Healthy Mexican Dishes This Winter to keep you warm
Eating healthy is the new mantra and it is not difficult to be both health & tasty! Look no further, the friendly neighborhood Mexican Restaurant Verde MAR is ready with a new tasty and healthy menu for this winter feast! Mexican cuisine is full natural ingredients especially super foods like cacti and avocados which are full of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. So this winter let Chef Eligio of Verde MAR wows you away with his take of the healthy Mexican feast. 

Avocado has really high nutritional value and it is a key Mexican ingredient to any soup. Based on traditional Mexican Caldo, Verde MAR adapted two type of stock for hearty “Hot-pot” perfect for Hong Kong’s short but chilly winter!

Avocado Cactus Hot-Pot
This soup is for the True Vegetarians and is full of green energy with none the pretense! It blends avocado, cactus, sweet corn, radish and other healthy vegetables to create a rich and tasty broth great for beauty and detoxification.

Avocado Chicken Hot-Pot
Even as a meat lover, you can still eat healthy! Based on rich creamy avocado and free-ranged chicken, Eligio’s upgraded Caldo de Pollo will bring warmth on even the coldest evening! You can even add chili and salsa for a spicier kick.

Want more? There are many other healthy dishes also available:

Fried avocado
Creamy Avocado is lightly fried with egg and served with a Lime and Chili based sauce.

The Famous 16-inch Brocheta Skewer 
A giant 16-inch long Brocheta skewer of all the favorite Mexican Grill, with Arrachera Steak, Grilled Chicken, Pork Tenderloin, Grilled Shrimp and assortment of Bell Peppers and onions and of course Mexican Cheese. Comes with variety of dipping sauce and garnish such as guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa and tortilla.  

Mussels in White Wine Sauce
Blue mussels prepared simply with white wine, tomato and parsley to keep the flavors simple and refreshing.

Mexican Roast chicken
Chicken in a traditional Mexican marinade, roasted to perfection with tender meat full of juiciness and flavors. Paired with tortilla, salsa, a specially prepared fresh tomato sauce. 

Avocado Apple Pancake
Healthy Pancake? Chef Eligio used a house pancake flour mix which feature reduced sugar and butter and is much healthier and mixed with actual avocado. With additional avocado mousse, crisp apples and fresh avocado, this pancake combo is a sure-win whether as desert or a stand-alone meal.

Avocado ice cream
With Verde MAR’s focus on healthy and natural ingredients, it should come as no surprise that even Ice Cream is homemade. Comes with regular and vegan version made of almond milk, it is full of Avocado flavors and served in a half-Avocado shell and top with a seed made of mango-chili sorbet! 

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