nice acidity but that's about all there's to it (Grade: 3/5).Catalan creme foam with sautéed pineapple and caramel ice-cream - Much better result comparing to the previous blueberry mousse cake. This was foamy with a bit of sugar on top and sauteed pineapple in the middle. The only blemish is perhaps the caramel ice-cream which was slightly overpowering. It would probably taste a little better if they replace it with something more refreshing like a scoop of coconut ice-cream (Grade: 4/5).Their service was surprisingly hearty all afternoon. While my little nugget was running around the restaurant causing trouble for everyone, their staff were always there with a helping hand to steer him out of trouble. Very nice job!My first positive experience from a Restaurant Week event in a long long time!!! Hooray~ continue reading
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在森林旁當一隻兔子 Featured Review
Level6 2017-07-28
對著三層架、在瑰麗的氛圍下吃高貴的afternoon tea set 應該是女生愛做的事,但我應該是例外,既不喜歡吃蛋糕鬆餅,又不太喜歡故意裝淑女顧儀態的吃,我吃過的應該是十次以內;依我記憶,我甚至是沒有寫過afternoon tea 的。大多數酒店級的afternoon tea 都是走爾雅淑女的路線,最近在社交網站上看到這個聯乘卡通的,倒令我有點好奇,令afternoon tea 這回事稍為偏離高貴的形象,加上一點童真。日間到過 AMMO 用餐的會知道,環境絕對不輸酒店的。鹹點和甜點的比例大概是1:2,與兔子有關的遍佈在食物和餐具上,還要有鎖匙扣作紀念品,性價比實在不俗。這簡直是 right thing at the right time,在暑假推出卡通主題的 afternoon tea (供應到8月31日),迷倒的除了一向會付錢嘆茶的女生,還有家長和小孩。$368 for two 價位適中,有visa signature 或 visa infinite 的話可上網看看優惠 (這兒不特別著墨但如果你有的話,找到的話你會大呼「太值了吧」)。看來童心未泯的女生倒不少,身邊不少miffy 粉絲都紛紛表示要支持一下;過了幾天才致電預訂,週末實在太旺場,要選個平日和閏蜜造訪。準時3時正來到,室內都快要坐滿二三十人,後來有些walk-in 的客人連室外座位都佔了,來捧miffy 場的人比想像中多,更有些忠實粉絲把自己的miffy 布偶帶來拍照,誠意十足!所在位置的前身雖是英軍的軍火庫,但自然光下緣意盎然的氛圍,完全沒有殘餘的火藥味。後山的一片茂林,比特高樓底中的堂皇燈飾更為奪目;當眼前的景象不再是繁囂和高樓,心情都不其然放鬆了,在這環境下細味下午茶,絕對不輸附近的五星級酒店。致電預訂時問過可否安排窗邊座位,但原來是4人或以上才有機會佔上,我們二人來就沒法享受到向山這邊的沙發座位了。Tea set 包兩杯飲品,如果選熱茶的話,職員會把 tea forté 的整個selection 端過來讓你挑。紅茶、果茶和花茶都有,待職員把盛了熱水的茶壺端過來便可以自行泡茶了。有別於一般的矮身瓷杯,盛茶的是很可愛的直身 miffy 杯! 整個tea set 的食物份量不少,包括三層架上的小點心和另以碟呈上、三文治似的兩份蛋糕。每款食物都和兔子有關,包括用上兔子吃的甘荀、印上和以朱古力牌呈現的miffy頭,而蛋糕更是整個miffy 形狀的,令人不忍一口一口的把miffy 頭吃掉。勝在鹹甜的食物都有,不太是甜品控的都不會鬱鬱不樂。每逢友人拉我去吃這類下午茶,我會特別留意有什麼鹹的吃,這裡的鹹點選擇算是我見過吃過中最健康的,因為沒有炸物 (通常是乜乜酥)!朱古力慕絲蛋糕上的白朱古力因為我拍照和吃三層架吃上良久才開始冒汗…原本不是這樣「汗顏」的。建議由上而下去吃,最上層全是鹹點,分別是芝士牛肉迷你 burger和甘荀伴鷹嘴豆茸;中層是半鹹半甜,分別是西班牙蕃茄凍湯和 carrot cake;底層和另以碟上的全是甜點,有 creme brulee、白朱古力草莓慕絲、macaron 和軟糖,以及miffy 頭形狀的朱古力慕絲蛋糕和焦糖香蕉蛋糕。沒有鬆餅、三文治的出現,食物款式夠貼題之餘也蠻有新意的。份量以下午茶來說是恰當的,未至於飽肚得需要省掉午飯的空間來吃,不過當然不要吃個太飽的午飯才來吧。來AMMO 吃過幾次午飯,對鹹點的質素信心十足。一口大小的芝士牛肉迷你burger,小巧精緻但不失味道上的細膩和食材搭配,靈魂之處就是夾中肉和包中間的洋蔥絲。雖然佔上了口中不多的位置,嚐得到煮得焦糖化、香甜軟滑的洋蔥絲在牛肉上的提味和解膩作用。連葉的小甘荀相信只是白灼過,小巧精緻得像玩具,吃著的感覺像是一隻兔子啃甘荀,很代入miffy 的角色吧?白灼的有著自身的清新爽甜,帶點煙燻鹹香的鷹嘴豆茸提味不少。一向在flatbread 裡吃到的鷹嘴豆茸叫作 hummus,有時會加入雞心豆,令這煙燻味沒那麼突出。鷹嘴豆茸相當惹味,幾件小甘荀不太夠蘸盡所有豆茸,但又沒有其他鹹點可以拿來蘸…很可惜啊。蕃茄凍湯以shooter size 的玻璃小杯盛著,一口都能乾掉,涼透心的正好消消暑。橘色調相信是來自打碎成蓉的甘荀,比一般蕃茄為主的凍湯清新;酸味降低但清香無減,多麼想是一碗而非一杯…不過這就是下午茶該有的精緻。Carrot cake 是咖啡店的常見糕點,由於長期坐鎮的緣故,樣子多數不會這麼花巧,就是 brownies 般存在的價值是因為夠實際、夠大眾化。未見過這樣趣緻的carrot cake,有著甘荀形朱古力擱在上面。蛋糕的濕度和綿密度都剛好,混入了粒粒顯而易見的真甘荀和提子乾;玉桂粉放得重手,但沒有遮蓋甘荀的天然甘甜,香氣十足而不甜膩。Creme brulee 並非焗成並帶有一塊糖脆的那種,就當是燉蛋多於焦糖燉蛋吧。滑嫩而帶張力,舀起不會稀得像糊;味道不錯,不過就並非傳統的那種焦糖燉蛋了。曲奇和macaron 都是印了miffy 圖案的,樣子可愛,味道就中規中舉沒什麼特別的。Macaron 夠脆,咬開還看得到中間空心的部分;不會死甜,這些基本的甜點item 不過不失啦。驟眼看會以為是兩顆朱古力吧,其實是草莓慕絲來的,相信是加了些魚膠粉,口感滑溜爽彈,介乎蛋糕中的慕絲和軟糖之間,味道酸甜,好配兔頭形的白朱古力。相信有些人的胃納總會大一點,的骰的小點心無論吃多少都還是覺得不夠實在,幸好有這兩件巴掌般大、三文治模樣的蛋糕,吃光的話一定夠飽。個人較喜歡淺黃的那塊焦糖香蕉蛋糕,夾層是很薄的焦糖醬,甜度不高,香蕉蛋糕的香氣還是豐郁的。有別於麵包店買到的香蕉蛋糕,這個沒有蟲子般的黑色絲,賣相未有減分!另一件是朱古力慕絲蛋糕,底和面都是朱古力,不能討喜並非朱古力控的我了。用餐時職員走過來送我們一人一個 Miffy 鎖匙扣,本來有6款選擇的,當日只剩下這4款,沒了miffy 最招牌的橙衣造型。和hello kitty 一樣,miffy 永遠都是一個樣子的,挑選的餘地只在她的衣服上了。就這樣享受了一頓饒有趣味、味道和食物款式又不失精緻的miffy 下午茶,這次應該是在AMMO 吃得最多甜點的一次。吃完還可以到對出的大堂寫miffy 許願卡,以及到上一層的大堂看看比我還要高的miffy 像。大堂旁有一條天橋帶你到後山去的,在吃下午茶之餘可以當是一個小出走、遊覽一下未涉足過的地方,是一件賞心樂事。一直很喜歡這裡的用餐環境,食物方面相當不錯;雖然不想多吃澱粉質,但這裡的飯和麵是好吃得欲罷不能的。隨這下午茶評,放上現時最新的餐牌和早前吃過的食物給大家參考一下吧。 continue reading
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Level4 2017-07-11
AMMO, which stands for Ammunition at Admiralty had a quick new change of Concept, and is now headed by Chef Nunez,  who used to look after ISONO & Vasco from the same Dining Group.  The Menu is now predominantly Spanish fare with Mediterranean accent,  a little further west in flavors compared to its previous Italian image and pasta dishes. AMMO Design by Joyce Wang..Entrée Option 1 - Green & White Asparagus Seasonal, looking pretty like a Salad..Entrée Option 2 -  Beetroot and Walnut SaladWith a few Beetroot types and textures, including Chips and a Beet Tartare,  Gel, etc.  It's quite healthy yet somehow I expected some Goat Cheese in there somewhere!2nd Course Option - Fregola with Sea Urchin and MusselsIt was either this or the Pork Paella below.  Initially we thought this might be better value for money,  and it was nicely oceanic rich.  In hindsight we also like the paella below so it's good to order both for contrast..2nd Course Option 2 - Pork PaellaThe Menu actually looked simpler than some other fancy restaurants,  but here were some well grilled and spice rubbed Pork pieces.   With flavorful rice and a smidgeon of melty Allioli sauce on top.   My only concern initially was that served in a glass container,  it might not have much of the crispy 'socarrat' rice layer.  A lot of modern Paella recipes are like this style lately!3rd Main Course - Daily Fish cooked Basque Style with Grebeche SauceI was saying on Instagram that this portion of Fish Filets was actually generous and it was crispy on the skin.  It arrives with some cauliflower mash and Spanish version of Gribiche sauce..3rd Main Course Option 2 - Iberian Pork Collard with Roasted PeppersThis looked pretty and pinkish, the best way to enjoy this flavorful and meaty cut.  It was more crunchier yet tender than I'd envisaged, it's almost like eating meat with melted sinew or collagen inside.  Chinese eaters should enjoy this texture!Dessert Course 1 - Lime Cloud with Pistachio Sponge & Coconut Ice CreamA colourful looking dessert with Molecular Sponges,  this is quite Modern Spanish style dessert.  The Lime Cloud tasted like gel.  I thought this needed slightly bolder flavors somewhat to stand out?Dessert Option 2 - Crème Catalan Foam Sauteed Pineapple & Caramel Ice CreamI much preferred this dessert, with the caramelized pineapple bits sweetness, also an egginess in the crème.  Again a modern take on a classic Spanish Crema Catalana dessert,  which I just had a similar one at Fofo by El Willy!   continue reading
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AMMO Featured Review
Level4 2017-06-19
記得上次來臨AMMO時,這裡賣的還是意大利菜,吃罷了感覺平平而已,沒有留下太深刻的印象。沒想到一年時間瞬間即逝,這裡也轉型賣我最喜歡的西班牙菜,既然就腳,某晚上便帶著工作後的疲累,前來嚐嚐這裡的Tapas。一行四人,我們點了數款Tapas 分享。Peta Negra Ham (36 months, $188)36個月的黑毛豬後腳火腿甘香油潤,甜美的餘韻在口中久久不化;以這價錢有如此多的份量,絕對性價比高。Prawns and Sea Urchin with crustacean mayonnaise sea bed ($188)蝦肉刺身肉質幼嫩,海膽如預期濃香,但說到最錦上添花的不得不提那以加入貝類烹調而成的醬汁,一拼吃味道更豐富。Oysters with lime coconut soup and watercress jelly ($138)新鮮生蠔與椰汁的配搭極具創意,本還擔心整體質感會變得很膩而且找不到重心,沒想到這經特別調製而相對較稀薄的椰汁,配以少量青檸汁,完全沒蓋蠔本身的甜美之餘,還注入另類清新的元素,整體輕盈,層次豐富且分明,非常出色。Crab Tartare with avocado, champignon mushrooms and basil jelly ($138)蟹肉鮮甜嫩滑,與柔軟的牛油果和磨菇粒一起吃已很美味,但令人驚喜的,又怎不提那酸酸甜甜的檸檬雪巴,冰凍之餘亦添了一份清爽的感覺。Fried Squid with ink mayonnaise ($98)這本是一道平平無奇的一份calamari,配上了墨汁mayo 鮮味巀然提升,的確創意十足。Spanish Tortilla Omelette ($78)吃Tapas 又怎能少了一份美味的Tortilla 呢?這兒的Tortilla 還呈半熟狀態,蛋嫩嫩的也不失薯香,不過個人還是更愛西班牙常吃到那熟透卻又鬆軟無比、與薯粒為混一體的軟綿版本。Sautéed Mussels with parsley oil and chili jelly ($98)這青口非常特別,以冷盤形式用上肥美飽滿的藍青口,配以自製的辣椒啫喱,惹味又清爽,十分過癮。Iberico Pork Collar with roasted pepper ($198)豬頸肉肉質鬆化爽口,只略嫌燒得未夠香口,內裡也偏生,個人認為那充滿椒香的醬汁更為突出。Buttermilk and Paprika Fried Chicken with honey mustard sauce ($118)炸雞到處都有,也非必點的菜式,不過這炸雞的炸漿很薄,香脆但不太油膩,把肉汁都鎖住了,沾上偏甜的蜜糖芥末醬汁味道還不錯。Apple Tart Tartin ($98)由到步起一直瞄著菜單上這甜品,果然不負所望,底層的酥皮鬆化得不得了,烤焗過的蘋果帶濃濃的焦香,微苦而回甘,層次不俗,再配以軟滑香濃的雲尼拿雪糕,冰火的感覺令人難捨難離。轉眼間原來經已離開校園兩年,每天在處理差不多的東西,除了感覺到自己的技能和智識一直在退步,也不知為何那些社會問題突然對作為港豬的我扯上關係,漸漸地發現自己跟所有人一樣,日復日盲目地工作,以前對生命的熱誠和理想通通給拋棄,不論你有什麼宏大的理想,沒有錢根本什麼都幹不得。感慨一嘆,吃飽飽回家睡一覺,明早又是上班天。 continue reading
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