An Authentic Indian Restaurant Great for Party & Banquets
If you are looking for an Indian cuisine, or even desire a whole venue for a banquets as well as food delivery for a party, “Spice” is the best option for you. Their authentic Indian dishes take you to an adventurous Indian cuisine carnival.

The comfortable dining area and luxurious VIP room with dance floor can accommodate 135 people. This glamorous setting is perfect for special occasions, celebrations but equally somewhere you can drop by. They got a nice collection of wines and handcrafted cocktails for you to relax. 

And now you can enjoy special offers.

Special Offer!

Beer Towers

Beer Towers with complimentary choice of snack:-

Fat Chips / Chicken Wings / Calamari Rings

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Order any STEAK & enjoy a glass of HOUSE WINE for Free

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Like the word “Spice” that describes a vibrant feeling. All Indian food lovers can enjoy cuisines with lively Indian music here. “Spice” believes in creating different tastes which suit all palates. Let’s discover various flavours of the world under one roof.

Vegetable Biryani
Biryani is a traditional dish of meat or vegetables layered with rice and spices. This delicious biryani is a bowl of saffron flavoured rice with fresh vegetables.

Penne Arrabiata
This is a handful of traditional pasta dishes that happen to be vegan. Penne Pasta with spicy tomato sauce, Kalamata olives, peppers and chilli flakes is impressive.

Chicken Tikka Pizza
This Chicken Tikka Pizza is a crowd pleaser. It is made with San Marzano sauce, cheese and chicken tikka which is a traditional food consisting of grilled marinated chicken. 

Butter Chicken
Aromatic BBQ chunks of Butter Chicken simmered in incredible smooth tomato gravy. This is one of the most popular curries you have to try.

Tandoori Chicken
“Tandoor” is an oven made with clay used to cook a variety of Indian food. This exotic tender chicken marinated with spices and cooked in Tandoor for the fullest flavour.

Lamb Rogan Josh
Rogan Josh is an Indian lamb slow cooked in curry with different spices and onions, red pepper until it is tender and delicious. 

Rack of Lamb
This rack of lamb is seared as well as encrusted with mustard and rosemary sauce. It is served with vegetables and cheese.

Garlic Naan
Naan is an Indian bread cooked in clay owen. This pillowy soft Garlic Naan is so addictive and perfect with any curries.

SPICE Restaurant & Bar
Add.: 2/F, 1 Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel.: 21919880
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