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Mainly serve authentic Mexico food. Some of the seasonings came from Mexico and LA to Hong Kong. The restaurant originally comes from State of California and the owner has gone to be on TV and to be regarded as Taco King. continue reading
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香港的墨西哥菜在西环最为集中,这家虽然不太好找,但应该是其中人气最高的。尽管不便宜,味道还是值得来吃。每周二塔可半价,如果能订到位子真的可以果断冲。·口味整体满意,菜式还比较丰富,经典和创意平分秋色,但Salsa重复几率太高,牛油果出现频率也过高。晚上室内灯光过于昏暗,菜单看起来极其费劲。·【Pollo Asado】手撕烤鸡牛油果塔可【Carne Asada】烤和牛牛油果塔可【Baja Fish】炸鱼椰菜丝塔可【Mango Shrimp】鲜虾芒果牛油果塔可【Camote & Kale】日本山药脆甘蓝塔可·玉米饼可卷万物,Taco其实有点煎饼果子的潜力,创意Taco还不错吃,但经典口味个人更推荐。饼皮玉米香气不错,能在口中迅速化成又沙又绵、细腻的糊状质地,但就嚼劲来说,个人更中意上环的Te Quiero Mucho。·馅料最喜欢烤鸡和烤牛肉,食材不错,做法都是原教旨主义,感受烤肉的紧实多汁和奔放香气与莎莎酱的辛香刺激融为一体。牛油果料很足,是令人满意的细腻滑软质地,但罐头的芒果真有点说不过去了。·素食Taco连日本山药这么特别的食材都挖过来了,跟常见的山药不一样,更像紫薯,细腻绵实不失嚼劲。炸脆的甘蓝撒上菲达芝士碎,南瓜籽、青提、莎莎酱让滋味特立独行,口感虽丰富,但融合感不强。·【囍 Quesadilla】造型别致的开放式凯萨蒂亚,如同吃了一张披萨。柔韧的玉米圆饼上覆盖微辣的热溶芝士,分切瞬间的拉丝俘获人心。虾仁饱满脆弹,牛肉也足量,不过有几块肉质烤得比较老。·【Ceviche Negro】腌鱼生吃了不少,第一次吃到画风这么“黑暗”的,竹炭色的Recado Negro是一种地道的墨式酱汁,第一次吃到,个人接受起来还挺容易。·新鲜柔嫩的狮鱼切成大块,浸润在看似重口实则清爽的酱汁里。除了制作Salsa的番茄碎、葱蒜、柠檬等原料,这款酱汁吃起来还有复合的香料味和一点柑橘般的微酸。脆玉米饼是非常般配的颜色,不过搭配的是普通蛋黄酱,有点腻。 continue reading
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[ 11 Westside | 堅尼地城 ]I decided to come to this Mexican restaurant to eat my very first taco at. I’ve heard lots of chatter about this place regarding its hyper-authenticity so I had huge expectations. Unfortunately, I can only regard this meal as average and decent. Nothing mind-blowing. I came at 5:30 and there was only one other table being served. The restaurant is very spacious and much more elegant than I thought it would be. Nothing like the casual, street-style taqueria I was expecting. There is graffiti on the walls of empty frames and biblical visuals of angels too as their holy mascot. The menu is quite extensive with a long list of tacos and plates and everything is on the expensive side. I mean, one taco for $60?! I can get not one but two whole meal boxes for this price! But, Mexican food is very rare in HK, especially the ones downright, so I was willing to splurge. They import most of their ingredients straight from Mexico so you can get a taste of Mexican soil. —— —— G.S.C $180 Of course, I had to get their famous guacamole that is prepared and served table-side. Getting the salsa also seems like a better deal so why not. Both are served with some warm and crisp tortilla chips. First up: the guacamole. Bonus points for the presentation of the trolley and the waitress even let me sample the mash before finishing it to see if it is to my preference. I asked for the chillis which might have been a mistake. On a few occasions I bit through a chilli and it immediately made my eyes water, so I suggest you play it safe if you don’t like spicy and ask to have it excluded. The avocado itself is very fresh, creamy and nutty, in amazing contrast with the juicy and fresh tomatoes and red onion. The cilantro also adds an amazing herbaceous aroma and bite. Next up: their house-made salsa. It is a molcajete salsa, with its name derived from the mortar and pestle it is pounded in which creates the sauce. It is a simple and versatile salsa with fire-roasted tomatoes and chillis as its main ingredients. Their version is extremely refreshing with a welcoming but strong burn from the chilis. It is not too watery with the perfect chunkiness which suggests the tomatoes are very fresh. I love eating this sharp salsa with creamy and mild guacamole. Lastly: their tortilla chips. These corn chips are served crisp and warm and lightly seasoned with salt, thus you can straight up eat them on their own. But be careful not to finish it all by itself or you will have nothing for the guacamole and salsa. The taste of corn is sweet, nutty and salty. They use maize from Mexico so it is even more fragrant. These were the perfect vessel for guacamole and salsa. The portion of everything is great for sharing. Since I went alone, I managed to take away half of everything but I just ate the leftovers on my way home as they were too tempting and I wanted to enjoy them fresh. —— —— Elote Classico $78 I also got this famous Mexican street food as I am a lover of corn. I’ve never tried cojita cheese before but it is similar to feta cheese, something I am obsessed with. I don’t know if it is a good thing or bad but the cheese flavour wasn’t very strong and the cheese and mayonnaise only offered a creamy texture against the crunchy and sweet corn. I highly recommend squeezing lime juice on top as it creates another layer of flavour and actually awakens the cheese. The cheese is a lot milder than feta and just less flavourful overall. By using kewpie mayonnaise, it is sweeter and creamier. The price is reasonable for the portion but I easily ate all three as it is not filling and the sweet corn is quite addicting. —— —— TacosOnto the tacos! I tried getting the less popular items to see if it is as good as the well-known ones. They served them all at the same time which was quite overwhelming as I didn’t know which one to eat first and did not want them to get cold/soggy/stale. Let’s talk about the tortilla first before the toppings. It is a soft white corn tortilla and the lack of maize or taste of corn (unlike the tortilla chips) reminds me of flour tortilla which kinda put me off. The tortilla was also quite thick and thus you get a lot of dough in each bite. Fortunately, I like dough. Baja Fish $60beer battered sole, pico de gallo, chipotle aioli, cabbage This fried sole is beer battered which creates a fluffy and crunchy coating that encapsulates the flaky fish and keeps it moist during the fry. The fish itself is well seasoned and it was not greasy or soggy at all. The pico de gallo is refreshing but I wish there were more of it. The chipotle aioli is slightly spicy but quite flavourless and only offered some moisture and creaminess to the bite. I didn’t like the mountain of cabbage on top as it made it hard to eat, it is also not seasoned and thus very flavourless, only offering crunch with its role as a refreshment. I recommend squeezing lime on top of the fish to alleviate out the ‘fried’ nature of it and it also helps the (limited) pico de gallo balance each bite. Mango Shrimp $60 butter garlic shrimp, avocado, chipotle aioli, mango salsa The shrimps themselves were very underwhelming with 3 tiny, lithe pieces but at least they were cooked well and not dry. The bouncy shrimp went well with the tortilla but the sauce was the same chipotle aioli as the fish taco which did not impress me. The cost they saved on the shrimp went to the tangy and sweet mango salsa that made everything so much better. I personally am a huge fan of mango and eating the mango with the tortilla was already really good. The avocado on top surprisingly tied everything together. The creamy and nutty flavour works really well with the tender shrimp and refreshing salsa. All of these flavours being carried by the tortilla were really good. California Veggie $50 fried cauliflower in salsa roja, grilled jack, avocado Yes, I tried a vegetarian one too. This was definitely the worse one, maybe because I ate it last? as the tortilla got a bit hard and the cauliflower became quite stale. The minuscule cauliflower florets themselves are tender yet crunchy but dramatically flavourless despite being covered in salsa roja. The grilled jack cheese didn’t offer many flavours, only more texture, in the form of hard and rubbery goo. But it did add savouriness which went well with the fresh avocado. The tortilla for this one is also weirdly thicker, perhaps due to the lack of topping. Overall, the tacos were perhaps the biggest letdown tonight despite being the reason I came. I think it would have been much better if their tortilla had more corn taste and was freshly pressed and cooked. They could also work on the quality of the toppings instead of adding more. Each taco has at most 3 bites. I was satisfied after eating 3 but still had room more for my next dish. —— —— Ceviche Negro $178 hamachi in citrus, pico de gallo, burnt avocado, recado negro The presentation of this dish already disappoints me. Why would you serve something that is pitch black on a dark plate? I have no idea what I am eating at first glance and already ruined my first impression. Nonetheless, this dish was very tasty. The hamachi has been tossed in citrus which not only flavours it but also slightly cooks it and tenderises the meat. The result is an extremely tender piece of fish that is zesty, sour and tangy. The perfect combination with the refreshing pico de gallo and nutty, creamy avocado. The ‘burnt’ avocado is mainly for the show as it offers nothing flavour-wise. I ate this with their black tostada which has a strong corn taste! (the fragrant corn is only evident when fried, why?), it also comes with commercial mayonnaise which you smear onto the fried tortilla for some creaminess and more tanginess to balance out the intense flavours in the ceviche. The portion is quite generous (expected from this price) with very plump and thick pieces of hamachi. I would have appreciated more avocado as it is much needed in every bite to balance everything out. FYI, the colour of this dish is a result of squid ink. I can see the vision they had for this dish with black as the theme but they could have executed it better. —— —— 推介 🙆🏻‍♀️💬 Overall, a pretty mediocre meal and realise that if people think the taco here is good, then HK must really lack Mexican food. To clarify, this restaurant is not bad but could definitely be better but I can still see myself coming back if I want some Mexican food as their tortilla chips and guacamole is really good. However, I will be going to Taqueria Super Macho next week to compare the dishes and see which place is better for Mexican food. The price is quite high here but I know they offer taco Tuesdays every week which means BOGO on all tacos. 🗓 Revisit? ✅ ⭕️/ ❎ continue reading
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Level4 2022-10-14
在港島區工作的朋友帶我出城🤭今次試的是朋友吃過非常好吃的Taco,逢星期二是Taco Tuesday,大部份Taco是需半價就可以食到🙌🏻因為擔心沒有座位,朋友早就在網上預先訂位及付每位$50的訂金~G.S.C. 是Guacamole, Chips and Salsa的簡稱🤭這間餐廳做Guacamole非常認真,會有餐車將製作牛油果醬的材料推到餐桌旁,調配基本口味後先讓客人試一點,再就着客人的口味調整👍🏻新鮮製造的牛油果醬非常新鮮,讓人一口接一口吃過不停🤩蘸點酸辣的Salsa又是另一番刺激🤤我們四個人分享份量剛好👍🏻第一回合朋友點了AL PASTOR,是充滿燒烤香的燒豬肉配搭酸甜的菠蘿🍍我點的CARNE ASADA是燒和牛粒內餡,帶一點香辣🌶 和牛粒燒得剛好,每一粒都是剛好熟透不會過韌,而且帶有濃濃的牛肉味😋最右手邊是朋友點的POLLO ASADO,材料主要是洋蔥雞肉等,味道也10分出色,但如果胃部空間有限,建議可先上述的其他兩款,更為出色🤤第二回合新成員是BAJA FISH,非常驚喜!是他高級醬汁包着一大塊香滑Juicy的炸魚,醬料同樣是帶香辣的沙律醬,非常開胃🤤最後一回合新成員有兩款,分別是以豬肩肉作主角的CARNITAS,朋友說上方的醬汁有點像泰式醬汁,能一整塊吃有點中菜的味道🤣MANGO SHRIMP是非常清新開胃的選擇🤩去到最後其實有一點膩,可是酸甜的芒果重新令味蕾變得清爽了🤤只可惜用餐時間有限,不然可能再encore多幾回合呢!Churros III Way為整餐畫上完美的句號❤️我和朋友本來已很喜歡吃Churros,炸得外脆內軟,加上面頭的雲呢拿雪糕,有冰火交融的刺激🤩雪糕上灑上焦糖然後燒焦,視覺效果有點像燒綿花糖呢~旁邊的焦糖爆谷也不可小覷,是非常高質素的爆谷呢!🤤 continue reading
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🥑G.S.C.-現場推著個小車子來調制的醬料 由新鮮的牛油果、青檸、紅洋蔥等六種材料做成的guacamole 除了guacamole還有另一個salsa醬 酸中帶著辣辣的口感 兩個搭配起來點tortilla chips真的好惹味【Taco🌮️】*每個星期二taco都是半價~🐖Al pastor- 碳烤帶點微辣的豬肉配上一小根酸甜的菠蘿 味道比較普通 談不上很驚艷🐂Carne asada-一顆顆的牛肉有香濃炭燒味 肉質juicy 會有一點點辣🦐Mango shrimp- 蝦爽口彈牙 配上冰冰涼涼多汁的芒果 酸酸甜甜的很fresh 很開胃【Dessert】🍨Curros III ways- curros 口感不夠脆 超級乾 比較普通不建議叫 continue reading
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Level4 2022-11-29
📒香港美酒佳餚巡禮2022🥂📍11 Westside環境好有氣氛食物更加高質😈🍴囍Quesadilla正宗之餘夠足料!蝦大大隻,超彈牙😚牛肉粒好香口而且鋪滿表面😲一個女仔食一個可能已經飽左啦🤣洋蔥係煮過鮮甜 下次試下tacos~☆Paloma正常發揮😍果香味重 continue reading
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